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August 03, 2012  About Half Of Carbon Emissions Have Been Absorbed, But It Won't Continue Forever
August 03, 2012  Antarctica Was Once Home To Rainforest, Say Scientists
August 02, 2012  Juiced by Climate Change: Extreme Weather On Steroids
August 02, 2012  GRAPHIC: A Day In The Life Of Big Oil
August 02, 2012  The Wall Street Journal: Dismissing Environmental Threats Since 1976
August 02, 2012  India's other power failure (and its opportunity)
August 02, 2012  UK continues slow and steady progress on recycling and waste reduction
August 02, 2012  US carbon emissions hit 20-year low
August 02, 2012  All eyes on ICAO as nations seek end to aviation emissions row
August 02, 2012  U.S. Drought 2012: Half Of Nation's Counties Now Considered Disaster Areas
August 02, 2012  Chevron's Brazil Operations Suspended By Federal Court
August 01, 2012  Bridgestone, Ajinomoto to develop synthetic rubber from tires
August 01, 2012  From Trash to (Energy) Treasure
August 01, 2012  Alactraz Island Now a Shining Solar Example
August 01, 2012  Would Gordon Gekko Go Green?
August 01, 2012  President Showing No Urgency On Grave Threat Posed By Climate Change
August 01, 2012  Romney's 'Bush-Era' Energy Team Is Dominated By Fossil Fuel Insiders & Its Lobbyists
August 01, 2012  Romney opposes wind tax credit
August 01, 2012  Retailers Walmart, IKEA light up more rooftop solar
August 01, 2012  Germany breaks renewables record during first half of 2012
July 31, 2012  Are Fast-Breeder Reactors A Nuclear Power Panacea?
July 31, 2012  Mapping extreme weather across the U.S.
July 31, 2012  Conspiracy Of Silence: The Irresponsible Politics Of Climate Change
July 31, 2012  An offshore oil revival brews in the Gulf
July 31, 2012  Chart of the day: Coal power's decline
July 31, 2012  Japan puts green growth at heart of economic recovery plan
July 31, 2012  Lloyds to plunge over £300m into UK renewables
July 31, 2012  Caffeinated Seas Found off U.S. Pacific Northwest
July 31, 2012  Volkswagen's E-Bugster: Will The Green Car Boost The Automobile Giant's Eco-Reputation?
July 31, 2012  The Choice: Feed Your Family or Feed Your Car?
July 30, 2012  Obama Administration Set to Finalize Historic Fuel Efficiency Standards
July 30, 2012  Big Oil: Romney's Policies Could Hand Oil Companies Another $4 Billion A Year
July 30, 2012  Curbing Aviation Emissions 101: Everything You Need To Know About U.S. And EU Policies
July 30, 2012  Reasons For Optimism: Why Climate Change is not a 'Zero Sum Game'
July 30, 2012  Which countries will run out of food first?
July 30, 2012  Oil disrupter: Startup's tech turns natural gas into chemicals
July 30, 2012  U.S. grid buckling under the heat
July 30, 2012  Climate Change, Extreme Weather Link Becoming More Apparent
July 30, 2012  Great Lakes Water Temperatures At Record Levels
July 27, 2012  In Parts of India, Wind Energy Proving Cheaper than Coal
July 27, 2012  Why We Need To Pay More Attention To The Role Of Landfills In Global Warming
July 27, 2012  Cities will convert 260 million tons of waste to energy
July 27, 2012  The Missing Link: Droughts, the Economy and Climate Change
July 27, 2012  Storms Threaten Ozone Layer Over U.S., Study Says
July 27, 2012  Time ticking on Shell's offshore Arctic drilling
July 27, 2012  After Fukushima, Nuclear Power on Collision Course With Japanese Public
July 27, 2012  U.S. senator urges Washington to block China's bid for Nexen
July 26, 2012  A Carbon Tax is More Viable than Cap and Trade
July 26, 2012  What Five Oil Companies Did With Their $375 Million In Daily Profits
July 26, 2012  ConocoPhillips - $5.2 Billion in 2012 Profits, $21 Million Lobbying Congress In 18 Months
July 26, 2012  Overriding Common Sense: An Attack On Energy Efficiency Standards
July 26, 2012  Decline In Arctic Sea Ice Up To 95% Man-Made
July 26, 2012  The missing link to a $7 billion market
July 26, 2012  US takes the plunge with first tidal energy array
July 26, 2012  Solar surge sparked 2011 renewables boom
July 26, 2012  How three governments are conspiring to kill Northern Gateway
July 25, 2012  Clean Energy Trends 2012
July 25, 2012  International Ship Pollution Rules Opposed By Alaska
July 25, 2012  Ocean Acidification Is Climate Change's 'Equally Evil Twin,' NOAA Chief Says
July 25, 2012  Ocean Dumping Iron Might Help Remove Atmospheric Carbon Through Algae
July 25, 2012  Canada again a focus of a new Great Scramble for oil
July 25, 2012  Drought imperils eastern Canada crops
July 25, 2012  Sudden massive melt of Greenland ice sheet surprises scientists
July 25, 2012  B.C. vows to block pipeline unless Alberta ponies up
July 24, 2012  Deutsche Bank posts steep fall in profits
July 24, 2012  The London Olympic Games and Sustainability
July 24, 2012  McKibben Must-Read: 'Global Warming's Terrifying New Math'
July 24, 2012  Investigation: BP 'Focused On Financial Risks,' Not Systemic Problems, Before Oil Spill
July 24, 2012  Air Pollution In London May Hurt Olympic Athletes, Says Leading Sports Medicine Doctor
July 24, 2012  Travel tech: Airlines, time to get on board
July 24, 2012  Solve the energy AND rare earth crisis: Join the Thorium Bank
July 24, 2012  Low carbon transport projects bag £56m funding
July 24, 2012  Tipping fees vary across the U.S.
