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December 31, 2012  Kinder Morgan takes its case for a pipeline to the people
December 31, 2012  Pro-nuclear bureaucrats back in the picture under Abe
December 31, 2012  As Biodiversity Declines, Tropical Diseases Thrive
December 31, 2012  Five Important U.S. Energy Stories Of 2012
December 31, 2012  The Year In Solar Power: Prices Crash, Sales Soar, Industry Restructures, Saudis Leap In, CSP Suffers
December 31, 2012  Modest Steps Could Add Up To Big Success For Clean Energy In 2013
December 28, 2012  New York Times Pushes Obama On Climate: 'He Needs To Do A Great Deal More'
December 28, 2012  New carbon management firm to pursue multi-billion dollar carbon market
December 28, 2012  Building A Futureproof Brand? What You'll Need In 2013
December 28, 2012  More volatility for oil sands in 2013
December 27, 2012  Ozone On U.S. West Coast Traced To Asia
December 27, 2012  BC Offshore Wind Signs Up Siemens, and Hopes
December 27, 2012  Crises Erupt as Glacial Retreat Threatens Water Resources
December 27, 2012  More Americans Are Taking Climate Action, But Fewer Say Those Actions Can Slow Climate Change
December 27, 2012  West Antarctica Warming 3X Faster Than Global Average, Destabilizing Unstable Ice Sheets
December 27, 2012  Oil and gas price forecast for 2013
December 27, 2012  World's longest high-speed rail line opens in China
December 27, 2012  Future proofed decision making - Integrating environmental and social factors into business decisions
December 20, 2012  Tyre pyrolysis: an epic fail or a recycling nirvana?
December 20, 2012  Enbridge Increases Northern Gateway Investment
December 20, 2012  Study: Global Warming Will Drive A Net Loss In Biodiversity
December 20, 2012  Matt Ridley Piece Lowballs Climate Change, Discredits Wall Street Journal. World Faces 10°F.
December 20, 2012  The shortest route: Russia ships gas to Japan via Arctic
December 19, 2012  333rd Month In A Row Global Temperatures Exceed Long-Term Average
December 19, 2012  Coal Exports Emerging As Major Climate Fight In The Pacific Northwest
December 19, 2012  Saudi Arabia Stakes a Claim on the Nile
December 18, 2012  Coal Will Surpass Oil in Fuel Use by 2022: IEA
December 18, 2012  Still Hurting In The Heartland: The Historic Drought Continues
December 18, 2012  Crossing One Of World's Largest Aquifers ~ Keystone XL Will Not Use Advanced Leak Detection
December 18, 2012  From Doha To Divestment: The Search For A Real Strategy To Combat Climate Change
December 18, 2012  World Gold Council's Conflict-Free Gold Standard
December 18, 2012  Electric Vehicles: 10 Predictions for 2013
December 17, 2012  Report: Humanity Has Overshot The Earth's Biocapacity
December 17, 2012  A Counterintuitive Take On Trash: The Positive Impact Of An 'Informal Trash Economy'
December 17, 2012  The economic case for nuclear power in Japan
December 17, 2012  Sandy likely to bring renewed focus on carbon markets
December 17, 2012  The Future is Not What It Used To Be Says US Intelligence Report
December 17, 2012  Long-Term Growth Forecast for Climate Change Adaptation Market
December 17, 2012  "Command and Control" and the Garbage Gold Rush
December 17, 2012  Trans Canada Highway - "The World's Longest Green Highway"
December 14, 2012  Permafrost 101: Why We Need To Account For Thawing Ground In Climate Projections
December 14, 2012  Will Keystone XL Spoil Your Holidays?
December 14, 2012  Ex-Im Bank: New Dirty, Controversial Coal Plant? Where Do We Sign Up?
December 14, 2012  Stop-Start Engines Stop Waste, Start Jobs
December 14, 2012  Record-Smashing Early December Assures 2012 Will Be Hottest In U.S. History
December 14, 2012  World's largest offshore wind farm slots in final turbine
December 14, 2012  Declining Air Pollution Improves Life Expectancy
December 13, 2012  Government moves to address smart meter privacy concerns
December 13, 2012  Exxon's Dangerous Energy Outlook
December 13, 2012  Will Big Oil & Other Fossil Fuels Abandon Their Special Tax Breaks?
December 13, 2012  Documents Reveal Alberta Colludes With Industry In Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Review
December 13, 2012  BMW and Boeing to collaborate on carbon fibre recycling
December 13, 2012  Hurricane Sandy not enough to convince people that climate change is real
December 13, 2012  Are businesses prepared for a resource constrained world?
December 12, 2012  In 20 Years People Are Going To Ask Why Obama Didn't Do Anything On Climate
December 12, 2012  U.S. sized ice sheet melts in Arctic
December 12, 2012  Coming soon: 100% renewable power
December 12, 2012  US Intelligence Community warns of rising climate security threat
December 12, 2012  'Doing good' can lead to 'doing well'
December 12, 2012  Keeping the Great White North White
December 12, 2012  Green Bonds: The Next Market-Based Mechanism to Tackle Climate Change
December 12, 2012  Sustain growth in eco-industry for a green economy, study argues
December 12, 2012  High-Voltage DC Breakthrough Could Boost Renewable Energy
December 12, 2012  Waste Wattage: Cities Aim to Flush Heat Energy Out of Sewers
December 10, 2012  Doha Gateway: At a glance
December 10, 2012  RBS launches £200m corporate energy efficiency fund
December 10, 2012  Bosses' fears over energy and resource costs hit new high
December 07, 2012  Pew Applauds French Polynesia for Creating the World's Largest Shark Sanctuary
November 30, 2012  How to Rev up Canada's Cleantech Industry
November 30, 2012  The Future of the Food Industry 2012
November 28, 2012  BP faces temporary ban from new US contracts
November 28, 2012  Landmark project Switch "On" as Nations Ready to Spar at Doha
November 23, 2012  Climate Concerns Rise in the East
November 23, 2012  GM to Produce 500,000 Green Cars By 2017
November 23, 2012  Talking Turkey: A Holiday Pledge To End Climate Silence
November 23, 2012  Norway ringing in thorium nuclear New Year with Westinghouse at the party
November 23, 2012  Obama under pressure to show Doha he is serious on climate change
November 22, 2012  Solar group to World Bank: Give us gas and oil's $12B, and we'll cool planet
November 22, 2012  China: Emissions will not peak until GDP increases fivefold
November 22, 2012  Prince Charles flicks switch on UK's 'first' biogas to grid plant
November 22, 2012  Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap Widening
November 21, 2012  BP May Face Another $17 Billion in Fines
November 21, 2012  Why President Obama Is Wrong To Separate The Economy And Climate
November 21, 2012  Some Electoral Math For 'All You Climate People'
November 21, 2012  Siemens: 880m euros' worth of wind power orders since July
November 21, 2012  GE places mega-order for Ford plug-in hybrid
November 21, 2012  UN: World "actively moving in the wrong direction" on climate change
November 21, 2012  Leading global businesses back carbon pricing
November 20, 2012  UK Loses Grip on Energy Policy as Brussels Gets to Grips with Carbon
November 20, 2012  Preparing For The Next Sandy
November 20, 2012  1,200 New Coal Plants Planned Around The World
November 20, 2012  Investors warn climate change is putting pensions at risk
November 20, 2012  Researchers tap into CO2 storage potential of mine waste
November 20, 2012  Pricing Canada's Environmental Market
November 20, 2012  California Tackles Climate Change, But Will Others Follow?
