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October 19, 2020  Biden: Banning fossil fuels in 10 years 'not possible'
October 19, 2020  Pavement technology could cool cities from the ground up
October 19, 2020  Why the US election could decide battle against climate change
October 19, 2020  Inside Amazon's quest to use less cardboard
October 17, 2020  We can finally admit that plastic recycling has been a sham all along
October 16, 2020  Japan to release 1M tonnes of Fukushima's contaminated water into sea
October 15, 2020  Temperatures of deepest ocean rising quicker than previously thought
October 15, 2020  The most important global forecast that you've never heard of
October 15, 2020  Fracking and the Election
October 15, 2020  How Biden would use trade agreements to fight global warming
October 14, 2020  The race against catastrophe
October 14, 2020  What would happen if all the Antarctic ice melted?
October 14, 2020  Pandemic spurs illegal gold rush in Zimbabwe mountains
October 14, 2020  Half of the Great Barrier Reef's coral is gone. It might never recover
October 13, 2020  Drought once shut down Old Faithful - and might again
October 13, 2020  Trump's willful ignorance of science is killing us
October 13, 2020  When the U.S. and China fight, It Is the Environment that suffers
October 13, 2020  The Arctic is in a death spiral. How much longer will it exist?
October 08, 2020  Biden considering new White House office on climate change
October 08, 2020  COVID, climate, and denial
October 08, 2020  Bringing the chill of the cosmos to a warming planet
October 08, 2020  Trump administration imposes crushing sanctions on Iran in defiance of European humanitarian concerns
October 07, 2020  Venezuela, once an oil giant, reaches the end of an era
October 07, 2020  September was world's hottest on record
October 06, 2020  Trump administration eyes speedy permit for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge seismic tests
October 06, 2020  Russia's new giant icebreaker sailed straight to the North Pole
October 06, 2020  Forest degradation outpaces deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
October 06, 2020  'The coal industry is back,' Trump proclaimed. It isn't
October 05, 2020  The True North, Strong and Ice-Free
October 05, 2020  Canada as an Energy Superpower
October 05, 2020  Newsom bans new gas cars
October 05, 2020  Solar-hydro projects could power 40% of world
October 01, 2020  Melting ice reveals mummified penguins in Antarctica
October 01, 2020  Japanese government is ordered to pay damages over Fukushima disaster
October 01, 2020  Greenland could lose more ice this century than it has in 12,000 years
October 01, 2020  Will we be able to reverse Trump's climate damage?
September 30, 2020  China's new icebreaker completes first Arctic expedition
September 30, 2020  'Super-enzyme' speeds up breakdown of plastic, researchers say
September 30, 2020  Compact nuclear fusion reactor is 'very likely to work,' studies suggest
September 30, 2020  40% of world's plant species at risk of extinction
September 29, 2020  Alberta's oilsands owe Canadians far more than they can pay
September 29, 2020  As sea-ice shrinks to record-low, Rosneft prepares for northernmost ever drilling
September 29, 2020  How coal-loving Australia became the leader in rooftop solar
September 29, 2020  Design for the Future When the Future Is Bleak
September 28, 2020  Our plastic planet
September 28, 2020  India plans $4.6 billion in incentives to lure EV battery makers
September 28, 2020  America's cascading disasters dominate
September 28, 2020  World leaders pledge to halt Earth's destruction ahead of UN summit
September 24, 2020  The problem with recycling? One word: Plastics
September 24, 2020  Melting Antarctic ice will raise sea level by 2.5 metres
September 24, 2020  California plans to ban sales of new gas-powered cars in 15 years
September 24, 2020  China's pledge to be carbon neutral by 2060: What it means
September 23, 2020  Where to invest when temperatures rise, carbon is taxed and oil is no longer widely used
September 23, 2020  The United States has become a disaster area
September 23, 2020  Climate disruption is now locked in. Next moves will be crucial
September 23, 2020  China, in pointed message to U.S., tightens its climate targets
September 22, 2020  An Alaska mine project might be bigger than acknowledged
September 22, 2020  An extra Trump Supreme Court justice may help cement his environmental rollbacks
September 22, 2020  Antarctic glaciers are falling apart.
September 22, 2020  Climate change is killing the farm belt.
September 21, 2020  John Kerry takes the climate change fight to Wall Street
September 21, 2020  U.S. and European oil giants go different ways on climate change
September 21, 2020  The age of electric cars is dawning ahead of schedule
September 21, 2020  Ginsburg left a long environmental legacy
September 17, 2020  Red cedar: the amazing giving tree
September 17, 2020  It's not just California.
September 17, 2020  America's top science journal has had it with Trump
September 17, 2020  The age of megafires: The world hits a climate tipping point
September 16, 2020  Is plastic recycling a lie? Oil companies touted recycling to sell more plastic
September 16, 2020  The Trump Team has a plan to not fight Climate Change
September 16, 2020  Big Oil's green makeover
September 16, 2020  The world missed a critical deadline to safeguard biodiversity
September 15, 2020  Humans exploiting and destroying nature on unprecedented scale
September 15, 2020  OPEC at 60: An oil cartel on life support
September 15, 2020  States and cities scramble to sue oil companies over climate change
September 15, 2020  Mass migration set to increase as world warms
September 14, 2020  World's largest carbon market faces revamp under draft EU plan
September 14, 2020  Putin's grand target for Arctic shipping will not be met
September 14, 2020  Why Canada's geothermal industry is finally gaining ground
September 14, 2020  BP's $1.1 billion deal marks first step into offshore wind
September 10, 2020  Why the health of the Amazon River matters to us all
September 10, 2020  Is lightning-fast plasma the key to a cleaner car engine?
