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May 10, 2012  World Bank calls on countries to take urgent steps to protect 'natural capital'
May 10, 2012  Balance prosperity with emissions, Asian nations warned
May 10, 2012  EU aviation emission row intensifies as China drafts 'retaliatory' law
May 10, 2012  Court bans Exxon Valdez tanker from entering India for dismantling
May 09, 2012  US Postal Service's bold foray into email, 30 years ago
May 09, 2012  Pratt & Whitney to build heat recovery plant in BC
May 09, 2012  U.S. Experiences Warmest 12-Month Period On Record And Most Extreme January to April
May 09, 2012  Obesity Rates Keep Soaring, In Part Because Of Car Dependence
May 09, 2012  New Battery System Could Reduce Buildings' Electric Bills
May 09, 2012  Toyota Unveils First All-Electric SUV
May 09, 2012  Conservative thinktanks step up attacks against Obama's clean energy strategy
May 09, 2012  Microsoft just a click away from becoming "carbon neutral"
May 08, 2012  Plain Jane Zinc Gives Solar Power a Technicolor Spark
May 08, 2012  Europe Struggles To Fulfill Green Fund Commitments After 2013
May 08, 2012  Safe nuclear: India's thorium reactor
May 08, 2012  In China, new agreement of foreign ownership limit has increased
May 08, 2012  Braskem firms up plan for $100m Brazilian green plastics factory
May 08, 2012  Recyclebank launches iPhone app to reward London cyclists and walkers
May 08, 2012  Norway opens major facility to test carbon capture
May 07, 2012  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: 'Climate Change Has A Dramatic Impact On National Security'
May 07, 2012  'Last Call At The Oasis' Is Loud Wakeup Call On Global Water Crisis
May 07, 2012  The City Is The Crucible For The Electric Vehicle Market
May 07, 2012  Study: Impact Of Manmade 'Climate Change Is Observable In Arctic Sea Ice Already Today'
May 07, 2012  Japan Goes Nuclear-Free For the First Time in Four Decades
May 07, 2012  Global Clean Energy Investment a Record $263 Billion in 2011
May 07, 2012  Safeguarding Ocean Earth
May 07, 2012  North America has room to store 500 years of emissions
May 04, 2012  After Fukushima, will a new feed in tarriff solve Japan's energy issues?
May 04, 2012  Heartland Institute Compares Climate Science Believers & Reporters To Mass 'Murderers & Madmen'
May 04, 2012  A New Application For The Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Means A New Review Process
May 04, 2012  When cars looked great, and polluted like there was no tomorrow
May 04, 2012  Coca-Cola designs a collaborative "Beatbox" for London 2012
May 04, 2012  Is zero-emissions air travel around the corner?
May 04, 2012  Commercial vehicle conversion kit makes aftermarket hybrids
May 04, 2012  UN's Ban Ki-moon urges firms to go green in run-up to Rio
May 04, 2012  Nike fails to shrink carbon footprint as trainer sales boom
May 03, 2012  Biojet Fuels Taxi for Takeoff
May 03, 2012  Delta Buys Oil Refinery; Should Others Follow?
May 03, 2012  Planetsolar, Largest Solar-Powered Boat, to Complete Round-the-World Journey on Friday
May 03, 2012  Can you "see" sea level rise?
May 03, 2012  University of Tokyo Develops Metal Sail System for Cargo Ships
May 03, 2012  Climate Change Is Not A 'Message.' It's An Objective Reality And An Urgent Crisis
May 03, 2012  Mexico Sets Legally Binding Carbon Reduction Targets
May 03, 2012  64,000 New Green Jobs In His State, Romney's Campaign Claims Clean Energy Isn't Creating Jobs
May 03, 2012  Duke Energy buys solar plant from bankrupt Solon
May 03, 2012  South Korea approves carbon trading from 2015
May 03, 2012  F1 team Sauber shifts into "carbon neutral" status
May 03, 2012  Forget the hockey stick, here's the curve-ball theory
May 03, 2012  Alberta steps up battle to shed 'dirty oil' image
May 03, 2012  Apple: Come clean about your coal problem, then start solving it
May 02, 2012  Independent Analysis Confirms That Hydraulic Fracturing Caused Drinking Water Contamination
May 02, 2012  Liquid Solar Cells that Can be Painted onto Surfaces
May 02, 2012  Climate Change's Impact on International Arctic Security
May 02, 2012  Clean Energy Switch to Cost Fossil Industry $4 Trillion by 2020
May 02, 2012  China's Looming Conflict Between Energy and Water
May 02, 2012  Unilever boss: Climate change cost company €200m last year
May 02, 2012  Ferrari head launches Europe's first private high-speed train
May 02, 2012  Japan targets 13 per cent rise in green energy in a year
May 02, 2012  Ikea snaps green furniture range with cardboard digital camera
May 02, 2012  Puma leaves Apple behind in sprint to top of sustainability rankings
May 02, 2012  Green gyms to tap power from the people
May 02, 2012  Nike to cut environmental footprint with green shoe design app
May 02, 2012  Colombia's titan gives oil giants a run for their money
May 01, 2012  Waste-to-Energy Technology Options Increase but Remain Underutilized
May 01, 2012  Mexico Going Wind
May 01, 2012  Backfilling Nuclear Shutdowns With Efficiency And Renewables In Japan, Germany And California?
