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December 31, 2011  Weekend: Of Israel, Iran and $150 Oil
December 31, 2011  Will 2012 be the Year of the Electric Car?
December 30, 2011  Microgrid Market Shifting to Commercial Scale Projects
December 29, 2011  This Could Be The Big One for the Middle East
December 29, 2011  Four Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2012
December 29, 2011  China eclipses U.S. as top IPO venue
December 27, 2011  EnergyTrend: 2012 Global Solar Market Outlook
December 27, 2011  Google Invests $94 Million in Solar Energy
December 23, 2011  Ballard Expands Presence in Europe with Fuel Cell Bus Order
December 23, 2011  More Hazardous Substances added to Emergency Regulations
December 23, 2011  High Prices Will Limit Sales of Electric Vehicles in 2012
December 22, 2011  Canadians need to get serious about energy conservation
December 22, 2011  EPA issues first national standards for mercury pollution from power plants
December 21, 2011  DATC Takes Reins on Development of $3.5B HVDC Line From Wyo. to Calif.
December 21, 2011  EU Energy Roadmap Calls for Energy Efficiency, Power Prices to Reflect Costs
December 21, 2011  TEPCO: Daiichi Units in Cold Shutdown, But Crisis Continues
December 21, 2011  EPA Finalizes Air Toxics Rule
December 21, 2011  EU Top Court Upholds Aviation's Entry into ETS
December 20, 2011  Buffett's Moves Lead Flurry of End-Year Renewable Power Project Deals
December 20, 2011  2011 - Year with highest catastrophe-related economic losses in history
December 19, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
December 19, 2011  The Cellulosic Ethanol Debacle
December 15, 2011  Federal environmental enforcement needs improvement
December 15, 2011  Mexico City buses cut pollution, generate cash
December 13, 2011  Durban - Breakthrough or Another Disappointment?
December 12, 2011  OCEAN2012 Calls EU Fisheries Subsidies 'Blind Spending'
December 10, 2011  Texas Court Dismisses Air Permit Appeals for $4B CCS Plant
December 10, 2011  Power Scarcity Renews Concerns about Electric Reliability in Texas
December 09, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
December 09, 2011  Consumers Energy Cancels Key Coal Project, Plans to Close 7 Smaller Units
December 08, 2011  Reports: India rejects EU climate deal roadmap
December 08, 2011  US insists it supports EU calls for climate treaty roadmap
December 08, 2011  Updated: Durban close to breakthrough climate deal
December 08, 2011  Ottawa approves Total's Joslyn oil sands project
December 07, 2011  Climate Committee: Biomass has "no role" in electricity production without CCS
December 07, 2011  Court to decide on EU aviation emissions trading case before Christmas
December 07, 2011  Is the marketing department blocking your green ambitions?
December 07, 2011  DOE Reliability Report: EPA Rules Will Create No Resource Adequacy Issues
December 07, 2011  Air Force dumped ashes of more troops' remains in Va. landfill than acknowledged
December 05, 2011  Energy 2011 Overview: Volatility to remain dominant feature
December 04, 2011  Apple hopes to turn green with solar power data centre
December 03, 2011  What Has OPEC and China So Scared?
December 02, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
December 02, 2011  Canada Increasing Renewable Energy Exports to U.S.
December 02, 2011  NERC: EPA Rules Could Stress the Nation's Grid
December 01, 2011  WTI-Brent Spread Focus of Much Speculation
December 01, 2011  Modest Rise in Number Saying There Is 'Solid Evidence' of Global Warming
November 30, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
November 30, 2011  Ameren Quits Federally Backed Clean Coal Project
November 30, 2011  FERC Proposes Annual Charge for Federal Land Hydropower Licensees
November 30, 2011  Climate alarms bells sounding
November 29, 2011  Large-Scale Distributed Solar Project Gets Major Boost from Private Financial Backer
November 29, 2011  Illinois Senate Brings Tenaska IGCC Project Back to Life
November 28, 2011  Denmark: 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 (100% Clean Electricity by 2035)
November 28, 2011  Germany's Quixotic Withdrawal From Nuclear Energy
November 27, 2011  South African president challenges leaders to make Durban a success
November 25, 2011  More than 80 percent of nuclear reactors in Japan to be idled
November 24, 2011  California renewable energy goals come at a price
November 23, 2011  Alberta's carbon-cutting programs failing, watchdog reports
November 23, 2011  Wind and Solar Firms in the Eye of the Economic Storm
November 22, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
November 19, 2011  Global renewable energy investment to double over next 10 years
November 18, 2011  Weather disasters increasing from climate change, says UN
November 18, 2011  U.S. States quit Western Climate Initiative
November 17, 2011  Report warns carbon floor price will destroy UK coal industry
November 16, 2011  All-Canadian Cleantech Index opens on Toronto Stock Exchange
November 16, 2011  Water management still lags as a boardroom agenda issue
November 11, 2011  The burning issue of energy cannot wait for economic good times
November 11, 2011  Increase of extreme events in a warming world
November 11, 2011  GE's Eco-Innovation Platform
November 10, 2011  Shell must pay $1bn to deal with Niger Delta oil spills, Amnesty urges
November 10, 2011  IEA: Bold Change of Policy Direction Needed for Sustainable World Energy Future
November 09, 2011  EPA Moves Forward with GHG Regulations for Power Plants
November 09, 2011  N.D. Sues Minn. for Law Restricting Carbon Emissions from Imported Generation
November 09, 2011  Black Hills to Shutter Coal Plants, Build Gas-Fired Facility in Coal-Rich Wyo.