July 24, 2012  Global Municipal Solid Waste Continues to Grow
July 24, 2012  Come Together, to Save the Arctic
July 23, 2012  Redford on Northern Gateway: 'We will not share royalties' with B.C.
July 23, 2012  Sea Level Rise: It Could Be Worse Than We Think
July 23, 2012  Top Ten Things Climate Change Is Making Worse Right Now
July 23, 2012  The Feckless Media Don't Make Us All 'Climate Idiots'. Well, Maybe The Media Do.
July 23, 2012  From Baseball To The Olympics, The Challenges And Successes In 'Greening' Sports
July 23, 2012  Virgin Nuclear? Branson asks Obama for reactor help. Sir Richard v Bill Gates?
July 23, 2012  China in talks to build UK nuclear power plants
July 23, 2012  More companies find value in green supply chain
July 23, 2012  CNOOC's Nexen bid: A new test for Harper
July 21, 2012  Carcinogen in Mojave groundwater could require costly treatment
July 21, 2012  Beware The Lions In The Grass | That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Unseen
July 20, 2012  Tipping fees vary across the U.S.
July 20, 2012  Infographic: How Big is Your Pile of Coal?
July 20, 2012  Warning: Congress Is Hazardous To Your Health
July 20, 2012  What Is Global Warming?
July 20, 2012  Causes of Global Warming
July 20, 2012  Global Warming Solutions
July 20, 2012  The Case of the Missing Carbon
July 20, 2012  Shale oil bonanza to cost refiners billions
July 20, 2012  Oil rises above $92 for first time since late May
July 19, 2012  UAE grants license to build two reactors
July 19, 2012  The Consequences Of Offshore Oil Drilling In Arctic Waters
July 19, 2012  The Dust Bowl of 2012: Drought Covers Majority Of U.S.
July 19, 2012  Australians Beware: Soon The Climate Science Deniers Will Be In Charge
July 19, 2012  When National Climate Disasters Go Global: On Drought, Food, And Global Insecurity
July 19, 2012  At the Olympics, BP's biofuel hopefuls go for a test drive
July 19, 2012  How ancient Mayan cities dealt with drought
July 19, 2012  Nike's jackets preparing to steal the Olympic spotlight
July 19, 2012  EDF fires starting pistol on smart metered Olympics
July 19, 2012  DONG Energy and Siemens ink offshore turbine mega-deal
July 19, 2012  Carbon prices plunge yet again amid backloading delay rumours
July 17, 2012  Heating Up: New Concerns about the Amazon
July 17, 2012  Low Water Levels On The Mississippi River A Major Threat To Commerce
July 17, 2012  Glacial Change Ain't What It Used To Be: Petermann Calves Another Huge Chunk of Greenland Ice
July 17, 2012  A bird's eye view of one of the world's largest solar farms
July 17, 2012  Double your addiction: Fossil fuel boom feeds drug trafficking
July 17, 2012  Ireland edges forward with plan to export wind power to UK
July 17, 2012  Stanford's George Shultz on energy - It's personal
July 17, 2012  Nuclear Restart Generates Power, Protest in Japan
July 16, 2012  Catching up with UK's industrial scale fly-tippers - Tire Pyrolysis a Solutions
July 16, 2012  In Canada's Tar Sands, a Dante's Hell Threatens People Nearby and Across the Globe
July 16, 2012  If Climate Counts, Why is Big Oil Gaming the System?
July 16, 2012  Smoking Causes Cancer. Carbon Pollution Causes Extreme Weather.
July 16, 2012  Shell Loses Control Of Arctic Drilling Rig In Alaskan Harbor
July 16, 2012  London Zoo closes in on zero waste goal thanks to poo power
July 16, 2012  London Zoo closes in on zero waste goal thanks to poo power
July 16, 2012  Patagonia Asks Customers to 'Vote the Environment'
July 16, 2012  Natural Gas Is a Much-Needed Tool in the Battle to Slow Global Warming
July 16, 2012  Formula One Legend Murray Sets Course for Energy-Efficient Car Design
July 16, 2012  Falling oil puts pinch on economy
July 16, 2012  The global implications of North America's drought
July 13, 2012  The State of the World's Reefs: A Coral Scientist Explainsclimate change, marine, Science
July 13, 2012  The Corn Identity: The US Will Make Ethanol Out Of Enough Corn To Feed 412 Million People
July 13, 2012  Drought Covers 1/3 Of U.S. Counties, The Largest Agricultural Disaster Area Ever Declared
July 13, 2012  Nuclear construction costs soaring
July 13, 2012  E15 fuel makes its U.S. debut
July 13, 2012  Sustainable investments yield better returns - big time!
July 13, 2012  Subsidy reform, not carbon prices, first step to decarbonisation
July 13, 2012  Americans Least Green---And Feel Least Guilt, Survey Suggests
July 13, 2012  Sydney Harbor: Trash Found From More Than 200 Years Ago
July 13, 2012  Indonesia Palm Oil Firm's Violations Test Government's Environmental Enforcement
July 13, 2012  Environmental Threats: Antarctica In Danger Of Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And More
July 12, 2012  Effects of Global Warming
July 12, 2012  ELT Tire Market to Decline - Tire Recycling Market in 2012 - Car Sales Fall
July 12, 2012  Plants Tweet When Ready for a Drink
July 12, 2012  Is Romney A Climate Change Denier?
July 12, 2012  Canada near bottom of heap when it comes to energy efficiency
July 12, 2012  Climate Change Is Fracking Society
July 12, 2012  Crowdsourcing, Limited Partnerships And Other Tools For Financing Our Clean-Energy Future
July 12, 2012  Using nuclear waste, PRISM reactor could power UK for 500 years
July 12, 2012  Chinese respect for German tech?
