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April 12, 2013  Copenhagen's Ambitious Push to be Carbon-Neutral by 2025
April 12, 2013  Tepco Faces Decision to Dump Radioactive Water in Pacific
April 12, 2013  Madrid air pollution reaches alarming levels
April 12, 2013  Obama plans strive for breakthrough energy and low-carbon transport
April 11, 2013  TEPCO plans for storing radioactive water dealt heavy blow
April 11, 2013  Yea or nay, White House will face backlash on Keystone.
April 11, 2013  In Warming, Northern Hemisphere is Outpacing the South
April 11, 2013  Think the Planet Isn't Warming? Check the Ocean
April 11, 2013  Obama budget boosts 'green energy,' but no olive branch to GOP
April 11, 2013  Predicting Collapse
April 11, 2013  Chile halts construction of huge gold mine
April 11, 2013  Conoco halts offshore drilling in Alaskan Arctic
April 10, 2013  Iceland volcano ash cloud triggers plankton bloom
April 10, 2013  Margaret Thatcher, Iron Lady and Climate Change Advocate
April 10, 2013  Charting the Arctic's Future With Logbooks from the Past
April 10, 2013  Killing Keystone could risk more oil spills by rail
April 10, 2013  Cambodia fights surge in bird flu deaths
April 10, 2013  Tepco pressured to halt leaks, blackouts at Fukushima plant
April 10, 2013  Ten retailers urged to pull potentially toxic products
April 10, 2013  ExxonMobil plans appeal of $236 million jury award in landmark MTBE case
April 09, 2013  Women And The Growing Green Economy
April 09, 2013  California Governor Clears Way for Carbon Market Link to Quebec
April 09, 2013  Wineries on the move as climate change bites
April 09, 2013  Air travel to get bumpier as CO2 emissions rise, scientists say
April 09, 2013  Japan blames whaling foes for record-low catch
April 09, 2013  Japan's Tepco may run out of space for radioactive water
April 09, 2013  An explosion in oil-munching bacteria made fast work of BP oil spill
April 09, 2013  High-altitude ice reveals a climate on the rocks
April 08, 2013  IMF Calls for Global Reform of Energy Subsidies
April 08, 2013  Upstart Pipeline Company Staking Its Future on Stopping Heavy Oil Corrosion
April 08, 2013  New locks for Panama Canal near half-way point
April 08, 2013  Warming 'increases Antarctic ice'
April 08, 2013  Is coal making a comeback?
April 08, 2013  China confident it can control bird flu outbreak
April 08, 2013  Yes, Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Can Jump from Animals to Humans
April 08, 2013  Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant leaking contaminated water
April 05, 2013  A Millennium And A Half Of Ice Melted In 25 Years
April 05, 2013  China culls birds as flu deaths mount
April 05, 2013  Beijing is booming, but talent is leaving due to bad air
April 05, 2013  Three years after BP oil spill, USF research finds massive die-off
April 05, 2013  Colombia blazes a trail for smaller nations to fight global warming
April 05, 2013  The most hated climate scientist in the US fights back
April 05, 2013  Asian carp probably reached Great Lakes
April 05, 2013  AIR POLLUTION: Home Depot to pay $8 million for violations
April 04, 2013  Plastic waste time bomb ticking for India
April 04, 2013  Obama Talks Up Climate Agenda at Keystone Foe's Home
April 04, 2013  US starts building first nuclear reactor in 30 years
April 04, 2013  'Solid majority' of Republicans say U.S. should tackle global warming
April 04, 2013  Australia has no choice but to change with the climate
April 04, 2013  Alberta's bold plan to cut emissions stuns Ottawa and oil industry
April 04, 2013  China readies to fight new bird flu; Japan, Hong Kong on guard
April 04, 2013  Amazon tribe threatens to declare war amid row over Brazilian dam project
April 03, 2013  The 'unstoppable' renewable grid
April 03, 2013  Americans back Keystone pipeline in new poll
April 03, 2013  Nissan Leaf sales soar in record month for plug-in cars
April 03, 2013  Four more confirmed with rare bird flu
April 03, 2013  Over Time, Nuclear Power Would Kill Fewer People Than Petroleum
April 03, 2013  More Sandy-Style Superstorms Likely Headed For Europe, Thanks To Global Warming
April 03, 2013  A National Security Pipe Dream, Part 2
April 03, 2013  Nuclear board warns of Hanford tank explosion risk
April 02, 2013  A National Security Pipe Dream, Part 1
April 02, 2013  North Korea surges ahead in restarting nuclear projects
April 02, 2013  Nasa's James Hansen retires to pursue climate fight
April 02, 2013  Melt may explain Antarctica's sea ice expansion
April 02, 2013  India seeks return on energy efficiency beyond the carbon market
April 02, 2013  The World's Poorest Nations Say Yes to Emissions Cuts
April 02, 2013  Republican Born Roosevelt Digs Deep for Texas Oil Found With CO2
April 02, 2013  Watchdog to probe alleged 'muzzling' of scientists
April 01, 2013  Obama-backed green automaker Tesla Motors turns a profit
April 01, 2013  Canada praised for its stance on Arctic shipping pollution
April 01, 2013  Annual Oregon beach clean up nets more than 52,000 pounds of debris
April 01, 2013  Train derailment spills oil, ignites Keystone debate.