November 09, 2011  How to Bet on Oil Prices in 2012
November 09, 2011  Fossil Fuel Subsidies Six Times More Than Renewable Energy
November 09, 2011  World Energy Outlook - An Unsustainable Energy Future Looms
November 08, 2011  Manufacturers Wince as Solar Continues Slide Down the Price Curve
November 08, 2011  Corporate Responsibility Reporting - It's Growing Importance in Global Business
November 08, 2011  Worker critically injured in tyre recycling unit fire
November 07, 2011  Study says cloud computing can slash carbon emissions
November 07, 2011  Impact of ethanol industry in Canada assessed
November 07, 2011  New Report: Cleantech on the Rise
November 07, 2011  Making Your Brand 'Future-Proof'
November 07, 2011  Could The G20 Deliver A Growth and Clean Energy Pact?
November 06, 2011  New Bill Pursues Delayed Compliance Deadlines for Utility MACT, CSAPR Rules
November 06, 2011  Canada moving closer to 2020 target for GHG emissions reductions
November 06, 2011  Taiwan well positioned to build 'smart' cities
November 06, 2011  Bankrupt Beacon Power Disputes Parallels with Solyndra
November 06, 2011  As Dolphins Die, Gulf Residents Ask, 'What About Us?'
November 05, 2011  The 10 Green Sectors that are attracting investments
November 05, 2011  Government 'receptive' to carbon tax breaks for industry
November 04, 2011  White House Threatens to Veto CSPAR-Blocking Senate Resolution
November 04, 2011  Energy Efficiency Market in Southeast Asia is Huge
November 04, 2011  EIA Report: Clean Energy Standard Could Boost Renewables But Drastically Increase Power Prices
November 03, 2011  China moves forward with cap and trade scheme
November 03, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
November 03, 2011  A Year or More: The High Cost of Long-Term Unemployment - November 2011
November 02, 2011  TEPCO Finds Fission By-Products at Fukushima Daiichi
November 02, 2011  Bluff Collapse at Wisconsin Coal Plant Sends Coal Ash into Lake Michigan
November 02, 2011  Ministers are wrong, a compromise on solar incentives has to be possible
November 01, 2011  BASF named world's best on emissions reporting
October 31, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
October 31, 2011  New research on climate change impacts and solutions for BC forests
October 30, 2011  Food Chemical Regulations Rely Heavily on Industry Self-Policing and Lack Transparency
October 29, 2011  Pew Applauds Obama Administration's Final Plan to Protect Grand Canyon From Mining
October 29, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
October 29, 2011  UK wind industry to create hundreds of new jobs despite downturn
October 29, 2011  California Adopts Final Cap-and-Trade Regulation
October 29, 2011  China to Invest $90 Billion In Smart Grid Technologies by 2020
October 29, 2011  U.S. Biofuel Production Increase -- Fact or Wishful Thinking?
October 29, 2011  New Photos Highlight Global Extent of Shark Fin Trade
October 28, 2011  Solar Employment Soars As U.S. Economy Lags
October 28, 2011  Solar tariffs expected to be cut to 21p per kWh
October 27, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
October 27, 2011  Clean energy future can happen - says new report
October 26, 2011  Pew Calls for Extra Resources to Protect Penguin Food
October 26, 2011  Toronto Named Among 10 Most Innovative Cities In The World
October 26, 2011  Shutting the door on 'Climategate'
October 26, 2011  2010 Winter Olympics provided economic and cultural boost
October 26, 2011  IEA calls for end to fossil fuel subsidies
October 26, 2011  Alberta Court Rejects Environmental Group's Challenge to Planned Coal Plant
October 25, 2011  Climate-driven migration challenge underestimated
October 25, 2011  UK Backs Marine Power in Renewable Subsidies Rejig
October 25, 2011  Reports: Carbon tax breaks planned for heavy energy users
October 24, 2011  "Seven Keys to Success" for low-carbon innovation
October 24, 2011  Doctors warn climate change is "greatest threat to public health"
October 24, 2011  Winds of change: electricity from wind in the Middle East
October 23, 2011  More than 280 global investors issue fresh plea for climate action
October 23, 2011  Financing a Sustainable Future - Is the Financial Community Listening
October 22, 2011  Deep thinking about the future of food
October 22, 2011  China is in credit market crosshairs
October 21, 2011  Shell makes move to export LNG
October 21, 2011  EPA Eases SO2, NOx Limitations for Some States Under CSAPR
October 20, 2011  Decision Making in a Changing Climate
October 20, 2011  Consultancy Group Downgrades Coal Plant Retirement Projections
October 19, 2011  Wind Energy Outlook for North America
October 19, 2011  Government "will not be proceeding" with Longannet CCS project
October 19, 2011  Electricity Market Reforms will not be finalised until early 2013
October 18, 2011  American Projects Take Top Billing in Global Clean Energy in Q3
October 17, 2011  Is This the New Face of Capitalism?
October 17, 2011  Mind the Gap: An Analysis of the Mediterranean Bluefin Trade
October 16, 2011  Meltdowns from the Arctic to Wall Street - climate change to climate justice
October 15, 2011  Energy in 2030 - US military for long-term energy guidance?