July 12, 2012  Harnessing the jet stream for wind turbines
July 12, 2012  IEA: Solar thermal could boil away Germany's carbon emissions
July 12, 2012  Water, Energy and Food Security in the Urban Context
July 11, 2012  Bold Action Needed to Save Coral Reefs
July 11, 2012  Spray-On LED Wallpaper for Your Spray-On Battery
July 11, 2012  Carbon: The Biggest Overlooked Fossil Fuel Subsidy
July 11, 2012  'Great Green Fleet' Sails Toward Pentagon's Reduction in Oil Use
July 11, 2012  The World Bank's Chance To Clean Up Its Coal Act
July 11, 2012  In a blackout, power your home with your car?
July 11, 2012  China's nuclear powered ocean floor mining station drills for oil, gold
July 11, 2012  Japan aims to deliver $628bn green energy market
July 11, 2012  Flood risks to keep rising without funding burst, warns Climate Committee
July 11, 2012  As Squeeze Tightens on Iran, Fuel Prices---for Now---Reflect Calm
July 11, 2012  OPEC sees 2013 oil demand growth slowing
July 10, 2012  Russia mourns flood victims, local officials blamed
July 10, 2012  NASA Satellite Picks Up Stunning Image of Colorado Wildfire Damage
July 10, 2012  US Sees Hottest 12 Months & Hottest Half Year On Record
July 10, 2012  Planes, Trains & Automobiles: How Global Warming Could Derail Your Commute
July 10, 2012  Republicans Tired Of Climate Change Deniers Launch Initiative For Global Warming Action
July 10, 2012  Report: China starts to stockpile rare earth metals
July 10, 2012  Barack Obama's Green Policies: President's Focus On Environment Signals Shift To Campaign Mode
July 09, 2012  An Ordinary Cotton T-Shirt Could Someday Charge Your Cellphone
July 09, 2012  Ethical Business: Are Companies Actively Avoiding the Green Way?
July 09, 2012  Tar Sands Giants' Sneaky New Playbook Revealed
July 09, 2012  What Is Causing The Climate To Unravel?
July 09, 2012  Shell Fails To Get Its Arctic Oil Spill Barge Certified By The Coast Guard
July 09, 2012  Biologist On The Midwestern Drought: 'It's Like Farming In Hell'
July 09, 2012  Emphasis on energy storage projects increasing worldwide
July 09, 2012  China Syndrome: Chinese companies bid for UK nuclear plants
July 09, 2012  Decline in clean energy investment continues
July 09, 2012  Japanese demo system that charges electric vehicles through their tyres
July 06, 2012  Predicting Wave Power Will Double Energy Generated
July 06, 2012  Toyota + BMW to Advance Electric Vehicle Technology
July 06, 2012  24/7/365 Power for North America from Solar Towers
July 06, 2012  Why Climate Change, Our Biggest Moral Challenge, Doesn't Act Like One
July 06, 2012  IEA predicts 40 per cent boost in renewables capacity by 2017
July 06, 2012  Right policies could add £20bn to UK GDP by 2015
July 06, 2012  Sea Levels Could Rise As Much As 30 Centimeters Over 20 Years
July 05, 2012  How to avoid a nuclear meltdown: Question authority
July 05, 2012  Warm Snap Turned Antarctica Green Around the Edges
July 05, 2012  Bury Plutonium? Scientists Recommend Radioactive Element's Disposal--But Where?
July 04, 2012  BLM Sells $60 Worth Of Coal For A Buck And Change
July 04, 2012  Climate Change Understanding Rebounds To 2009 Levels
July 04, 2012  Q&A: The Anthropocene, and the tech that might save humans
July 04, 2012  EPA reaffirms carbon rules will only target large US emitters
July 04, 2012  US calls on biofuels pioneers to power the military
July 03, 2012  China Quadruples 2015 Solar Power Target!
July 03, 2012  Could Oil's Surge Sink Renewable Energy?
July 03, 2012  Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Nearing Critical 'Tipping Point'
July 03, 2012  Investigation Reveals True Hazards Of Piping Tar Sands Across America
July 03, 2012  A Risky Proposition: Why Cheap Coal Is Really, Really Dead
July 03, 2012  'If We Did Not Have Global Warming, We Wouldn't See This'
July 03, 2012  Sony outlines vision for futuristic green technologies
July 03, 2012  Heat Waves and Climate Change
July 03, 2012  Oil boasts fourth-biggest daily price gain ever
July 02, 2012  Eastern U.S. hit by heat wave, power outages
June 29, 2012  New Spray-On Battery Could Convert Any Object into an Electricity Storage Device
June 29, 2012  When Does the Future Begin for Renewable Energy?
June 29, 2012  Lower Oil Prices--Not a Good Sign!
June 29, 2012  House Committee Passes Spending Bill That Slashes Funding For Conservation And Oceans
June 29, 2012  White House Greenlights Arctic Drilling As Congress Sends Billions To Restore Gulf Coast
June 29, 2012  Uncertainty hangs over Australia on eve of carbon tax introduction
June 29, 2012  See-through solar - coming to a window near you
June 29, 2012  Who used your water yesterday?
June 29, 2012  British Columbia's carbon tax delivering economic benefits - Report
June 28, 2012  How Clean Is This Beach?
June 28, 2012  Cheap Pay-As-You Go Solar for Developing Countries
June 28, 2012  As Exxon CEO Calls Global Warming's Impacts 'Manageable', Colorado Wildfires Shutter Climate Lab
June 28, 2012  Arctic Sea Ice Levels Reach Record Low In June
June 28, 2012  Speakers At Washington Forum On Drought And Agriculture Ignore Climate Change
June 28, 2012  Kardashians Get 40 Times More News Coverage Than Ocean Acidification
June 28, 2012  Zero Waste Cities - Are they possible?