November 20, 2012  Cuba's Oil Quest to Continue, Despite Deepwater Disappointment
November 19, 2012  The Earth Is Warming And Human Activity Is The Primary Cause
November 19, 2012  Five Reasons Why Obama Should Reject The Keystone XL Pipeline
November 19, 2012  Meet The New Dust Bowl, Same As The Old Dust Bowl
November 19, 2012  Asian cities at highest risk to climate change, study says
November 19, 2012  Business leaders demand global carbon price at Doha
November 19, 2012  New Report Examines Risks of 4 Degree Hotter World by End of Century
November 19, 2012  Second Life for Old Electric-Car Batteries: Guardians of the Electric Grid
November 16, 2012  What is the Future for Nuclear Power in Australia?
November 16, 2012  Google Clean Energy Funding Nears $1 Billion
November 16, 2012  Independent Voters Favor Renewable Energy Over Keystone XL Pipeline By 4-1 Margin
November 16, 2012  Breaking Down The BP Settlement: Where Will The Money Go?
November 16, 2012  Analysis: How Climate Destruction Harms Middle- and Lower-Income Americans
November 16, 2012  GM aims for 500,000 electrified vehicles on the road by 2017
November 16, 2012  Global Environmental Market Grows 4% in 2012 and 2011
November 15, 2012  Exxon: Carbon Tax Would 'Play A Significant Role In Addressing Rising Emissions'
November 15, 2012  The U.S. Solar Industry: A Real And Growing Job Creator
November 15, 2012  Why Hundreds More Dirty, Aging Coal Plants In The U.S. Are 'Ripe For Retirement'
November 15, 2012  Algae fuel hits retail pumps (for a test run)
November 15, 2012  London Olympics celebrates carbon savings record
November 15, 2012  Obama vows to move climate change agenda forward
November 15, 2012  BP agrees to billions in record penalty for Gulf of Mexico spill; 2 workers face charges
November 14, 2012  Fiscal Cliff Threatens Environmental Protections That Voters Supported
November 14, 2012  How Will Obama Address 'The Destructive Power Of A Warming Planet'?
November 14, 2012  Radiation loving algae comes to Japan's rescue
November 14, 2012  McLaren on grid for Formula E electric motor racing series
November 14, 2012  California firms file 11th-hour lawsuit to block carbon trading
November 14, 2012  Shipping magnate Fredriksen in eye of oil price-manipulation storm
November 13, 2012  Pricing Carbon: Where We've Been, Where We Are And Where We May Be Going
November 13, 2012  Pairing A Carbon Tax With Income-Tax Cut Wouldn't Violate GOP No-Tax-Hike Pledge
November 13, 2012  IEA Report: Fossil Fuel Boom Is A Climate Disaster In The Making
November 13, 2012  African teens create urine-powered generator
November 13, 2012  How to convert water into fuel using sunlight
November 13, 2012  Global air quality to worsen significantly under 'business as usual' human activity
November 13, 2012  North America leads shift in global energy balance
November 13, 2012  U.S. is poised to become oil powerhouse, forcing Canada to seek new markets
November 09, 2012  Alberta Oil Sands Expected to Draw $364 Billion in New Investment
November 09, 2012  Five Clean-Tech Actions For President Obama In His Next Term
November 09, 2012  They Talk About The Weather On TV, But Still Not Much About Climate Change
November 09, 2012  Unity College Board Of Trustees Votes To Divest From Fossil Fuels
November 09, 2012  68 Percent Of American Voters See Global Warming As A 'Serious Problem'
November 09, 2012  Virgin's fuel efficiency technology to save £20m a year
November 09, 2012  Chinese President calls for energy-saving revolution
November 09, 2012  Climate change 'likely to be more severe than some models predict'
November 08, 2012  Researchers Quantify Greenhouse Gases From Melting Arctic Permafrost
November 08, 2012  What Obama's Re-Election Means For Coal, Climate Change, And America's Energy Future
November 08, 2012  Hoping For Change: A Post-Election Action Plan For Addressing Climate
November 08, 2012  Meet the world's first 100% solar-powered nation
November 08, 2012  Fisker loses $32m in EVs to Hurricane Sandy
November 08, 2012  China's latest EV push: zero down payment sales
November 08, 2012  UN chief urges Obama to renew climate efforts
November 08, 2012  Keystone XL pipeline future remains uncertain after White House race
November 07, 2012  How Big Oil Spent Part Of Its $90 Billion In Profits So Far In 2012
November 07, 2012  Election Takeaway for Fossil Fuel Industry: Money Can't Buy You Love
November 07, 2012  It's Obama: Now What For Climate And Clean Energy?
