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February 22, 2012  Companies Could Save Tons with Electric Vehicles, MIT Study Finds
February 22, 2012  Coal's changing economics trigger new view of future
February 22, 2012  Wind Power Comes to Fukushima
February 22, 2012  B.C. Liberals announce review of province's carbon tax
February 22, 2012  Oil sands proponents get a PR boost
February 22, 2012  Rick Santorum slams Obama's "phoney climate theology"
February 22, 2012  Novozyme: new enzyme brings biofuels into petrol cost bracket
February 22, 2012  Vattenfall to flick switch on giant Ormonde offshore wind farm
February 22, 2012  Russia fires first shot in EU aviation emissions trade war
February 22, 2012  Hendry: UK's nuclear reactor fleet could be extended beyond 2025
February 22, 2012  Climate Change Capital set to be acquired by Bunge
February 21, 2012  Global Warming Made 2010 Russian Heatwave Three Times More Likely, Say Researchers
February 21, 2012  How we can use tax breaks to help rebuild our infrastructure
February 21, 2012  Floating Wind Farm to be Built off Fukushima
February 21, 2012  The Cost of $100 Crude
February 21, 2012  Clean Energy Could Supply U.S. with 70% of Electricity by 2030, NOAA Director Says
February 21, 2012  Report: Global Biofuels Market Could Double To $185.3 Billion By 2021
February 21, 2012  Cheaper Solar Power for Africans and South Asians
February 21, 2012  Canada's oil sands: Not so dirty after all
February 21, 2012  Atlantis in talks to create joint tidal and wind farm
February 21, 2012  Could floating wind turbines wash up at Wave Hub?
February 21, 2012  Climate scientist Peter Gleick admits he leaked Heartland Institute documents
February 21, 2012  Carbon Trust backs fuel-cell pioneers with £1m funding
February 21, 2012  Apple polishes green credentials with giant 20MW solar array
February 20, 2012  Tongan Government Moves Forward on Goal for 50% Renewable Energy by 2015
February 20, 2012  US Virgin Islands Launches 15-Year Energy Initiative to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 60%
February 20, 2012  Deja Vu All Over Again: Congressional Republicans Intent on Nixing Wind, Renewable Energy Growth
February 20, 2012  A Harsh Winter for Sinovel and China's Wind Industry
February 20, 2012  Undersea vents a 'time machine' on climate change
February 20, 2012  Trina Solar to roll out high-efficiency cells following $100m loan
February 20, 2012  GE and Carbon Trust launch $5m low carbon infrastructure fund
February 20, 2012  Opponents discuss 'countermeasures' to EU's aviation CO2 plan
February 20, 2012  Canada threatens trade war with EU over tar sands
February 20, 2012  Report: E.ON to sell German offshore wind stakes to fund larger projects
February 20, 2012  ExxonMobil hit with record €3.3m penalty for failing to report CO2
February 20, 2012  Environmental factors must be included in GDP, say scientists
February 18, 2012  Price of diesel 'hits new record high'
February 17, 2012  Cape Wind Secures Contracts for 75% of Power
February 17, 2012  House Passes "Worst Transportation Bill Ever" to Force Keystone XL, Open Oil Shale
February 17, 2012  80% of Independent Voters (& Majority of Americans) Opposed to Fossil Fuel Subsidies
February 17, 2012  Czechs temper their nuclear ambitions
February 17, 2012  DOE Budget a Bonanza for Battery Builders
February 17, 2012  Low-Carbon Technologies 'No Quick-Fix': May Not Lessen Global Warming Until Late This Century
February 17, 2012  Edward Davey opens world's biggest offshore windfarm
February 17, 2012  Obama Hikes Royalties on Oil Industry by 50%
February 17, 2012  Natural gas to fuel B.C.'s new economy
February 17, 2012  Siemens jumps feet first into tidal power with Marine Current Turbines buyout
February 17, 2012  UK to ink nuclear cooperation deal with France
February 17, 2012  US wind industry warns 37,000 jobs at risk if tax credit lapses
February 17, 2012  EU edges towards carbon price support measures
February 16, 2012  Keystone XL: Five Stories the Media Have Missed
February 16, 2012  Senators Take Emergency Oil Reserve Hostage to Force Keystone Approval
February 16, 2012  Cold Cash, Cool Climate: To Solve Climate Change, What Kind of Government Do We Want?