May 01, 2012  Global Warming is Doubling Bark Beetle Mating, Boosting Tree Attacks Up To 60-Fold, Study Finds
May 01, 2012  Warming Oceans Are A Threat To The Critically Endangered Right Whale, Scientists Say
May 01, 2012  Hydrogenics and Enbridge to Develop Utility Scale Energy Storage
May 01, 2012  EPA Issues Air Pollution Standards for Oil and Natural Gas Wells
May 01, 2012  Capturing carbon dioxide to grow food
May 01, 2012  Power Industry Blackout Risk Alert On The Rise
May 01, 2012  Second Front Opened in Climate War
May 01, 2012  IEA urges governments to seize the opportunity to accelerate clean energy deployment
May 01, 2012  Shell-Iogen plant cancellation raises doubts about new biofuel technology
April 30, 2012  Obama Stunner: Climate Change Will Be A Campaign Issue, We Need to Do Much More To Combat It
April 30, 2012  Four-Time Chapter 11 Champ Donald Trump: 'Monstrous' Wind Turbines Will Make Scotland 'Go Broke'
April 30, 2012  Exxon Makes $104 Million In Profit Per Day So Far In 2012 & We Are Stuck With A Higher Gas Bill
April 30, 2012  Algae technology cleans up fracking
April 30, 2012  Japan targets 13 per cent rise in green energy in a year
April 27, 2012  Mexico Follows Brazil & Europe - Putting Climate Change Action Into Law
April 27, 2012  Modified Bacteria Could Get Electricity From Sewage
April 27, 2012  Google, Facebook - Clean Up The Cloud - Apple, Microsoft, Amazon Must Try Harder!
April 27, 2012  China Is Taking Control Of Asia's 5 Great Rivers That Flow Out Of Tibet
April 26, 2012  Capturing Carbon Dioxide To Grow Food
April 26, 2012  Canada Green House Gas Emissions Figures Reveal Shock Offender
April 26, 2012  Economic Growth in North East States Outpaces Nation - As Emissions Decline
April 26, 2012  BMW puts London Olympics 2012 green fleet into motion
April 25, 2012  Gasification & Pyrolysis the Answer for U.S. Waste Plastics?
April 25, 2012  UK Government unveils £35m support package for green entrepreneurs
April 25, 2012  Germany May Boost $6.6 Billion Wind Loan Program
April 25, 2012  Zero Energy Buildings On The Rise in the US - California to New York
April 25, 2012  Norway's Former PM Cautions Don't Be Naive On Climate Change
April 23, 2012  President Obama announces Department of Defense Renewable Energy Expansion
April 23, 2012  Honda debuts 'world's first' rare earth auto recycling process
April 23, 2012  Wind Energy Installed Capacity 2012 - New Records, China, Canada, India, Germany, UK
April 23, 2012  Industrial Impact on the Atmosphere - Putting a price on trees, grass and air
April 23, 2012  Earth Day 2012 International Celebrations - Tokyo, New York, Barcelona, Budapest
April 23, 2012  Green Companies Make-up One-third of British Columbia's Top 20 Innovators in 2012
April 20, 2012  UN Climate Adaption Guide for businesses shows multi-nationals innovation
April 20, 2012  Stockholm Report Claims Impact on Oceans will cost $Trillions
April 20, 2012  Oil Giants Focus on Commercialization of Bio-Fuels market
April 20, 2012  Canada Federal Government to streamline process for environmental projects
April 19, 2012  New Canadian pipeline route aims to avoid environmentally fragile areas
April 19, 2012  Obama Issues Pollution Rules for America Gas Wells
April 19, 2012  Green economy the solution to Europe's job crisis
April 19, 2012  Solar company offers 'Pay-as-You-Go' rooftop electricity to Australian homeowners
April 18, 2012  China's green revolution to keep growing: IEA
April 18, 2012  UPS delivers greener fleet for London Olympics using Bio-Fuel
April 18, 2012  Scientific survey: Electric vehicles save money and carbon
April 17, 2012  Japan May Be Atomic-Power Free Next Month After Shutdown
April 17, 2012  Virgin Boss Richard Branson on Investing in Clean Energy for a Greener Future
April 17, 2012  UK Government dishes out funding to offshore wind supply chain
April 13, 2012  The Coming Collapse of the Chinese Economy
April 13, 2012  U.S. firm says it has support to proceed with Trans Mountain pipeline
April 13, 2012  How OPEC clouds the issue of oil production
April 13, 2012  India ups ante in aviation emissions trade war
April 13, 2012  US government scientists link shale gas boom to sharp rise in earthquakes
April 13, 2012  How Sodexo got its customers to eat less meat
April 12, 2012  The 10 fastest cars under $50,000
April 12, 2012  European Wind Industry to Employ 520,000 by 2020
April 12, 2012  Congress Killed Treasury Grant Program that Supported up to 75,000 Jobs
April 12, 2012  California to Raise Billions/Year from Cap-and-Trade
April 12, 2012  70-MW Solar Power Plant (Japan's Largest) to Go Online in Kagoshima
April 12, 2012  Power Without the Cord for Small Devices
April 12, 2012  Sea Level Rise And Extreme Weather Are 'Happening Faster Than We Thought,' Says Energy Sec. Chu
April 12, 2012  Matt Damon's Anti-Fracking Movie, 'The Promised Land,' Is Ahead of the Curve
April 12, 2012  Americans: Is your city energy efficient?
April 12, 2012  How is the US Air Force adapting to renewable energy?
April 12, 2012  World Bank trims China's growth outlook
April 12, 2012  Energy costs raise concerns over growing U.S. economy, Fed says
April 12, 2012  UK clean energy investment tops $9bn in 2011
April 12, 2012  Iceland's volcanoes may power UK
April 12, 2012  Arctic oil rush will ruin ecosystem, warns Lloyd's of London
April 12, 2012  Emissions data confirms Canada struggling to meet carbon goal
April 11, 2012  Looking back on the Titanic: what have we learned?
April 11, 2012  Algae Biofuel Startup Is Expanding Operations in New Mexico
April 11, 2012  More Solar on California Schools -- What a Bright Idea!
April 11, 2012  Is the Chevy Volt's payback period really 26 years?
April 11, 2012  Solar's New Competitor
April 11, 2012  Where Your Smartphone Energy Goes...
April 11, 2012  Bright Future for Alternative Energy With Greener Solar Cells
April 11, 2012  Betting On The Barrel: Experts Warn Speculation Is Helping Drive Up Oil Prices
April 11, 2012  No Relationship Between Renewable Energy Targets And Higher Electric Rates
April 11, 2012  A battery farm heads to Alaska
April 11, 2012  Global smart grid spending to reach $46.4B: report
April 11, 2012  Smart meter hacking costs millions per year?