September 10, 2020  How Ottawa hopes to supercharge Canada's hydrogen fuel sector
September 08, 2020  New giant crater is found on Russian Arctic tundra
September 08, 2020  Fifth of CO2 emissions come from supply chain for large companies
September 08, 2020  Amid looming crisis in Arctic LNG, construction of new major icebreaking tanker fleet underway
September 08, 2020  Big Oil just isn't as big as it once was
September 03, 2020  US gives first-ever OK for small commercial nuclear reactor
September 03, 2020  'The fish are much, much smaller': study finds Yukon-Alaska salmon declining in size
September 03, 2020  Madagascar introduces stoves that burn rice husks instead of forests
September 03, 2020  Jane Fonda, intergalactic eco-warrior in a red coat
September 02, 2020  Brazil cuts deforestation funding, then restores it
September 02, 2020  Skeena LNG: five things you need to know about the proposed project in Terrace, B.C.
September 02, 2020  Advance of Russian oil could mean death to life in great Arctic bay
September 02, 2020  When fashion is fungal
September 01, 2020  Trump ignored climate. 5 things are happening anyway
September 01, 2020  Are radioactive diamond batteries a cure for nuclear waste?
September 01, 2020  Offsetting historical carbon emissions is the next sustainability goal
September 01, 2020  Why bioplastics will not solve the world's plastics problem
August 31, 2020  Soon, the kitty litter will come by electric truck
August 31, 2020  Big oil is in trouble. Its plan: Flood Africa with plastic
August 31, 2020  There's a new Game of Thrones in the Mediterranean
August 31, 2020  Is climate change making hurricanes gain strength more quickly?
August 27, 2020  The deep threat of Levantine drilling
August 27, 2020  Security strongmen take on key role in Russian Arctic policy
August 27, 2020  We have run out of presidential terms to waste!
August 27, 2020  Move over, sustainable travel. Regenerative travel has arrived
August 26, 2020  Calif. blackouts: A 'wake-up call' for clean energy?
August 26, 2020  Ottawa to review Teck's Castle Mountain coal mine in B.C.
August 26, 2020  New Trump rule could create 'bomb trains' capable of leveling a city
August 26, 2020  What is a tipping point, and why should I care?
August 25, 2020  Are forever chemicals harming ocean life?
August 25, 2020  "You pay," Germany tells suppliers of throwaway utensils
August 25, 2020  Climate is taking on a growing role for voters, research suggests
August 25, 2020  Electric car sales surge amid pandemic
August 24, 2020  The coronavirus, fewer tourists and Australia's famous reef
August 24, 2020  How to reverse course on Trump's environmental damage
August 24, 2020  Electric vehicle makers find a back door to Wall Street
August 24, 2020  Earth was 130 degrees last week. It will be much hotter one day.
August 20, 2020  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The animals at risk from Alaska oil drilling
August 20, 2020  Atlantic ocean plastic more than 10 times previous estimates
August 20, 2020  Amazon's widespread fire damage invisible to our eyes
August 20, 2020  Who killed the supergrid?
August 19, 2020  Defying Trump, 5 automakers lock in a deal on greenhouse gas pollution
August 19, 2020  A tuna's worth
August 19, 2020  In Europe, climate change brings new crops, new ideas
August 19, 2020  The Climate Crisis Is Still a Crisis
August 17, 2020  Daimler reaches $2 billion diesel settlement in US
August 17, 2020  Green shift urged to revive Brazil's economy and shield Amazon forests
August 17, 2020  Trump reverses Obama methane rule despite opposition from Big Oil
August 17, 2020  Warming Greenland ice sheet passes point of no return
August 13, 2020  17 learning tools for your next outdoor excursion
August 13, 2020  Sharks contaminated with plastic are 'cause for concern'
August 13, 2020  Trans Mountain, Coastal GasLink, Keystone XL: Where things stand with Canada's pipeline projects
August 13, 2020  The world has reached decision time on the climate crisis
August 12, 2020  Energy companies spend billions on fruitless projects
August 12, 2020  Arctic could be free of sea ice by 2035, latest climate model predicts
August 12, 2020  U.S. commercial rooftops hold 145 gigawatts of untapped solar potential
August 12, 2020  Baghdad's record heat offers glimpse of world's climate change future
August 11, 2020  Common crustacean 'can break down microplastics in days,' alarming scientists
August 11, 2020  Microplastics have moved into virtually every crevice on Earth
August 11, 2020  How Vancouver plans to cool down the hottest parts of the city
August 11, 2020  Forest fires are setting Chernobyl's radiation free
August 10, 2020  'Super-pollutant' emitted by 11 Chinese chemical plants could equal a climate catastrophe
August 10, 2020  I'm a conservative Christian environmentalist. No, that's not an Oxymoron.
