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December 27, 2013  2013 oil boom is biggest ever, data shows
December 27, 2013  China targets cement, batteries, metals in anti-pollution push
December 27, 2013  Plan for recycled plastic roads in fast lane.
December 27, 2013  Hebei aims for pollution fight to bear fruit
December 27, 2013  Giant Aquifer Discovered Beneath Greenland
December 27, 2013  Lac-Megantic disaster chosen as 2013's Canadian Press News Story of the Year
December 27, 2013  How Beyoncé Is Saving the Planet With Her New Album
December 27, 2013  America's hidden epidemic of tropical diseases.
December 20, 2013  Japanese government to bear more Fukushima cleanup costs for Tepco
December 20, 2013  End of the line for the lead bullet?
December 20, 2013  Canada's new emissions rules on hold again, Harper says
December 20, 2013  Obama's Keystone Carbon Test Sets Precedent: TransCanada
December 20, 2013  Most companies still releasing unsustainable amounts of CO2
December 20, 2013  Philippines launches $8.2 billion typhoon recovery plan
December 20, 2013  Panel's approval for Northern Gateway sets stage for PM's pipeline battle
December 19, 2013  Alps Warming At Double The Average Global Rate, New Study Confirms
December 19, 2013  Tepco formally declares surviving Fukushima No. 1 reactors defunct
December 19, 2013  Northern Gateway: What's at stake when pipeline's fate is announced today?
December 19, 2013  How to Win the War on Coal
December 19, 2013  Energy of the future may lie inside sea ice
December 19, 2013  Let the hoarding of 60-watt and 40-watt bulbs begin
December 19, 2013  Nuclear Energy Small but Strategic in Brazil
December 19, 2013  The toxic trail of China's coal industry.
December 18, 2013  Lago Agrio: Ecuadoreans can seek Chevron damages in Canada
December 18, 2013  Russian Amnesty Includes Greenpeace as Well as Pussy Riot
December 18, 2013  Tanker traffic would soar under proposed Canadian pipeline
December 18, 2013  Canada Envoy Sees Rail Growth as Answer to Keystone Foes
December 18, 2013  Project aims to turn beetle-ravaged trees into electricity
December 18, 2013  8 deaths linked to garbage plants
December 18, 2013  Rising sea levels torment coastal U.S.
December 18, 2013  Iceland's vanishing ice
December 17, 2013  China may close more steel mills in 2014 to tackle pollution
December 17, 2013  Wind Power Rivals Coal With $1 Billion Order From Buffett
December 17, 2013  How Much Do Exxon and Google Charge Themselves for Climate Pollution?
December 17, 2013  Need for More Tar Sands Imports Called Into Question With Latest U.S. Energy Data
December 17, 2013  Good news for Arctic, as sea ice volume up by half
December 17, 2013  Plankton beats insecticides at mosquito control
December 17, 2013  Climate Change Could Put Millions More at Risk of Water Scarcity
December 17, 2013  Anti-bacterial soaps may not curb bacteria
December 16, 2013  A New Race For Solar
December 16, 2013  Climate change is causing Earth's poles to DRIFT.
December 16, 2013  U.S. Must Address Risk to Power Grid of Coronal Mass Ejections
December 16, 2013  Reindeer will feel effects of climate change.
December 16, 2013  Keystone XL pipeline loses support from U.S. customer
December 16, 2013  Emerging nations overtake West in dumping electronic trash
December 16, 2013  Melting ice a 'sleeping giant' that will push sea levels higher
December 16, 2013  How Plastic In The Ocean Is Contaminating Your Seafood
December 13, 2013  The revolution is already happening
December 13, 2013  Keystone Backed in Poll by 56% of Americans as Security
December 13, 2013  Feds award NuScale Power up to $226 million to develop modular nuclear reactor
December 13, 2013  Beijing to buy new buses to clear city smog
December 13, 2013  Arctic gets breather as rapid melting eases but global warming problems persist
December 13, 2013  Strange airborne yeast threatens human health in US and Canada
December 13, 2013  Nicaragua in thrall of Ortega's canal dream
December 13, 2013  Feds adopt plans for disposing of nuclear waste
December 12, 2013  Fears linger in Mexico over theft of radioactive cobalt-60.
December 12, 2013  Canada: Spending on climate change 'pathetic.'
December 12, 2013  How Nuclear Power Can Stop Global Warming
December 12, 2013  Arctic resource race heats up, as Russia, Canada stake new claims
December 12, 2013  Keystone pipeline bigger for producers than TransCanada
December 12, 2013  China tells pilots to improve landing skills to deal with Beijing smog
December 12, 2013  U.S. drilling boom leaves some homeowners in a big hole
December 12, 2013  Cancer deaths rise to 8.2 million, breast cancer sharply up
December 11, 2013  Palm oil giant agrees to halt forest destruction and that of its suppliers
December 11, 2013  Fukushima Investigator Says Atomic Power Needs Global Black Box
December 11, 2013  While Most of U.S. Froze, Parts of Alaska Set Record Highs
December 11, 2013  Megatons To Megawatts: Russian Warheads Fuel U.S. Power Plants
December 11, 2013  Abandoned mine could yield clues to stopping global warming
December 11, 2013  New H7N9 bird flu resists drugs without losing ability to spread
December 11, 2013  European development bank cuts funding for coal power
December 11, 2013  US Supreme Court examines rule on cross-border pollution
December 10, 2013  China is electrifying London's iconic black cabs
December 10, 2013  Beneath the ocean, a sea of drinkable water?