April 11, 2012  Flying Auto Reviving Dreams of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
April 11, 2012  Starbucks reusing shipping containers for drive-through store
April 11, 2012  For China's leaders, inflation the least of their worries
April 11, 2012  As Mexico booms, Canadian exporters benefit
April 11, 2012  Higher oil prices fuel widening euro zone rift
April 11, 2012  FedEx and BP push the envelope with carbon-neutral deliveries
April 10, 2012  Biogas Technology: 'Cow Power' Catching On In The U.S.
April 10, 2012  Three Signs Of Hope And One Omen On Climate
April 10, 2012  Boeing, Embraer sign aviation pact
April 10, 2012  Smart screens to replace phone booths in NYC
April 10, 2012  China faces growing garbage problem
April 10, 2012  Brazil offers tax cuts, subsidies to help industry
April 10, 2012  Delta in the refinery business: A flight of fancy
April 10, 2012  China promises to strengthen environmental standards with new rare earth body
April 10, 2012  Kyocera reveals plans for Japan's largest solar farm
April 09, 2012  Electric DeLorean Price --- $95,000 & Up
April 09, 2012  Halotechnics -- Molten Glass Thermal Storage Could Mean 6 Cent Solar
April 09, 2012  Canada Rises and Saudi Slides: Top 15 Sources for U.S. Crude Oil Imports in 2011
April 09, 2012  Wireless EV Charging Gets a $4 Million Charge from DOE
April 09, 2012  Largest Rooftop Solar Power Plant in North America Formally Completed
April 09, 2012  Cheap Hydrogen Cars In A Decade, Researchers Say
April 09, 2012  New Solar Panel Kit Could Make Solar Easier for Homeowners
April 09, 2012  Chinese Coal City Switching to Solar
April 09, 2012  Lakotas Launch Hunger Strike Against Tar Sands Pipelines
April 09, 2012  Burrowing owls, Sierra Club, and the world's largest solar farm
April 09, 2012  Looking for the origins of the universe? Head to Chile
April 09, 2012  Your future tech home could look like this
April 09, 2012  Brooklyn to host nation's largest rooftop garden
April 09, 2012  Satellite technology soon to help planes land in Seattle
April 09, 2012  Despite promises that pipeline won't be "fast-tracked," aboriginals consider lawsuit
April 09, 2012  Toyota's Prius V: V is for versatile
April 09, 2012  The pain in Spain falls everywhere
April 09, 2012  Pain at the pumps starts to squeeze economy
April 09, 2012  Oil price salvation won't be found in the Bakken
April 06, 2012  Why We Complain About High Gas Prices
April 06, 2012  Vermont Yankee is Not Fukushima
April 06, 2012  How You Subsidize The Energy Giants To Wreck The Planet
April 06, 2012  Five Iconic Mountains Threatened By Climate Change
April 06, 2012  Past Extreme Warming Events Linked To Massive Carbon Release From Thawing Permafrost
April 06, 2012  Stopping Climate Change Would Cost Consumers Pennies Per Day, Concludes UK Report
April 06, 2012  'Clean' Coal Nonsense: New Industry Ad Claims 'Real Environmental Progress'
April 06, 2012  Pipeline review process hits another snag as second native band pulls out
April 05, 2012  Mackenzie pipeline partners chop spending on project
April 05, 2012  Will Social Media Help You Cut Home Energy Usage?
April 05, 2012  Midwest Company Sheds New Light on Solar Power
April 05, 2012  Waste Haulers, Power Companies See "Green" in a Fast-Growing Waste-to-Energy Market
April 05, 2012  Los Angeles Approves Pilot Plan to Buy Solar Power from Local Property Owners
April 05, 2012  Free Apps Drain Smartphone Energy On 'Advertising Modules'
April 05, 2012  Buying Bulbs Based on Lumens
April 05, 2012  Portable water purifiers: Keep sickness at bay
April 05, 2012  Jaguar roars back into sports cars
April 05, 2012  No more idling: Ford to offer "start-stop" feature on Fusion
April 05, 2012  Solving the next energy crisis, a million houses at a time
April 05, 2012  ETI seeks partners for cutting edge waste-to-energy and CCS plants
April 05, 2012  NASA and Nike reveal plan to tackle waste, the final frontier
April 05, 2012  Fisker predicts Atlantic will make waves after Karma troubles
April 05, 2012  Highly-efficient solar cells aim to power your iPhone
April 05, 2012  Siemens and Streetline team up for smart parking
April 05, 2012  World's carbon markets down 20 per cent in 2012
April 05, 2012  Speculators fuel high gasoline prices, analysts say
April 05, 2012  Suncor charged in spill offshore Newfoundland
April 05, 2012  Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers
April 04, 2012  Senate Republicans Agree to End Big Oil Subsidies After Watching Polar Bear Film
April 04, 2012  Lightweight Trains & Lighter Cars (New Material is 35% Lighter than Aluminum or Steel)
April 04, 2012  Largest EV Fast-Charging Network in US Rolls Out
April 04, 2012  98% Of Colorado In A Drought, Say Climatologists
April 04, 2012  Maryland Is On The Verge Of Becoming A Leader In Clean, Renewable Offshore Wind Energy
April 04, 2012  The cost of blunting peak oil
April 04, 2012  Move over graphene: Bamboo is the next wonder material
April 04, 2012  Scientists develop spider-silk solar batteries
April 04, 2012  Samsung and Hyundai sign up as Carbon Trust Standard reaches South Korea
April 04, 2012  Scotland approves Shetland's 370MW Viking wind farm
April 04, 2012  GE Hitachi brings in nuclear waste experts to aid Sellafield push
April 04, 2012  Government prepares blitz of clean energy announcements
April 04, 2012  B.C. greenhouse vegetable and flower growers get carbon-tax relief this year
April 04, 2012  The Keystone XL delay was a gift to Canada
April 03, 2012  Losses from Natural Disasters Reach New Peak in 2011
April 03, 2012  Self-Sculpting Sand: Heaps of 'Smart Sand' Could Assume Any Shape