August 10, 2020  India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields
August 10, 2020  Collapsed Arctic ice shelf adds 'exclamation point' to dire climate trends
August 06, 2020  US could avoid 4.5M early deaths by fighting climate change
August 06, 2020  Ireland is Dublin down on climate
August 06, 2020  Existing solutions could prevent catastrophic climate change
August 06, 2020  Brazil dismantles environmental laws via huge surge in executive acts
August 05, 2020  Tensions rise in Horn of Africa as Ethiopia fills controversial dam
August 05, 2020  Shipping's share of global carbon emissions increases
August 05, 2020  Why Biden's car plan might not be a 'clunker'
August 05, 2020  BP's dividend cut puts firm on road to deliver green energy pledge
August 04, 2020  Can airplanes go green?
August 04, 2020  How Joe Biden got greener
August 04, 2020  'Total decarbonization' would create 25M jobs
August 04, 2020  Let's hire laid-off oil and gas workers to fight climate change
July 30, 2020  Why a generation is choosing to be child-free
July 30, 2020  It's summer. Let's talk about hockey
July 30, 2020  What could drive humans to extinction?
July 30, 2020  The butterfly effect
July 29, 2020  The old man and the new sea
July 29, 2020  World's largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly
July 29, 2020  How to create 25 million jobs by decarbonizing the economy
July 29, 2020  Hurricane season 2020---here's what forecasters expect
July 28, 2020  Will AI save us from ourselves?
July 28, 2020  Ships moving in as Arctic sea ice level reaches record low
July 28, 2020  Fossil fuels' united front is crumbling
July 28, 2020  Migratory river fish populations plunge 76% in past 50 years
July 27, 2020  Gold vs. salmon: An Alaska mine project just got a boost
July 27, 2020  A new solution to climate science's biggest mystery
July 27, 2020  How extreme heat makes COVID-19 more deadly
July 23, 2020  Sea levels could soar 13 feet if the East Antarctic Ice Sheet melts
July 23, 2020  Will the gold price surge spur high-value mine discoveries?
July 23, 2020  Zurich Insurance drops coverage for Trans Mountain oil pipeline
July 23, 2020  US says it will adopt global climate standards for aviation
July 22, 2020  Poland bails out coal, yet wins access to EU climate funds
July 22, 2020  Green jobs can be just as good as fossil fuel jobs
July 22, 2020  First active leak of sea-bed methane discovered in Antarctica
July 22, 2020  Apple, facing pressure on climate, says it'll go carbon neutral
July 21, 2020  Keep cool and brace for the heat
July 21, 2020  Climate-change clock ticking on world's polar bears
July 21, 2020  Chevron deal for oil and gas fields may set off new wave of mergers
July 21, 2020  How a 'heat dome' forms---and why this one is so perilous
July 20, 2020  Major new pipelines and mines must show path to net zero to get approved
July 20, 2020  Global warming and illegal land reclamation add to severe floods in China
July 20, 2020  'Carbon savings' from Covid-19 lockdown halve within weeks
July 20, 2020  Will planes fly in a hotter world?
July 16, 2020  How much plastic do you actually throw away every year?
July 16, 2020  Why is Biden clinging to the dream of green factories?
July 16, 2020  Will the hydrogen revolution start in a garbage dump?
July 16, 2020  Trump and Biden square off over environment
July 15, 2020  How Facebook handles climate disinformation
July 15, 2020  Global methane emissions reach a record high
July 15, 2020  New data shows an 'extraordinary' rise in U.S. coastal flooding
July 15, 2020  Biden unveils climate change plan with energy revamp
July 14, 2020  Offshore wind energy investment quadruples despite Covid-19 slump
July 14, 2020  New warnings over rapid melting at Antarctica's 'doomsday glacier'
July 14, 2020  To dam or not to dam
July 14, 2020  The most powerful renewable energy
July 13, 2020  Humans are an endangered species
July 13, 2020  'Million-mile' batteries are coming. Are they a revolution?
July 13, 2020  World wilts beneath weight of e-waste and plastic
July 13, 2020  Deforestation in Brazil continues to surge, up 10.7 percent in June
July 09, 2020  Why more great white sharks are showing up in Atlantic Canada
July 09, 2020  It's been an awful week for the fossil-fuel industry
July 09, 2020  The plan meant to unite Biden and Bernie voters on climate is finally here
July 09, 2020  Is this the end of oil and gas pipelines?
July 08, 2020  Arctic shipments to Asia grow as LNG carriers shuttle to eastern markets
July 08, 2020  On knowing the winged whale
July 08, 2020  Brazil prosecutors target minister over Amazon destruction
July 08, 2020  Even if we start to fix climate change, the proof may not show up for 30 years
July 07, 2020  It's go time for Canada's green recovery
July 07, 2020  The next energy battle: Renewables vs. natural gas
July 07, 2020  A heat wave thawed Siberia's tundra. Now, it's on fire.