April 01, 2013  From 2012 to 2013, March Blows Hot, Then Cold
April 01, 2013  Exxon pipeline leaks thousands of barrels of Canadian oil in Arkansas.
April 01, 2013  Japanese utility takes blame for nuclear crisis
April 01, 2013  Rivers of blood: the dead pigs rotting in China's water supply
March 28, 2013  Government vexed by stockpile of ivory in storage
March 28, 2013  International shipping could cut air pollutants and greenhouse gases
March 28, 2013  First Dead Pigs. Now Dead Ducks. China, What's Next?
March 28, 2013  Oregon wave power project delayed.
March 28, 2013  Drought Season Off to a Bad Start, Scientists Forecast Another Bleak Year
March 28, 2013  Canada quietly leaving UN droughts and deserts convention.
March 28, 2013  Greenland halts new oil drilling licences
March 28, 2013  How climate change threatens the seas
March 27, 2013  LA Kings coach to press Obama on Keystone pipeline
March 27, 2013  Tug-of-War Over Nuclear Future
March 27, 2013  B.C. auditor's carbon neutrality report to be withheld over leak concerns
March 27, 2013  Arctic Ice Hits Annual Max and it's 6th Lowest on Record
March 27, 2013  UK Government warms to nuclear power
March 27, 2013  China's bailouts darken horizon for solar panel sector
March 27, 2013  Ecuador auctions off Amazon to Chinese oil firms
March 27, 2013  Peru declares environmental state of emergency in its rainforest
March 26, 2013  Fierce northern winter linked to Arctic sea ice melt
March 26, 2013  Tesla Motors to expand Model S electric car 'Supercharger' network
March 26, 2013  How global warming is making allergies worse
March 26, 2013  Recycler faces 24 federal charges for export of hazardous e-waste
March 26, 2013  Nuclear Waste a Growing Headache for SKorea
March 26, 2013  Storm wreckage poses risk for river-cleanup workers
March 26, 2013  World faces decades of climate chaos, outgoing scientific adviser warns
March 26, 2013  Reef-building corals lose out to softer cousins due warming
March 25, 2013  Saving the world through chemistry
March 25, 2013  Dow Plans More U.S. Investment
March 25, 2013  Pope Francis Raises Hopes for an Ecological Church
March 25, 2013  World's lightest material created
March 25, 2013  Water as vital to national security as defense, U.N. says
March 25, 2013  Senate budget plan embraces Keystone XL approval
March 25, 2013  Incinerators still burn long after 2008 promised phaseout
March 25, 2013  Oceans on the brink of catastrophic collapse
March 22, 2013  Japan discovers massive rare earth deposit
March 22, 2013  Pre-Viking tunic found by glacier as warming aids archaeology
March 22, 2013  Extreme weather to continue in China
March 22, 2013  Warming World Caused Southern Ocean to Exhale
March 22, 2013  Canada puts commercialisation ahead of blue-sky research
March 22, 2013  Giant Sequoias Face Looming
March 22, 2013  Drought that ravaged US crops likely to worsen in 2013
March 22, 2013  2 shipping firms admit to illegal ocean dumping
March 22, 2013  Subsidies key for Mahindra's electric car
March 21, 2013  Clean Energy Trends: The Future Is All About Deployment
March 21, 2013  Shanghai river's dead pig total approaches 15,000
March 21, 2013  Biggest Solar Collapse in China Imperils $1.28 Billion
March 21, 2013  Climate Change Denying Congressman to Head Subcommittee on Climate Change
March 21, 2013  Big Oil, renewable fuels advocates point fingers at each other for high gas prices
March 21, 2013  Canadian and U.S. natives vow to block oil pipelines
March 21, 2013  Chris Dickerson pushing for environmental awareness
March 21, 2013  Pope Francis calls for defending environment and the poor.