April 03, 2012  Canada's Chalk River Lab could contribute to solving world's nuclear waste problems
April 03, 2012  Massive Dolphin Die-Offs In Gulf Of Mexico Have Researchers Looking At Link To BP Oil Spill
April 03, 2012  March Heat Records Crush Cold Records by Over 35 To 1
April 03, 2012  A turbine that makes water from the desert air
April 03, 2012  Canada no longer 'captive' to U.S. energy market, Harper says
April 03, 2012  Low natural gas price casts doubt on 'proven' reserves
April 03, 2012  Asian LNG giant eyes $5-billion Canadian acquisition
April 03, 2012  ReEnergise pledges to find hard-to-reach finance for green firms
April 03, 2012  Report: Broadband promises to upload low-carbon superhighway
April 03, 2012  EU carbon price plumbs new depths on weak emissions data
April 03, 2012  New life pumped into CCS with £1bn competition and roadmap
April 03, 2012  Prius enjoys record demand as petrol prices spiral
April 03, 2012  Greece touts green energy 2050 roadmap as key to economic recovery
April 02, 2012  Getting to the Moon On Drops of Fuel
April 02, 2012  'Drill, Baby, Drill' Gains In US Polls
April 02, 2012  Closing in on Climate Tipping Points
April 02, 2012  German Utilities Retreat from U.K. New Build
April 02, 2012  Lux Research Dissects Lithium-ion Battery Mythology
April 02, 2012  Huge CPV Solar Power Project to Bring Low-Cost Electricity, Green Jobs & Growth to Baja Mexico
April 02, 2012  Record-Smashing Warmth Leaves Ski Resorts Scrambling To Stay Open
April 02, 2012  Shale Oil 'Flaring' Is Dirty Secret Of U.S. Oil Boom
April 02, 2012  HEAT Stroke: House Energy Action Plan Reads Like A Bad April Fools Joke
April 02, 2012  Great Lakes Ice Cover Down 71% Since 1973
April 02, 2012  Could an invisible T-shirt make landfills disappear?
April 02, 2012  EnergyDeck to take energy management to the masses with free software
April 02, 2012  General Motors pulls funding from climate sceptic thinktank Heartland
April 02, 2012  SSE forms joint venture to develop £300m waste-to-energy plant
April 02, 2012  Obama edges forward with plans for Great Lakes wind farms
April 02, 2012  UPS delivers greener fleet for London Olympics
April 02, 2012  China's youth reveal 'startling' demand for low carbon goods
April 02, 2012  Q-Cells to file for insolvency tomorrow
March 30, 2012  The Canadian Oil Boom: Infographic
March 30, 2012  Natural Gas Leak off Scottish Coast --- Energy Giant Total Trying to Contain It
March 30, 2012  Six Questions to Ask a Venture Capitalist in the First Five Minutes
March 30, 2012  Electricity and Carbon Dioxide Used to Generate Alternative Fuel
March 30, 2012  First the Smart Phone - Now the Smart Home: Technology Meets Our Needs for Health, Efficiency
March 30, 2012  Compressed-Air Car Winds Way to Market
March 30, 2012  The Department Of Interior's Contradictory Policies On Arctic Drilling
March 30, 2012  Energy Transparency Laws Could Create 59,000 Jobs And Cut Energy Costs $18 Billion By 2020
March 30, 2012  47 Senators Side With Big Oil And Vote To Kill 37,000 American Wind Jobs
March 30, 2012  Civilization Is At Risk Absent 'Urgent And Large-Scale Action' Warns Planetary Summit
March 30, 2012  Shell's "renegades" on the hunt for green game-changers
March 30, 2012  Social housing solar developers prepare for latest cut to feed-in tariff
March 30, 2012  Green Button paves way for new commercial energy tools
March 30, 2012  Exclusive: Budget tax breaks for oil and gas will add a year's worth of emissions
March 30, 2012  PetroChina overtakes Exxon as top oil producer
March 30, 2012  Crude oil sees biggest two-day fall since December
March 30, 2012  Ottawa clears hurdles to resource development
March 30, 2012  Small firm keen to soar by cutting jet engine fuel consumption
March 29, 2012  Ferrari Hybrid in the Works (Confirmed)
March 29, 2012  The Beginning of the End for Coal?
March 29, 2012  Surprise! U.S. thinks nuclear energy is a good idea
March 29, 2012  Wind Turbines That Learn Like Humans
March 29, 2012  Playing at Home Energy Savings
March 29, 2012  Report Targets Growing Threat To Humanity From Food Insecurity And Climate Change
March 29, 2012  Investment pours into energy sector, despite challenges
March 29, 2012  Natural gas futures hit another 10-year low
March 29, 2012  Could Ford become the Dell of electric vehicles?
March 29, 2012  MuckBuster brings "waste-to-energy in a shipping container" to a canteen near you
March 29, 2012  Solar glass breakthrough promises to turn skyscrapers into power stations
March 29, 2012  US airlines drop case against EU carbon laws
March 29, 2012  Prepare for accelerating climate risks, IPCC says
March 29, 2012  UK emissions fall seven per cent as renewable energy soars
March 28, 2012  Harnessing American Resources To Create Jobs And Address Rising Gasoline Prices
March 28, 2012  Natural Gas Cloud Continues Leaking From North Sea Rig, Forcing Evacuation
March 28, 2012  Gas Industry Still Has Its Head In The Sand On Fracking
March 28, 2012  Obama plan cuts emissions for future coal plants
March 28, 2012  British SMEs set to lead demand for greener goods
March 28, 2012  Could the Climate Change Act be used to curb new gas-fired plants?
March 28, 2012  Light Car Sharing --- Electric Cars for All
March 28, 2012  Electric Bicycle Sales to Hit 47 Million per Year by 2018
March 28, 2012  Altaeros Energies' Floating Wind Turbines Tap Into Strong High Altitude Winds
March 28, 2012  Nuclear Power Plants Can Produce Hydrogen to Fuel the 'Hydrogen Economy'
March 28, 2012  Young Americans Are Driving Dramatically Less -- Will It Continue?