December 10, 2013  We're Unprepared for Climate Change and Its Consequences -- China
December 10, 2013  US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016
December 10, 2013  Canada to make territorial claim for North Pole after mapping complete
December 10, 2013  Earth's atmosphere to take beating at World Cup
December 10, 2013  U.S. pressured to block proposed coal-fired power plant for Pakistan
December 10, 2013  Africa's Vanishing Forests
December 09, 2013  Japan's whaling fleet en route to Southern Ocean for 'scientific' hunts
December 09, 2013  As Keystone ruling nears, Canada short on time for climate plan
December 09, 2013  BC Hydro faces widespread community opposition over dam
December 09, 2013  Smog makes you funnier and smarter, Chinese media claims
December 09, 2013  Thawing Arctic throwing climate out of kilter
December 09, 2013  Powder River Basin: Coal on the move
December 09, 2013  Russia: One big Detroit.
December 09, 2013  Obama admin extends eagle 'take' permits to 30 years
December 06, 2013  IAEA recommends discharging Fukushima radioactive water to the sea
December 06, 2013  Hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in Britain, head to Europe
December 06, 2013  Tesla Motors batteries aren't just for electric cars anymore
December 06, 2013  A Rush to Expand Oil Drilling in the Arctic
December 06, 2013  What happens when the energy price falls to zero?
December 06, 2013  Dow Chemical plots course away from chlorine.
December 06, 2013  Japan Finds Scrapping Nuclear Boosts Pollution, Fuel Cost
December 06, 2013  Shanghai records one of the highest pollution levels ever.
December 05, 2013  Shanghai Warns Children to Stay Indoors on Air Pollution
December 05, 2013  Pipeline On Wheels: Trains Are Winning Big Off U.S. Oil
December 05, 2013  Chinese cities becoming a minicar mecca
December 05, 2013  Illegal miners infest Venezuela's Amazon
December 05, 2013  Diseases on the move because of climate change
December 05, 2013  Polystyrene homes aim to take pressure off Kenya's forests
December 05, 2013  Pollution-eating concrete?
December 05, 2013  Mexican Truck Carrying Radioactive Material Reported Found
December 04, 2013  Keystone foe Steyer brings fight to site of Obama pledge
December 04, 2013  Sea-Level Rise Too Fast to Reverse Climate Change
December 04, 2013  How fast is the Earth's climate actually changing?
December 04, 2013  What will be fueling your car in the future?
December 04, 2013  Donald Trump loses Shetland wind farm appeal
December 04, 2013  Canada panel urges better response plan for oil spills
December 04, 2013  As U.S. Refuses a Dirty Fuel, China Only Too Ready to Increase Imports
December 04, 2013  Fukushima two years on: a dirty job with no end in sight
December 03, 2013  Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Africa
December 03, 2013  Canada at Crossroads in Bid to Become Energy Superpower
December 03, 2013  Ex-NASA expert issues call for climate solutions
December 03, 2013  Rav4EV, which uses a Tesla battery, is fire-free
December 03, 2013  Hong Kong confirms first human case of H7N9 bird flu
December 03, 2013  One day we'll fix everything with glues copied from shellfish.
December 03, 2013  Beleaguered Texas town struggles with Keystone XL
December 03, 2013  In Return to Vietnam, Vets Tackle Mess They Left Behind
December 02, 2013  Era of hydrogen fuel cell cars begins next year
December 02, 2013  3-D printers bring quirky eco-car to life.
December 02, 2013  Airline joins battle over biofuels
December 02, 2013  Air Pollution, Genetics Increase Autism Risk
December 02, 2013  China's Polluted Steel Town
December 02, 2013  Arctic Shipping Soars, Led by Russia and Lured by Energy
December 02, 2013  "Predatory" development is threatening Brazil's Amazon
December 02, 2013  Arab World Sinks Deeper into Water Crisis, Warns UNDP
November 29, 2013  Tesla Woos Car-Guy Lawmakers to Counter Dealer's Cash
November 29, 2013  Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Project Seeks to Halve Cost
November 29, 2013  Feds consider whether to allow Shell to resume Arctic oil exploration
November 29, 2013  Beijing cuts number of new cars
November 29, 2013  Centuries-Old Italian Olive Trees Die as Scientists Track Killer
November 29, 2013  The billionaires' gambit: How daring drillers re-wrote America's energy future.
November 29, 2013  Green-Friendly Enterprise Helps Save Biggest Caribbean Wetlands
November 29, 2013  Oil rush in Africa's parks drives hunt for eco-friendly methods
November 28, 2013  Massive refugee flows strain Philippines' recovery from supertyphoon
November 28, 2013  China declares war on barbecues in and effort to cut PM2.5 particle
November 28, 2013  Raise water spending, get $1 trillion benefits
November 28, 2013  Polar bear numbers in Hudson Bay of Canada on verge of collapse
November 28, 2013  New Arctic trade routes create opportunities for commerce and polluting
November 28, 2013  A Vault for Carbon Dioxide
November 28, 2013  China battles army of invaders
November 28, 2013  David Cameron's radical plan to 'burn up' UK's mountain of plutonium.
November 27, 2013  Coastal flooding: failing to adapt is not an option, says study
November 27, 2013  Fukushima accident has ripple effect in worldwide nuclear industry
November 27, 2013  Philippine Senate approves reconstruction budget.
November 27, 2013  Pakistan breaks ground on big nuclear plant
November 27, 2013  Bloomberg weighs 2014 climate battles
November 27, 2013  New Zealand court denies Pacific man's bid to be climate change refugee
November 27, 2013  After lost decades, hopes rise for Congo dam to power Africa
November 27, 2013  How Chevron Could Still Lose Its Epic Pollution Case
November 26, 2013  Chevron: Another twist in the Ecuador pollution case.