February 16, 2012  Secret Clean Energy Stash Discovered in Oceans
February 16, 2012  Land of the Rising Sun: Japan's Surging Sales of Residential Solar PV
February 16, 2012  Aquamarine Power To Connect Wave Energy Generator To UK National Grid
February 16, 2012  Biofuels Update: How is the Industry Doing?
February 16, 2012  Iran brandishes double threat of oil blockade, nuclear advance
February 16, 2012  Industry to challenge solar cost report in fight against deep incentive cuts
February 16, 2012  KPMG: Hidden environmental production costs equal 41 per cent of earnings
February 16, 2012  Gore: ignoring carbon risks repeat of sub-prime mortgage crisis
February 16, 2012  US leads charge on black carbon reduction
February 15, 2012  DOE to Spend Millions to Strengthen U.S. Competitiveness in Global Nuclear Sector
February 15, 2012  AEP to Trim Coal Retirement Capacity
February 15, 2012  New Mexico Tosses Out Cap-and-Trade Program
February 15, 2012  U.S Solar Installations Rise 67% in Q4 2011 Due to Price Drops, Expiring Incentives
February 15, 2012  Aluminum Smelting Inspires Hot New Battery
February 15, 2012  New Data: Nuclear Down, Carbon Intensity Up in Japan
February 15, 2012  Brazilian Ministry of Environment & National Development Bank Launch to Reduce Carbon Emissions
February 15, 2012  Why Is the Nissan Leaf Selling Faster than the Chevy Volt?
February 15, 2012  World's Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant Hits Milestone
February 15, 2012  Hertz Tests Wireless EV Charging in the U.S.
February 15, 2012  Oil prices climb; Iran to halt exports to 6 EU countries
February 15, 2012  Carbon market: there's still time
February 15, 2012  Cost of green jet fuel could match kerosene by 2018
February 15, 2012  UK carbon market expertise in demand ahead of Aussie trading scheme
February 15, 2012  Trump steps up attack on Scottish government over offshore wind plans
February 14, 2012  Pendulum in Solar Swings from Europe Towards New Markets
February 14, 2012  Activists Launch a "Signature Bomb" to Stop Congress from Forcing Tar Sands Pipeline
February 14, 2012  President Obama's Oil Change: Cut Tax Breaks, Invest in Jobs
February 14, 2012  Understanding the Next Generation of Chinese Leaders to Solve Shared Challenges
February 14, 2012  Companies Cut Drilling as Natural Gas Prices Continue Dropping
February 14, 2012  Green Homes to Grow 5-Fold by 2016
February 14, 2012  First Nuclear License in 40 Years: A Step Forward, Backward or Running in Place?
February 14, 2012  What Does a Coup in the Maldives Mean for Climate Change?
February 14, 2012  Green Office or E-Office: Which is Better for Business and the Environment?