March 28, 2012  BP refinery leaks acid in Texas
March 28, 2012  Prepare for a new era of oil shocks
March 28, 2012  Rush to build pipelines aimed at breaking crude logjam
March 28, 2012  France weights oil release with U.K., U.S.
March 27, 2012  The Natural Gas Downgrades Are Coming
March 27, 2012  The Real Cost of Incentive Stock Options in Junior Resource Exploration
March 27, 2012  Germany --- 7.5 GW of New Solar Power in 2011 (Confirmed)
March 27, 2012  Nuclear Power Too Expensive, French Court Finds
March 27, 2012  Are You in Hot Water?
March 27, 2012  The Truth About Natural Gas From Shale
March 27, 2012  Nuclear energy like a fantastic vaccine?
March 27, 2012  Mysterious geological site spotted from space
March 27, 2012  Obama Carbon Pollution Rules Boost Cleaner Power
March 27, 2012  BP Oil Spill Caused 'Graveyard of Corals'
March 27, 2012  James Cameron's Record Dive Exposes Need For Global Protection Of The High Seas
March 27, 2012  G-Volution: Why two fuels are better than one
March 27, 2012  BMW and Toyota charge up electric car battery partnership
March 27, 2012  DECC makes last-ditch attempt to simplify Carbon Reduction Commitment
March 27, 2012  Whitefox reveals cunning plan to slash the cost of ethanol
March 27, 2012  Budget will tout Tory plan to ease environmental reviews
March 27, 2012  Oil discovered in Kenya for first time
March 27, 2012  Charges filed against Chevron, Transocean in Brazil
March 27, 2012  World oil import bill nears $2-trillion: IEA
March 26, 2012  Do the Rich Work Less as Their Taxes Increase?
March 26, 2012  Setting the Record Straight on U.S. Oil Reserves
March 26, 2012  Brown Liquor and Solar Cells to Provide Sustainable Electricity
March 26, 2012  Why Germany is Saying Good-Bye to Nuclear Power
March 26, 2012  The US and Saudi Arabia: A Renewed Partnership on Oil Markets?
March 26, 2012  Solar Powering Cars without Batteries
March 26, 2012  Power Plants: Could a Rechargeable Battery Be Made from Paper and Pulp By-Products?
March 26, 2012  Is North America the New Middle East for Oil?
March 26, 2012  Pond Scum To The Rescue? A Look Behind Obama's Support of Algae
March 26, 2012  World's First 6-MW Wind Turbine Constructed Offshore
March 26, 2012  World Water Day: Understanding Water Risk
March 26, 2012  Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports 3.1 Million U.S. Green Jobs: Top 5 Takeaways
March 26, 2012  India backs clean energy with new wave of tax breaks
March 26, 2012  Denmark overhauls green targets and commits to 50 per cent wind power
March 26, 2012  Can fossil fuels ever be replaced by renewables?
March 26, 2012  How seawater and greenhouses could solve Africa's food crisis
March 24, 2012  The JOBS Bill
March 24, 2012  Life After Oil - A Look at the Latest Clean Technology Developments
March 23, 2012  Gold Could Help Advance Fuel-Cell Technology
March 23, 2012  Australian-Made Tindo Solar Panels to Take on Chinese Giants?
March 23, 2012  Could a Biplane Bring Back Commercial Supersonic Travel?
March 23, 2012  Minnesota Electricity Could Be 100% Renewable, 100% Local
March 23, 2012  If We're Altering Rain, Hail, Any Doubts Left on Climate?
March 23, 2012  Unprecedented Event Since Modern U.S. Weather Records Began In The Late 19th Century'
March 23, 2012  'Solar Is Now Bankable' And 'Becoming Part Of A Much Broader Capital Market'
March 23, 2012  Commerce Department Announces Small Tariffs On Chinese Solar Panels
March 23, 2012  Australia's New Foreign Minister Talks About 'The Grim Reality' Of Manmade Climate Change
March 23, 2012  Investors Are Making Big Money On Renewable Energy
March 23, 2012  Boeing joins Airbus in EU carbon trading complaint
March 23, 2012  Coke and Nestlé back water saving programmes
March 23, 2012  McDonald's ploughs £1m into growing greener farms
March 23, 2012  Davey voices fears of looming "climate war" risk
March 23, 2012  Gamesa selects Leith for £125m offshore wind factory investment
March 23, 2012  Gasoline prices anger U.S. consumers
March 23, 2012  TransCanada looks east as Gateway pipeline gets bogged down
March 23, 2012  Athabasca oil sands: Making headlines, then and now
March 23, 2012  Billions in new power lines and hundreds in monthly bills -- the price of a boom for Alberta's power grid
March 22, 2012  The opposite of Goldman Sachs is ... Silicon Valley?
March 22, 2012  If The Durban Platform Opened A Window, Will India And China Close It?
March 22, 2012  Germany's $263 Billion Investment In Renewables Is Biggest Energy Shift Since World War II
March 22, 2012  How The Cell Phone Revolution Can Raise Millions Out Of Poverty And Help Fix The Climate
March 22, 2012  New Solar Cell Company Promises Solar Power for $0.50/Watt (Not Twin Creeks)
March 22, 2012  World Solar PV Market Grew Considerably in 2011
March 22, 2012  Can Obama Move Beyond 'Drill, Baby Drill'?
March 22, 2012  Focus On Technology Overlooks Human Behavior When Addressing Climate Change
March 22, 2012  Global Energy Hunger Leaves Little Room to Displace Dirty Fuels
March 22, 2012  Former CEO of Home Depot Canada takes reins of energy storage initiative
March 22, 2012  Over 1 Million Jobs on West Coast from Clean Economy Transition
March 22, 2012  New Rules to Add Momentum to Brazil's Solar Energy Drive
March 22, 2012  Electric Luxury SUV that Accelerates to 60 MPH in 4.4 Seconds. Meet the Model X.