November 26, 2013  Climate Talk Surprise
November 26, 2013  Whistler's hydrogen fuel cell bus program in jeopardy
November 26, 2013  Least Active Atlantic Hurricane Season In 30 Years
November 26, 2013  China extends carbon trading to Beijing and Shanghai
November 26, 2013  Where does Canada rank in the global oilpatch?
November 26, 2013  Why We Don't Eat Beef for Thanksgiving
November 26, 2013  White Wine and Beer Important Sources of Arsenic
November 25, 2013  Russian Prison Stuns Captain of Greenpeace's Bombed Ship
November 25, 2013  Carbon in atmosphere 'could warm planet for centuries'
November 25, 2013  Pollution Pact From China to India Shows Rift
November 25, 2013  Warsaw climate talks set 2015 target for plans to curb emissions
November 25, 2013  British Columbia prepared to risk water quality on Elk Valley coal mine.
November 25, 2013  The future of the oceans: Acid test.
November 25, 2013  Climate Change Forces New Pentagon Plan
November 25, 2013  America's Fukushima?
November 22, 2013  World Energy Outlook 2013
November 22, 2013  Nuclear Regulation Authority weighs safety of idled Niigata reactors.
November 22, 2013  Pakistan moves to make cities more climate-resilient
November 22, 2013  Electric vs hydrogen: China is battleground for auto giants
November 22, 2013  What 11 Billion People Mean for Climate Change
November 22, 2013  Oil pipeline blasts in eastern China kill 36
November 22, 2013  World food security at risk as crop yields plateau
November 22, 2013  Warsaw's widening climate chasm could lead to 4C warming
November 20, 2013  TEPCO takes on long, unprecedented mission in decommissioning nuke reactors
November 20, 2013  Active Volcano Found Under Antarctic Ice: Eruption Could Raise Sea Levels
November 20, 2013  Tesla welcomes federal probe into Model S fires
November 20, 2013  The battery storage system that could close down coal power
November 20, 2013  3 Countries That Are Bailing on Climate Action
November 20, 2013  Italy declares state of emergency in Sardinia after deadly cyclone
November 20, 2013  Coal Seen as New Tobacco Sparking Investor Backlash
November 19, 2013  Chevron Adversary Says 'Juicy Check' for Fees Was Joke
November 19, 2013  U.S. Safety Agency Opens Probe Into Tesla Fires
November 19, 2013  Alaska considering investing billions into a pipeline project.
November 19, 2013  World's most vulnerable nation to climate change turns to coal power
November 19, 2013  Uncertainties Abound in Fukushima Decommissioning
November 19, 2013  Plastic Debris Could Make Remote Pacific Island a Superfund Site
November 19, 2013  A crippled nation battles a tide of desperation
November 19, 2013  'Clean up your act,' UN climate chief urges coal industry.
November 18, 2013  Norway warms to electric cars
November 18, 2013  Water Shortages Could Dry Up Shale Gas Craze
November 18, 2013  Army scrapping 4 U.S. chemical weapons incinerators
November 18, 2013  Oilsands epic stretches back more than a century
November 18, 2013  Japan and nuclear power: High alert.
November 18, 2013  Last-line antibiotics losing ability to kill superbugs in EU
November 18, 2013  Typhoon Haiyan: Worse than hell.
November 18, 2013  Oil drilling wastes, long buried under Canada's permafrost, leak into the environment
November 15, 2013  Brazil government figures confirm spike in Amazon deforestation
November 15, 2013  Worse extreme weather may bring 'permanent emergencies'
November 15, 2013  Massive Antarctic Iceberg Sets Sail
November 15, 2013  Electricity Generated Using Solar Mirrors to Double in 2013
November 15, 2013  Japan under fire for scaling back plans to cut greenhouse gases
November 15, 2013  Typhoon Haiyan: food, aircraft, doctors ... at last aid arrives
November 15, 2013  Dengue Fever Makes Inroads into the U.S.
November 15, 2013  Canada's Great Inland Delta: A Precarious Future Looms
November 14, 2013  Sex and Blackmail Now on the Docket in Chevron Pollution Case
November 14, 2013  Oil giant makes a dry run for the Arctic in Canada's booming north
November 14, 2013  Canada launches new attack against EU's proposed dirty oil rules
November 14, 2013  China, Norway may team up in search for Arctic oil
November 14, 2013  Typhoon Haiyan: US carrier boosts Philippines relief effort
November 14, 2013  Scientists warn of hot, sour, breathless oceans
November 14, 2013  2013 is seventh hottest year, rising seas worsen typhoon
November 14, 2013  Bird flu strain infects human for 1st time
November 13, 2013  Chevron ordered to pay Ecuador $9.51 bn on appeal.
November 13, 2013  Device makes turning human waste into compost safer
November 13, 2013  Should Battery Fires Drive Electric Cars Off the Road?
November 13, 2013  Abe Mentor Koizumi Reignites Post-Fukushima Nuclear Debate
November 13, 2013  Russia's floating nuclear plants to power remote Arctic regions
November 13, 2013  A fortune made of sand: How climate change is destroying Cancun...
November 13, 2013  3,000 typhoon survivors swarm airport, desperate to leave a city littered with bodies.