February 14, 2012  U.S Navy Joins Biofuels with Battleship: The [Green] Movie
February 14, 2012  Arctic Oil Drilling Threatens Polar Bear Birthing Grounds
February 14, 2012  Olympics green watchdog fires starting pistol on six-month countdown
February 14, 2012  IKEA powers up stronger solar commitment, new EV charging stations
February 14, 2012  Pressure mounts on EU over aviation emissions trading
February 14, 2012  Tesla unveils electric SUV "faster than a Porsche 911"
February 14, 2012  Ready, set, go for London Olympics electric vehicle fleet
February 14, 2012  Obama budget proposal promises surge in clean tech investment
February 14, 2012  Aquamarine to make waves with first array
February 10, 2012  World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opening Today
February 10, 2012  Clean-Energy-Loving Germany Increasingly Exporting Electricity to Nuclear-Heavy France
February 10, 2012  Solar Power Capacity Increased 54% in 2011
February 10, 2012  New Battery Could Lead to Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Energy
February 10, 2012  Bombshell Study: High Methane Emissions "May Offset Climate Benefits of Natural Gas"
February 10, 2012  Global Ice Loss from 2003-2010 Could "Cover the Entire United States in One and Half Feet of Water"
February 10, 2012  World's largest concentrated solar power tower completed
February 10, 2012  Green light for easyJet's electric taxi-ing pilot
February 09, 2012  Electric Car Tops Out Greenest Vehicle List
February 09, 2012  Solar Power to Pay Nevada City's Debt, Government Costs for Decades
February 09, 2012  Great Lakes Wind Can Invigorate Wisconsin's Economy
February 09, 2012  Radioactive medicine without the nuclear headache
February 09, 2012  Stewardship Ontario headed for fee overhaul
February 09, 2012  U.S. approves first new nuclear plant in a generation
February 09, 2012  Alberta bets energy rush won't stop
February 09, 2012  UK to lead on green accounting at Rio+20
February 09, 2012  Need a recharging point now? You're just a click away
February 09, 2012  Could Iran sanctions spark green revolution?
February 09, 2012  Ocean Energy set to plug into Cornwall's Wave Hub
February 09, 2012  Barker tells solar industry to "get real" over feed-in tariff cuts
February 08, 2012  Switch off the lights, here comes the sun
February 08, 2012  Reduce your environmental footprint, one step at a time
February 08, 2012  Canada in wind power top 10
February 08, 2012  California's Green Economy Doubled Performance of Total Economy During Downturn
February 08, 2012  Masdar City to be Complete by 2025?
February 08, 2012  German-Saudi Partnership to Build Polysilicon Plant in Red Sea City
February 08, 2012  Sierra Club admits taking money to promote natural gas over coal
February 08, 2012  Cincinnati Explores 100% Renewable Energy Plan
February 08, 2012  Tesco to tackle food waste with "revolutionary" packaging trial
February 08, 2012  South Korea vote paves way for carbon trading scheme
February 08, 2012  Triodos ramps up green lending 36 per cent
February 08, 2012  Greenpeace praises Google, slams Apple in latest green IT ranking
February 08, 2012  Report calls on EU to redirect €1tr budget to boost green growth
February 07, 2012  Doonesbury Takes on the Climate Change Deniers
February 07, 2012  Is Climate Change Bringing the Arctic to Europe?
February 07, 2012  BP Made $3 Million An Hour In 2011, While Spill Victims Continued To Suffer
February 07, 2012  Obama Administration Approves Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Farm
February 07, 2012  New Record for High Concentration Phovoltaic Solar Modules
February 07, 2012  British Gas SME energy service to help tackle "invisible" consumption
February 07, 2012  Global wind energy capacity soars by a fifth to 238GW
February 07, 2012  All SMILEs as Intelligent Energy and Suzuki form new fuel cell venture
February 07, 2012  KPMG refuses to release controversial green energy report
February 06, 2012  NASA: Human Activity, Not Solar Activity, Drives Global Warming
February 06, 2012  How to Make Electricity Using Plants and Sunshine
February 06, 2012  New Cuban Crisis Threatens Florida's Coasts
February 06, 2012  Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies Alone Could Accomplish Half of World's Carbon Reduction Goals
February 06, 2012  Biosolar Breakthrough Promises Cheap, Easy Green Electricity
February 06, 2012  GM, Bullfrog team to make Volt greener
February 06, 2012  Use Rio+20 to overhaul idea of growth, urges EU climate chief
February 06, 2012  EU wind energy capacity grew 11 per cent during 2011
February 06, 2012  China bans airlines from EU emissions reduction scheme
February 03, 2012  Is Warren Buffet's Utility Betting On Clean Energy?