October 15, 2011  25 States Ask Federal Court to Delay EPA Utility MACT Rule
October 15, 2011  We need a Green Deal Mutual, not a Green Deal Finance Company
October 14, 2011  174 Billion Barrels or Bust
October 14, 2011  Study urges drastic cuts to federal R&D tax breaks
October 13, 2011  Canada edges closer to investor deal with China
October 13, 2011  Business of Innovating: Bringing Low-Carbon Solutions to Market
October 13, 2011  Record Heat Causes Peanut Butter Prices to Skyrocket
October 12, 2011  In a Down Economy, Fewer Births
October 12, 2011  PPL to Build New Line, Substations in Pennsylvania
October 12, 2011  Sainsbury's checks out £1bn sustainability strategy
October 12, 2011  China's Canadian energy assets are adding up
October 12, 2011  Oil and Gas Companies Shun Sustainability Goals
October 12, 2011  A committed minority can threaten green energy projects
October 12, 2011  New report calls for overhaul of crumbling water infrastructure
October 12, 2011  Biofuels Market to double by 2021
October 12, 2011  U.K. jobless rate hits 15-year high
October 12, 2011  End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Now, Says OECD and IEA
October 11, 2011  World Bank warns of climate finance 'desert'
October 11, 2011  Ten Charts Essential to Understanding the Federal Debt
October 11, 2011  Safety inspector gives UK's £50bn nuclear plans the go-ahead
October 11, 2011  Virgin to use 'recycled' fuel on flights
October 11, 2011  Figueres calls on businesses to break "vicious cycle" of climate inaction
October 11, 2011  Distributed Energy Systems and Canada's Energy Future
October 10, 2011  Will This Be Obama's Watergate? Obama administration's Solyndra scandal
October 10, 2011  Why the Debate Over Global Warming is Academic
October 10, 2011  Who is Behind the Renewable Energy Foundation?
October 10, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
October 10, 2011  Waste-to-Energy - A Burning Issue for Tomorrow's Cities
October 10, 2011  Canada's Climate change plans don't measure up
October 09, 2011  Strategic Environmental Assessments - Saving Money and the Environment
October 09, 2011  Electric Vehicle: Cost of Electricity
October 08, 2011  Efficient Water Heating Technologies Can Save Consumers Nearly $18 Billion
October 08, 2011  Is Waste the Answer to a Renewables Deficit?
October 07, 2011  Shifts in Consumer Green Attitudes and Behaviors
October 07, 2011  Carbon War Room to unlock multi-billion dollar fund
October 07, 2011  BC Hydro's Site C Project to undergo joint environmental assessment
October 07, 2011  The Government and Bankers Stole America's Wealth
October 06, 2011  Energy efficiency economics: Beyond 101
October 05, 2011  Pew Criticizes House Action to Waive Environmental Laws Within 100 Miles of U.S. Borders
October 05, 2011  Climate Change Threatens Canada's Water: Report
October 05, 2011  Here's Another Way to Screw OPEC
October 05, 2011  The smart grid needs smarter marketing
October 05, 2011  Airlines cannot avoid EU carbon trading, say green lawyers
October 05, 2011  G77 and China insists continuation of Kyoto Protocol not up for negotiation
October 05, 2011  Dawn of the BioHackers
October 05, 2011  California Supreme Court Clears Way for Cap-and-Trade Rulemaking
October 04, 2011  Deutsche Bank issues profit warning
October 04, 2011  IEA demands end to $409bn a year fossil fuel subsidies
October 04, 2011  Delays in UK's Energy Agenda Unsettles Investors
October 04, 2011  How Waste to Energy Contributes to Resource and Energy Efficiency
October 04, 2011  Recycling Waste-to-Energy Bottom Ash Contributes to Resource Efficiency
October 04, 2011  Denmark to spend way out of economic crisis
October 04, 2011  Near Record High Food Prices Keep Poorest People on the Edge
October 03, 2011  Creating the energy utility for the 21st Century
October 03, 2011  Germany -- It's Not Easy Being Green
October 03, 2011  Tesla aims to produce 20,000 Model S sedans by 2013
October 03, 2011  Blue chips confirm plan for Green Deal Finance Company
October 03, 2011  Osborne vows UK emissions cuts will not lead Europe
October 02, 2011  Green Coalition Files Lawsuit Over U.S. Arctic Drilling Approval
October 02, 2011  World's Largest Shark Sanctuary Declared in Central Pacific
October 01, 2011  China's Saudi Oil Grab
October 01, 2011  PepsiCo to launch global ethical-farming standards
September 30, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
September 30, 2011  Loonie at lowest level in more than a year
September 29, 2011  Waste Wood Conversion for Coal Fired Thai Power Plant
September 28, 2011  EPA Inspector General: Key Endangerment Finding Document Needed More Review
September 28, 2011  Progress Energy to Shut Down First of Several Coal-Generating Units
September 28, 2011  DOE Finalizes $737 M Solar Loan Guarantee Amid Solyndra Investigation
September 28, 2011  Two Asian banks seek growth in Canada
September 28, 2011  Pew's Boreal Forest Tour Showcased at Google Earth Canada Launch
September 28, 2011  Is France planning to revive its carbon tax plans?