March 20, 2013  Experts: Electric cars a decade from the mainstream
March 20, 2013  Flush With Oil, Abu Dhabi Opens World's Largest Solar Plant
March 20, 2013  Solid waste contract may cloud waste-to-energy
March 20, 2013  From Heat Wave to Snowstorms, March Goes to Extremes
March 20, 2013  Global warming could fuel European hurricanes
March 20, 2013  'Fattest' polar bears survive climate change
March 20, 2013  China's solar boom shows signs of setting
March 20, 2013  New nuclear power station gets planning consent
March 20, 2013  German scientists quit oilsands research over heated public climate concerns
March 19, 2013  Kerry Urges Creation of Vast Marine Reserve in Antarctica
March 19, 2013  Melting of Greenland's 'fringe' glaciers adds to sea level rise
March 19, 2013  The Craziest Solutions To Weather Disasters
March 19, 2013  China pours cash into melting Arctic in bid to win influence
March 19, 2013  Pink slips going out at Hanford nuclear site
March 19, 2013  Warming temperatures could multiply Katrina-like hurricanes
March 19, 2013  Ottawa's new oil-spill defence plan derided by critics as mere public relations
March 19, 2013  Scientists puzzled by Manatee deaths on Florida's east coast.
March 18, 2013  The Dangerous Myth That Climate Change Is Reversible
March 18, 2013  U.S. Solar Market Grows 76% in 2012
March 18, 2013  Is The Next Fukushima in Your Backyard?
March 18, 2013  Climate emerges as hot issue in Columbia River Treaty talks with Canada
March 18, 2013  Obama to announce $2 billion plan to get US cars off gasoline
March 18, 2013  Arctic Melting Stacked Weather Deck in Favor of Superstorm Sandy
March 18, 2013  U.S. lawmakers push bills to approve Keystone pipeline
March 18, 2013  As U.S. Cleans Its Energy Mix, It Ships Coal Problems Abroad
March 15, 2013  Man-made desert lake: Ecological paradise or disaster?
March 15, 2013  Could Tapping Undersea Methane Lead To A New Gas Boom?
March 15, 2013  Canada to be energy "superproducer"
March 15, 2013  Climate change could turn polar bears brown, research suggests
March 15, 2013  Nuclear power plans threatened by European commission investigation
March 15, 2013  Obama Will Use Nixon-Era Law to Fight Climate Change
March 15, 2013  Water 'safe' despite carcasses
March 15, 2013  Meltwater catastrophes are forming high in the Andes
March 14, 2013  Fukushima And The Navy: Sailors Sue Japan Nuclear Plant Owner, Saying Disaster Made Them Sick
March 14, 2013  Inner Mongolia to assist in fight against Beijing sandstorms
March 14, 2013  Biofuels to boom by 2020 as cellulosic ethanol becomes competitive, reports say
March 14, 2013  Dead pigs in China river spotlight heedless industry
March 14, 2013  Pentagon weapons-maker finds method for cheap, clean water
March 14, 2013  Obama admin placing big bet on small reactors
March 14, 2013  Monarch butterflies drop ominously in Mexico
March 14, 2013  Erin Brockovich: The Real-Life Unhappy Ending
March 13, 2013  Storms Will Be Stronger In A Warming World
March 13, 2013  New-And-Improved Biofuels: Report Predicts Cost-Competitive Cellulosic Ethanol By 2016
March 13, 2013  Carbon Energy Target by 2035 for the World's Largest Economies
March 13, 2013  Climate change possibly to bring more and new diseases
March 13, 2013  India Strives to Become 'Drought Proof'
March 13, 2013  China plans first commercial trip through Arctic shortcut in 2013
March 13, 2013  Republican budget plan would force Keystone XL approval
March 13, 2013  The Price of Green Energy: Is Germany Killing the Environment to Save It?
