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 June 01, 2011
TABLELAND a culinary expedition in sustainable food production

 The re-release of the TABLELAND, winner of the 2008 "Best Feature" NY Food Films Award.

TABLELAND is a culinary expedition in search of the people, place and taste of North American small-scale, sustainable food production. From the Orchards of the interior of BC, the Napa Highlands, the Lake Country of rural Quebec and everywhere in between, TABLELAND showcases from field to plate, the successful production of tasty, local, and seasonal food.

The characters in TABLELAND are do-ers, passionate people that are committed to their cause and bound by principles. They're not just farmers and chefs; they are writers, teachers, activists and leaders of the movement towards a sustainable food system. Most are famous (within food circles), outspoken and witty.

TABLELAND tackles four important issues, sustainability, economics and marketing, health and taste education, and eating locally and seasonally. These are intensely, at times humorously discussed by the farmers, chefs and activists that have had years of experience and knowledge of these issues. The goods will come straight from the horse's mouth.

With a great deal of recent attention focused on food safety issues such as, Mad Cow, Avian Flu and E. Coli this subject matter is as relevant and topical as ever and concerns everyone, because everyone has to eat. Recent popular publications such as Fast Food Nation and films as Super Size Me, criticize the industrial food establishment. Instead, TABLELAND deals with this hot topic and shows positive working models of a more healthy, sane alternative, with as much focus on beautiful delicious food and where it comes from as the economic and ethical forces behind it.

TABLELAND is not a gloom and doom piece. It's focusd on the positive and is inspiring to watch. By including passionate human stories, bucolic locations, delicious food and a pertinent message TABLELAND entertains and tantalizes viewers.

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