June 28, 2012  B.C. to raise carbon tax, price of gasoline July 1
June 27, 2012  The Beautiful Thing about Offshore Wind & Solar Combined
June 27, 2012  Hydropower: Dammed If You Do
June 27, 2012  New Studies on Sea Level Rise Make Clear We Must Act Now
June 27, 2012  Obama Administration's Plan For Arctic Offshore Drilling Safety
June 27, 2012  Corn's second act: biobutanol
June 27, 2012  Skyonic's twist on carbon capture turns CO2 into baking soda
June 26, 2012  What Will Germany Do?
June 26, 2012  Is China Catching Up In the Cleantech Innovation Race?
June 26, 2012  Can We Get More Progress On Short-Lived Climate Pollutants After Rio?
June 26, 2012  Climate Denial Hits Brazil
June 26, 2012  Climate Denial Hits Brazil
June 26, 2012  U.S. Appeals Court Upholds EPA Greenhouse Gas Emission Rules
June 26, 2012  New technology broadens what's recyclable, saves energy
June 26, 2012  Utility-scale solar plant for Fukushima
June 26, 2012  Half of new cars will be electric in 20 years
June 26, 2012  ISO14001 environmental standard continues global march
June 26, 2012  Waste Heat --to-Power Industry Poised to Expand, Expert Says
June 26, 2012  Obama 'jilted' Canada, leading U.S. journal says
June 25, 2012  Utility-Scale Wave Power, Thanks to U.S. Navy
June 25, 2012  U.S. Coast Guard Takes Algae Biofuel for a Spin
June 25, 2012  Get Set For a Dramatic Fall in Gas Prices
June 25, 2012  Why NASCAR Needs To Think About Energy Use
June 25, 2012  GE caught paying for Olympic gold
June 25, 2012  Rio+20 Earth Summit: Campaigners decry final document
June 25, 2012  Global Biogas Market to Nearly Double in Size to $33 Billion by 2022
June 22, 2012  Wind Powered Cargo Ship Sails Like a Luxury Yacht
June 22, 2012  Fossil Fuel Subsidies: the Answer Lies in the Gulf
June 22, 2012  IKEA to Use Rooftop Solar Power Plants in China
June 22, 2012  Researchers Project 'Huge Decline' In Emperor Penguins
June 22, 2012  Major Oil Spills In Alberta Prompt Questions And Concerns About Keystone XL Pipeline
June 22, 2012  Top 25 greenest cities in the U.S.
June 22, 2012  Shedding (fluorescent) light on South Africa's power problem
June 22, 2012  From Fukushima's home country: Nuclear will double
June 22, 2012  Vestas scraps Kent offshore wind factory plan
June 22, 2012  Celebs speak out at Rio earth summit
June 22, 2012  B.C. government to call natural gas 'clean'
June 21, 2012  Connecting The Dots: How Climate Change Is Fueling Western Wildfires
June 21, 2012  Rio+20 Needs An Ideas Overhaul To Address Global Challenges
June 21, 2012  Water Power Rise
June 21, 2012  Outdoor Recreation Industry Jobs Outnumber Those In Oil And Gas Nearly Three to One
June 21, 2012  What's Good For Women is Good for the Planet
June 21, 2012  Make way for renewable energy's Blade Runner
June 21, 2012  EPA gives Tesla Model S 265-mile range rating
June 21, 2012  Greenpeace launches campaign to create Arctic sanctuary
June 21, 2012  Securing Canada's Energy Future
June 21, 2012  Explosives found near Swedish nuke plant
June 21, 2012  Take the green pill and fall down the nature rabbit hole
June 21, 2012  It's really not easy being green: Why environmental activists are dying
June 21, 2012  Budget cuts keep coming at $80 oil
June 21, 2012  Department of Energy Releases $40 Million Solicitation to Fund Pilot & Demonstration Biorefineries
June 20, 2012  Prince Charles talks sustainability for Rio+20
June 20, 2012  Air Canada Makes Its Very First Biofuel Flight
June 20, 2012  Waste Expert: 'It's Madness' That Waste Isn't A Bigger International Priority
June 20, 2012  Connecting The Dots: How Climate Change Is Fueling Western Wildfires
June 20, 2012  Aruba enlists Sir Richard Branson in 100 per cent green energy push
June 20, 2012  Consumers want leadership from governments at Rio+20
June 20, 2012  Global investment in renewable energy reaches new heights
June 20, 2012  "Sunset Credits" may help eliminate fossil fuel subsidies
June 20, 2012  Greenpeace denied Edmonton billboard space for oil spill ad
June 19, 2012  Japan Feed-in Tariffs Approved as Government Restarts 2 Nuclear Plants
June 19, 2012  The Land of the Rising Sun starts Worlds Most Ambitious Solar Program
June 19, 2012  Most Anti-Environment House Of Representatives In History Voted 109 Times To Enrich Big Oil
June 19, 2012  Mitsubishi to launch plug-in hybrid with 4-wheel drive
June 19, 2012  Objections cloud prospects for Rio summit
June 19, 2012  London 2012 set to light green Olympic flame, says watchdog
June 19, 2012  Kimberly-Clark promises a greener Kleenex
June 19, 2012  Rail shipments of oil up 36% this year
June 19, 2012  GE claims breakthrough in carbon capture
June 18, 2012  Solar Boom Heads to Japan Creating $9.6 Billion Market
June 18, 2012  German Solar Industry Getting Hammered by Cheap Chinese Imports
June 18, 2012  The Next War Could Be Fought with Fireflies
June 18, 2012  International Energy Agency says current pace of clean energy development won't cut it
June 18, 2012  Mexico Takes a Stand to Protect Irreplaceable Coral Reef
June 18, 2012  Right-Wing Media Promote Another Trump Conspiracy: Oil Edition
June 18, 2012  Countries Must End Fossil Fuel Subsidies At Rio+20
June 18, 2012  The Thorium Lord
June 18, 2012  Coming soon: An electric airplane for only $34,000
June 18, 2012  More companies in touch with water risk, but data is murky
June 18, 2012  Obesity epidemic will weigh on world energy requirements, warns report
June 18, 2012  Brazil leading Latin America's clean energy charge
June 18, 2012  Japan unveils boost for clean energy
June 16, 2012  UN warns of global collapse due to pesticides; Agenda 21 is pushed as solution
June 15, 2012  Smart Roofs Could Transform California Energy and Water Use
June 15, 2012  7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a No-Go)
June 15, 2012  Has the fuel-cell industry reached a tipping point?