November 13, 2013  This Bird Has Flown -- Forever
November 12, 2013  Okinawa: the junk heap of the Pacific
November 12, 2013  Typhoon Haiyan Overshadows UN Climate Talks
November 12, 2013  Teenagers 'think slim cigarettes are safer' says report
November 12, 2013  Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines urges action to resolve climate talks deadlock.
November 12, 2013  Canada's credibility in question as countries seek new climate-change treaty
November 12, 2013  Last chance to see: Peru looks to lure tourists to vanishing glacier
November 12, 2013  For many Fukushima evacuees, the truth is they won't be going home
November 12, 2013  China eyes Antarctica's resource bounty
November 08, 2013  Is marijuana the next great American industry?
November 08, 2013  No more trans fat: FDA banning the artery-clogger
November 08, 2013  World Headed for a High-Speed Carbon Crash
November 08, 2013  Japan's Offshore Wind Power Rises within Sight of Fukushima Nuclear Plant
November 08, 2013  Something New Under the Sun
November 08, 2013  3rd Model S crashes, burns. Tesla Motors (TSLA) stock follows suit
November 08, 2013  Climate change is melting away Nepal's mountain tourism
November 08, 2013  Super typhoon smashes into Philippines
November 07, 2013  Fukushima plant readies for delicate fuel rod removal
November 07, 2013  Bears pay price of Arctic ice melt
November 07, 2013  Super Typhoon Haiyan Beelines for the Philippines
November 07, 2013  Need for Keystone XL Erodes as U.S. Oil Floods Gulf Coast Refining Hub
November 07, 2013  Shunned at home, Fukushima fruit farmers turn to Southeast Asia for turnaround
November 07, 2013  Vancouver edges out Los Angeles for worst traffic congestion in North America
November 07, 2013  In Venice, environmentalists tally rare win over tourism
November 07, 2013  NOAA Douses Fears of Fukushima Tsunami Debris Heading to North America
November 06, 2013  The Chevron Judge Who Knows Little About His Judgment
November 06, 2013  Tesla's quarterly numbers turn off investors
November 06, 2013  Jimmy Carter works for global end to blindness caused by houseflies
November 06, 2013  China's Great Dam Boom: A Major Assault on Its Rivers
November 06, 2013  Tepco to conduct fuel removal test at reactor 4
November 06, 2013  Merkel Facing Power Dilemma as Coal Plants Open
November 06, 2013  Canada's high stakes choice: Oil by rail or by pipeline?
November 06, 2013  Jellyfish taking over oceans, experts warn
November 04, 2013  Apple Advised To Purchase Tesla Motors
November 04, 2013  Climate scientists: Embrace nuclear power
November 04, 2013  Will Climate Change Imperil Your Cup of Starbucks?
November 04, 2013  What Happens When the World Dries Out
November 04, 2013  Global Warming Seen Taking Toll on Economy, Health, Crops
November 04, 2013  Can sea life adapt to souring oceans?
November 04, 2013  Was Chevron scammed for $19 billion?
November 04, 2013  How to fix China's pollution problem? It may not be able to afford it
November 01, 2013  Chevron witness describes 'shocking' levels of corruption in $19 billion pollution case.
November 01, 2013  Thorium backed as a 'future fuel'
November 01, 2013  US military warms to electric cars
November 01, 2013  Pacific warming 15 times faster than ever
November 01, 2013  Alaska Roasts During October, Reigniting Wildfire
November 01, 2013  Florida manatees dying at record rates
November 01, 2013  Tax sugary drinks to reduce obesity, says new study
November 01, 2013  In Haiti, Cholera Claims New Victims Daily
October 31, 2013  E-cigarettes better than smoking, but that doesn't make them healthy.
October 31, 2013  Tesla Motors West Coast charging network now complete
October 31, 2013  Shell announces return to Arctic in 2014 despite mishaps
October 31, 2013  Keystone developer: We won't quit
October 31, 2013  Daylight saving time ends: Does it save energy?
October 31, 2013  Bat virus clues to origins of Sars
October 31, 2013  Poultry markets in China 'are vast bird flu reservoir'
October 31, 2013  Mexico Evacuates 5,000 for Gasoline Pipeline Leak
October 30, 2013  Japan OKs Fuel Removal From Pool at Nuclear Plant
October 30, 2013  Prince Charles tells financial institutions to take more care of the environment
October 30, 2013  Obama Takes 'War on Coal' Global
October 30, 2013  Abe vows atomic safety as Turkey buys plant
October 30, 2013  A year after Sandy, storm-hit areas plan to light up shore
October 30, 2013  Final Keystone review assesses potential of oil-by-rail
October 30, 2013  Oman reports first MERS-coronavirus case
October 30, 2013  Russia breaks 'Zero Waste' Olympic pledge
October 29, 2013  Climate change pact signed by California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
October 29, 2013  Tesla shares fall on reports of second fiery crash
October 29, 2013  Ethiopia opens Africa's biggest windfarm
October 29, 2013  World's poorest to suffer first and most from warming oceans
October 29, 2013  Bikes top cars in Europe.
October 29, 2013  Charging electric vehicles disrupts power grids less than expected
October 29, 2013  Sunflowers to Schwinns Proposed for Keystone Pathway
October 29, 2013  Destruction of Peru's rainforest by illegal gold mining is twice as bad as experts thought
October 28, 2013  Chevron's witness against Donziger: A former judge who admits bribery.
October 28, 2013  Canada's slow oil, gas development worries China.