February 03, 2012  Kyocera Launches Its "Highest-Output" Solar Panel
February 03, 2012  Mexico Finalizes Climate Bill to Cap Carbon
February 03, 2012  Putting a Freeze on Arctic Ocean Drilling: America's Inability to Respond to an Oil Spill in the Arctic
February 03, 2012  India leads the world in cleantech investment growth
February 03, 2012  US army fires off $60m contracts for green energy
February 03, 2012  Republicans step up attacks on Obama's green agenda
February 03, 2012  US offshore wind leasing round to take off this year
February 02, 2012  Japanese Cleantech Launch Integrated Solar PV-Energy Storage & Management System
February 02, 2012  Coal on the Ropes: In One Week, 4,099 MW of U.S. Coal Plants Are Set to Close or Hung Up in Court
February 02, 2012  Ocean "Hotspots" Warming 2-3 times Faster Than Global Average Rate
February 02, 2012  ExxonMobil Makes $41 Billion, But Pays Estimated 17.6% Tax Rate, Lower Than Most Taxpayers
February 02, 2012  Zero-energy building market "to reach $1.3tr" by 2035
February 02, 2012  Atlantis sails down to Narec's new test bench
February 02, 2012  How mandatory carbon reporting will help, not hinder, the market
February 02, 2012  US cleantech venture capital falls 4.5 per cent
February 01, 2012  Phase-Out of Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Commit to Low-Carbon Energy
February 01, 2012  3 Dozen Top Climate Scientists Slam Murdoch's 16 Posers: "Dentists Practicing Cardiology"
February 01, 2012  Which is greener, paper or plastic? You might be surprised
February 01, 2012  India's wheels of fortune
February 01, 2012  Blue chips told to clean up their supply chain
February 01, 2012  MSCI to rate countries' exposure to environmental risks
February 01, 2012  Ford accelerates waste and water goals
February 01, 2012  Congress to pass bill opposing EU aircraft emissions rules
January 31, 2012  Traction Evident in Electric Vehicle Sector Despite Energy Blip
January 31, 2012  Will California Be the New Clean Car Capital of the World?
January 31, 2012  Saudi Oil Minister Calls Global Warming "Humanity's Most Pressing Concern"
January 31, 2012  Canada highly vulnerable to environmental change - NASA
January 31, 2012  Green corporate spending to soar by recession-busting 16 per cent a year
January 31, 2012  Samsung joins renewables jobs surge with plans for Scottish wind turbine plant
January 31, 2012  Indian bid to cut aviation emissions set for takeoff
January 30, 2012  Wind energy enjoys gale force boost to power output
January 30, 2012  UK takes lead on £3bn public-private green fund
January 30, 2012  California green lights tough low carbon car standards
January 30, 2012  China Moves to Lower Carbon Emissions
January 30, 2012  With Billions Living Close to the Shore, Protecting Our Oceans Isn't Just a Conservation Issue
January 30, 2012  Bill Gates Warns Climate Change Threatens Food Security
January 30, 2012  GOP aims to force Obama into Keystone decision all over again
January 30, 2012  Debt crisis forces Spain to halt green energy subsidy scheme
January 30, 2012  BP shuts down Shetland oil leak
January 27, 2012  After the nuclear disaster, Japan considers a green future
January 27, 2012  Balfour Beatty constructs closed-loop recycling model
January 27, 2012  GM to launch industry's first eco-label for cars
January 27, 2012  US wind installations grew 31 per cent in 2011
January 27, 2012  Experts cast doubt on Japan nuclear plant tests
January 27, 2012  What next for the world's greenest city?