March 12, 2013  Could global CO2 emissions drop to zero by 2100? Shell says Yes.
March 12, 2013  About 60 percent of Fukushima evacuees cannot return home until 2017
March 12, 2013  A Silver (Actually Cesium) Lining: Traces of Fukushima Disaster Fallout Help Scientists Track Tuna
March 12, 2013  With or without Keystone pipeline, oil will roll into U.S.
March 12, 2013  Climate change, water scarcity may lead to food insecurity, says expert
March 12, 2013  Arctic Gets Greener As Climate Warms: NASA Study
March 12, 2013  Hybrid-electrics race for mainstream and high-end buyers
March 12, 2013  Cleantech Firms Want a Shot at Fixing Oil Sands
March 11, 2013  Recent Warming Is Poised To Destroy Stable Climate That Enabled Civilization
March 11, 2013  Tokyo dust storm came complete with China sand
March 11, 2013  Indian coal power plants kill 120,000 people a year
March 11, 2013  Keystone Still Faces Delays, Fierce Opposition From Green Groups
March 11, 2013  Deep trouble: How sea-rise could cause havoc in South Florida
March 11, 2013  Carmakers think outside the box as electric dreams shatter
March 11, 2013  Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier's plastic
March 11, 2013  Floating tsunami trash to be a decades-long headache
March 08, 2013  Bringing Fuel Cell Technology to the Home
March 08, 2013  B.C. premier close to endorsing $25 billion oil refinery plan
March 08, 2013  Gates favors nuclear power to help limit climate change
March 08, 2013  Global temperature rise is fastest in at least 11,000 years, study says
March 08, 2013  Keystone pipeline is greenest option for tar sands
March 08, 2013  Exxon decades away from making fuel from algae
March 08, 2013  Canadian glaciers face 'irreversible' thaw: report
March 08, 2013  The Lack of Skilled Workers Imperils $100 Billion Projects
March 07, 2013  India Needs More Power From Waste | Tyre Pyrolysis Energy Systems
March 07, 2013  Railroad to make shift to natural gas locomotives
March 07, 2013  Shareholders File First-Ever 'Carbon Bubble' Resolutions
March 07, 2013  Day of reckoning comes for China's solar industry which could destroy US & Europe solar renaissance
March 07, 2013  Keystone XL critics now hang hopes on delaying the pipeline
March 07, 2013  Millions of Indians facing worst drought in decades
March 07, 2013  Cesium levels still exceed standards in wild mushrooms, seafood, game
March 07, 2013  Coal burning exacts a lethal price - report
March 06, 2013  Electronic waste recycling on the increase in Latin America.
March 06, 2013  Japan denies nuclear reactor restart claims
March 06, 2013  More wild weather in future
March 06, 2013  Fastest Ferrari ever unveiled, and it's a hybrid
March 06, 2013  Arctic gas: Too expensive to exploit?
March 06, 2013  Ecuador: Amazon families split over lure of oil money
March 06, 2013  The Coal Monster: Pollution Forces Chinese Leaders to Act
March 06, 2013  Japan's "Long War" to shut down Fukushima
March 05, 2013  Korean Exp-Imp Bank Green Bond Issue Oversubscribed
March 05, 2013  5 Sobering Realities About Global Water Security
March 05, 2013  Deal at Czech nuclear power plant fuels US-Russia economic rivalry
March 05, 2013  Arguments over climate impacts rage on in wake of State Dept. report
March 05, 2013  Coming soon: Shippers can take the fast boat to China
March 05, 2013  Globetrotting Sahara sand takes rain to California
March 05, 2013  The Energy Debate We Aren't Having
March 05, 2013  Michigan's tire-burning power plants: Savior or worry?
