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Setting the Gold Standard in Corporate Social Responsibility

From its inception, Klean Industries mission was to close the loop on consumption, waste and industry by recovering sustainable commodities that can re-enter the manufacturing supply chain. Klean Industries has a pragmatic and yet creative approach to energy and waste problems consistently rising to the challenge of providing innovate, sustainable and economical solutions.

Klean's Technical Team has been responsible for the construction of billions of dollars' worth of energy and resource recovery projects worldwide. These have encompassed solar, geo-thermal, wind, nuclear and the combustion, gasification and carbonization of municipal solid wastes, coal, tires, plastics and automotive shredder residues. Our Team's proven ability to take an idea and combine it with a clear vision of implementation has created world firsts in engineering, a multitude of times.

Klean has developed strong industrial relationships not only in the waste industry, but also the chemicals and materials manufacturing sectors to forge new supply chains that are based on sustainable commodities. These companies are the largest in their sectors; power production, oil, chemical, automotive, construction and advanced material manufacturers.

After years of research and due diligence on niche technologies for recycling petroleum based waste, specifically for the processing of tires, plastics and shredder residues, Klean acquired its own pyrolysis and gasification IP, a platform technology that has been proven at over fifty commercial facilities. The patented Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) has been optimized to recycle high calorific waste which is the primary focus of the Klean Team.

Historical Achievements - The Short Story of Klean Industries Inc
2005 Established to acquire a portfolio of patented and commercially proven technologies that recycle tires, plastics, shredder residues, and municipal waste into high-value commodities. Became a leading consultant for several oil and chemical companies focused on sustainable polymers programs.
2006 Began developing consulting relationships with a variety of commodity producers, distributors, and end users. Designed and produced the world's only vertically integrated Tire Stewardship Program for producer responsibility (based on a subsidy free system). Klean established itself as a leading consulting company on Extended Producer Responsibility schemes in Europe with Fortune 500 Companies. Developed relationships with some of world's largest energy companies to develop and design integrated heavy oil gasification process for the extraction of hydrocarbons from Canada's oil/tar sand resources.
2007 Acquired new relationships to additional platform technologies, obtained multiple industry leading consulting contracts, grew global opportunities and deal flow partners, and performed extensive product research and plant tours combined with new technology integrations and upgrades. Engineered advanced nano-carbon manufacturing techniques and developed a technology platform for creating the advanced materials using waste as the primary carbon feedstock. Developed unique seminars and facilitated tours for customers of partners operating thermal conversion technologies in Japan (specifically tire and plastic pyrolysis / gasification based facilities).
2008 CEO became an Environmental Ambassador at UNEP Conferences as oil broke through all-time price records of $140 per barrel. The Klean Team is internationally recognized and nominated as a Technology Pioneer. Developed feedstock relationships and identified several sites for project development. Identified new strategic markets and partnerships for M&A activities throughout Europe and North America within the waste recycling sector.
2009 Teamed with leading auto manufacturer for end-of-life recycling initiates. Created new and sustainable business opportunities in the automotive manufacturing industry for the integration and recovered carbon fillers, utilization of automotive shredder residues for green energy recovery and the production of alternative fuels from waste. Continue development of a pipeline of projects to the highest environmental standards and regulations. Signed agreements to develop opportunities with major chemicals company for plastic-to-oil facilities in North and South America.
2010 Continued focus on the acquisition of unique technology know-how, intellectual properties and patents during the world's largest recession and economic down turn since the great depression. A refocusing on consulting, sales, and project development process which lead to the development of a more robust integrated sales platform. Began the development and acquisition strategy for the company's own commercialized pyrolysis and gasification IP. Continued the negotiations on developing "take or pay" off-take agreements, and continued to negotiate further feedstock rights in U.S. and EU. Nominated Top Global Cleantech Company.
2011 Detailed planning for engineering, procurement, and construction for build, own, and operate facilities. Permitting consultants engaged to assist in the development of the world's largest integrated tire pyrolysis projects in Europe and North America, which replicate activities in Asia. Plant designs for technology integration with one of the world's largest petrochemical processors are underway with plans for the development of the world's largest plastic liquefaction plant to produce alternative liquid fuels and clean energy.
2012 Continued project engineering developments for new project and in Europe and North America. New nano-carbon upgrading technologies proven for integration into existing processes for large scale commercial production with supply opportunity in excess of 150,000TPA. Long term oil distribution contracts under negotiation along with additional feedstock arrangements for the development of these new projects. New agreements in principal signed for additional technology acquisitions for new applications, including fuel cells and hydrogen production and enrichment technologies. Klean diversifies its know-how and plant process applications for municipal solid waste and biomass.
2013 Continued planning for Klean's IPO underway with major institutional financial firms. Further technology transfer and detailed engineering continues. Developed strategic forward trade financing solution for advanced projects with major industrial end users. Klean partners with a leading public private partnership (3P) firm and is a short-listed technology provider for a $500M waste-to-energy facility in Canada. A refocus on flagship facilities in the Europe and U.S. with major private equity funds.
2014 Developed and secured further technology rights with signed MOU's for new technologies with further add value to Klean's overall technology portfolio. Planning began for integration of new advanced processing technologies with upgrades to existing facilities. Grew project portfolio with new sales contracts signed in Europe, North and South America. Technology upgrades completed at flagship sites in Asia with the installation of a 100TPD unit and a 60TPD unit in Europe for scrap tire processing. Klean is now in the final stages of preparing for the company's IPO and financings. Klean begins corporate evaluations for the company technology portfolio and preparing to complete both a potential technology valuation and an independent business valuation for launch in late 2015.
2015 The Klean team celebrates a decade in business under the brand name Klean Industries Inc. Technology valuation completed with a potential value estimated in excess of $500m and as new patents are filed and new IP is acquired and developed we anticipate substantial growth our IP portfolio value. A pipeline of new projects are underway with additional technologies under consideration for acquisition including a new purification system for ash processing. Klean applies for trademark protection and develops new patent applications.
2016 HAZOP upgrades completed for new installations in the EU and North America. Partnered with 3 world leading EPC firms for co-development and roll out of multiple projects in various regions of the world. Development of additional relationships financial partners for debt financing of projects.
2017 Klean completed the acquisition of the largest fully permitted tire pyrolysis facility in the Unites States which has the longest operational history in North America. Permits have been updates and new expansion plans are underway which the integration of new technologies and plant improvements. Klean is currently developing the largest tire pyrolysis facility ever build, this 250TPD facility is on the East Coast of the Unites States and has received full permitting status. EPC firm has been selected and partnerships are in place with regard to all end product sales being sold on long term contracts. It is anticipated that the facility will be operational in start of 2020. Based on recent technology acquisitions, Klean has once again grown its portfolio and now boast both a portfolio of technology assets and hard physical assets in North America giving it a significant leadership position the tire pyrolysis space.
2018 Additional technologies licensed with the plan for listing Klean Industries on the US NASDAQ. New board member joining the team as sales and expansion have the company entering new markets and new applications with new financial and engineering partnerships for the markets outside of Asia. Further business valuation under development in support of the company's IPO and F-1 filing with the SEC for small cap NASDAQ or OTCQX potential listing in 2018/2019.