July 07, 2020  Court rules Dakota Access Pipeline must be emptied for now
July 06, 2020  Amazon fires at 13-year high for June
July 06, 2020  The UK should take heart from France's green revolution
July 06, 2020  B.C. eyes emissions trading to offset effects of LNG development, government documents show
July 06, 2020  The world generated 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste in 2019
July 02, 2020  Climate change caused havoc 2000 years ago
July 02, 2020  Russia: Norilsk environmental disasters --- what you need to know
July 02, 2020  At the core of the climate crisis
July 02, 2020  Another reason to cut down on plastics
June 30, 2020  Amazon deforestation is linked to lower corn yields in Brazil, study says
June 30, 2020  Even the South Pole is warming, and quickly, scientists say
June 30, 2020  Second Saharan dust plume to reach US
June 30, 2020  The world's climate catastrophe worsens amid the pandemic
June 29, 2020  We can no longer take breathing for granted
June 29, 2020  The world isn't ready for Peak Oil
June 29, 2020  How cities are trying to avert gridlock after coronavirus lockdowns
June 29, 2020  Historic Arctic Heat Wave Roasts Siberia
June 25, 2020  Will Amazon's $2B fund really help clean energy?
June 25, 2020  How do we prevent the next pandemic?
June 25, 2020  'Carbon farming' could make US agriculture truly green
June 25, 2020  Norway proposes to open 125 new oil exploration blocks in the Barents Sea
June 24, 2020  The faux fish coming to a restaurant near you
June 24, 2020  Brazilian Amazon under attack despite logging crackdown
June 24, 2020  Why the Arctic is warming so fast, and why that's so alarming
June 24, 2020  Here's what climate change means for wildfires in the West
June 23, 2020  British Columbia poised to lose 'white rhino of old growth forests'
June 23, 2020  Denmark to introduce green taxes on carbon emissions
June 23, 2020  After BP takes a hit, investors widen climate change campaign
June 23, 2020  Farm on a Paris rooftop: Urban farm aims to be Europe's largest
June 22, 2020  Siberian town records Arctic's hottest temperature ever
June 22, 2020  Even the oil giants can now foresee the end of the gasoline age
June 22, 2020  Scientists armed with new tech and cool gadgets face off against wildfires
June 22, 2020  Can India chart a low-carbon future? The world might depend on it.
June 11, 2020  'A contaminated mess': how a Yukon mine left behind a $35-million clean-up bill
June 11, 2020  Global new clean energy investment totaled $282 billion last year
June 11, 2020  Vancouver council puts freeze on new fossil fuel infrastructure
June 11, 2020  Interior to push drilling in Florida waters after November election
June 10, 2020  A million-mile battery from China could power your electric car
June 10, 2020  Environmentalists targeted Exxon Mobil. Then hackers targeted them
June 10, 2020  Russian oil spill reaches pristine Arctic lake
June 10, 2020  'Their greed is gonna kill us'
June 09, 2020  Climate change, rainforests, volcanoes and carbon dioxide explored in Costa Rica
June 09, 2020  Will Miami be around in 2067?
June 09, 2020  'Megadrought' and 'aridification'
June 09, 2020  Scientists agree on the need to protect 30% of the seas. But which 30%?
June 08, 2020  Great power competition is racing to the Arctic
June 08, 2020  B.C. opens Sunshine Coast forest --- home to some of Canada's oldest trees --- to logging
June 08, 2020  'Like trash in a landfill': Carbon dioxide keeps piling up in the atmosphere
June 08, 2020  American crusade against 'Putin's pipeline' intensifies
June 04, 2020  Flush with corruption cash, Brazil states fight deforestation
June 04, 2020  Scientists say they have found the cleanest air on Earth
June 04, 2020  Carmakers need to make deeper CO2 cuts to meet climate goals, EU says
June 04, 2020  A new weapon against climate change may float
June 03, 2020  At long last, new carbon capture project launches in Alberta
June 03, 2020  Mumbai braces for its 1st cyclone in over a century
June 03, 2020  The future of road cycling is electric
June 03, 2020  3 bn people may face Saharan heat levels by 2070
June 02, 2020  B.C. approves 312 new logging clearcuts in habitat of endangered spotted owls
June 02, 2020  The road to the world's first zero-carbon country
June 02, 2020  'Going in the wrong direction': More tropical forest loss in 2019
June 02, 2020  Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn
June 01, 2020  Tankers cross Russian Arctic route without icebreaker assistance
June 01, 2020  Are we past the peak of Big Oil's power?
June 01, 2020  The Amazon will soon burn again
June 01, 2020  'Normal Is the problem'
May 27, 2020  'Overtaken by aliens': India faces another plague as locusts swarm
May 27, 2020  Tired of plastic?
May 27, 2020  Volkswagen ordered to offer compensation for emissions scandal
May 27, 2020  Will floating turbines usher in a new wave of offshore wind?
May 26, 2020  Grenfell fears prevent timber building boom
May 26, 2020  What actually happens when you recycle
May 26, 2020  Red alert for northern Siberia as heat shocks threaten life on tundra
May 26, 2020  COVID-19 is changing the face of the energy business
May 25, 2020  Could a green new deal turn South Korea from climate villain to model?
May 25, 2020  Up in smoke: B.C. backtracks on promise to deter logging industry from burning wood waste
May 25, 2020  Reduced demand for electricity leads to power giveaways
May 25, 2020  Less than 10% of all plastic trash has been recycled.