March 22, 2012  More than a Car: The i-MiEV Is a Mobile Power Source
March 22, 2012  New Oil Spill in Brazil
March 22, 2012  Sainsbury's sees surge in solar supermarkets
March 22, 2012  Japan's Marubeni dives deeper into UK offshore wind with Seajacks buyout
March 22, 2012  Damage to oceans could cost $2tr by 2100
March 22, 2012  US solar manufacturers offer cautious welcome to Chinese import levy
March 22, 2012  Sun rises on Tanzania's largest solar scheme
March 22, 2012  Ampera orders race past 7,000 mark
March 22, 2012  Imperial CEO doesn't think Mackenzie pipeline is dead
March 22, 2012  Obama puts oil pipeline on fast track
March 16, 2012  Ocean Radiation Plume Hits Hawaii From Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown
March 16, 2012  After the Storm: The Hidden Health Risks of Flooding in a Warming World
March 16, 2012  Inhofe's Stunning Admission To Maddow on Global Warming
March 16, 2012  Hydrogen Vehicle Cleaning Switzerland Streets
March 16, 2012  U.S. Army Trains for Combat with Solar Power
March 16, 2012  "Perfect storm" has arrived for efforts to reduce carbon emissions
March 16, 2012  Implanted Biofuel Cell Operating in Living Snail
March 16, 2012  Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics
March 16, 2012  Researchers Create More Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells
March 16, 2012  Renewables industry urges government to clarify post-2020 targets
March 16, 2012  Huge gas finds put east Africa on the map
March 16, 2012  Xstrata sells stake in B.C. coal operation to JX Nippon
March 16, 2012  Tapping reserves to combat high oil prices is a bad habit
March 16, 2012  Commercially viable oil found off Irish coast
March 16, 2012  Green thinkers hit back at anti-nuclear letter
March 16, 2012  MEPs urge EU to raise their game on carbon cutting
March 15, 2012  Solar-Powered Housing for U.S. Military, from SolarCity & U.S. Bancorp
March 15, 2012  Navy Buys $60,000 Worth of EV Charging Stations
March 15, 2012  Lithium-Ion Battery Market to Grow 700% by 2017, New Report Finds
March 15, 2012  How Fukushima Led to a Radiation Panic
March 15, 2012  Is there a future in the US for renewables without federal incentives?
March 15, 2012  Why Coal-Rich Kosovo Can Lead on Clean Energy
March 15, 2012  China's Wind Energy Capacity Reached Record Levels in 2011
March 15, 2012  New Lows In The War On Science --- But This Time Science Wins One
March 15, 2012  Study Finds Tar Sands Has Higher CO2 Emissions Than Thought - 'Greenwashing'?
March 15, 2012  Rooftop Revolution: How To Get Solar To 100 Million People
March 15, 2012  Goldman Sachs Insider Resigns Over 'Toxic & Destructive' Culture | Global Ponzi Scheme?
March 15, 2012  The U.S. Decision on Chinese Solar Panel Imports
March 15, 2012  U.S., Britain to agree on emergency oil stocks release
March 15, 2012  Shell confirms it has faced legal action over climate change
March 15, 2012  RenewableUK asks government to dig deep for wave and tidal sector
March 15, 2012  OECD demands immediate green action to avoid 'grim' future
March 15, 2012  The British are coming: UK prepares clean tech trade mission to US
March 14, 2012  Where's the Action on Climate Change?
March 14, 2012  Californians Can Now Drive Ford Focus Electric in HOV Lanes
March 14, 2012  Defense Department Releases Roadmap to Transform Energy Use in Military Operations
March 14, 2012  Study Suggests Corn Ethanol Can't Get There From Here
March 14, 2012  Congressional Inaction May Halt $100M Arkansas Wind Manufacturing Plant
March 14, 2012  RESTORE Act: Fueling a New Future for the Gulf Coast
March 14, 2012  Poll: 66% Blame Big Oil and MidEast Countries For High Gas Prices, 23% Blame Obama
March 14, 2012  Report: Global Warming Doubles Extreme Coastal Flood Risk Across U.S.
March 14, 2012  Decrying federal 'bully tactics,' B.C. natives vow to block pipeline
March 14, 2012  Wales puts marine and nuclear at heart of green energy master plan
March 14, 2012  Electrical efficiency standards could save US firms $1tr
March 14, 2012  Nobel economists urge Obama to back EU aviation carbon plan
March 14, 2012  US corporates fuel solar boom as installations more than double
March 13, 2012  US, EU and Japan challenge China on rare earths at WTO
March 13, 2012  Successful Cleantech Cooperation in China
March 13, 2012  Window Film Most Cost-Effective Energy Conservation Solution, Study Finds
March 13, 2012  Future Airplanes Could Get Power from Themselves
March 13, 2012  Latin America's Largest Wind Project to Power Mexico Coca-Cola, Heineken, OXXO
March 13, 2012  Israeli Researchers See Biofuel Potential in Seaweed
March 13, 2012  Coal Power Drops Below 40% of U.S. Electricity, Lowest in 33 Years
March 13, 2012  Breaking Quaking News: Ohio Finds Fracking Waste Injection Well Caused 12 Earthquakes
March 13, 2012  What's Wrong With Climate Change Economics In One Chart
March 13, 2012  Engine Failure: GOP's Signature Highway Bill Sputters, Dies
March 13, 2012  Government launches £20m carbon capture innovation fund
March 13, 2012  Microsoft to track global footprint with CarbonSystems roll out
March 13, 2012  UK "over a barrel" on new nuclear, campaigners warn
March 13, 2012  The end of supply chains and the start of "supply loops"
March 13, 2012  Solar, wind and biofuel markets smash revenue records
March 12, 2012  Four Steps To Protect The Arctic, Our Final Ocean Frontier
March 12, 2012  White Roofs Cool the Heck out of NYC Apartments
March 12, 2012  Trillion Dollar Answer to Bachmann's Light Bulb Question
March 12, 2012  New Tidal Power Generator to be Installed in Maine
March 12, 2012  Here Comes the Sun!