January 27, 2012  The silent alarm of climate change
January 27, 2012  Survey: Profit incentive derailing sustainability
January 26, 2012  London Assembly slams Boris' green budget "failure"
January 26, 2012  Electricity Priced by the Hour Boosts Distributed Solar Value by a Third or More
January 26, 2012  Scientists hail algae biofuel breakthrough
January 26, 2012  "Exorbitant" carbon floor price will not reduce emissions
January 26, 2012  Firms unsure of legal duty to report emissions
January 25, 2012  Government Investment in Renewable Energy as Popular as Death of Osama bin Laden
January 25, 2012  Ocean Waves Power a Prototype Turbine at Newport Beach
January 25, 2012  Low Carbon Workplace programme hits "critical mass" as fund clears £100m
January 25, 2012  "Revolutionary" biofuels company raises $55.8m in funding round
January 25, 2012  Energy storage economically viable within five years
January 25, 2012  This time it's personal: WSP revamps personal carbon trading programme
January 25, 2012  Obama sets out 'all-of-the-above' clean energy policy
January 25, 2012  Solar court ruling - the end of the beginning?
January 24, 2012  Natural Gas Is A Bridge To Nowhere --- Absent a Serious Price for Global Warming Pollution
January 24, 2012  Ofgem speeds up £7bn plan to rewire low-carbon Scotland
January 24, 2012  New York tidal project ready to go with flow
January 24, 2012  Sun rises on Manhattan's highest rooftop solar scheme
January 24, 2012  Better Place launches electric car battery-swap model in Israel
January 24, 2012  EU launches attempt to deliver shipping emissions trading scheme
January 23, 2012  America's Oil Production Grew Faster Than Any Country in Last Three Years
January 23, 2012  Carbon Dioxide Is "Driving Fish Crazy" and Threatening Their Survival, Study Finds
January 23, 2012  Ecotricity aims to make a splash with new marine energy business
January 23, 2012  UK at the forefront of Europe's 866MW offshore wind surge
January 23, 2012  China hits back at US wind turbine import investigation
January 23, 2012  Oil prices set to climb after EU reportedly agrees Iranian export ban
January 23, 2012  GOP mulls tying Keystone approval to payroll tax bill
January 23, 2012  US health experts dismiss "Wind Turbine Syndrome"
January 20, 2012  Young Drivers Prefer Electric Vehicles, Survey Finds
January 20, 2012  Californian utilities embrace Green Button project to unleash energy data
January 20, 2012  Green Biologics merger to open up new biofuels markets
January 20, 2012  Legal challenge threatens UK's new nuclear plans
January 20, 2012  US confirms it will investigate China and Vietnam wind tower firms
January 19, 2012  BP: Renewables growth to outstrip fossil fuels
January 19, 2012  Abu Dhabi investment fund targets UK waste sector
January 19, 2012  Barker addresses uncertainty over solar feed-in tariffs with March cut-off date
January 19, 2012  Election battle looms as Obama rejects Keystone pipeline
January 19, 2012  Environmentalists Hail Decision to Deny Pipeline Permit; GOP Vows to Force Approval
January 19, 2012  Situation Normal, All Fracked Up: Obama embraces fracking
January 18, 2012  DOE Reports: Tides, Waves Could Generate 15% of Nation's Power by 2030
January 18, 2012  EDF Withdraws Opposition to Exelon-Constellation Merger
January 18, 2012  Vestas Institutes Reorganization, Braces for Wind Market Slowdown
January 18, 2012  EPA GHG Reporting Program Data: Power Plants Were Largest Emitters of CO2 in 2010
January 18, 2012  China Warns of "Extremely Grim Ecological and Environmental Conditions" From Global Warming
January 18, 2012  Report: "Green Shift" could save heavy industry over $2tr
January 18, 2012  SunEdison touts $4.6bn plan for Japanese solar farms
January 18, 2012  UKH2Mobility promises to kickstart hydrogen vehicle drive
January 18, 2012  Government rejects latest "flawed" report on cost of renewable energy policies
January 17, 2012  Eight19 looks to expand "pay as you go" solar across Africa
January 17, 2012  Alstom and SSE announce plan for "world's largest" wave farm
