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 January 15, 2010

 Vancouver, Canada - Klean Industries is pleased to announce that it now has quoted deal flow in excess of a billion of dollars' worth of projects. We are truly honored by the overwhelming response to our company.

Starting a company is very exciting and rewarding. In some cases, it can be quite lucrative but in all cases, it is a lot of work. We currently receive hundreds of qualified inquiries on a monthly basis with regard to project development, equipment supply, distributorship and representation of our solutions for the world-wide market. With these inquiries accompanies many project proposals and we thank you for your interest and desire to get involved with our environmentally conscious energy solutions company.

As of a part of Klean Industries new payment policy for 2010 and until further notice we will no longer be accepting inquiries from start-up companies or unfunded projects. As of 2010, Klean is only taking on advanced paying clients on an upfront consulting or fee for service basis due to the large amounts of defaulted projects in 2008/2009. If you're a project developer in need of equipment quotations the same rules apply - please see the Get Your Quotation page of our website for specific details on obtaining your detailed equipment quote.

Klean views prepayment as a mutual commitment to the success of the relationship we're creating with our clients. By paying up front, the client commits to participating in the process, and we commit to providing value and delivering on the trust they have placed in us. Klean's fees are listed right on our website, Klean Purchase Processing System. We have a clear, staged process that outlines how we operate and what a client receives. We invoice immediately, and then do what we say we're going to do. We insist that this is the way we do business.

We will NOT RESPOND to any further inquiries from unfunded business development groups, equipment distributors or broker-like representatives unless full due diligence packages are delivered to our head office that contain the following information about your project and your management team:

An Example of Project Development Steps

1. Define Project

  • Where will it be?
  • What will the plant be processing?
  • What end-products are desired?
  • What size is required? When is it needed?

2. Project Approval

  • Approval by Licensing Authorities.
  • Approval by local and state authorities as needed.
  • Is input (material) approval needed?
  • Any other approvals needed?

3. Operations/Ownership Decision

  • Who will own the plant?
  • What ownership structure is desired?
  • Who will operate the plant? Under what terms?
  • Any exit arrangements?

4. Contracts

  • Site Purchase Agreements
  • Operating license Purchase Agreement
  • Feasibility Study Complete
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts with qualified contractors
  • All necessary contracts or agreements with municipalities, feedstock providers, and end product purchasers.

5. Financing

  • Submit business plan for financing.
  • Receive terms and conditions.
  • Conclude financing.

6. Construction

  • Site Construction Agreements are concluded and funded.
  • Plant site is prepared. Other equipment delivered. Operators are trained.
  • Plant is certified, delivered, and operational.

7. Operations Begin

  • Safety, efficiency and environmental impact continually monitored.
We will however continue to accept inquires for consulting and end product material sales. Once again, thank you from all of us at Klean Industries and look forward to helping your company achieve its sustainability goals, now and in the future. If the above mentioned steps cannot be completed without consultation from Klean we will require a consulting engagement agreement and or an equipment quotation paid in full. We just have too many clients who are willing to follow our successful due diligence process to make their projects a reality.
  • Keep in mind any and all funds paid are credited towards final solution -- you're not losing anything.
  • This give you the ability to "Fast-Track" your project with a proven process.

Get your project started now; complete your project form here!


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