May 21, 2020  Guatemala president fumes over infected deportees from US
May 21, 2020  China to impose sweeping national security law in Hong Kong, bypassing city's legislature
May 21, 2020  Scientists show how much less snow we're getting due to climate change
May 21, 2020  Denmark proposes two huge 'energy islands' to meet 2030 climate target
May 20, 2020  Air pollution returns to pre-lockdown levels in China after falling 40 percent
May 20, 2020  A record-early convoy is breaking its way through Russian Arctic ice with course for China
May 20, 2020  To prevent pandemics, stop disrespecting nature
May 20, 2020  Climate change is turning parts of Antarctica green
May 19, 2020  Making life cheap
May 19, 2020  Thinking of buying a bike? Get ready for a very long wait
May 19, 2020  World Wildlife Fund tries to spark an indoor farming revolution
May 19, 2020  Why air pollution hasn't fallen more with everyone driving less
May 14, 2020  Plastic recycling is broken. Why does Big Plastic want cities to get $1 billion to fix it?
May 14, 2020  Coronavirus is going to make some people move
May 14, 2020  Investing in green infrastructure would create millions of jobs
May 14, 2020  This oil crash is not like the others
May 13, 2020  Sin City --> Sun City
May 13, 2020  Beaver numbers have exploded in Northwest Alaska with some striking effects
May 13, 2020  That fresh sea breeze you breathe may be laced with microplastic
May 13, 2020  The Pandemic Will Permanently Change the Auto Industry
May 12, 2020  Oil Will Hit $100 in Around 18 Months
May 12, 2020  Meet America's 10 largest emitters
May 12, 2020  How a melting glacier could redefine the Alberta--B.C. border
May 12, 2020  This energy analyst says the oilsands are 'done'
May 12, 2020  Study pours cold water on oil company net zero claims
May 11, 2020  If you cause a wildfire in B.C., be ready to pay for the cost of fighting it
May 11, 2020  Brazil opens 38,000 square miles of indigenous lands to outsiders
May 11, 2020  The worst possible time for a natural disaster
May 11, 2020  Tracking animal diseases could help spot the next COVID-19
May 07, 2020  5 sustainable alternatives to plastics
May 07, 2020  Global boom, pandemic, crash: Is history just repeating itself?
May 07, 2020  Indigenous solutions to climate crisis could lie in archaeology, experts say
May 07, 2020  How climate change is contributing to skyrocketing rates of infectious disease
May 06, 2020  Antarctica: Too big to melt
May 06, 2020  How the virus could help promote carbon taxes
May 06, 2020  Climate change is a 'death by a thousand cuts'
May 06, 2020  GOP lawmakers target banks' refusal to fund fossil fuel projects
May 05, 2020  Don't look now, but the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season could break records
May 05, 2020  Billions could live in extreme heat zones within decades, study finds
May 05, 2020  Cheap oil is a trap
May 05, 2020  Is gas really better than coal for the climate?
May 04, 2020  What rock-bottom natural gas prices mean for Canada's aspiring LNG industry
May 04, 2020  Coronavirus: Disease meets deforestation at heart of Brazil's Amazon
May 04, 2020  The surprising link between consumer habits and deadly diseases
May 04, 2020  Tigers retreat before spreading road networks
April 30, 2020  In Panama, agroforestry technique of silvopasture improves ranching traditions
April 30, 2020  As oil storage runs out in Canada, desperation sets in
April 30, 2020  Emissions declines will set records this year. But it's not good news
April 30, 2020  Are we witnessing the death of the car?
April 29, 2020  Greenpeace takes Arctic oil lawsuit to Norway's supreme court
April 29, 2020  Australia could get 90% of electricity from renewables by 2040 with no price increase
April 29, 2020  The coronavirus is spreading in the Russian Arctic
April 29, 2020  Tropical deforestation releases deadly infections
April 28, 2020  The miracle fish
April 28, 2020  The coronavirus crisis in Bolsonaro's Brazil
April 28, 2020  How the pandemic is creating a plastic boom
April 28, 2020  Lessons in the impermanence of permafrost
April 27, 2020  Feeding the world is killing the planet
April 27, 2020  The world's most-profitable hedge fund is now a climate radical
April 27, 2020  America's fracking boom founders as global prices and demand collapse
April 27, 2020  'Insect apocalypse' not so clear-cut
April 22, 2020  Fight against Amazon destruction at stake after enforcement chief fired
April 22, 2020  U.S. orders Chevron to stop producing oil in Venezuela
April 22, 2020  Will the sustainable travel movement survive coronavirus?
April 22, 2020  U.N. chief says there's a bigger threat than coronavirus
April 16, 2020  Pandemic could cause historic drop in carbon emissions
April 16, 2020  Greenland ice sheet melts at near record rate in 2019
April 16, 2020  How the Russian-Saudi oil war went awry---for Putin most of all
April 16, 2020  Brazils Amazon rainforest has become the Wild West for illegal gold miners
April 14, 2020  Tropical forests may be heating Earth by 2035
April 14, 2020  Now more than ever it seems we can't live without plastic. Can we learn to live with it?
April 14, 2020  China limited the Mekong's flow. Other countries suffered a drought.
April 14, 2020  Shell pulls out of Russian Arctic deal
April 13, 2020  Methane levels reach an all-time high
April 13, 2020  Illegal loggers uncowed by coronavirus as deforestation rises in Brazil
April 13, 2020  Carbon emissions from fossil fuels could fall by 2.5 billion tons in 2020
April 13, 2020  Will the next great pandemic come from the permafrost?