November 07, 2012  Renault flicks switch on industry's 'largest' solar system
November 07, 2012  Obama faces calls to tackle climate change as he returns to White House
November 07, 2012  Operational Excellence - The Key to Success for Oil and Gas
November 07, 2012  Enbridge says no threat from rival's eastern oil pipeline plans
November 06, 2012  Obama And Romney Say Little About Water Issues, But Important Decisions Await Voters
November 06, 2012  Study: We Need to Quadruple the Current Rate Of Decarbonisation
November 06, 2012  Japan's Suzuki throws in towel on U.S. auto market
November 06, 2012  Moody's: Renewables boom poses credit risk for coal and gas power plants
November 06, 2012  Should Companies Care If Hurricane Sandy Was "Caused" By Climate Change?
November 06, 2012  Business as Usual is Not an Option
November 05, 2012  One-Minute Bio-Oil From Algae?
November 05, 2012  U.S. Solar Jobs Grow By 13 Percent In 2012, Far Outpacing The Broader Economy
November 05, 2012  Demands made for better oil spill clean-up technology
November 05, 2012  Toyota affiliate buys half a Canadian rare earth deposit
November 05, 2012  PwC: World on track for six degrees of warming without drastic carbon cuts
November 05, 2012  Nuclear, renewables and CCS unite to demand decarbonisation target
November 02, 2012  Michael Bloomberg Endorses Obama, Citing Climate Change As Main Reason
November 02, 2012  Climate Change, Hurricanes And The Fate Of America's Coastal Cities
November 02, 2012  Chevron Earns $19 Billion Profit So Far This Year, Spending Millions To Elect House GOP
November 02, 2012  Automobile of the year: The all-electric Tesla Model S
November 02, 2012  IEA Offers Roadmap for Doubling Global Hydropower by 2050
November 02, 2012  Ireland's Growing Potential in Wind Energy
November 02, 2012  The Last Frontier: Antarctica's Southern Ocean
November 02, 2012  Why New York City Is the Worst Place for a Hurricane
November 01, 2012  Potential Impacts of Closed-Cycle Cooling Retrofits at U.S. Power Plants
November 01, 2012  Massive Grid Failure Knocks Power Out in 11 Brazilian States
November 01, 2012  How Does Climate Change Make Superstorms Like Sandy More Destructive?
November 01, 2012  Bloomberg Businessweek: 'It's Global Warming, Stupid'
November 01, 2012  Oil Giants Exxon & Shell Earn $54 Billion in 2012, After Taking $800 Million In Annual Tax Breaks
November 01, 2012  Superstorm Sandy Adds To Record Heat, Drought, And Wildfires For The U.S.
November 01, 2012  Ford, Toyota to lead U.S. in plug-in EV sales
November 01, 2012  Sandy puts climate change back on the US election agenda
November 01, 2012  China Blocks Protection of Antarctica's Waters:
November 01, 2012  Tsunamis in the Alps?
November 01, 2012  Eastern oil pipeline feasable, TransCanada says
October 31, 2012  Understanding Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source
October 31, 2012  South Africa Approves $5.4 Billion In New Renewable Energy Projects
October 31, 2012  How Climate Change Amplified Sandy's Impacts
October 31, 2012  Americans Increasingly Believe There Is Proof of Global Warming
October 31, 2012  Anyone Who Thinks That There Is Not A Dramatic Change In Weather Patterns Is Denying Reality
October 31, 2012  Hurricane Sandy: a bellwether for infrastructure investment
October 31, 2012  Are Asia's megacities prepared for superstorms?
October 31, 2012  Water professionals urge caution over shale gas
October 31, 2012  Canada's Clean Technology Industry Shows Double-Digit Growth
October 30, 2012  Three Countries That Could Be Devastated By Warming-Fueled Hurricanes
October 30, 2012  A $20 Billion, 1000-Year Frankenstorm? Sandy Slams East Coast, Smashes All-Time Records.
October 30, 2012  BP's Third Quarter Profits By The Numbers
October 30, 2012  From Superstorm Sandy To Climate Action
October 30, 2012  Hitachi confirms £700m Horizon nuclear deal
October 29, 2012  Carbon nanotubes fit by the thousands onto a chip
October 29, 2012  More Clean Power Online; Damn that Loan Program!
October 29, 2012  Radioactive Water - Enough to Fill More Than 50 Olympic-sized Swimming Pools
October 29, 2012  Sandy's Effect on Fuel Prices Should be a Positive One
October 29, 2012  Hurricane Sandy: The Worst-Case Scenario For New York City Is Unimaginable
October 29, 2012  Romney's last minute walkback on wind subsidies
October 29, 2012  In the future, Hurricane Sandy is invisible
October 29, 2012  Sustainability Challenges Cost as Packaging Industry's Top Challenge
October 29, 2012  As Hurricane Sandy looms, Obama breaks climate change silence
October 29, 2012  TransCanada, Phoenix team up to build $3-Billion Alberta Pipeline
October 26, 2012  TransAlta forms partnership to build gas-fired power plants
October 26, 2012  Chevron Donates $2.5 Million To GOP Super PAC In Single Largest Corporate Donation
October 26, 2012  Federal Regulators Issue Most Deepwater Drilling Permits In The Gulf Of Mexico Since 2007
October 26, 2012  One Chart Says It All: Why Oil's New Supply Boom Is A Bust For The Climate
October 26, 2012  Beijing considers cutting car use in half
October 26, 2012  Beijing considers cutting car use in half
October 26, 2012  Hitachi to buy Horizon nuclear projects
October 26, 2012  Walmart to Drive Sustainability Deeper into Company's Supply Chain
October 26, 2012  Oil Sands Will Generate Economic Benefits in all Parts of Canada
October 26, 2012  Opportunities and Challenges in Water and Wastewater Innovation
October 26, 2012  New Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility
October 25, 2012  Three Ways Big Oil Spends Its Profits To Defend Oil Subsidies And Defeat Clean Energy
October 25, 2012  Asia's 'Supergrid': Gobi desert wind farm in the works
October 25, 2012  Why Sweden needs more trash
October 25, 2012  Could solar islands be the new offshore wind farms?
October 25, 2012  China lifts nuclear power ban in attempt to accelerate emissions reduction
October 25, 2012  In race to export LNG, a new Atlantic plan.