October 28, 2013  Tire Inferno
October 28, 2013  Canadian researchers use bees to drop pesticides on crops
October 28, 2013  Mustard gas traces found close to Poland's Baltic Sea coast
October 28, 2013  The climate change era is already upon us
October 28, 2013  Arctic Temperatures Highest in at Least 44,000 Years
October 28, 2013  Acidification of oceans threatens to change entire marine ecosystem
October 25, 2013  Help wanted in Fukushima: Low pay, high risks and gangsters
October 25, 2013  Tesla founder scorns hydrogen vehicles.
October 25, 2013  Atlantic hurricane season quietest in 45 years, experts say
October 25, 2013  Arctic Warming Unprecedented in Last 44,000 Years
October 25, 2013  'Smart meters' --- 'the DDT of this century' or harmless technology?
October 25, 2013  Thailand suffers worst dengue epidemic in more than 20 years
October 25, 2013  Greenland gives green light for uranium and rare earths mining
October 25, 2013  Alberta's Oil Legacy: Bad Air and Rare Cancers
October 24, 2013  Flavors lure 42% of young smokers
October 24, 2013  Metro Vancouver to pay $3m more for incinerator ash disposal
October 24, 2013  Gore enters bushfire climate debate
October 24, 2013  Greens slam Coke, Pepsi for oil sands crude in trucks
October 24, 2013  Russia Floats Plan for Nuclear Power Plants at Sea
October 24, 2013  Arctic 30: Russia changes piracy charges to hooliganism
October 24, 2013  Southern Leg of Keystone XL Near Completion
October 24, 2013  Rethinking Big Water
October 23, 2013  China's massive foreign investment, in one map
October 23, 2013  FUKUSHIMA WATER CRISIS: TEPCO still looking for solutions as typhoon approaches
October 23, 2013  Truck makers argue EPA violated its own regs in granting rival's certificates
October 23, 2013  Australians told to flee homes as hot winds fan Sydney fire threat.
October 23, 2013  How one island hopes to stay above water by pioneering a solar-powered microgrid
October 23, 2013  New China H7N9 strain gives kick to mutant bird flu research
October 23, 2013  India starts up controversial Russia-backed nuclear plant
October 23, 2013  The Grassroots Battle Against Big Oil
October 22, 2013  Antarctic nations face off again over sanctuary plans
October 22, 2013  Al Gore urges students to make climate change their cause.
October 22, 2013  Britain commits to nuclear power despite Fukushima
October 22, 2013  Dubai Switches on First Solar Plant to Diversify Energy Mix
October 22, 2013  Demand dogs China despite pumping billions more into exploration
October 22, 2013  Amazon is 'at higher risk of tree loss'
October 22, 2013  Japan extends the Fukushima clean-up deadline to 2017
October 22, 2013  Life grinds to a halt as dense smog descends on northern Chinese cities
October 21, 2013  Yachtsman describes horror at 'dead', rubbish strewn Pacific Ocean
October 21, 2013  Get Ready for Record Temperatures...for the Rest of Your Life
October 21, 2013  How Fast and How Far Will Sea Level Rise?
October 21, 2013  Tobacco Companies Still Target Youth Despite a Global Treaty
October 21, 2013  Alberta train derailment renews fears over moving oil by rail
October 21, 2013  Experts play down fish radiation fear
October 21, 2013  Lionfish infestation in Atlantic Ocean a growing epidemic
October 21, 2013  Pakistan polio outbreak puts global eradication at risk
October 18, 2013  GM will start selling bi-fuel cars in 2014
October 18, 2013  Final stage of Chevron's litigation battle renews focus on its stock
October 18, 2013  Authorities say new measures in Beijing are toughest ever.
October 18, 2013  TransCanada Expects U.S. Decision on Keystone XL by End of March
October 18, 2013  Air pollution major cause of cancer, WHO says
October 18, 2013  Australian wineries hit by coldest October morning ever.
October 18, 2013  Fukushima on the Hudson: Could a nuclear accident happen near NYC?
October 18, 2013  'Toxic bomb' ticks on Maldives' rubbish island.
October 17, 2013  New Study Reveals Timeframe for Climate Change
October 17, 2013  U.S. Shutdown Ends, Scientists Head Back to Work
October 17, 2013  What Happened to the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season?
October 17, 2013  Angela Merkel increases the pressure on Russia by demanding release of Greenpeace activists
October 17, 2013  Yellow fever mosquito detected in California
October 17, 2013  Beijing to impose odd-even car ban in heavy pollution
October 17, 2013  Moving shale oil across melting tundra: huge and potentially risky business
October 17, 2013  Enbridge's proposed pipeline reversal a 'recipe for disaster'
October 16, 2013  Chevron lawyer takes stand in trial over Ecuador verdict
October 16, 2013  The 3D-printable car
October 16, 2013  If B.C. pipelines not built, oil will flow west by rail
October 16, 2013  Warnings issued about potentially deadly ocean bacteria in Florida
October 16, 2013  Russia-Greenpeace furor animated by Arctic oil pollution.
October 16, 2013  Typhoon sideswipes Tokyo, at least 17 dead
October 16, 2013  Killer hornets wreak havoc
October 16, 2013  Uneven enforcement suspected at nuclear plants
October 15, 2013  Russia denies bail for Greenpeace U.S. captain, two activists
October 15, 2013  BMW Mulls Boosting Electric-Car Capacity on Early Demand
October 15, 2013  Flesh-eating ocean bacteria hospitalizes 32, kills 10 in Florida
October 15, 2013  Tens of thousands of protesters attend anti-nuclear events in Tokyo
October 15, 2013  15 Years Later, Where Did All The Cigarette Money Go?
