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Klean's Approach

Know Your Market & Solutions Available -- Know What Technologies Deliver Real Commercial Results

If you're seriously considering an alternative energy project utilizing waste as the primary feedstock you need the help of Klean Industries. Don't waste your time with one-off technologies, un-bankable suppliers, or unproven pilot scale technologies?

We offer some of the best thermal treatment technologies on the market today. Our pyrolysis and gasification based technologies are industrial scale, commercially proven and have decades of profitable operations behind them. Combine this with our industry leading partnerships with some of largest end users in the market place and you'll know why we are a leading alternative energy Solutions Company. From a commercial standpoint the technologies we offer have been scaled far beyond other vendors in the market place. Additionally our technologies are used and endorsed by some of the leading industrials throughout the energy sector.

If you're looking for high volume processing plants, with small foot-prints and a long operational history spanning several decades, then Klean is your perfect partner. We offer systems capable of continuous feedstock processing in whole form, without pre-treatment a unique innovation not available with other providers. Additionally Klean has vertically integrated the entire commodity supply chain with a unique and audit driven sales process providing our customers a commodity buyback program. Due diligence is key to the successful implementation of any alternative energy solution and at Klean we start is with a multi-phased approach. This phased approach delivers a resource evaluation, site design, and economic model sufficient to commercially develop carbonization, pyrolysis or gasification projects, optimizing the recyclates as a commercial resource.

Klean's initial 3 phase plan is as follows:
  • Phase 1: includes short listing suppliers, preliminary evaluation and a presentation to appropriate parties to be engaged and involved in the development of the project, such as regulatory bodies and or government agencies where the project is planned to take place.

  • Phase 2: develop a feasibility study and project analysis in logical measured steps, each building upon the results of the previous steps and each providing the opportunity to decide together, if the project should proceed to the next step.

  • Phase 3: complete detailed presentations, cost analysis and turn-key EPC are designed to map out how the project is expected to be constructed based on the earlier analysis supporting the investment decision. Klean develops the project and manages the turnkey EPC process.
For a proposal on a feasibility study please contact us, so that we can jump start your project, click here.