September 28, 2011  Obama administration delays fuel efficiency standards announcement
September 27, 2011  OPEC Collapse Inevitable - Peak Oil a Real Scenario Unfolding Around the Planet
September 27, 2011  House to Vote on Amendment to Delay EPA Power Plant Rules
September 27, 2011  European Crisis Weighs Heavy on Clean Energy Index
September 27, 2011  Our Survey Says: Nimbys Out, AD and Gasification In
September 27, 2011  Medical waste, bad for your health and bad for your rights, warns UN expert
September 25, 2011  Corporations with climate change strategies perform better
September 25, 2011  Brits keen to go green, but don't know how
September 24, 2011  Glitzy new addition to wave of new office construction aims to be Vancouver's greenest
September 24, 2011  DOE Considers Increasing FERC Transmission Siting Authority
September 24, 2011  DOE Awards $14M to Lower Costs at IGCC Plants Using Carbon Capture
September 23, 2011  The Chinese are Coming for All Our Resources & Will Eat the Planet Unchecked
September 23, 2011  CERN scientists 'break the speed of light'
September 23, 2011  Crude price nears 'tipping point' for new oil sands projects
September 22, 2011  Time to Buy Oil - U.S. Surrenders to the French
September 22, 2011  EPA Indefinitely Delays Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Rules
September 21, 2011  Murkowski: Renewables Future Not "All Sunshine and Roses"
September 21, 2011  Lanxess to produce first bio-based EPDM rubber in the world
September 21, 2011  Asia increasingly driving the prosperity of Canadians
September 21, 2011  Pew Study: Department of Defense Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation to Save Lives, Money
September 21, 2011  World Bank: Ditch fossil fuel subsidies to address climate change
September 21, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
September 21, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
September 21, 2011  Wind Power Shines as Solar has a Spell in the Shade
September 20, 2011  EU launches industry roadmap for a resource-efficient economy
September 20, 2011  Waste to Energy Must Prove Itself to Take Off in U.S.
September 20, 2011  A Flurry of Funding for New Solar, Offshore Wind, and Geothermal Projects
September 20, 2011  DOE Releases New 'Billion-Ton' Study Highlighting Opportunities for Growth in Bioenergy Resources
September 19, 2011  Part office building, part power plant
September 19, 2011  Renewable Energy Electricity Certificates RECs | European Green Power Outlook 2011
September 19, 2011  BIO Applauds USDA Announcement of New Biomass Project Areas
September 17, 2011  GE's New Fuel-blending System Cuts Costs & Boosts Efficiency for Gas Turbine Users
September 16, 2011  Chinese tire pyrolysis safety concerns as many plants explode & rarely stay operational
September 15, 2011  European Parliament Calls for Fast Action on Climate Change
September 15, 2011  Battle Over the Definition of Success in the 'Cleantech' Industry
September 14, 2011  Study: Coal-to-Gas Switch Could Have Limited Impacts on Climate
September 14, 2011  N.H. Senate Fails to Override Veto, Keeps State Participating in RGGI
September 14, 2011  Luminant to Idle Two Coal Units, Implement Derates on CSAPR Compliance Concerns
September 14, 2011  New Initative for Canadian Clean Energy Businesses launched in California
September 14, 2011  Vancouver-born Greenpeace celebrates its 40th anniversary
September 14, 2011  Banks urged to back green entrepreneurs
September 14, 2011  Energy firms should face more regulations to curb emissions, says CDP
September 14, 2011  PepsiCo to open can of new water goals
September 13, 2011  Government denies policies are stalling offshore wind developments
September 12, 2011  Urban farming to expand in Montreal
September 12, 2011  Carbon trading for aviation struggles to take off
September 12, 2011  Vancouver targets eco-crown as planet's 'greenest' city
September 10, 2011  World's tire makers setting record for expansion projects
September 09, 2011  Becoming Arctic-Ready
September 09, 2011  Scotiabank takes stake in Chinese bank
September 09, 2011  Forestry sector lays the roots for a future in bioproducts
September 08, 2011  Private Sector Contributes $2.4 Trillion to 'Green Transition'
September 07, 2011  From Hyperpower to Declining Power
September 07, 2011  Farmland Prices Doubling in US Heartland
September 07, 2011  What to do now that you know rates will stay on hold
September 06, 2011  Pew Finds Many Children Fall Out of the Middle Class as Adults
September 05, 2011  Deutsche Bank warns on growth outlook
September 02, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
September 02, 2011  India Bulletin: Renewable Energy Sector
September 01, 2011  UN Green Climate Fund 'headed for failure' -- Bloomberg
September 01, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
September 01, 2011  California Overwhelmed by 71 GW of Renewable Project Applications
August 31, 2011  Japan Passes Feed-in-Tariff Law
August 30, 2011  Silver Lining For The West in Asia's Rising Renewable Energy Investment
August 30, 2011  Why investors can view companies as leaders and laggards
August 30, 2011  China keeps world guessing on yuan plan
August 29, 2011  Vancity to renew carbon offset purchase relationship with Offsetters
August 29, 2011  Powering homes with poo from the zoo
August 29, 2011  China unveils feed-in tariff for solar power
August 29, 2011  Chicago's Proposed Clean Air Ordinance Could Shut Down Two Coal Plants
August 27, 2011  What will it take to make Montreal an Eco-City?
