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Invest In A Clean Green Future

Klean has a strong commitment to communicate with all of its stakeholders. We provide a range of resources for investors, analysts and shareholders interested in our waste to energy projects to keep current on all our activities.

Investment opportunity at a glance
  • Scalable designs as small as 5 million liters per year;
  • Technology has been implement on a large scale for world leading industrials;
  • Environmentally-friendly process technologies with 60+ year operating history;
  • A significant pipeline of new plants beginning construction through 2016 to 2026;
  • Modular EPC standardized packaged plants capable of deployment in less than 12 months;
  • Economic self-sufficiency, projects are feasible on a stand-alone basis without subsidies;
  • Multiple commercial references specific to customer feedstock built and operating commercially;
  • 10 year "take or pay" off take agreements in place around the globe, with a "B+" rated customers;
  • Commercially proven and cost effective technology portfolio over 500 plants installed and operating;
  • Feedstock flexibility with a focus on tires, plastics and municipal solid wastes, under long-term contracts;
  • New project deal flow in excess of a billion dollars growth potential with on going consultancy opportunities;
  • EPC partnerships in place for rapid deployment of projects in North America, South America, Europe and South East Asia;
  • Finance commitments in place with strong financial partners and financial support institutionally, with government backing;
  • Vertical integration of operating assets with positive cash flows in a large and established market that is rapidly growing;
  • Over 12 years of consolidated operations in the waste to energy sector with proven, expert leadership with world class advisors who have done this all before;
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