March 12, 2012  Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown --- The Unsensationalized Version
March 12, 2012  Algonquin Power to buy 4 U.S. wind farms
March 12, 2012  Global accord on nuclear safety needed urgently -- World Energy Council
March 12, 2012  Airbus blames EU carbon trading row for falling Chinese orders
March 12, 2012  Morgan revs up electric sports car with manual transmission
March 12, 2012  Obama touts $1bn green car tax break plan
March 11, 2012  Rethinking Nuclear Power
March 10, 2012  Montana Cannot Charge Rent for Hydropower Dams, Rules U.S. Supreme Court
March 09, 2012  EPA to Keep Thresholds in Step 3 of Tailoring Rule for GHG Permits
March 08, 2012  Poland poised to block strengthening of EU climate targets
March 08, 2012  McDonald's exemption from Olympics' sustainable food standards
March 07, 2012  Fukushima "world's first floating offshore wind farm"
March 07, 2012  The Water Challenge: sharing a precious commodity
March 06, 2012  Buffett Breaks Fresh Ground for Renewable Power Financing
March 06, 2012  VW shifts up a gear in pursuit of green goals
March 06, 2012  Independent DOE Loan Program Review Finds Room for Improvement
March 05, 2012  Lack of progress on shipping emissions may force EU's hand
March 05, 2012  Global finance community seeks action on carbon emissions reductions
March 05, 2012  U.S. Army Solicits Industry Feedback for $7 Billion in Upcoming Renewable Power Contracts
March 04, 2012  NIST Releases New Smart Grid Interoperability Standards
March 03, 2012  GenOn to Shutter 3 GW of Coal Capacity in Penn., Ohio, and N.J
March 02, 2012  Canadian oil sands producers launch environmental performance alliance
March 02, 2012  Hiring Humor: American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Seeks New President ... On Craigslist
March 02, 2012  Obama Makes His Case On Gas Prices With Chart Showing Drop in Foreign Oil Dependence
March 02, 2012  Economist William Nordhaus Slams Global Warming Deniers, Explains Cost of Delay is $4 Trillion
March 02, 2012  Bill Gates Calls For More Energy Research Funding
March 02, 2012  U.S. Retrofits could yield $1 trillion of energy savings and create 3.3 million job years
March 02, 2012  Exotic Material Boosts Electromagnetism Safely
March 02, 2012  GE (NYSE:GE) Bullish on Solar
March 02, 2012  And a Nissan Leaf for All (in the United States)
March 02, 2012  How Wind Turbines Work
March 02, 2012  Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 Introduced
March 02, 2012  Generating Power from Salty Water: Unique Salt Allows Energy Production to Move Inland
March 02, 2012  Residential Combined Heat and Power
March 02, 2012  Ontario Power Generation inks $600-million initial deal for nuclear refurbish plan
March 02, 2012  Facing intense heat, oil sands firms ink deal to share green technologies
March 02, 2012  'Walking the talk' and going green pays off for Oxfam
March 02, 2012  Why climate change is not on India's radar
March 02, 2012  How to turn sewage plants into power stations
March 02, 2012  Green car boost as fuel prices hit record high
March 01, 2012  VCs Pumped $280M into 35 Crowdsourcing Startups Last Year, New Report Says
March 01, 2012  Governments Embrace Voluntary Carbon Offset Market
March 01, 2012  Gatwick solar system hailed a runway success
March 01, 2012  GE solar investments top $1.4bn in the last year
March 01, 2012  Nine More Dirty, Aging Coal Plants Set to Close, Bringing Total U.S. Retirements to 106
March 01, 2012  More Drilling Won't Lower Gas Prices
March 01, 2012  The Arctic Death Spiral Continues: Thick, Multi-Year Sea Ice Melting Faster, NASA Study Finds
March 01, 2012  Envia EV Battery --- Potential Breakthrough
March 01, 2012  How Helpless Are We in the Face of Rising Oil Prices?
March 01, 2012  World's Oldest Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down Today
March 01, 2012  Silicon, Solar Power & Manufacturing: China Continues to Play by Its Own Rules
March 01, 2012  The Spray Foam Industry: Moving to Soy?
March 01, 2012  How German Solar Has Made All German Electricity Cheaper
March 01, 2012  E-Trains and Energy Storage
March 01, 2012  Australia Solar Flagships: Moree Solar Farm Rebids
February 29, 2012  BPA to Upgrade Pacific Direct Current Intertie
February 29, 2012  Fire Ravages UK's Flagship Coal-to-Biomass 750-MW Tilbury Station
February 29, 2012  Moisture from Blizzard of '78 Caused Cracks in Davis-Besse Shield Building, FENOC Says
February 29, 2012  AEI Economist Zycher Makes Head-Exploding Claims About Cost of Renewables
February 29, 2012  Canada Makes Billions From Tar Sands, Can't Fund Key Arctic Climate Research Station
February 29, 2012  What 'Left' and 'Right' Really Mean on Climate Change
February 29, 2012  Renewables Now Cheaper than Coal in Michigan, Could Be $5-Billion Industry
February 29, 2012  Small modular reactors in Iowa?
February 29, 2012  Federal Agencies Respond to Risks of Climate Change
February 29, 2012  Smart Lighting Control Technology Can Cut Lighting Electricity Use 60%, Company Claims
February 29, 2012  Renewable Energy Investment Attractiveness: China #1, US #2, Germany #3
February 29, 2012  London's Iconic Red Buses Getting 2 Times More Efficient, but...