August 27, 2011  Natural Gas Is Cleaner than Coal
August 27, 2011  Vestas poised to green light UK factory if offshore turbine orders materialise
August 26, 2011  European Union Clean Energy Policy
August 26, 2011  Europe ready to open tap on smart water meter market
August 26, 2011  Proper management of e-waste essential
August 25, 2011  Australia to link carbon pricing to world carbon markets
August 25, 2011  Economists doubt second U.S. recession imminent
August 25, 2011  Trust Magazine: Putting Food Safety on the Menu
August 24, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
August 24, 2011  Canada Proposes Stringent Coal Plant Performance Standards for GHG Emissions
August 24, 2011  Solar Trust Ditches CSP for PV at Massive Blythe Plant, Cites Market Conditions
August 24, 2011  Demise of venture capital market 'a real crisis' in Canada
August 24, 2011  Cash cushion: how much to keep
August 24, 2011  The future growth factor in value
August 23, 2011  Euro zone growth close to standstill
August 23, 2011  Smart Grid Panel Approves First Six Standards
August 22, 2011  Big haulers: Pricing pressure increases
August 22, 2011  Intervention fears weigh on yen
August 22, 2011  Private equity could be sidelined by market turmoil
August 20, 2011  Call for Submissions -- The Planet in Focus "Green Pitch" (open to all Canadian filmmakers)
August 19, 2011  First Comprehensive Scientific Study of Coral Sea's Spectacular Marine Life Released
August 18, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
August 17, 2011  How To Turn Green Legacy Into A Gold Brand
August 17, 2011  Shell admits uncertainty over further spill risks and defends handling of leak
August 17, 2011  China unlikely to cool investment as its growth engine
August 17, 2011  MRF and Anaerobic Digestion Gate Fees Down in UK
August 16, 2011  Why are we surprised by oil spills?
August 16, 2011  Wildly Contrasting Fortunes in The World's Solar Energy Business
August 16, 2011  Development Banks Show Their Mettle in Renewables Financing
August 15, 2011  If We Ignore Warnings the Ocean is Trying to Send, We Risk Losing More...
August 15, 2011  Shell Prepares to Drill in Arctic Where There is 'No Infrastructure' for Clean-Up
August 15, 2011  Rebooting E-Waste Attitudes in the U.S.
August 14, 2011  Thinning Arctic Sea Ice Poised to Undergo Record Decline in Mid-August
August 13, 2011  Blue Ribbon Commission: Nuclear Waste Program at an Impasse
August 12, 2011  Quebec Boreal Legislation Would Fulfill Vision of 'New Global Model' for Conservation
August 11, 2011  China Oil - Six Reasons to Buy Quality Oil
August 11, 2011  DOE to Invest $50 Million to Advance Domestic Solar Manufacturing
August 11, 2011  In Ontario, gloomy skies for solar power
August 11, 2011  McGuinty Liberals make it harder to cancel green energy programs ahead of election
August 10, 2011  Obama drives through trucking emissions standards
August 09, 2011  What if the light bulb produced more than light?
August 09, 2011  B.C. native band's Beijing trade office doing booming business
August 09, 2011  Why would anyone buy U.S. Treasuries?
August 09, 2011  The Passing of a Leader -- Ray Anderson
August 08, 2011  Germany's Largest Fully Financed Offshore Wind Farm
August 08, 2011  Landfill gas is 'awesome example of American ingenuity'
August 08, 2011  When Falling Oil Prices are Bad News
August 05, 2011  Solar Powers $1.1 Billion Investment in Cleantech in Q2 2011
August 05, 2011  The cost: $2.5-trillion wiped off world stocks
August 04, 2011  New Initiative launched to fund clean energy technologies
August 04, 2011  Brazil steps up fight against imports
August 04, 2011  Hitachi, Mitsubishi talking merger
August 03, 2011  UK to Close Sellafield MOX Plant on Fukushima Concerns
August 03, 2011  Setsuden poised to replace nuclear power in Japan
August 03, 2011  Study: Climate change imperils Himalayan glaciers
August 03, 2011  U.S. cities require buildings to disclose energy use
August 02, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
August 02, 2011  European R1 Guidelines Welcomed by CEWEP
August 01, 2011  Clean Energy Patent Growth Index Q1 Results Announced, Second Highest Quarter Ever
August 01, 2011  Environmentalists cheer Obama's fuel-economy hike
August 01, 2011  Sun and Wind and Rock 'n' Roll: A Three-Decade Journey
August 01, 2011  2015: End of the Oil Age
July 29, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
July 29, 2011  Nuclear Safety in the Spotlight
July 28, 2011  BMW Dealership scores a first for clean energy in BC.
July 28, 2011  This Is an Energy Game-Changer
July 28, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
July 27, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
July 27, 2011  Big Chicken: Pollution and Industrial Poultry Production in America
July 27, 2011  Waste to Fuel Technology Vital to Aviation Industry Initiative
July 26, 2011  Ontario's dirty secret: Black carbon and climate change
July 26, 2011  Top Ten Highlights of Cleantech Zurich, Switzerland
July 26, 2011  Nuclear Lives
July 26, 2011  Osborne's excuses are running out, it is time to give green growth a go
July 25, 2011  Building the green economy with SMEs
July 25, 2011  Return of the Dirty Dozen
July 25, 2011  Here Comes the Electric Plane
July 25, 2011  DOD and DOE Partner to Install Fuel Cell Backup Power Units at Eight Military Installations
July 25, 2011  Game Changer: The 600-Mile Electric Car
July 25, 2011  Biggest week for IPOs in four years
July 24, 2011  Bullish on China is still a good bet
July 21, 2011  Losing More of Our Energy Security to China
July 21, 2011  Bank of Japan's Yamaguchi says will act decisively, watching yen
July 21, 2011  Report: Feds to ban e-waste it generates from landfills
July 20, 2011  The Global Innovation Index 2011 - What does it tell us?