April 09, 2020  Teacher finds microplastic in every sample taken during Atlantic expedition
April 09, 2020  Human impact on biodiversity loss may fuel future pandemics
April 09, 2020  The UAE is investing $100 million in indoor farming
April 09, 2020  Now's a great time to become a backyard naturalist
April 08, 2020  The deadly gauntlet Fraser salmon must Travel to come home
April 08, 2020  Lawyer with no park experience will run Grand Canyon
April 08, 2020  India confronts COVID-19 with scarce running water
April 08, 2020  US to become net petroleum importer again amid oil meltdown
April 07, 2020  The next pandemic is already coming, unless humans change how we interact with wildlife, scientists say
April 07, 2020  Warming planet helps spread pandemics
April 07, 2020  Investors line up against Mizuho support for coal
April 07, 2020  Oil companies are collapsing, but wind and solar energy keep growing
April 02, 2020  A cruel April Fools' day prank on the economy and the environment
April 02, 2020  Oceans can be successfully restored by 2050, say scientists
April 02, 2020  Why Alberta is throwing billions behind the Keystone XL pipeline
April 02, 2020  How we will all solve the climate crisis
April 01, 2020  Oil companies on tumbling prices: 'Disastrous, devastating'
April 01, 2020  Antarctica experiences first known heat wave
April 01, 2020  Cash-strapped coal giant Murray Energy faces liquidation
April 01, 2020  Plastics industry insiders reveal the truth about recycling
March 31, 2020  A dirty economic restart could kill more people than the coronavirus
March 31, 2020  Yes, electric cars are cleaner, even when the power comes from coal
March 31, 2020  Japan submits updated emissions plan, leaving carbon target unchanged
March 31, 2020  After almost 4 months of Arctic expedition, researchers come home to a world in crisis
March 30, 2020  The climate crisis will be just as shockingly abrupt
March 30, 2020  Antarctica: A place that makes you ask the questions that really matter
March 30, 2020  How America's least sustainable city learned to love recycling
March 30, 2020  Coal exit will benefit health, wealth and nature
March 26, 2020  Climate and the $2 trillion stimulus package
March 26, 2020  In race for a sustainable alternative to plastic, Indonesia bets on seaweed
March 26, 2020  The analogy between Covid-19 and climate change is eerily precise
March 26, 2020  In coronavirus, industry sees chance to undo plastic bag bans
March 25, 2020  A new life for lithium
March 25, 2020  Crisis is coming to Arctic oil
March 25, 2020  Breaking bad: Uncovering the oil industry's dirty secret
March 25, 2020  'Nature is sending us a message', says UN environment chief
March 24, 2020  Scientists just discovered a massive new vulnerability in the Antarctic ice sheet
March 24, 2020  Could synthetic fish be a better catch of the day?
March 24, 2020  Where pandemics come from --- and how to stop them
March 24, 2020  Coronavirus holds key lessons on how to fight climate change
March 23, 2020  If we're bailing out corporations during the Coronavirus crisis, they should bail out the planet
March 23, 2020  Alberta's record-low oil prices: what the coronavirus and a supply glut mean for the province
March 23, 2020  Stuck at home? Visit these 5 National Parks online
March 23, 2020  What's happening to the monarch butterfly population?
March 19, 2020  Global warming impact on extreme weather underestimated
March 19, 2020  Greenland lost a near-record 600 billion tons of ice last summer, raising sea levels
March 19, 2020  Arctic permafrost moving toward crisis
March 19, 2020  The global victory over ozone-killing chemicals is coming undone
March 17, 2020  Ottawa set to declare plastics as toxic substance
March 17, 2020  Monarchs covered 53 percent less area in Mexico this winter
March 17, 2020  Could our energy come from giant seaweed farms in the ocean?
March 17, 2020  Bee hotels may not be the best ways to save the insects
March 16, 2020  Your backyard could help reduce global warming
March 16, 2020  Social distancing? You might be fighting climate change, too
March 16, 2020  Under water? Banks play home loan lottery as insurers bail out
March 16, 2020  The 'climate doomers' preparing for society to fall apart
March 12, 2020  Glacial retreat good news and bad news for Pacific salmon species
March 12, 2020  How climate change is threatening wine grapes
March 12, 2020  Brazil drastically reduces controls over suspicious Amazon timber exports
March 12, 2020  Polar ice caps melting six times faster than in 1990s
March 11, 2020  Coca-Cola and Pepsi face lawsuit over disposable plastic
March 11, 2020  Why the path forward on climate change is a carbon tax
March 11, 2020  The oil price war's ultimate loser is America
March 11, 2020  The planet's largest ecosystems could collapse faster than we thought
March 10, 2020  What scientists know about coronavirus and warming
March 10, 2020  Saudi oil price cut is a market shock with wide tremors
March 10, 2020  How the climate fight could mimic the coronavirus fight
March 10, 2020  Footprint is proving that sustainability can scale
March 05, 2020  EU carbon tax could make the U.S. address climate change
March 05, 2020  Aid is on its way to icebreaker struggling near North Pole
March 05, 2020  The Congo rainforest is losing ability to absorb carbon dioxide.