October 24, 2012  Fossil fuel to lead the way
October 24, 2012  Education on Environmental Sustainability is Growing Up
October 24, 2012  Nations Have Historic Opportunity to Protect Antarctic Waters
October 24, 2012  U.S. could soon overtake Saudi Arabia as World's biggest oil producer
October 24, 2012  Albertans wary as China energy bids Loom
October 23, 2012  From North To South, Activists Fight Tar Sands Pipelines
October 23, 2012  China | 'Global Warming Is Melting Mountain Ice Cap' ~ Posing A 'Great Threat' To Water Supply
October 23, 2012  Use It Or Lose It: Report Shows Oil And Gas Companies Sitting On Thousands Of Unused Leases
October 23, 2012  U.S. Coal Exports On Pace To Hit All-Time High
October 23, 2012  The world's greenest companies, 2012 edition
October 23, 2012  Investors ask oil sands developers to reduce environmental impact of their operations
October 22, 2012  Portrait Of A Drought: Finding Water Where It Ain't
October 22, 2012  Saudi Arabia wants to transition to 100% renewables
October 22, 2012  South Korea wins race to host $100bn Green Climate Fund
October 22, 2012  How Can a Drought This Big Sneak up on Us?
October 22, 2012  "Lethally Hot" Earth Was Devoid of Life---Could It Happen Again?
October 22, 2012  With 163 words on Petronas, $2.3-Billion in wealth disappears
October 19, 2012  Do The Math: McKibben Starts His Roadshow Taking On Big Oil
October 19, 2012  Koch-Affiliated Group Campaigns To Make Wind Tax Credit 'So Toxic' Republicans Won't Back It
October 19, 2012  We Need To 'Address The Very Real Threat Of Climate Change'
October 19, 2012  Countering The American Petroleum Institute's Plan For Climate Disaster
October 19, 2012  EU calls time on first-generation biofuels
October 19, 2012  The environmental impact of gold production
October 19, 2012  Businessman Russ George defends experimental seeding of Pacific with iron sulphate
October 19, 2012  OIL Bull Goldman sees end to rising prices
October 18, 2012  Solar Project Developers Bet The Sun Will Still Shine Even Without Subsidies
October 18, 2012  Chinese Report Acknowledges Nuclear Safety Concerns at Reactors
October 18, 2012  Climate Silence In The Debate Is 'Like Talking About Smoking And Not Talking About Cancer'
October 18, 2012  Bill Clinton's Message: 'Saving The Planet Is Better Economics Than Burning It Up'
October 18, 2012  Design and Sustainability: What's on the Horizon?
October 18, 2012  Shipping industry moves to reduce emissions
October 18, 2012  New Players in the Middle East Renewable Energy Market
October 18, 2012  Northernmost Lake Resurrected Due to Warming
October 18, 2012  Advisory panel axed by Harper makes final pitch for national price on Carbon
October 17, 2012  Cadillac to start making ELR plug-in hybrid in late 2013
October 17, 2012  UN Warns Of Food Crisis In 2013 If Extreme Weather Persists
October 17, 2012  Romney And Obama Spar Over Who Wants To Drill For More Fossil Fuels During Debate
October 17, 2012  The murky future of U.S. shale gas
October 17, 2012  World's cheapest car coming to the U.S.
October 17, 2012  EU approves UK's £3bn Green Investment Bank
October 17, 2012  Linking Renewable Energy and Rural Development
October 17, 2012  New National Approach for Managing Air Quality in Canada
October 17, 2012  Exxon bids $2.6-billion to buy Canada's Celtic Exploration
October 16, 2012  Germans Face Hefty Bill to End Nuclear Power
October 16, 2012  World's Largest Biogas Fuel Cell Power Plant Launches at California Sewage Treatment Facility
October 16, 2012  Honda Hybrid Vehicles Surpass 1 Million Units Sold
October 16, 2012  Island Wildlife Decline, Linked To Ocean Acidification
October 16, 2012  Tom Brokaw: Why Haven't Presidential Debates Discussed Climate Change?
October 16, 2012  A123 Systems: An Opportunity For Obama To Stand Up For Clean Energy Investments
October 16, 2012  How much would a smarter supply chain increase profits?
October 16, 2012  Obama and Romney engage in coal wars, as polls show mounting climate fears
October 16, 2012  Downturn in clean energy investment anticipated, after mediocre Q3
October 16, 2012  Canada losing the race to sell LNG
October 16, 2012  Ontario loses WTO ruling on green energy policies!
October 15, 2012  Debunking Ryan's Clean Energy Lies
October 15, 2012  The Coral Reef Crisis Threatens Nature's Ability To Help Us Deal With Climate Change
October 15, 2012  Extreme Weather: A Mixed Bag For Dead Zones
October 15, 2012  Koch Industries Warns 45,000 Employees Of 'Consequences' If They Don't Vote For Republicans
October 15, 2012  Senator Bernie Sanders: To Battle Global Warming, We Must Pick Clean Energy As A 'Winner'
October 15, 2012  Fukushima utility: We could have prevented nuclear meltdowns
October 15, 2012  Renewable energy -- the gift that keeps on giving
October 15, 2012  Driving lean and clean - BMW offers Renewable Energy Certificates
October 15, 2012  Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record ... High?
October 12, 2012  By 2020, Indonesian Palm Oil Plantations Will Release More CO2 Than Canada
October 12, 2012  By The Numbers: The Facts About Gasoline Prices
October 12, 2012  Carbon trading in China could secure global climate deal
October 12, 2012  US confirms up to 250 per cent tariffs on Chinese solar imports
October 12, 2012  Electric Vehicle Geographic Forecasts
October 12, 2012  How much are we paying for climate change?
October 12, 2012  U.S. Federal Trade Commission Issues Revised "Green Guides"
October 12, 2012  U.S. poised for boom in crude oil exports
October 11, 2012  Water in a Climate Change World
October 11, 2012  NOAA Bombshell: Warming-Driven Arctic Ice Loss Is Boosting Chance of Extreme U.S. Weather
October 11, 2012  Vancouver mayor: Cities are 'most entrepreneurial level of government'
October 11, 2012  What CO2 levels are power plants releasing worldwide?