October 15, 2013  No cases of MERS virus among haj pilgrims so far
October 15, 2013  Chevron turns tables on lawyer in pollution case
October 15, 2013  Unfortunate approval of Fortune Creek gas processing plant highlights flaws in B.C.'s LNG plan
October 11, 2013  Russia's illegal lumber: Laundered through China, sold in the U.S.A.
October 11, 2013  Japan, IAEA to Monitor Radioactivity off Fukushima
October 11, 2013  Arctic melt means more pirate chases, say Polish climate hosts
October 11, 2013  L.A. Times cuts off climate-change deniers
October 11, 2013  Whale discovery sets science on its ear
October 11, 2013  Government shutdown complicates State Department's Keystone study
October 11, 2013  Water: All dried up.
October 11, 2013  South Korea charges 100 with corruption over nuclear scandal
October 10, 2013  Radiation levels near Japan's damaged Fukushima reactor hit two-year high
October 10, 2013  Study: Temperatures go off the charts around 2047
October 10, 2013  Toyota cuts price of plug-in Prius
October 10, 2013  More Evidence MERS Came from Bats
October 10, 2013  Whatever Happened To The Deal To Save The Everglades?
October 10, 2013  Keystone XL's not the only cross-border energy fight
October 10, 2013  Panama hopes U.S. will clean up chemical weapons it left on island
October 10, 2013  Canadian spies met with energy firms, documents reveal
October 09, 2013  Power Blackout Risk 'At Its Highest Since 2007'
October 08, 2013  Third Day of Serious Smog in Beijing Forces Highway Closures
October 08, 2013  Tesla sales in Norway greater than Nissan Leaf!
October 08, 2013  The Keystone Pipeline Debate You Never Heard Of!
October 08, 2013  Companies announce top LNG site for Alaska project
October 08, 2013  Proposed LNG exports spark controversy in British Columbia
October 08, 2013  Honda Plots U.S. Hybrid Resurgence Starting With Accord
October 08, 2013  Why Monsanto just spent $1 billion to buy a climate data company.
October 08, 2013  Plastic waste threatens lakes as well as oceans
October 07, 2013  Golfers don masks on fairways as smog chokes Beijing's big sporting weekend
October 07, 2013  Petronas's potential B.C. investment pegged at $36 billion
October 07, 2013  Billionaire's Wind Farms Plan Bond Debut: India Credit
October 07, 2013  Next Oil Sands Threat: Caprock Integrity
October 07, 2013  Floating Fukushima wind farm to energize region's hopes and households
October 07, 2013  Tesla CEO says fire caused by impaled battery
October 07, 2013  Poles apart: sea ice melts -- and grows
October 07, 2013  Can We Finally Have a Serious Talk About Population?
October 04, 2013  Tropical Storm Karen takes aim at U.S. Gulf Coast
October 04, 2013  In government shutdown, who keeps the lights on?
October 04, 2013  Tepco Finds New Foe in Rainfall as Fukushima Tank Overflows
October 04, 2013  Iceland Seeks to Cash In On Its Abundant Renewable Energy
October 04, 2013  Mexican Sun Lures Cash to Solar as Panel Prices Plunge
October 04, 2013  TransCanada to Finish Southern Keystone Line by End of Month
October 04, 2013  Doctors still prescribe antibiotics too often
October 04, 2013  From Toilet to Tap Water
October 03, 2013  7 Insects You'll Be Eating in the Future
October 03, 2013  Pirates of Greenpeace? Russian court brings piracy charges.
October 03, 2013  Electric pickup trucks going into production
October 03, 2013  Tesla stock drops after Model S catches fire
October 03, 2013  A DEET-Like Mosquito Spray That Smells Like Jasmine Or Grapes?
October 03, 2013  Deadly lake turns animals into statues
October 03, 2013  Ocean acidification due to carbon emissions is at highest for 300m years
October 03, 2013  China Recycling Cleanup Jolts Global Industry
October 02, 2013  BP abandoned well-capping plan with no explanation
October 02, 2013  Gore: 'Survival Of Civilization' At Risk 100 Years From Now Over Global Warming
October 02, 2013  Beware! Giant Asian Hornets Spotted in U.S. Kill Dozens in China
October 02, 2013  American oil sands opponents turn their attention to B.C. pipeline plans
October 02, 2013  10,000 walrus come ashore in Alaska as ice recedes beyond shallow water
October 02, 2013  Wave of jellyfish shuts down Swedish nuke reactor
October 02, 2013  Alaska Hunts Oil as Arctic Damage Shows Most Change From Climate
October 02, 2013  US government shuts down
October 01, 2013  Tokyo Electric set to receive $5.9 billion financing
October 01, 2013  Business Aims to Replace Diesel as Fuel for Trucking
October 01, 2013  Company in NE Nebraska uses byproduct from ethanol in making plastic
October 01, 2013  Daimler group to spend $500 million on filling stations for fuel-cell cars
October 01, 2013  BP lied about size of U.S. Gulf oil spill
October 01, 2013  Obama faces nagging dilemma over Keystone XL pipeline
October 01, 2013  The monarchs were missing this summer ...
October 01, 2013  Government shutdown to hurt morale, former EPA officials warn.