March 05, 2020  How South Korea is composting its way to sustainability
March 04, 2020  How the U.S. is inadvertently facilitating shark fin smuggling
March 04, 2020  BMW, Daimler aim to cut emissions 20% this year with new electric models
March 04, 2020  British hedge fund billionaire Hohn launches campaign to starve coal plants of finance
March 04, 2020  World's biggest meat company linked to 'brutal massacre' in Amazon
March 03, 2020  Think flash floods are bad? Buckle up for flash droughts
March 03, 2020  Plane contrails have a surprising effect on global warming
March 03, 2020  Your plastic addiction is bankrolling Big Oil
March 03, 2020  Can ancient grains save the planet from climate-induced starvation?
March 02, 2020  Russian Arctic shipping up 430 percent in three years
March 02, 2020  If we plant billions of trees to save us, they must be native trees
March 02, 2020  Climate change is coming for your powder stash
March 02, 2020  Would you pay higher gas prices to slow the climate crisis?
February 27, 2020  When climate change drove all the men away
February 27, 2020  Who owns the Amazon?
February 27, 2020  Keeping hope alive in a world of extinctions
February 27, 2020  Why is recycling so difficult?
February 26, 2020  Has Australia reached a climate tipping point?
February 26, 2020  BP to withdraw from U.S. trade groups
February 25, 2020  Amazon tipping point puts Brazil's agribusiness, energy sector at risk
February 25, 2020  The planet is screwed, says bank that screwed the planet
February 25, 2020  An old-school plan to fight plastic pollution gathers steam
February 25, 2020  Canada oil-sands plan collapses over politics and economics
February 25, 2020  Canada oil-sands plan collapses over politics and economics
February 25, 2020  What you can do about climate change, today
February 25, 2020  A third of plants and animals risk mass extinction
February 24, 2020  World's financial firms risk $1 trillion in losses if slow to act on climate change
February 24, 2020  G20 sounds alarm over climate emergency despite US objections
February 24, 2020  Deal emerges to bring 1st offshore wind farms to California
February 24, 2020  A cobalt crisis could put the brakes on electric car sales
February 20, 2020  Cheap nanoparticles pave the way for carbon-neutral fuel
February 20, 2020  In Bali, young people lead the fight as a plastic plague threatens paradise
February 20, 2020  When it comes to nuclear power, could smaller be better?
February 20, 2020  Oil and gas may be a far bigger climate threat than we knew
February 19, 2020  Wine vs. weed in Napa Valley
February 19, 2020  The next low-carbon energy source? It might be trash
February 19, 2020  Earth's coral reefs could be gone by 2100, research finds
February 19, 2020  The Arctic is getting greener. That's bad news for all of us
February 18, 2020  A citizens' assembly on climate is pointless if the government won't listen
February 18, 2020  Can rationing carbon help fight climate change?
February 18, 2020  Pope makes impassioned plea to save the Amazon --- will the world listen?
February 18, 2020  Post-coal Europe faces a whole new dilemma
February 13, 2020  BP pledges to cut emissions to zero but offers few details
February 13, 2020  Farming moving north could release 177 gigatons of carbon
February 13, 2020  How science will help us find our way to the future
February 13, 2020  A Canadian energy company bought an Oregon sheriff's unit
February 12, 2020  Private firms will pay soy farmers not to deforest Brazil's Cerrado
February 12, 2020  A huge iceberg just broke off Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier
February 12, 2020  How solar roads could make transport cleaner
February 12, 2020  The economic cost of destroying nature is astronomical
February 11, 2020  This biodegradable bioplastic sucks carbon from the air
February 11, 2020  Europe embraces plastic to fight climate change
February 11, 2020  Hotter, drier El Niños linked to insect decline in the Amazon
February 11, 2020  UN warns of 'major shock' as Africa locust outbreak spreads
February 10, 2020  Multiple overlapping environmental crises could trigger 'global systemic collapse'
February 10, 2020  Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record with a reading of 18.3C
February 10, 2020  Could the flight shaming movement take off in the U.S.?
February 10, 2020  UPS orders 10,000 electric delivery trucks
February 06, 2020  Can German industrial giant Siemens save the climate?
February 06, 2020  As sea ice declines, polar bears are spending an extra month on land, study finds
February 06, 2020  After 2,000 years, these seeds have finally sprouted
February 06, 2020  "Climate chaos" and bumble bee extinctions
February 05, 2020  Moscow outlines €210 billion plan for Arctic oil
February 05, 2020  Why clouds are the key to new troubling projections on warming
February 05, 2020  Black day for coal company as it abandons grand Arctic dig
February 05, 2020  An ecologist organizes the world
February 04, 2020  How does Air Pollution hurt the economy?
February 04, 2020  Sea level rise accelerating along US coastline, scientists warn
February 04, 2020  In Britain, it's nationalism minus the climate denial
February 04, 2020  Permafrost is thawing so fast, it's gouging holes in the Arctic
February 03, 2020  The Amazon lost 24,000 square miles of land this decade
February 03, 2020  If there's a silver lining in the clouds of smoke it's that this could be a tipping point
February 03, 2020  Deep sea exploration: murky waters ahead
February 03, 2020  Trudeau's climate dilemma
January 30, 2020  What Australia's megafires mean for the West
January 30, 2020  Coronavirus is slowing the global demand for oil
January 30, 2020  5 things you should know about the Earth's warming ocean
January 30, 2020  New insights into rapidly retreating glaciers
January 29, 2020  Insects are dying and nobody knows how fast
January 29, 2020  Super Bowl 54 plans to go zero waste in Miami
January 29, 2020  The secret behind Costa Rica's remarkable green transformation
January 29, 2020  How the lawyer who beat Chevron lost everything
January 28, 2020  Electric cars will challenge many power grids
January 28, 2020  Timber construction could save millions of tons of carbon
January 28, 2020  Concern --- and boredom --- mount for those trapped at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak
January 28, 2020  Facebook will now show you exactly how it stalks you --- even when you're not using Facebook
January 27, 2020  Green myths Canada's LNG sales force tells the world
January 27, 2020  Brazil indigenous group takes on mining giant
January 27, 2020  When the Prince of Wales is your landlord
January 27, 2020  Why is Toyota building a smart city from scratch?