June 15, 2012  NOAA: Second Hottest May On Record Globally, Hottest For Northern Hemisphere
June 15, 2012  The Road To Rio Goes Through Mexico: Connecting the G-20 Summit to the Rio+20 Conference
June 15, 2012  Cost Of UK Offshore Wind Projected To Drop One Third By 2020
June 15, 2012  Climate Change 'Will Impact Our Ability To Provide Quality Health Care'
June 15, 2012  Saab to be recharged as an electric car maker
June 15, 2012  Rio preparations hit by walk out over green economy funding
June 15, 2012  Renewable Energy - Why India?
June 15, 2012  ReNew Wind Plans Rs. 6000 crore investment in 2 years
June 15, 2012  Gamesa to sell 700 MW wind turbines this year
June 15, 2012  OPEC could slow shale development by lowering prices
June 14, 2012  These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America
June 14, 2012  Canadian Olympic Team to be Carbon Neutral in London
June 14, 2012  A Safer Nuclear Future?
June 14, 2012  Congress' $2 trillion dollar clean energy challenge
June 14, 2012  Desert Year: $3 Trillion Thought Experiment for Rio+20
June 14, 2012  Can North America Overcome Its Split Personality On Energy?
June 14, 2012  Oil Companies That Caused Climate Change Now Fear Its Financial Impacts
June 14, 2012  Rise in US oil supplies haunts Opec talks
June 14, 2012  Oil sands must do 'heavy lifting' to meet climate goals, Ottawa told
June 13, 2012  Paper or Pollution? Analyzing LA's Plastic Bag Ban
June 13, 2012  Public Understanding Of Climate Science Rebounds As There Is 'Solid Evidence' Of Global Warming
June 13, 2012  The future of oil prices
June 13, 2012  Bank of America promises $50bn in green investment
June 13, 2012  Measuring the Carbon Footprint of Your Hotel
June 13, 2012  Reality Check: The State of Climate Progress in Canada
June 13, 2012  Energy groups attack ill-defined reforms
June 13, 2012  China nuclear: atomic economics
June 13, 2012  US shale boom to create half-million jobs
June 13, 2012  Oil sands firms test alternative way to tap bitumen
June 13, 2012  Cross-border energy development key, says head of U.S. Chamber of Commerce
June 12, 2012  12 Signs of the Europocalypse
June 12, 2012  Big Step Taken to Develop Nuclear Fusion Power
June 12, 2012  Better Lithium Ion Battery Aims to Re-Energize Electric Cars
June 12, 2012  Chinese Believe Environmental Protection Should Be Their Country's Top Priority
June 12, 2012  Scientists Warn Of 'Increasing Fire Activity Across Large Areas Of The Planet'
June 12, 2012  How Climate Change Could Reshape Geopolitics Around The Arctic
June 12, 2012  Hydrofracking drives new water treatment solutions
June 12, 2012  Renewable energy scorecard: How the G20 nations stack up
June 12, 2012  Offshore wind could create 100,000 jobs by 2020, says Mainstream
June 12, 2012  IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns world risks triple crisis
June 12, 2012  IEA: Clean energy transformation "falling further behind"
June 12, 2012  Lower oil prices will crimp industry spending
June 11, 2012  EU Countries Could Pay Back Their Debts With Renewables
June 11, 2012  Japan PM Noda raises the stakes to restart reactors
June 11, 2012  Must-Read: Scientists Uncover Evidence Of Impending Tipping Point For Earth
June 11, 2012  In India, Proving That The Devil's Bargain With Coal Can Be Broken
June 11, 2012  Sweden's army orders hybrid surveillance drones
June 11, 2012  Global giants team up in bio-plastic push
June 11, 2012  Major New U.S. Energy Find
June 11, 2012  Rising Costs of Wastes
June 11, 2012  We Can Change the Future - We have the technology
June 11, 2012  Young delegates present findings to Mexican president
June 11, 2012  OPEC unlikely to push gas prices up as talks break down
June 08, 2012  The real reason the military is going green
June 08, 2012  Three Things Goldman Sachs' $40B Greentech Investment Means, and Two it Doesn't
June 08, 2012  New Cars In Europe Must Slash Carbon Emissions One Third By 2020
June 08, 2012  BP in Deep Water with Scientific Integrity Advocates
June 08, 2012  Scotland's New International Climate Financing Program Leads The Way
June 08, 2012  Empire State Building becomes model for energy efficiency
June 08, 2012  SunEdison's plan to bring light to rural India
June 08, 2012  Missed the Facebook IPO? Try China Nuclear
June 08, 2012  Best charging device ever - stores energy while you walk
June 08, 2012  Claims new gas plants could help cut emissions branded 'ridiculous'
June 08, 2012  EU plans to increase fishing quota
June 08, 2012  New Website helps Rural Communities and First Nations explore Green Energy Opportunities
June 08, 2012  Airlines face sting in the tail from cheaper oil
June 07, 2012  Fusion Power Plants
June 07, 2012  Extreme Weather Is the New Climate Reality
June 07, 2012  In The Heat Of The Moment: Three Ways Climate Change Could Impact The Game Of Baseball
June 07, 2012  Hillary Clinton Calls For 'More Action In The Fight Against Climate Change'
June 07, 2012  Why Local Ownership Of Renewable Energy Projects Matters In One Simple Chart
June 07, 2012  Mexico City powers up electric taxi service
June 07, 2012  Solar plane makes first intercontinental flight
June 07, 2012  Safe nuclear: Japanese utility elaborates on thorium plans
June 07, 2012  Corporate giants aim to make recycling easy with new label
June 07, 2012  Latin America faces $100bn climate change bill without action
June 07, 2012  US steps up opposition to EU aviation carbon law