February 29, 2012  Self-Storage Facilities Choose to Embrace Green Energy Practices
February 29, 2012  "Let there be green energy," says Church of England
February 29, 2012  Food giants cook up sustainable beef masterplan
February 29, 2012  Boiler checks could save businesses £400m a year
February 29, 2012  AT&T to provide eco-scores for all mobile phones
February 29, 2012  Intelligent Energy charged up with $35m fuel cell funding round
February 28, 2012  Germany Solar Subsidy Cut Highlights Policy Risk for Clean Energy
February 28, 2012  FTSE accelerates green push with new Carbon Strategy indices
February 28, 2012  Top Ten Highlights of Cleantech in Florida
February 28, 2012  World's Largest EV Bus & Taxi Fleet Gets 1,500 Vehicles Larger
February 28, 2012  Hawaii's Largest Wind Power Project Now Under Construction
February 28, 2012  Denmark Offers Best Conditions for Clean Technology Growth, Report Says
February 28, 2012  4 out of 5 Americans Affected by Weather-Related Disasters Since 2006, Study Finds
February 28, 2012  One Quarter of Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From Fossil Fuels
February 28, 2012  Classic Maya Civilization Collapse Related to Modest Rainfall Reductions
February 28, 2012  EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules Head Back to Court
February 28, 2012  Bad Acid Trip: USGS Study Finds Humans Are Acidifying 'The Air, Oceans, Freshwaters And Soils'
February 28, 2012  'All of the Above': Obama Names His Failed Presidency
February 28, 2012  New Lithium Ion Batteries Could Cut Costs In Half, Nearly Triple Energy Density
February 28, 2012  Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline: Splitting the Project Means Double the Trouble
February 28, 2012  Emissions from shipping to be regulated
February 28, 2012  Rethinking Carbon Dioxide: From a Pollutant to an Asset
February 28, 2012  German Green Building Pavilion DAS HAUS Is Coming to Canada
February 28, 2012  First-of-its-kind Global Cleantech Innovation Index Published
February 28, 2012  Hebron oil project could generate $20-billion for Newfoundland: review
February 28, 2012  TransCanada forges ahead with Keystone XL southern leg
February 28, 2012  Wind power still gets lower public subsidies than fossil fuel tax breaks
February 28, 2012  Ernst & Young: Green energy investors turned on to UK opportunity
February 28, 2012  DECC dishes out first grant from £5m offshore wind supply chain pot
February 28, 2012  EU vote expected to back plan to prop up carbon price
February 28, 2012  Obama angers green businesses with support for Keystone Plan B
February 28, 2012  FTSE accelerates green push with new Carbon Strategy indices
February 27, 2012  First-of-its-kind Global Cleantech Innovation Index Published
February 27, 2012  U.S. Could Site 952 GW of New Capacity, Water Use & Plant Footprints Considered
February 27, 2012  Surging oil prices weigh on world markets
February 27, 2012  The levy is high: BP's reckoning in New Orleans
February 27, 2012  Small Wind Power
February 27, 2012  The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Industries: Ten Trends to Watch in 2012 and Beyond
February 27, 2012  Biofuels Markets and Technologies
February 27, 2012  Energy Storage Systems for Ancillary Services
February 27, 2012  624 Million Utility Customers Worldwide Will Use Social Media to Engage with their Utilities by 2017
February 27, 2012  Incentives Spur Solar Power Growth in Ukraine
February 27, 2012  Tobacco Goes from Dark Side Villain to Biofuel Hero
February 27, 2012  SolarCity & Shea Homes Bring You the "No Electricity Bill" Home
February 27, 2012  Drilling alone won't bring cheap U.S. oil
February 27, 2012  Oil prices could hit $150 a barrel if Israel attacks Iran
February 27, 2012  Waxman and Markey attempt to reignite US carbon tax debate
February 27, 2012  China responds to solar glut by upping production targets
February 24, 2012  Two Small Wind Turbines Get Certified
February 24, 2012  141-MPG Plug-in Volkswagen Golf by 2015
February 24, 2012  Wanted: Energy Storage
February 24, 2012  Hey, You're Not Gonna Throw That Out Are You?
February 24, 2012  Without Competition, Oil Companies to Suck Money Out of Our Wallets
February 24, 2012  Ohio Ballot Initiative Could Create $13 Billion Clean Energy Fund
February 24, 2012  "Invisible" Solar Panels are on the Way
February 24, 2012  More Powerful Electric Cars: Mechanism Behind Capacitor's High-Speed Energy Storage Discovered
February 24, 2012  Aircraft of the Future Could Capture and Re-Use Some of Their Own Power
February 24, 2012  South African Fuel-Free Generator Preparing for Market
February 24, 2012  Green energy's deadly doldrums
February 24, 2012  Can I recycle my hunk of junk?
February 24, 2012  "Pay as you go" solar lights up world's newest country
February 24, 2012  Lego owners plough $530m into offshore wind turbines
February 24, 2012  BASF beats 2020 green goals nine years early
February 24, 2012  Germany makes deep cut to solar subsidy with two weeks' notice
February 24, 2012  Businesses urged to dive into World Bank's $1.5bn Global Partnership for Oceans
February 23, 2012  Tiny, Implantable Medical Device Can Propel Itself Through Bloodstream
February 23, 2012  Putting Africa On A Clean Power Path
February 23, 2012  Coal Consumption in China Rises at Fastest Rate Since 2005
February 23, 2012  Time to Tap the Strategic Oil Reserves?
February 23, 2012  GOP Politicians Not Listening To Even Conservative Scientists On Climate Change
February 23, 2012  NASA: Earth Is Losing Half A Trillion Tons Of Ice A Year
February 23, 2012  Washington 'jackasses' blamed for Keystone XL delay
February 23, 2012  Transport Canada gives Enbridge nod for supertanker route
February 23, 2012  Manchester United scores green goal with environmental standard
February 23, 2012  Prince Charles backs Tamar's green power plans
February 23, 2012  South Africa set for carbon tax in 2013
February 23, 2012  EU bullish as opponents confirm aviation trade war threats
February 23, 2012  Tesco and Unilever beef up rainforest protection efforts
February 23, 2012  Oil hits record highs as Iran fears intensify
February 23, 2012  Updated: Ministers face EU tar sands decision as key vote ends in stalemate
February 22, 2012  GE "Forcing" Employees Into Chevy Volts
February 22, 2012  300 New MW of Clean, Renewable Energy for SDG&E
February 22, 2012  The Quiet Clean Mining Revolution
February 22, 2012  Is Asia the next big LNG market for the US?
February 22, 2012  Honduras Builds First Wind Farm, And Builds It Big

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