January 23, 2020  Al Gore compares climate crisis to 9/11
January 23, 2020  World's consumption of materials hits record 100bn tonnes a year
January 23, 2020  What does 'dangerous' climate change really mean?
January 23, 2020  The audacious effort to reforest the planet
January 22, 2020  Spain declares climate emergency, gets climate plan ready
January 22, 2020  New bans in China are the latest step in a global 'war on plastic'
January 22, 2020  How melting permafrost is beginning to transform the Arctic
January 22, 2020  7.7 Billion people and counting
January 21, 2020  A Blockchain Crash Course: How it can enable the clean, Smart Grid
January 21, 2020  Why do we demolish buildings instead of deconstructing them for re-use?
January 21, 2020  Climate change pushes investors to take their temperature
January 21, 2020  Lithium isn't the new gold --- yet
January 20, 2020  Climate change won't result in a new normal but in constant, horrifying new disasters
January 20, 2020  Ozone layer recovery is being undermined by U.S. pollution
January 20, 2020  EU's $1 trillion plan to make whole continent carbon neutral
January 20, 2020  Is there a future in coal?
January 16, 2020  Amazon deforestation could speed up in 2020
January 16, 2020  Global roadmap to insect recovery
January 16, 2020  A new study about the death of 1 million seabirds should scare the crap out of you
January 16, 2020  As the birds vanish
January 14, 2020  Offshore wind to become a $1 trillion industry
January 14, 2020  Climate change to be key element in next Canadian budget
January 14, 2020  In 2019, oceans were hotter than at any other point in recorded history
January 14, 2020  Why climate denial survives while Australia burns
January 13, 2020  Can we stop Antarctica's collapse?
January 13, 2020  Ethiopia asks South Africa to help to resolve dam dispute
January 13, 2020  The future of food is zero waste
January 13, 2020  Australia's wildfires will create big problems for fresh water
January 09, 2020  Money to burn
January 09, 2020  The Tromsø, Norway-winter nowadays is 17 days shorter than 30 years ago
January 09, 2020  'Earth' review: Humanity is digging its own grave
January 09, 2020  A quarter of the global pig population has been wiped out.
January 08, 2020  The plastic polluters won 2019 -- and we're running out of time to stop them
January 08, 2020  These are the biggest climate questions for the new decade
January 08, 2020  The beef industry is freaking out over plant-based meat?
January 08, 2020  America's coal consumption entered free fall in 2019
January 07, 2020  Slowing global warming By accident
January 07, 2020  King tides offer a taste of sea level rise
January 07, 2020  Becoming a parent in the age of climate crisis
January 07, 2020  The faces of extinction: The species we lost in 2019
January 06, 2020  Russia announces plan to 'use the advantages' of climate change
January 06, 2020  Climate change is playing havoc with Mexico's monarch butterfly migration
January 06, 2020  West's 'dust bowl' future now 'locked in', as world risks imminent food crisis
January 06, 2020  In fire-ravaged Australia, climate denial goes up in smoke
January 02, 2020  Bank of England chief Mark Carney issues climate change warning
January 02, 2020  Electric cars threaten the heart of Germany's economy
January 02, 2020  Vertical farming takes off in aging Japan
January 02, 2020  Shipping fuel regulation to cut sulphur levels comes into force
December 23, 2019  This was the decade we woke up to the climate crisis --- but failed to act
December 23, 2019  Heat the Arctic to cool the Earth, scientists say
December 23, 2019  Is nuclear power worth the risk?
December 23, 2019  The Jaguars fishing in the sea to survive
December 19, 2019  Earth has had more major mass extinctions than we realized
December 19, 2019  Rich nations block all progress at U.N. climate talks
December 19, 2019  Global coal demand to remain stable up to 2024
December 19, 2019  The plastics pipeline: A surge of new production is on the way
December 18, 2019  Ocean thermal energy conversion picks up momentum in Pacific
December 18, 2019  Brazil's Amazon mega-dam: broken promises for distant power
December 18, 2019  Why we must save Alaska's pristine Tongass Forest
December 18, 2019  Australia's heatwave registers new hottest day on record, BOM says
December 17, 2019  Our Future Depends on the Arctic
December 17, 2019  How the UN's climate efforts could change the business world
December 17, 2019  Germany plans price hike for CO2 emissions
December 17, 2019  When will the Netherlands disappear?
December 12, 2019  Carbon removal is not enough to save climate
December 12, 2019  Concrete Buildings Emerge as Major Storehouses of Carbon from the Atmosphere
December 12, 2019  The city so full nobody can breathe
December 12, 2019  EU unveils 'Green Deal' plan to get Europe carbon neutral by 2050
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