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Business Activities

Core Applications

Using Pyrolysis & Gasification to Produce Refined Fuels, Recovered Carbon Blacks & Nano Carbon Filler Compounds

Klean's advanced systems are redefining the science of thermal treatment technologies. Our primary applications involve the use of both pyrolysis and gasification technologies. Pyrolysis is a thermal process where carbon-based substances are decomposed, in the absence of oxygen, into energy and inert end-products without burning or combusting them.

Waste to Energy TechnologyCarbonization, Pyrolysis & Liquefaction
  • Process is used primarily in recycling and waste management applications
  • Operates at low temperatures, typically under 500˚C producing high-value reusable carbon solids, liquid fuels, oils and combustible gases comprised primarily of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane

Waste to Energy TechnologyGasification

As a related process that introduces a control amount of oxygen into the decomposition reaction to increase the thermal properties of the gases and to calibrate the characteristics of energy output.

  • Process is used primarily in energy-generating applications to convert carbon-based waste streams into high-value power-generating syngas
  • Operates at slightly higher controlled temperatures of approximately 1100 ˚C producing synthetic gases used to generate heat to drive electric turbines and/or produce steam