June 07, 2012  Finding savings where the rubber meets the road
June 07, 2012  Top Ten Growth Markets in Air, Water and Energy
June 07, 2012  Federal government releases plan to tackle airline emissions
June 07, 2012  IEA report sees bright future for natural gas over next 5 years
June 07, 2012  Latin American and Asian cities lead way in planning for global warming
June 06, 2012  Patagonia Protests Lead Energy Giant to Backpedal on Chile Dam
June 05, 2012  Australia to Go Nuclear by 2030, Says Expert
June 05, 2012  Global Warming May Reduce U.S. Nuclear And Coal Power Output Up To 16 Percent By 2060
June 05, 2012  Unprecedented May Heat In Greenland, Temperature Hits Stunning 76.6°F
June 05, 2012  Maker of solar plastic shuts down
June 05, 2012  Consumer Reports doesn't recommend Toyota's Prius C
June 05, 2012  WWF: China seizes green manufacturing lead from Europe
June 05, 2012  Smart Grid Renewables Integration
June 05, 2012  TransCanada to build $4-billion B.C. pipeline
June 05, 2012  Crude glut, price plunge put oil sands projects at risk
June 04, 2012  Sea Levels Rising Fast on U.S. East Coast
June 04, 2012  Japan Forced to Reconsider Climate Targets Without Nuclear Power
June 04, 2012  Forecasts For The 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season
June 04, 2012  The Ethics Of 'Clean Coal' Propaganda
June 04, 2012  Canada Rewrites Environmental Laws To Help Fossil Fuel Industry
June 04, 2012  Dead Ahead: Less Rainfall For Drought-Sensitive Southern Hemisphere Regions?
June 04, 2012  Climate-Change Deniers Are On The Ropes --- But So Is The Planet
June 04, 2012  Diving deep: researchers place a new ocean observatory on the sea floor
June 04, 2012  Qatar snags significant share of oil giant Shell
June 04, 2012  Pipeline toll battle focuses on future of TransCanada's Mainline
June 01, 2012  West Coast Electric Highway Expands to Washington, Now Extends to Canadian Border
June 01, 2012  Japan close to restarting reactors
June 01, 2012  The Military Plays an Important Role in Biofuel Procurement
June 01, 2012  There's An Energy Revolution Brewing in Bihar, India
June 01, 2012  Turning wastewater into fertilizer pellets
June 01, 2012  Sky signs another £4m subscription to save the Amazon
June 01, 2012  Japan: 25 per cent emissions cuts may be impossible after nuclear shutdown
June 01, 2012  Germany: a laboratory for green growth
June 01, 2012  Transition to green economy could yield up to 60 million jobs
June 01, 2012  U.S. States lead the nation in Clean Energy Development
June 01, 2012  Oil pricing loses the 'fear premium'
May 31, 2012  Solar or Wind Power: Which is More Efficient?
May 31, 2012  Coal Plant Shut Down, Required 35-45 Million Gallons of Water Daily
May 31, 2012  Solar Energy Momentum Building in the Middle East
May 31, 2012  Nuclear Roads Not Taken (Yet) in Germany, Japan and the US
May 31, 2012  Carbon Dioxide Pollution Reaches 'Troubling New Milestone' --- 400 PPM Over The Arctic
May 31, 2012  In Northern Africa, Climate Change Could Make A Current Refugee Crisis Even Worse
May 31, 2012  CalCharge aims to jumpstart U.S. battery tech
May 31, 2012  Climate bond market tops $174bn
May 31, 2012  Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas
May 31, 2012  Alberta's Oil Sands Operations to Increase Workforce by Over 70 Per Cent
May 31, 2012  Global carbon market value reaches $176-billion
May 31, 2012  Only radical thinking will solve environmental problems
May 31, 2012  Germany plans massive wind power grid
May 30, 2012  Australia Out-Installed Germany in Under-10kW Solar in 2011
May 30, 2012  Toyota Prius Becomes World's Third Best Selling Car
May 30, 2012  Storytelling our energy future
May 30, 2012  New Japanese smartphone will detect radiation
May 30, 2012  RWE trims down Atlantic Array offshore wind farm to improve the view
May 30, 2012  EU greenhouse gas emissions rise despite climate change policies
May 30, 2012  Oil producers gone wild: output at four-year high
May 30, 2012  Oil sands fuels think-tank debate over Dutch disease
May 29, 2012  Why We Should Encourage More Chinese Investment In U.S. Clean Energy
May 29, 2012  Did Fukushima Just Increase the Inevitable Decline of Nuclear Power?
May 29, 2012  Earliest Second Named Tropical Storm, Record-Smashing Heat Wave, Widespread Drought
May 29, 2012  Can Market Forces Really Be Employed To Address Climate Change?
May 29, 2012  Radioactive tuna found off Californian coast
May 29, 2012  P&G fires up 200 hydrogen-powered forklifts
May 29, 2012  IEA sets out shale gas 'golden rules' for cleaner fracking
May 29, 2012  Canadian Oil Sands and Climate Change
May 29, 2012  Solar panel glut claims Day4 Energy
May 28, 2012  Germany Sets New Solar Record By Meeting Nearly Half of Country's Weekend Power Demand
May 28, 2012  IEA: Global CO2 Emissions Hit New Record- On Track For 'Devastating' 11°F Warming
May 28, 2012  Heat-Related U.S. Deaths Could Increase By 150,000 By Century's End Due To Climate Change
May 28, 2012  Memorial Day, 2030
May 28, 2012  Robo-fish sniff out marine pollution
May 28, 2012  EnerTIC re-clocks EU energy
May 28, 2012  Check in to your hotel and check out your carbon
May 28, 2012  Bonn climate talks end in discord and disappointment
May 28, 2012  Upgrade credit rating of green projects to attract investment, CBI says
May 28, 2012  Are Tories aware that B.C. residents are still standing despite the dreaded carbon tax?