July 20, 2011  Evolving the Future of Energy with Natural Gas
July 20, 2011  More than 5,200 Hydrogen Fueling Stations to be Operational by 2020
July 20, 2011  Energy Storage Technologies to Reach $122 Billion by 2021
July 20, 2011  Global Investments in Green Energy Up Nearly a Third to $211 Billion
July 20, 2011  AEP Freezes Commercial-Scale CCS Project on Lack of Climate Policy
July 20, 2011  Federal Court Rejects Entergy Bid to Keep Vermont Nuclear Plant Open
July 20, 2011  Duke to Close 862-MW Coal Plant on MACT Rule Concerns
July 20, 2011  EU powers ahead with 'sustainable' biofuel certification schemes
July 20, 2011  Has Brazil's economy peaked?
July 20, 2011  Clean-Energy Technologies aren't 'Cute,' but Critical to our Energy Future
July 19, 2011  Ford recycling old tires, carpets, jeans to make parts
July 19, 2011  Canada's First Oil War Erupts
July 19, 2011  UK's nuclear renaissance edges towards reality
July 19, 2011  Surge in Saudi oil burn adds new demand twist
July 19, 2011  Re-Industrializing America with Clean Coal Technologies
July 18, 2011  In U.S. Domestic Renewable Energy Production Surpasses Nuclear and Closes in on Oil
July 18, 2011  Don't Fall for This Clean Energy Scam
July 18, 2011  Shipping's first mandatory emissions reduction deal sets sail
July 17, 2011  Crippled Japanese Power Plant Prepares For Typhoon
July 17, 2011  India courting Canada for joint venture to sell nuclear reactors
July 15, 2011  Waste to Energy Focus: Achieving R1 Status
July 15, 2011  BP adopts new safety standards for Gulf drilling
July 15, 2011  A More Accurate Way to Calculate the Cost of Electricity - Part 2
July 14, 2011  Honda to press suppliers to stop using landfills
July 14, 2011  Boone Pickens challenges Canada on green energy plan
July 13, 2011  What the Saudis Aren't Telling Us
July 13, 2011  Japan PM calls for phase-out of nuclear power
July 12, 2011  US tries again on pollution trading, but will viable markets emerge?
July 12, 2011  Australia puts a price on carbon pollution
July 12, 2011  Chevron, Saudis Admit Oil Supply Woes
July 11, 2011  Obama's attempt to engineer debt deal hits stalemate
July 11, 2011  Japan utilities rush for bank loans amid nuclear crisis
July 10, 2011  Goldman Says Saudi Oil Has Peaked
July 08, 2011  10 more GM facilities go landfill-free
July 08, 2011  Aspects of U.S. oil and gas production has been hydraulic fracturing
July 08, 2011  Making It Across The Valley of Death
July 08, 2011  MEPs reject tougher European emissions cuts
July 07, 2011  Improved Oversight Needed by B.C. Environmental Assessment Office
July 07, 2011  Ontario Clean Energy Plan on Track says Minister
July 07, 2011  Government urged again to deliver mandatory emissions reporting
July 07, 2011  Domestic hurdles prompt Indian firms to invest abroad
July 07, 2011  Economic indicators suggest maybe things aren't so bad
July 07, 2011  New Global Assessment Confirms Threat to Tuna
July 06, 2011  Québec ready for the North American carbon market
July 06, 2011  Poland accused of handing GHG permits to ineligible coal plants
July 06, 2011  Whitehall smashes through 10 per cent carbon target
July 06, 2011  Climate Bonds group poised to launch new international standards
July 06, 2011  Oil Market Volatility
July 05, 2011  Green groups tell EU to stand firm as aviation emissions case goes to court
July 05, 2011  Seaweed offers kelping hand for biofuels
July 05, 2011  Their Panic Makes Us Even More Bullish
July 05, 2011  Report: UK carbon floor price could waste £92m a year by 2020
July 05, 2011  Japan can't rule out nuclear power, official says
July 02, 2011  Will OPEC Retaliate Against the IEA's Oil Release?
July 02, 2011  David Cameron must speak out on climate change, says top scientist
July 01, 2011  Canadian businesses feeling upbeat
July 01, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
July 01, 2011  EU gets tough with energy firms in bid to cut consumption
July 01, 2011  A More Accurate Way to Calculate the Cost of Electricity - Part 1
June 30, 2011  Big Oil's Big Test
June 30, 2011  DOE Commits $1.4 Billion for Rooftop Solar Project
June 29, 2011  California Court to CARB: Proceed with Cap-and-Trade Implementation
June 29, 2011  Dominion to Convert Three Va. Coal Plants to Biomass
June 29, 2011  Watch Them Die - U.S. sentiment toward domestic oil production
June 29, 2011  Huhne: Green policy promises GDP boost
June 29, 2011  Government unveils nuclear waste plans
June 29, 2011  Google pulls plug on PowerMeter
June 29, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
June 29, 2011  Are the world's oceans on the brink of disaster?
June 28, 2011  Progress in Cabon Capture & Billion-dollar Solar Programmes
June 28, 2011  Is Greenpeace's Rebel Alliance coming for you next?
June 28, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
June 28, 2011  Tepco Quells Push by Shareholders to End Nuclear Program
June 28, 2011  Reducing Food Waste: Making the Most of Our Abundance
June 27, 2011  What New Ethylene Plants, or "Crackers", Tell Us
June 27, 2011  Global Petroleum Survey for 2011 Released
June 26, 2011  What's Your Carbon Footprint - Need A Free Carbon Calculator?