October 11, 2012  Investment in UN's carbon scheme to 'dry up' as prices plunge
October 11, 2012  More people now believe climate change is affecting weather
October 11, 2012  Global Renewable Energy Investments Continue to Grow
October 11, 2012  Fall Leaves: "Ideal Conditions" Seen for Foliage in U.S.
October 11, 2012  Should Ottawa help Fund West-to-East Oil Pipeline?
October 10, 2012  Polar Opposites: Why the Loss of Arctic Sea Ice is not Balanced Out by More Ice in the Antarctic
October 10, 2012  Are 'We As Gods Upon This Earth' Or 'More Like Chewbacca in Star Wars'?
October 10, 2012  Putting A Human Face On Climate: How Do We Inspire Action?
October 10, 2012  Funding For Fusion - Better Spent On Renewable Energy Sources | Cheaper & Quicker
October 10, 2012  3D printing may put global supply chains out of business:
October 10, 2012  Australia flicks switch on record-breaking solar farm
October 10, 2012  CN tests natural gas/diesel fuel powered locomotives
October 10, 2012  Social Capitalism - doing good while making a profit
October 10, 2012  Iraq Poised to Lead World Oil Supply Growth, but Obstacles Loom
October 10, 2012  Coal-Fired Australia, Buffeted by Climate Change, Enacts Carbon Tax
October 10, 2012  Ottawa Announces Partnership to Commercialize Clean Tech
October 07, 2012  Fukishima and Oil Prices
October 05, 2012  California Public Utilities Commission Proposes Reforms to RPS Procurement Process
October 05, 2012  Study reveals ancient greenhouse gas emissions
October 05, 2012  New Cleanup Method Offers Major Solution to Oil Spills, Study Claims
October 05, 2012  A Disappointing Presidential Debate For Energy And Climate
October 05, 2012  Debunking myths surrounding electric vehicles
October 05, 2012  Greens slam Romney over clean tech 'lies'
October 05, 2012  Climate Change Skepticism Is Highest In Japan, Britain and U.S., Poll Finds
October 05, 2012  Trust For Public Land To Stop Major Wyoming Gas Drilling Project With Lease Buyout
October 04, 2012  Renewables Justification - Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences
October 04, 2012  Japan Revives Nuclear, Will We?
October 04, 2012  The Biggest And Least Discussed Lie Of The Debate?
October 04, 2012  Designing the grid for renewables
October 04, 2012  Coca-Cola announces encore for French recycling plant
October 04, 2012  Audi hails GM 'wonder fuel' as green diesel replacement
October 04, 2012  Citizens Want Candidates Challenged On Climate Change
October 04, 2012  Proposed Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Could Cost More Than $65 Billion
October 04, 2012  Shell Starts Exploratory Drilling In Beaufort Sea
October 04, 2012  Japan Stokes Renewable Energy Plan.
October 03, 2012  Wind, wind everywhere. Who needs any other energy source?
October 03, 2012  Sumitomo takes 25 per cent stake in giant US solar project
October 03, 2012  Cargill unloads inefficient ships in green cargo push
October 03, 2012  Unsustainable water consumption contributes to sea level rise
October 03, 2012  Climate Change's Effect On Marine Life Will Leave Winners And Losers
October 03, 2012  Finland Plans To Phase Out Coal Use In Energy Production By 2025
October 03, 2012  Imperial to Spend $100-Million to test new oil sands Technology
October 02, 2012  Turning Seawater into Jet Biofuel
October 02, 2012  As The Debates Approach, We Must Break The Candidates' Silence On Climate Change
October 02, 2012  China to impose carbon tax from 2012
October 02, 2012  Boeing-American Airlines test in flight fuel cells
October 02, 2012  Why Electric Cars Are Our Future
October 02, 2012  Half Of Great Barrier Reef Lost In Past 3 Decades
October 02, 2012  Remembering The 'Paul Revere Of Ecology'
October 02, 2012  Organized Crime Is Responsible For Up To 90% Of Tropical Deforestation - U.N. Report
October 02, 2012  Drought forces India's farmers to unearth their Gold
October 01, 2012  Solar Sun Rising on New Markets in Africa and Asia
October 01, 2012  High Arctic is the Warmest In 1,800 Years
October 01, 2012  Epic 'Dust Bowl Of 2012' Expands Again
October 01, 2012  Desalinizing water is expensive, right? Not with this clay pot
October 01, 2012  Material World: striving for a global 'green economy'
October 01, 2012  Climate Change Could Mean Smaller Fish By Mid-Century
October 01, 2012  The Next Cold War?
October 01, 2012  The Growing Reach of Canadian Crude Oil
October 01, 2012  Why Canada's Oil Sands are so Highly Coveted
September 28, 2012  Obama vs Romney: Where do the Candidates Stand On Energy Policy?
September 28, 2012  French dive into tidal energy as nuclear plants bid adieu
September 28, 2012  20 new gas power plants in the pipeline for the UK
September 28, 2012  Vestas: US wind energy market on the brink of collapse
September 28, 2012  50 Years After Rachel Carson's Silent Spring
September 28, 2012  Fourth Largest Publicly Traded Oil Company - Arctic Offshore Oil Drilling A 'Disaster'
September 28, 2012  American Wind Manufacturers Lay Off 1,100 Workers, Citing Expiring Wind Tax Credit
September 28, 2012  A Summer Of Extremes: A Round-Up Of U.S. Records
September 28, 2012  Europe Skirmished with America on Airline Emissions & with China on Solar
September 27, 2012  46 Republicans Claim Wind Credits Are Too 'Costly' After Voting for Billions In Big Oil Subsidies
September 27, 2012  Arctic Methane Release: The End Of The World As We Know It?