January 17, 2012  Salmond reassures renewables industry independence push will not disrupt investment
January 17, 2012  Boost for Green Van Man as plug-in grant scheme survives
January 17, 2012  Nuclear phase-outs threaten surge in coal emissions
January 16, 2012  UN carbon offsets hit record low amidst fears over "grey" credits
January 16, 2012  MoD radar breakthrough promises green light to 4GW of wind farms
January 16, 2012  Wen Jiabao: Chinese renewable energy share tops 11 per cent
January 16, 2012  US carbon trading "to reach $782m" in 2012
January 16, 2012  Energy Efficiency Rocks --- Rebound Effect Overblown
January 16, 2012  US Transport Industry Plotting to Put More EVs on the Road
January 13, 2012  Direct Data from Largest US Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Available Online for First Time
January 13, 2012  Europe's Largest EV Fast-Charging Network Gets Green Light
January 13, 2012  Lufthansa Declares Biofuel Trials Successful, Ceases Using Biofuel
January 13, 2012  US wrests clean energy investment crown back from China
January 13, 2012  DECC research suggests Green Deal will flop
January 13, 2012  Solar appeal decision delayed until next week at the earliest
January 12, 2012  Brazil gives big sweetener for sugar biofuel
January 12, 2012  German giant E.ON, MPX in $34-billion Brazil power deal
January 11, 2012  Myanmar Halts Construction of 4-GW Coal Plant on Environmental Worries
January 11, 2012  Japan to Limit Reactor Operating Age to 40 Years
January 11, 2012  Distribution Companies Sue Vermont Yankee for Curtailed Power After Cooling Tower Collapse
January 11, 2012  Exclusive: Client Earth appeals against High Court air pollution ruling
January 11, 2012  Analysts: US carbon trading "to reach $782m" in 2012
January 11, 2012  Could HS2 move green infrastructure out of the sidings?
January 11, 2012  Sunbury to Shutter Five Coal Units, Make Switch to Gas
January 11, 2012  BPA to Begin Construction of Six 500-kV Lines at Grand Coulee
January 11, 2012  DOI Approves Renewable Projects in Calif., Ore.
January 10, 2012  The Year Starts With a Solar Scramble & Trade Friction
January 10, 2012  DECC quietly delivers £197m boost to feed-in tariff budget
January 10, 2012  AES New York Subsidiary Declares Bankruptcy on Coal Woes
January 10, 2012  Germany reports record 60 per cent surge in solar generation
January 10, 2012  Economics of the Environment
January 10, 2012  Cleantech Venture Investments Up 13% in 2011 --- Solar the Leader
January 10, 2012  Germany Installed a Record 7.5 GW of Solar Power in 2011
January 09, 2012  Government needs to change rhetoric if it wants praise on environment
January 09, 2012  Pew Applauds Measures to Conserve Skipjack Tuna in the Pacific
January 09, 2012  Why China is Staging a Canadian Invasion
January 09, 2012  Will Ohio Regulators Kill the Natural Gas Bull Market?
January 09, 2012  States Take Lead in Defining Green Jobs
January 09, 2012  Peak oil review - January 9
January 09, 2012  2011: The Year Renewables Overtook Nuclear in the US
January 06, 2012  The end of the U.S. Ethanol Tariff
January 06, 2012  Ottawa backtracks on coal emissions
January 06, 2012  E-Waste Crisis Being Mitigated by Electronics Recycling and Reuse
January 06, 2012  12 green business predictions for 2012
January 05, 2012  Colorado emerges as next oil frontier
January 05, 2012  Clean Coal Technologies Markets and Trends Worldwide
January 05, 2012  The Outlook for Renewable Energy
January 04, 2012  DECC lodges appeal against High Court solar feed-in tariff ruling
January 04, 2012  Northern Exposure (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Article)
January 04, 2012  Hydro-Québec announces largest electric vehicle trial in Canada
January 04, 2012  Mandatory emissions reporting decision could be delayed further
January 04, 2012  Oil price climbs on Iran-US tension
January 04, 2012  Chinese airlines "will not cooperate" with EU emissions trading
January 03, 2012  Oil prices jump 4% on Mideast supply concerns
January 02, 2012  Hard hit clean-tech companies are 'show-me' stocks in 2012

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