May 28, 2012  Japanese minister visits Fukushima nuclear plant amid safety concerns
May 25, 2012  Global CO2 Emissions Reach Record-High, Driven by Fossil Fuel Use in Rapidly Industrializing Nations
May 25, 2012  Commercial Trucks that Save 20x More Fuel than 100mpg Car
May 25, 2012  China to Spend $27 Billion on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency This Year
May 25, 2012  326 consecutive months of above average global temperatures
May 25, 2012  Iran and (Temporarily) Lower Gasoline Prices
May 25, 2012  Liquid Metal Battery lands another high-profile investor
May 25, 2012  Is America divorcing the automobile?
May 25, 2012  Los Angeles becomes largest U.S. city to ban plastic bags
May 25, 2012  Grumpy Old Woman's energy tips
May 25, 2012  Solar keyboard to pave way for zero carbon gadgets
May 25, 2012  IEA warns time is running out to prevent catastrophic climate change
May 25, 2012  UK's green goods and services grew £5.4bn last year
May 25, 2012  Consumers Will Save The World (If You Give Them Points)
May 25, 2012  Does it benefit your company to go green?
May 25, 2012  Repsol-led group makes big oil, gas find off coast of Brazil
May 25, 2012  India protests on petrol price hike may delay diesel reform
May 24, 2012  World's First Carbon-Neutral Higher-Speed Locomotive
May 24, 2012  500-MW Solar Plant to Be Built in Morocco
May 24, 2012  Likelihood of Contamination from Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents Higher than Expected
May 24, 2012  Greener Under the Sun --- IKEA Has More Solar-Powered Lamps
May 24, 2012  Can the US Military Afford More Biofuels?
May 24, 2012  Gregory Jaczko's Parting Message: Fukushima Was "A Wake-Up Call"
May 24, 2012  Emissions Gap To Meet 2°C Target Is Widening Due To Slow International Climate Action
May 24, 2012  Americans Say 'Yes' to Clean Energy, 'No' To Fracking Without Safeguards
May 24, 2012  Why The Coal Industry's Arguments Against New Clean Air Standards Are Bogus
May 24, 2012  My Nature Piece on Dust-Bowlification and the Grave Threat It Poses to Food Security
May 24, 2012  How stiffer pavement could save millions of barrels of oil
May 24, 2012  U.S. traffic congestion dropped 30% in 2011
May 24, 2012  Atlantis set to plunge down the cost of tidal power
May 24, 2012  Goldman Sachs plans $40bn clean energy investments
May 24, 2012  EU moves to sink shipping sulphur emissions
May 24, 2012  Companies "15 to 20 years" ahead of investors on sustainability
May 24, 2012  Shell under fire over Arctic plans and pay
May 24, 2012  U.S. crude oil falls 2% to below $90 a barrel
May 24, 2012  Kinder Morgan pares Trans Mountain expansion project
May 24, 2012  With oil price tumbling, drivers to get a break
May 23, 2012  Americans Say Fuel Economy Primary Car Buying Factor, Says Consumer Reports Survey
May 23, 2012  While Japan Turns Away from Nuclear Power, South Korea Sticks to Plan
May 23, 2012  Bioenergy From Cleared Forests A Climate Killer
May 23, 2012  Manmade Pollutants May Be Driving Earth's Tropical Belt Expansion And Subtropical Dust-Bowlification
May 23, 2012  What Lies Ahead For International Action On Global Warming In 2012?
May 23, 2012  Mission Critical: A Clean-Energy Call To Arms
May 23, 2012  Orlando Sentinel Slams The 'Nuclear Tax' Ratepayers Must Pay Progress Energy
May 23, 2012  Electric vehicles
May 23, 2012  Mexico City launches massive composting project
May 23, 2012  How a U.S. company is railroading solar in China
May 23, 2012  Beijing limits flies in public restrooms to 2
May 23, 2012  Cogenra Solar's Next Big Move: Solar Cooling
May 23, 2012  G8 pledges climate action as Bonn talks stall
May 23, 2012  Investors urge Rio Summit to deliver global environmental reporting rules
May 23, 2012  Accenture: Businesses racing to keep up with demand for green products
May 23, 2012  Financiers: Tap €2.5tr covered bonds market for clean energy investments
May 23, 2012  O2: Mobile phone chat uses same energy as boiling kettle
May 23, 2012  Whatever happened to $200 oil?
May 22, 2012  Deal Reached To Allow Inspectors Access To Suspected Iranian Nuclear Weapons Sites
May 22, 2012  Chinese Railway Stations to Go Solar
May 22, 2012  Are Canada's oil sands to blame for rising atmospheric CO2?
May 22, 2012  G-8 Leaders Endorse New Plan To Combat Short-Term Climate Pollutants
May 22, 2012  Irony Can Be So Ironic: BP Sponsors 'The Comedy of Errors'
May 22, 2012  U.S. Navy turns to online gaming to solve energy woes
May 22, 2012  UK wants consumers to fund nuclear through higher utility bills
May 22, 2012  CleanStar's plan to use ethanol to clean up cooking
May 22, 2012  US gov releases new tool to compare traditional and EV models
May 22, 2012  South Africa green lights another 1GW of wind and solar power
May 21, 2012  Scotland's One & Only Tidal Power Generator Now Providing Electricity to Eday Island
May 21, 2012  If a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings in California, Will the Smart Grid Deploy Faster?
May 21, 2012  Green Investment Bank becomes PLC
May 21, 2012  Report: High oil prices forcing firms to weigh green car options
May 21, 2012  April 2012: Earth's 5th Warmest On Record And La Niña Officially Ends, So The Heat Is On.