September 27, 2012  GE's bet on natural gas, renewable energy pays off
September 27, 2012  Green Google inks Oklahoma wind power deal
September 27, 2012  BA attempts to land concept of sustainable aviation
September 27, 2012  Evaluating Extended Producer Responsibility for Consumer Packaging
September 27, 2012  'Too Gross For Words': Sewage Still Spews Into Waterways As Clean Water Act Turns 40
September 27, 2012  Fracking Pros And Cons: Weighing In On Hydraulic Fracturing
September 26, 2012  Wind In Alaska: Energy Lessons From The Edge Of The Earth
September 26, 2012  U.S. Navy Uses Seawater to Make Jet Fuel on the Go
September 26, 2012  Global Grain Production at Record High Despite Extreme Climatic Events
September 26, 2012  Carbon Pollution Creating A 'Cocktail Of Heat And Extreme Weather'
September 26, 2012  Whiskey: a solution to the world's energy demands?
September 26, 2012  Climate change costs already top $1tr - and are set to spiral
September 26, 2012  Tesla unveils network of solar-powered electric car chargers
September 26, 2012  ERA Acquisitions to Create Powerhouse Carbon Offsets Company in BC
September 26, 2012  Climate Change Deaths Could Total 100 Million By 2030 If World Fails To Act
September 25, 2012  How To Relate Climate Extremes to Climate Change
September 25, 2012  $20 Dollar Per Ton Carbon Tax Could Reduce Deficit By $1.2 Trillion In 10 Years
September 25, 2012  Why the next hot spot isn't Asia but the Arctic
September 25, 2012  Holy city of Mecca turns to power of the sun
September 25, 2012  US Poll: Undecided voters back more action on climate change
September 25, 2012  The Demonization of Clean Tech: The Five Biggest Myths
September 25, 2012  Flying Wind Turbines Reach for High-Altitude Power
September 24, 2012  IEA Report: Natural Gas Is Not The Answer ~ Existing Cleantech Is!
September 24, 2012  What If The Fossil Fuel Industry Gets Its Way? A Look At The Year 2030
September 24, 2012  Two-Thirds of the World's New Solar Panels Were Installed in Europe in 2011
September 24, 2012  We Saved The Ozone Layer. We Can Save The Climate.
September 24, 2012  Record Ocean Temperatures Recorded Off New England Coast
September 24, 2012  Climate: El Niño Stalls, Outlook Uncertain
September 24, 2012  Combined Heat and Power Could Replace Coal Plants
September 24, 2012  Ocean Acidification Threatens Island Nations' Food Security
September 24, 2012  This Is What An Ice-Free Arctic Means
September 21, 2012  50th Anniversary Of 'Silent Spring' ~ Importance Of Environmental Regulations
September 21, 2012  TransCanada's Long List Of Flip Flops On Keystone XL
September 21, 2012  Siemens to cut one-third of U.S. wind workforce
September 21, 2012  Lufthansa pilots algae jet fuel plant in Europe
September 21, 2012  Gold Standard Acquires CarbonFix In Bid To Reshape Forest Carbon Landscape
September 21, 2012  Yellowstone Supervolcano Discovery---Where Will It Erupt?
September 21, 2012  Arctic Ice Melt Could Mean More Extreme Winters For U.S. And Europe
September 21, 2012  Trash-To-Energy Plan Spells Trouble For Both Ragpickers And Environmentalists
September 21, 2012  Russian Arctic Drilling Postponed
September 21, 2012  UK Government Struggling with Debt Running 25% Over Target for 2012
September 20, 2012  Japanese Nuclear Power Position
September 20, 2012  Oil Prices Keep Falling - China Production and Saudi Price Control
September 20, 2012  Samsung Standing up to Apple Bullying - Korea Mobile Co to Sue Apple over iPhone5
September 20, 2012  Paying to Stop Fishing in the Atlantic and Reap Massive Rewards
September 19, 2012  Ontario - Playing Games with the Environmental Rights
September 19, 2012  Will the U.S. Ever Become Oil Self-Sufficient?
September 19, 2012  China says Japan's Purchase of Disputed Oil & Gas Rich Islands is a Farce
September 19, 2012  Global Demand for Replacement Tires is Down
September 18, 2012  The War on Energy Escalates - Japan & China Disputing Islands with Gas & Oil Reserves!
September 18, 2012  Shell Forced to Stop Drilling in the Arctic
September 17, 2012  Is "Growth" - Read Corporate Greed - Killing Our Planet, Resources and Mankind
September 17, 2012  Nuclear Regulatory Commission Hasn't Denied a Nuclear Power Plant License in USA in 30 Years
September 17, 2012  Apple Receives 2 Million Pre-Orders for iPhone5 on First Day of Trading
September 14, 2012  Metro Vancouver vows to block garbage exodus
September 13, 2012  Obama Plans to Achieve Target Avg of 54mpg by 2025. 13 More Years Profit for the Oil Men
September 13, 2012  New Technology Converts Waste Sewage Water into Drinking Water and Plastics
September 13, 2012  Fossil Fuel Industry Still Stuffed with Government Handouts
September 12, 2012  Apple iphone5 Release Could Boost the USA Economy
September 12, 2012  Tire Recycling Firm Fined for Breach of Tyre Storage Laws in Illinois, USA
September 12, 2012  Michelin Reports N.A. Tire Sales Up In July
September 11, 2012  Google Launches Own Youtube iPhone App as Apple Ditches Video Service
September 11, 2012  Solid Waste Association of North America Looks at The Future on 50th Birthday
September 11, 2012  Resource, Efficiency & Waste Management Solutions Conference Opens in UK
September 04, 2012  European Tire Output Up 6.6% - Need For Tire Waste Solutions in Demand
September 04, 2012  Money in Waste - Will Highstar's Next Move Be An IPO, After Veolia Buy?
September 04, 2012  Dallas Cracks Down On Tire Dumping
August 31, 2012  President Obama Allows More Oil Drilling Than Any President Since Reagan
August 31, 2012  Shell to Start Work on Arctic Wells
August 29, 2012  Greatest Environmental Change in Human History Will Extend Far Beyond The North Pole
August 29, 2012  Energy Prices Withstand Hurricane Isaac Threat
August 29, 2012  Apple Drops YouTube From Next iPhone in Latest Slap at Google
August 28, 2012  Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Extent Ever Measured, Reports National Snow and Ice Data Center
August 28, 2012  Five Ways The Obama Administration Revived The Oil Industry By Reducing Oil Use
August 28, 2012  Warming Is 'Unequivocal', We're The 'Dominant Cause', We Need 'Rapid Reduction' Of CO2
August 28, 2012  Believe it! New sports car goes 200 mph, gets 70 mpg
August 28, 2012  Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists
August 28, 2012  MIT: US carbon tax a "win-win-win" for economy, planet and deficit
August 28, 2012  Invoking FDR: Where Is the Leadership on Climate Change?