June 25, 2011  Population, Food, and Oil
June 24, 2011  Geothermal Energy Bill To Help Producers Develop Geothermal 'Hot Spots'
June 24, 2011  Europe should embrace 'clean revolution'
June 23, 2011  Oregon House advances tax credits overhaul
June 23, 2011  Brown to Green: A New Use For Blighted Industrial Sites
June 22, 2011  U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Climate-Change Public Nuisance Suit
June 22, 2011  EPA Extends Public Comment Period for Proposed Toxic Air Rule
June 22, 2011  High Court to Decide on Riverbed Rent Case for Mont. Hydropower Dams
June 22, 2011  GAO to NRC: Improve Groundwater Monitoring at Nuclear Plants
June 22, 2011  DOE Offers $919M in Loan Guarantees to PV, Wind Projects, Solar Manufacturers
June 22, 2011  Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Delay and Amend EPA Boiler Rule
June 22, 2011  Guinness Atkinson June Asia Brief
June 21, 2011  Businesses clock on to Daylight Savings
June 21, 2011  Airlines urge Russia to oppose Europe's carbon trading plans
June 21, 2011  Fastest sea-level rise in 2,100 years linked to climate change
June 21, 2011  Coal-to-liquid fuels poised for a comeback
June 21, 2011  World Bioenergy 2x larger than World Nuclear
June 21, 2011  How They're Stealing OPEC's Trillion Dollar Profits
June 20, 2011  Report: Solar industry collapse could be avoided without busting feed-in tariff budget
June 20, 2011  'Shocking' state of seas threatens mass extinction, say marine experts
June 19, 2011  Is the IEA's Warnings Falling on Deaf Ears? Pyrolysis & Gasification Solutions?
June 17, 2011  How is climate change really taught in our schools?
June 17, 2011  Pentagon: Oil Supply Disruption Plausible and Likely
June 17, 2011  Must-see climate change video connects the dots - the story of Arizona wildfires
June 16, 2011  China Demands Oil & New Energy
June 16, 2011  U.S. solar power industry booms, gains globally
June 15, 2011  Fukushima disaster helps spark upsets in the renewable energy sector
June 14, 2011  California Redoes Its Greenhouse Gas Analysis
June 14, 2011  Dump biofuels subsidies to stabilise food prices -- report
June 14, 2011  German Nuclear Exit Saga Trouble Investors
June 13, 2011  Carbon Management Market to Reach $5.7 Billion by 2017
June 11, 2011  PwC: Planning biggest threat to Europe's renewables revolution
June 10, 2011  What Exxon Won't Tell You About their Latest Oil Discoveries
June 09, 2011  Aviation firms warn of 'trade war' over EU emissions trading plans
June 09, 2011  Oil production and consumption - Running dry
June 09, 2011  Government confirms deep solar incentive cuts
June 09, 2011  DECC accepts warning of rising peak oil risks
June 08, 2011  UN says climate talks will miss Kyoto deadline
June 08, 2011  Using the Trees to Save the Forest
June 08, 2011  Stern urges business leaders to wake up to green regulation risk
June 08, 2011  Osborne is right, it is time for some good green news
June 08, 2011  Japan Nuclear Watchdog: Fuel Has Melted Through Daiichi 1's Pressure Vessel
June 07, 2011  BPA chemical exposure is underestimated
June 07, 2011  3 nuclear reactors melted down after quake, Japan confirms
June 07, 2011  Barker promises 'transformational' Green Deal for small businesses
June 07, 2011  Government looks to businesses to protect natural environment
June 07, 2011  CBI slams government's 'insufficient progress' on green policies
June 07, 2011  Court Remands Air Permit for $3B Texas Coal Plant
June 06, 2011  The Golden Age of Natural Gas - IEA Report
June 06, 2011  Germany Scraps Solar Energy Subsidy Cut as Merkel Exits Nuclear
June 05, 2011  Japan May Tap Geothermal Power to Offset Atomic Loss, BNEF Says
June 05, 2011  ERCOT Predicts No Coal Retirements from EPA Rules
June 03, 2011  Duke Energy Likely to Shutter Two Coal-Fired Units in Indiana
June 03, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
June 03, 2011  Report: Corruption could undermine global climate change efforts
June 02, 2011  What's Worse than $5 Gas? No Gas
June 01, 2011  New Jersey to Pull Out of RGGI, Shun New Coal Plants
June 01, 2011  GAO: U.S. Nuclear Waste Policy Plagued with Uncertainties
June 01, 2011  The Stocks that Crushed ExxonMobil and Friends
June 01, 2011  UK clean tech confidence fading fast
May 31, 2011  Moody's puts Japan debt ratings on review
May 31, 2011  $4.00 IS Cheap Gas
May 31, 2011  There Will Be No Clean Tech Economy Without More Recycling
May 30, 2011  Cable launches Green Investment Bank advisory group
May 30, 2011  Germany to pull plug on nuclear power
May 26, 2011  Good Oil is Hard to Find - Pyrolysis Oil Fuel Solutions
May 25, 2011  Toshiba forgoes nuclear sales for renewables focus
May 25, 2011  Japan to unveil push for renewable energy, cheaper solar
May 24, 2011  Electric microbes spark prospect of 'bio-batteries'
May 24, 2011  Italy Ruling Chokes Utility's Carbon Capture Hopes
May 24, 2011  Obama directs U.S. agencies to buy electric vehicles
May 23, 2011  The pylons, they are a-changing
May 23, 2011  Judge halts California's carbon market plan
May 23, 2011  Clegg: Green Investment Bank to begin lending from next April
May 23, 2011  Australian climate change report bolsters Gillard's carbon tax campaign
May 22, 2011  PBS Nature | Life in Death Valley - Little Fish, Big Splash
May 21, 2011  Government confirms end to core funding for Carbon Trust
May 20, 2011  IEA urges OPEC: pump more, or else
May 20, 2011  SGX successfully launches rubber futures
May 19, 2011  Shipping and aviation carbon pricing could finance $100bn climate fund
May 19, 2011  DECC prepares Ofgem for clearer low carbon role
May 19, 2011  McNulty Review calls for railway overhaul
May 19, 2011  Toshiba to acquire Landis+Gyr in $2.3bn smart meter mega-deal
May 19, 2011  Sustainable business market to hit $60bn by 2013
May 19, 2011  Gold outlook remains positive for 2011
May 19, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
May 18, 2011  Five States Top U.S. in Clean-Energy Leadership
May 18, 2011  Advanced biofuel to meet over 50% of India's transport demand
May 18, 2011  Business Credit Cards Place Millions of U.S. Households at Risk
May 18, 2011  EU ETS emissions rose 1.8% in 2010
May 18, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
May 18, 2011  Brazil: Amazon rainforest deforestation rises sharply
May 18, 2011  Japan back in recession as earthquake cuts consumption
May 17, 2011  UK proposes Fourth Carbon Budget - Emissions to be cut by 50% by 2025
May 17, 2011  New Renewable Hotspots Emerge As Incentive Roll-back Continue
May 17, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
May 16, 2011  American Chemistry Council studies WTE facilities in U.S.