May 21, 2012  'The Evidence Shows Greenhouse Gases Are Linked To The Rise Of Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters...'
May 21, 2012  Why Coal Leasing Should Be The Center Of The Climate Fight
May 21, 2012  Audi's new futuristic electric bike was designed for fun
May 21, 2012  Cut PC energy use by 99%: Use a memristor
May 21, 2012  FedEx closes in on 2020 fleet efficiency goal
May 20, 2012  Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, etc. ???
May 18, 2012  Offshore Wind Could Power the World (MAP)
May 18, 2012  Arctic Death Spiral: More Bad News About Sea Ice
May 18, 2012  Vermont Becomes First U.S. State To Ban Fracking
May 18, 2012  Asthma, Baby, Asthma: House Energy Committee Eliminates Protection From Smog
May 18, 2012  Half Of U.S. Nonresidential Construction To Be 'Green' By 2015
May 18, 2012  A National Clean Energy Standard Is Good Policy --- And Good Politics
May 18, 2012  U.S. nuclear disaster preparedness relaxed with minimal disclosure
May 18, 2012  U.S. slaps hefty duties onto Chinese solar panels
May 17, 2012  Life Cycle Approaches Key to Canada's Competitivenes
May 17, 2012  Solar Power. IN SPACE!
May 17, 2012  Hydrogen --- Tomorrow's Biofuel?
May 17, 2012  What If The Fossil Fuel Industry Gets Its Way? A Look At The Year 2030
May 17, 2012  What If The Fossil Fuel Industry Gets Its Way? A Look At The Year 2030
May 17, 2012  Obama's Biggest Climate Decision Of The Year May Be ... Palm Oil?
May 17, 2012  A Million People tell EPA to Adopt Proposed Carbon Pollution Rule
May 17, 2012  Forty Days and Forty Nights - The Countdown to Rio
May 17, 2012  Neptune finalises multi-million pound tidal array plan for Humber
May 17, 2012  Green execs divided on ideal future for Carbon Reduction Commitment
May 17, 2012  Environmental groups decry slow pace of boreal forest protection
May 17, 2012  Reviving Arctic oil rush, Ottawa to auction rights in massive area
May 16, 2012  U.S. Military Not Retreating on Clean Energy
May 16, 2012  A new solution for our plastic waste?
May 16, 2012  Ferrari races to sell Enzo hybrid
May 16, 2012  DECC: 16 companies set to bid for £1bn CCS pot
May 16, 2012  North Dakota Surpasses Alaska In Oil Production
May 16, 2012  China's Solar Industry Should Be Held Accountable For Breaking Trade Laws
May 16, 2012  Proposed Carbon Limits for New Power Plants Would Avoid 123 Billion Pounds of Pollution Annually
May 16, 2012  When Global Warming Hits Home (Literally)
May 16, 2012  Global Warming: New Research Blames Economic Growth
May 16, 2012  Protecting the environment makes good business sense
May 16, 2012  Pacific Island Strategy Targets Fastest Growing Greenhouse Gases
May 16, 2012  Boom or Bust: Assessing Canada's LNG Future
May 16, 2012  Lagging green standards hamper competitiveness, Ottawa told
May 15, 2012  North Americans Willing to Pay Slightly More For Clean Energy, Study Says
May 15, 2012  76% of Americans Want Clean Energy Instead of Nuclear, Natural Gas, & Coal
May 15, 2012  Smart cities market worth $1 trillion by 2016
May 15, 2012  Republicans to Navy: Stop buying biofuels
May 15, 2012  Industry launches guide to Green Deal opportunities
May 15, 2012  Road pricing may have to accelerate as green cars hit fuel tax revenues
May 15, 2012  WWF: We will need two Earths by 2030
May 14, 2012  Goldman Sachs-backed Firm to Invest $1.1 Billion in Indian Wind Energy Sector
May 14, 2012  The U.S. Military Takes On Global Warming
May 14, 2012  U.S. Coal Generation Drops 19 Percent In One Year, Leaving Coal With 36 Percent Share Of Electricity
May 14, 2012  Saudi Arabia Unveils $100 Billion Plan To Make Solar 'A Driver For Domestic Energy For Years To Come'
May 14, 2012  Nanotubes development could double battery life
May 14, 2012  In India, an air-powered car
May 14, 2012  Adventurer to cross Africa in electric post van
May 14, 2012  Carbon capture leak simulated in sea off Scotland
May 14, 2012  Attack of the zombie refineries
May 13, 2012  Germany Waving the Euro-zone White Flag
May 11, 2012  China moving up Canada's energy value chain
May 11, 2012  Huge Soccer Stadium Going Solar
May 11, 2012  Replacing nuclear with wind power: Could it be done?
May 11, 2012  Smart Logistics saves Cash and Carbon
May 11, 2012  Volkswagen car goes 1,626 miles on a tank of gas
May 11, 2012  Coca-Cola promises millions of green bottles with £15m ECO Plastics plant
May 11, 2012  Waste and recycling M&As hit record levels
May 11, 2012  Water shortages could cripple areas of US, China, and India
May 11, 2012  Brazil's economists predict 'huge' growth of carbon markets
May 10, 2012  Northern Co-Op sets stage for World's First Transportation Carbon Offset Program
May 10, 2012  Greening the Blue - How the UN is Approaching Carbon Neutrality
May 10, 2012  Where Gas is Already $10 per Gallon
May 10, 2012  Renewable Diesel Roundup
May 10, 2012  Power Industry Blackout Risk Alert On The Rise
May 10, 2012  The Bad News Continues to Flow About Antarctica's Ice
May 10, 2012  CBO Report: Boosting Oil Production Won't Protect Americans From Gasoline Price Shocks
May 10, 2012  James Hansen Slams Obama's Lack Of Climate Leadership And Our 'Immoral' Inaction

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