August 28, 2012  Cannabis Carbon Footprint: Marijuana Industry's Environmental Impact
August 27, 2012  Nuclear jobs, jobs, jobs
August 27, 2012  China to Spend $382 Billion Reducing Energy Consumption and Pollution
August 27, 2012  Why The Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral Matters
August 27, 2012  Grassroots Movements Driving Back Coal Worldwide
August 27, 2012  Isaac Poised To 'Torment' New Orleans As Category 1 Hurricane On Anniversary Of Katrina
August 27, 2012  US solar PV market more than doubles to topple Europe
August 27, 2012  Why Your Gas Might Get Cheaper
August 24, 2012  Romney launches all-out assault on green jobs
August 24, 2012  And the Winner is... Solar! (Infographic)
August 24, 2012  Drought Pushes Crop Prices To Record Levels, As We Burn 40% Of Corn Crop In Our Engines
August 24, 2012  How Should We Talk About Climate Change With Farmers?
August 24, 2012  Fuel Efficiency Driving Onshoring
August 24, 2012  South Africa and Australia appointed co-chairs of Green Climate Fund
August 24, 2012  Carling brewer polishes off zero waste target
August 24, 2012  Europe's resistance to shale gas could boost renewables
August 24, 2012  Has humanity exhausted nature's budget for the year?
August 24, 2012  Scientists Race to Save World's Rice Bowl From Climate Change
August 24, 2012  Greenpeace Activists Storm Russia's Prirazlomnaya Oil Platform
August 24, 2012  Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Ethics
August 23, 2012  Infograph: Renewable Energy's Growth Over the Past 15 Years
August 23, 2012  Is FedEx the World's Most Sustainable Shipping Company?
August 23, 2012  Solar Shingles Made With Abundant Metals Offer Cheaper Energy Option
August 23, 2012  Big Oil Buys Gusher: 5 Pro-Oil Planks In Romney Energy Plan
August 23, 2012  Green Climate Fund to discuss $100bn pledged by rich countries
August 23, 2012  Antarctic Peninsula Warms Rapidly
August 23, 2012  TransCanada's Keystone line failing safety rules: regulator
August 23, 2012  Lehigh Raises $16M for Freeze-Dry Tire Recycling
August 22, 2012  Senate To Europe: Get Your Laws Off Our Carbon
August 22, 2012  The Wall Street Journal Does It Again: Another Whopper Of A Lie On Climate Science
August 22, 2012  Waste Plastics Usage Alternatives | Pyrolysis is the clean energy solution - not downcycling
August 22, 2012  Creating A Truly Level Playing Field: Putting Renewables Subsidies In Context
August 22, 2012  The energy-water nexus, 2012 edition
August 22, 2012  Plastic-powered plane to fly from Sydney to London
August 22, 2012  Arctic Sea Ice Record Low May Be Set In August
August 22, 2012  Oil Companies Can 'Incidentally' Harm Polar Bears
August 22, 2012  How rising well costs are reshaping the oil patch
August 21, 2012  Wasteland: How America Can Save Money And Stop Wasting Food, Energy And Water
August 21, 2012  Nine Ways Climate Change Is Throwing Animal Populations 'Out Of Kilter'
August 21, 2012  EIA: 'Natural Gas, Renewables Dominate Electric Capacity Additions In First Half Of 2012
August 21, 2012  Electric vehicle sales to top 130 million by 2025
August 21, 2012  What's Causing Extreme Weather?
August 21, 2012  China hits back at US in clean tech trade dispute
August 21, 2012  Climate Change This Week: Climate Skeptic Team, Poached Caviar, and More
August 20, 2012  The Shape Of Droughts To Come: 2012 Versus The 1930s Dust Bowl
August 20, 2012  Ocean Health Study Raises Concerns, Offers Some Hope
August 20, 2012  Addressing Our Looming Climate Bankruptcy
August 20, 2012  U.S. Hits 30 Bike Shares In Just Four Years
August 20, 2012  Future State Of Charge: How Clean Will Electric Vehicles Get?
August 20, 2012  Brazil to launch $66 billion stimulus program
August 20, 2012  Major advance made in generating electricity from wastewater
August 20, 2012  Bill McKibben Wrestles The Octopus In The Room
August 20, 2012  Kitimat refinery would be a game-changer
August 17, 2012  Will the U.S. Run Out of Oil in 8 Years?
August 17, 2012  Texas Activists Use Their Bodies To Stop Construction Of Keystone XL
August 17, 2012  The Heat Is On, And It's Time To Prepare
August 17, 2012  Africa's bright future drying up?
August 17, 2012  Johnson & Johnson to eliminate toxic chemicals
August 17, 2012  New Ocean Health Index Measures the Global State of the Seas
August 17, 2012  Carbon Emissions Hit Surprising Benchmark
August 17, 2012  How Climate Change Could Destroy Our Food Supply
August 17, 2012  White House weighing release of oil reserves
August 16, 2012  2018 Global Biofuels Consumption to Reach 135 Billion Gallons, Report Finds
August 16, 2012  How much does nuclear power actually cost?
August 16, 2012  Republican Party Officially Embraces 'Garbage' Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theories
August 16, 2012  Report: U.S. Media Barely Mention Climate In Stories On Extreme Heat
August 16, 2012  Mississippi River Reaches Historic Lows
August 16, 2012  Bill Gates lifts lid on solar-powered toilet with $6.5m funding
August 16, 2012  Less smoke on the water: New shipping emission rules set sail
August 16, 2012  Ford 'hits the gas' to roll out five electric cars
August 16, 2012  Government outlines priorities for clean tech R&D
August 16, 2012  Non-profits and the Environment - Is there an obligation to do more than social good?