September 30, 2013  IKEA starts selling solar panels for homes
September 30, 2013  Russian court detains eight more Greenpeace crew
September 30, 2013  With water treaty to be revisited, future of Columbia River up for debate
September 30, 2013  Water Wars: Egyptians Condemn Ethiopia's Nile Dam Project
September 30, 2013  New York City air quality reaches cleanest levels in over 50 years
September 30, 2013  Tokyo Electric gets OK to seek restart of world's largest nuclear plant
September 30, 2013  Nuclear plants see powerful growth
September 30, 2013  Global Love Of Bananas May Be Hurting Costa Rica's Crocodiles
September 24, 2013  First Nations want Northern Gateway pipeline project killed
September 24, 2013  Luminaries Want Action on Climate Change
September 24, 2013  Arctic ice melt slows down: NASA
September 24, 2013  Typhoon Usagi kills 25 in China
September 24, 2013  Study: Climate change pumps up risk of severe storms
September 24, 2013  German voters follow Merkel down bumpy path to clean energy
September 24, 2013  Health Benefits Alone Outweigh Costs of Cutting Air Pollution
September 24, 2013  Cooker reduces black carbon problem
September 23, 2013  China Launches Air Pollution Battle Plan
September 23, 2013  Japan PM wants Fukushima plant entirely scrapped
September 23, 2013  'Slow-moving disaster': Suspected tsunami debris still washing up
September 23, 2013  U.N. panel to blame mankind for global warming
September 23, 2013  Solar-powered desalination will transform Navajo life
September 23, 2013  Powerful Typhoon Kills 20 in Southern China, Swipes Hong Kong
September 23, 2013  Worsening water scarcity to affect 2 billion globally.
September 23, 2013  This bird wants to tell you what it thinks about your use of plastic
September 20, 2013  TEPCO delayed tackling radioactive water in 2011 due to bankruptcy fears
September 20, 2013  Seagrass Below Sunken Cruise Ship Worries Biologists
September 20, 2013  Obama's coming climate crackdown
September 20, 2013  Colorado rescue effort biggest in USA since Katrina in '05.
September 20, 2013  The politics of dam-building.
September 20, 2013  Ozone Treaty Offers Quicker Fix for Global Warming
September 20, 2013  MERS virus jumped several times from animals to humans
September 20, 2013  Russia 'seizes' Greenpeace ship after Arctic rig protest
September 19, 2013  Halliburton faces judgment day in Gulf oil spill
September 19, 2013  Elon Musk's Hyperloop Will Work
September 19, 2013  Coral reefs suffer as the relentless hunt for shark fins takes its toll
September 19, 2013  Progress stalled on coronavirus
September 19, 2013  Hawaii Molasses Spill: Better or Worse Than Oil?
September 19, 2013  Coal's future darkens around the world
September 19, 2013  The future of the f-word
September 19, 2013  How mercury poisons gold miners and enters the food chain
September 18, 2013  Albertans fire back at celebrity critics of oilsands, Keystone
September 18, 2013  Electric vehicles, hybrids flaunt advantages on the race track
September 18, 2013  Thousands try to escape storm-battered Acapulco.
September 18, 2013  The Globe's More Than 28-Year Warm Streak Continues
September 18, 2013  Russia commences Arctic naval patrols
September 18, 2013  What Happens When the U.S. Isn't the Biggest Gas Guzzler?
September 18, 2013  Who's making hybrid cars sexy? The Germans.
September 18, 2013  Colorado races to restore flood-damaged routes before winter
September 17, 2013  Shipper will pay for Hawaii molasses spill cleanup
September 17, 2013  Wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia raised off Italian rocks
September 17, 2013  Climate case overwhelming -- scientists
September 17, 2013  GM working on 200-mile electric car, exec says
September 17, 2013  Flood-Ravaged Boulder, Colo., Sets Annual Rainfall Record
September 17, 2013  Keystone soon will carry crude through Texas, with or without Obama
September 17, 2013  Two major storms lash Mexico, 41 dead amid 'historic' floods
September 17, 2013  500,000 flee as typhoon lashes Japan.
September 16, 2013  From marine life to tourism, Honolulu molasses spill's effects spread
September 16, 2013  Time for climate change fix running out, IEA warns
September 16, 2013  Brazil cools on nuclear power plans; favors wind
September 16, 2013  Royal Pains
September 16, 2013  As Arctic Melts, a Race to Test Oil Spill Cleanup Technology
September 16, 2013  Little relief from Colorado floods with six dead and 1,253 unaccounted for
September 16, 2013  Japan to switch off nuclear power
September 16, 2013  Baltic Sea threatened by wartime chemical weapons
September 13, 2013  Tritium levels reach new high at wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant
September 13, 2013  Down under flights produce most ozone
September 13, 2013  Boulder area calls for thousands more evacuations.
September 13, 2013  Merkel warns EU against tough CO2 targets for carmakers
September 13, 2013  What can Canada do to get Keystone approved?
September 13, 2013  Sweet, sticky molasses spill blights Honolulu waters
September 13, 2013  Dengue fever presence in Florida at a 'pretty serious level'
September 13, 2013  Coal Industry Cries Foul Over Obama Emission Rules
September 12, 2013  Brazil data suggests spike in Amazon deforestation
September 12, 2013  Is the Air Quality in Beijing Worse Than Ground Zero's After 9/11?
September 12, 2013  New aquifers found in desert-dry region of Kenya as officials hail 'wealth of water'
September 12, 2013  Global Warming's Denier Elite
September 12, 2013  Shipping forecast: Colder but much, much quicker.
September 12, 2013  Global Warming Is Very Real
September 12, 2013  What Is America's Most Fuel-Efficient Airline?