May 16, 2011  IEA report shows how to achieve dramatic energy savings in the buildings sector by 2050
May 16, 2011  Poll: Americans worry about gas prices, oil dependence
May 16, 2011  More Japanese near nuclear power plant evacuate
May 16, 2011  Scientists Say Obama's Forest Rules Leave Water, Wildlife at Risk
May 13, 2011  BC's New Premier Says Development of a New Energy Economy Paramount
May 12, 2011  The "New Oil" - Buy Now & right now, like always, everyone wants oil
May 12, 2011  The Renewable Future - A Hardheaded Analysis
May 12, 2011  Cement firms eye biodiversity, water goals after CDM disappointment
May 11, 2011  The ultimate guide to the Energy Bill
May 11, 2011  Empire State Building boss argues energy efficiency trumps renewables
May 11, 2011  Climate change has spurred food prices: Study
May 11, 2011  Bush Lost Battle Over the Surplus, But Won Tax Cut War
May 10, 2011  Measuring Transportation Investments: The Road to Results
May 09, 2011  IPCC Releases Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources
May 09, 2011  IPCC: Almost 80 per cent of global energy to come from renewables by 2050
May 09, 2011  Renewable energy can power the world, says landmark IPCC study
May 07, 2011  Guide to Corporate Ecosystems Evaluation
May 07, 2011  Do you really understand Carbon Pricing?
May 06, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
May 05, 2011  Natural Gas Tumbles on Storage Increase, Drop in Commodities
May 05, 2011  Cities setting standards in eco-innovation - Curitiba, Brazil
May 04, 2011  New analysis of energy and environmental performance of biofuels
May 04, 2011  Cities setting standards in eco-innovation - Curitiba, Brazil
May 03, 2011  EU considers valuing nature to halt biodiversity loss
May 03, 2011  Consumers Never Liked to Pay More for Green to Begin With
May 01, 2011  Predicting U.S. Coal Plant Retirements
May 01, 2011  Benchmarking Fossil Plant Performance Measures, Part III: Metrics Used for Compensation
April 29, 2011  NHL to divert 100 tons of food waste from landfills
April 29, 2011  Carbon Market - North America
April 29, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Brief
April 29, 2011  Most Canadian private companies not embracing CSR
April 27, 2011  Japan Approves $4.3 Billion Funding for Waste Disposal Following Quake
April 27, 2011  Which U.S. cities have dirtiest and cleanest air?
April 27, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Energy Brief
April 27, 2011  Saskatchewan approves $1.24 billion Carbon Capture Project
April 27, 2011  Clean energy VC investment reaches two-year high
April 26, 2011  EIA examines alternate scenarios for the future of US energy
April 26, 2011  State of Play in Renewable Energy
April 26, 2011  Medvedev Urges Worldwide Nuclear Safety as Japan Stirs Fears
April 25, 2011  The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia's Historic Bill
April 22, 2011  What would a Martian make of the oil market?
April 22, 2011  Cities are under-served by carbon markets, says OECD
April 21, 2011  Greenpeace slams Apple over "dirty" datacentres
April 21, 2011  A Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050
April 21, 2011  California Adopts Aggressive Renewables Portfolio Standard
April 21, 2011  Indian Waste to Energy Market Set for Steller Growth
April 20, 2011  Supreme Court carbon emissions hearing off to tense start
April 20, 2011  Italy proposes halt to nuclear, cap on solar incentives
April 20, 2011  Guinness Atkinson Asia Brief
April 20, 2011  Global Clean Energy Investment Reached Record $243 Billion in 2010
April 20, 2011  Energy from Waste Could Supply 10 Percent of Global Demand
April 20, 2011  Chinese demand could spark EV take-off
April 20, 2011  Google piles another $100m into renewables with wind farm mega-deal
April 19, 2011  Solar firms file for judicial review against feed-in tariff cuts

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