August 16, 2012  Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Breaks 30-Year Record
August 15, 2012  Turkey warns Israel over airspace violations - Energy Resources & Greece Bailouts Connected
August 15, 2012  US energy wars intensify as Obama lampoons Romney's anti-wind stance
August 15, 2012  Drought And The Climate Change Freeloaders
August 15, 2012  Fukushima disaster spawns mutant butterflies
August 15, 2012  BMW introduces a folding e-bike to complement the i3 concept car
August 15, 2012  Chronic droughts may be the "New Normal" in Pacific Northwest: OSU
August 15, 2012  Night Sky to Turn Bluer?
August 15, 2012  Climate Change: Countries That May Be Hit Hardest
August 15, 2012  Cracking down on diesel
August 15, 2012  Only 2 per cent of Canadians don't believe in climate change: poll
August 15, 2012  Offshore oil rigs drilling deeper than ever
August 15, 2012  $128Billion worth of untapped Oil and Gas reserves in disputed waters off Cyprus!!!
August 14, 2012  Local Renewable Energy Co-ops to Become a Net Energy Exporter
August 14, 2012  Look, Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Superhero! No, It's a Solar Powered Airplane!
August 14, 2012  Study shows landfilled resources worth billions
August 14, 2012  Caution Vs. Recklessness In The Arctic: What We Can Learn From The Fishing Industry
August 14, 2012  California Governor Blasts Climate 'Deniers' Who Have 'Little Or No Expertise In Climate Science'
August 14, 2012  The fledgling flight of a plane which goes from London to NY in one hour
August 14, 2012  US wind energy industry breezes past 50GW milestone
August 14, 2012  Nike and Adidas race to develop greener sportswear technology
August 14, 2012  Record Warm Water in Long Island Sound Shuts Down Connecticut Nuclear Power Plant
August 14, 2012  U.S. Drought 2012: Half Of Nation's Counties Now Considered Disaster Areas
August 13, 2012  Japanese Nuclear Plants
August 13, 2012  Meet Paul Ryan: Climate Denier, Conspiracy Theorist, Koch Acolyte
August 13, 2012  On Clean Energy, The Military's Biggest Fight Is With Congress
August 13, 2012  Flashback: Paul Ryan's Big Oil Budget Halts Clean Energy Innovation
August 13, 2012  Cap And Trade: California's Best Secret
August 13, 2012  Section of the Great Wall of China collapses under heavy rains
August 13, 2012  Can thousands of electric tricycles clean up a country?
August 13, 2012  London 2012 - False start or head start for green business?
August 13, 2012  Power to the people --- and heat as well
August 13, 2012  Anti-Glacier Prayer "Worked Too Well"---Vatican Approves New Ritual
August 13, 2012  Agricultural Adaptation To Climate Change Sought By Farmers
August 13, 2012  The path to a smaller carbon footprint
August 10, 2012  Bridgestone To Make World-Class Tires From 100% Sustainable Materials
August 10, 2012  Vestas Receives New Italian Wind Order
August 10, 2012  The Climate Is Changing, But The U.S. Position On 2 Degrees Celsius Is Not
August 10, 2012  Soot Pollution 101: What You Need To Know And How You Can Help Prevent It
August 10, 2012  The killer economics of fossil fuels
August 10, 2012  German infrastructure bank talks up €100bn green investment plan
August 10, 2012  The 5 Most Dangerous Climate Change Myths
August 10, 2012  Mars Rover Can Help Us Better Understand Climate Change on Earth
August 10, 2012  Wary oil patch gears down
August 09, 2012  Australian Scientists Create Salt-Based Batteries For Affordable Renewable Energy Storage
August 09, 2012  Drought Across Three Continents Drops Crop Stockpiles, Raises Import Costs To $1.24 Trillion
August 09, 2012  As Coal Sinks, Renewables Soar: Emissions Report Shows Start Of Clean Energy Transition
August 09, 2012  How Much Water Debt Are We Taking On? This Scary Map Shows How Much
August 09, 2012  Blink, it's gone: Greenland's surface ice melted 3 weeks ago
August 09, 2012  Obama aims to fast-track new wave of renewables projects
August 09, 2012  Unilever and DHL team up to deliver carbon savings
August 09, 2012  Climate Change Adaptations: How To Prepare For Global Warming
August 09, 2012  Hottest Month On Record: July 2012 Breaks 1936 Record For Lower 48 States
August 09, 2012  The do-or-die model for Tesla
August 09, 2012  Canada reaches mid-point in meeting 2020 emissions goal
August 08, 2012  Brace Yourself for Election Year Energy Rhetoric
August 08, 2012  Waste-to-energy projects going strong
August 08, 2012  Bill Clinton On Clean Energy Policy
August 08, 2012  Climate 2.0: What Is Expected Of Business Now?
August 08, 2012  China moves to further restrict rare-earth exports
August 08, 2012  Health and climate benefits by control of methane and black carbon
August 08, 2012  U.N. Climate Change Goals: U.S. Reaffirms Support After Criticism
August 07, 2012  Nova Scotia Building 3 New Wind Farms
August 07, 2012  Arctic Death Spiral Continues: Record Low Sea Ice Volume Appears Likely
August 07, 2012  US military to build an army of renewable energy plants
August 07, 2012  Climate Change Impacts Linked to Ozone Depletion
August 07, 2012  Heat Waves "Almost Certainly" Due to Global Warming?
August 07, 2012  Climate Change Opinion Shifts With The Weather
August 07, 2012  Amazon Deforestation: NASA Images Show The Great Rainforest Disappearing
August 07, 2012  Natural gas winning the race for energy efficiency
August 07, 2012  U.S. to offer South Africa $2-billion in clean energy loans
August 03, 2012  Saving the Arctic From Big Oil
August 03, 2012  World's First Solar Kiosk Now Open For Business in Ethiopia
August 03, 2012  Oil & Gas --- Over 13 Times More in Historical Subsidies than Clean Energy
August 03, 2012  Senate Committee Votes To Renew Wind Tax Credit Through 2013
August 03, 2012  Australian renewables to be cheaper than coal by mid-2030s
August 03, 2012  will.i.am -- pop genius, renaissance man, and now the world's first EKOCYCLER

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