September 12, 2013  Wasted food is world's third-biggest carbon emitter after China and US
September 11, 2013  Japan's Nuclear Migraine: A Never-Ending Disaster at Fukushima
September 11, 2013  World's largest carbon capture begins even as Abbott tax repeal looms
September 11, 2013  Porsche $845,000 Hybrid Beats Prius as Hot Rods Go Green
September 11, 2013  U.S. decision on Keystone XL pipeline likely to slip into 2014
September 11, 2013  Solar Panel Is Next Granite Countertop for Homebuilders
September 11, 2013  New bird flu 'has unique traits'
September 11, 2013  '50 dirtiest' US power plants emit more greenhouse gases than South Korea
September 11, 2013  Rural Kenya harvests water from fog
September 10, 2013  BP's traveling a different road to redemption
September 10, 2013  Chevron makes new bid in Ecuador case
September 10, 2013  Kan, Tepco execs avoid charges over nuclear disaster.
September 10, 2013  Volkswagen looks at developing 40 alternative-drive autos.
September 10, 2013  Climate Change Influenced 2012's Extreme Weather
September 10, 2013  Global warming? No, the planet is getting cooler
September 10, 2013  As Keystone battle drags on, oil patch takes aim at alternatives
September 10, 2013  The Many Mysteries of MERS
September 09, 2013  Plastic Planet
September 09, 2013  Pacific living on the edge
September 09, 2013  Shell responds to $1.1 million Arctic pollution deal
September 09, 2013  Stephen Harper offers Barack Obama emissions deal to win pipeline support
September 09, 2013  Atlantic hurricane season - a record-breaking dud?
September 09, 2013  Coping with Climate Change
September 09, 2013  Rooftop solar panels become new enemy of U.S. firefighters
September 09, 2013  What's in Urine? 3,000 Chemicals and Counting
September 06, 2013  Carnival investing $180 million in clean-air technology
September 06, 2013  Syrian refugee flood brings many dangers
September 06, 2013  Ice Melting Faster in Greenland and Antarctica
September 06, 2013  Natural gas soon will overtake coal in global energy use
September 06, 2013  Why has hurricane season been so calm?
September 06, 2013  Obama climate plan wins overseas support in run-up to G20
September 06, 2013  E-cigarette use doubles among U.S. teens
September 06, 2013  Oil & gas industry fears more deep-sea leaks
September 05, 2013  This is California on Acid
September 05, 2013  Demand cools as fight rages over coal-export terminals
September 05, 2013  Is Renewable Energy Stuck?
September 05, 2013  Conservation, New Hydro Keys to BC Hydro's Future
September 05, 2013  World Bank Green Bonds Surpass US$4 Billion Mark
September 05, 2013  Japan's Abe says Fukushima will be resolved before 2020 Olympics
September 05, 2013  Russia unlikely to deliver on climate change at G20
September 05, 2013  Climate change: our present, their future
September 05, 2013  World set to use much more wastewater
September 05, 2013  China's Newest Market Opportunity: Pollution Control
September 04, 2013  E-cigs: Not just blowing smoke
September 04, 2013  Obama's Stealth War on Global Warming
September 04, 2013  Keystone delays seen giving time for climate concessions
September 04, 2013  What Beijing looks like on a gloriously clear day
September 04, 2013  Pests shift poleward as planet warms
September 04, 2013  Fukushima's Radioactive Legacy is Just Beginning
September 04, 2013  Car-Sharing Gears Up in German Cities
September 04, 2013  Eight years after Hurricane Katrina, many evacuees yet to return
August 30, 2013  Eighty sea turtles wash up dead on the coast of Guatemala
August 30, 2013  Fukushima spill snags reactor restart quest
August 30, 2013  Greens use Keystone XL backers' words to undermine pipeline
August 30, 2013  Hybrid Corvette? 'Don't laugh,' GM president says
August 30, 2013  Lawyers v drillers
August 30, 2013  Greenland "Mega Canyon" Sends Water to the Sea
August 30, 2013  The origin of MERS: Watching the detectives.
August 30, 2013  China Faces Big Water Crisis
August 29, 2013  Alarming levels of pollution in the Tamirabharani
August 29, 2013  Fukushima Fishermen Ruined by Tepco Now Key in Radiation Fight
August 29, 2013  Alberta pushing oil sales in China.
August 29, 2013  China to double power capacity by 2030 as renewables rise
August 29, 2013  Tesla outsells Porsche, Buick, Lincoln, others.
August 29, 2013  Spy Satellite Data Reveal Antarctic Ice Vulnerability
August 29, 2013  New MERS-coronavirus cases in Saudi bring global total to 102
August 29, 2013  Cooling Pacific has dampened global warming, research shows
August 28, 2013  Patent Shows Promise for Improved Method of Carbon Capture
August 28, 2013  Tesla's value soars to $20 billion
August 28, 2013  Cuba reports 163 new cholera cases for year
August 28, 2013  Yosemite Rim Fire is taste of things to come
August 28, 2013  KEYSTONE XL: Documents show Canadian government tweaking its U.S. sales pitch
August 28, 2013  Should You Be Chicken About the New Chicken Flu?
August 28, 2013  Nuclear accident evacuees to sue government, TEPCO for damages
August 28, 2013  E-cigarettes are as harmful as cigarettes and could cause cancer.
August 27, 2013  Non-food crops lock up enough calories to feed 4 billion
August 27, 2013  BP Misconduct Claims on Payments Unfounded, Official Says
August 27, 2013  US electrical grid on the edge of failure
August 27, 2013  On a Remote Island, Lessons In How Ecosystems Function
August 27, 2013  EPA chief warns against climate change on visit to Alaska glacier.
August 27, 2013  Obama may revive $25 billion auto loan program
August 27, 2013  Ukraine, Japan to monitor Chernobyl and Fukushima from space

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