March 04, 2013  The 25 Percent Presidency: Obama's Climate Work Has No 180-Day Deadline
March 04, 2013  Standard & Poor's warns oil firms could soon be facing credit downgrades
March 04, 2013  Declining radiation measured near Fukushima plant, some blown elsewhere
March 04, 2013  Spring Sandstorms Add to China's Bad Air Misery
March 04, 2013  Climate change to further erode stability in fragile South American regions
March 04, 2013  Chinese Carbon Tax
March 04, 2013  Keystone XL pipeline won't drive up greenhouse gas emissions, U.S. State Department says
March 04, 2013  Natural Gas Dethrones King Coal As Power Companies Look To Future
March 01, 2013  High radiation reading at Port Newark spurs emergency response
March 01, 2013  China: Pollution of water, air gets 'unprecedented' attention at major meetings.
March 01, 2013  Report: Fukushima's radiation damaged more souls than bodies
March 01, 2013  Antarctica ice may reveal clues to global warming in prehistoric past
March 01, 2013  Shell projects natural gas could become world's energy backbone
March 01, 2013  Climate change threatens 'Arab Spring' - report
March 01, 2013  Why you should sweat climate change
March 01, 2013  Bill McKibben's Battle Against the Keystone XL Pipeline
February 28, 2013  Nuke plant operators put tab on new safety standards at 1 trillion yen
February 28, 2013  Shell to suspend Arctic offshore drilling program over safety fears
February 28, 2013  Canadian Government Winds Down Research That Could Help Stop Climate Change
February 28, 2013  How NASA Scientists Are Turning L.A. Into One Big Climate-Change Lab
February 28, 2013  The Surprising Way Obama Is Trying to Tackle Climate Change
February 28, 2013  Green fatigue sets in: the world cools on global warming
February 28, 2013  Cancer risks higher in worst hit Fukushima area.
February 28, 2013  Former BP executives offer conflicting safety accounts as Gulf oil spill trial continues
February 27, 2013  Forget The Tar Sands: How Canadian Hydropower Can Help America
February 27, 2013  In desert megacity, a billboard makes drinking water from air
February 27, 2013  New tactics needed to create green growth globally
February 27, 2013  Former BP America chief says company knew blowout was possible
February 27, 2013  China's sea level continues to rise
February 27, 2013  Why the Debt Crisis Has Trumped the Climate Crisis---at Least in D.C.
February 27, 2013  Another day, another set of dueling papers on the carbon tax
February 27, 2013  My Heart-Stopping Ride Aboard the Navy's Great Green Fleet
February 26, 2013  Deaths from Nuclear Energy Compared with Other Causes
February 26, 2013  Climate Change May Dry Up Important U.S. Reservoirs Like Lake Powell And Lake Mead
February 26, 2013  Moderate climate warming could melt permafrost
February 26, 2013  Louisiana coast faces highest rate of sea-level rise worldwide
February 26, 2013  Climate change and water mismanagement parch Egypt
February 26, 2013  US court rejects biological opinion that backed restrictions on pesticides to protect salmon.
February 26, 2013  Soil pollution survey a 'state secret' in China.
February 26, 2013  Tire incinerator in one of Illinois' poorest neighborhoods to close for good.
February 25, 2013  Post-Carbon Future: Nuclear Energy and Scalability
February 25, 2013  Solar Energy To Get Boost From Cutting-Edge Clouds Forecasts
February 25, 2013  Putin signs law to curb smoking, tobacco sales in Russia
February 25, 2013  U.S. Justice, Gulf states crafting BP spill settlement
February 25, 2013  Pilot attempts first flight powered only by household plastic waste
February 25, 2013  After Fukushima: families on the edge of meltdown
February 25, 2013  China's countrymen struggling with a 'sick' Mother Earth
February 25, 2013  CLIMATE CHANGE!
February 22, 2013  What keeps energy leaders awake at night?
February 22, 2013  Latest Polling Finds Strong Support For Clean Energy And Stricter Carbon Pollution Standards
February 22, 2013  Climate scientist proposes steep energy tax to help curb global warming
February 22, 2013  Chinese Carbon Tax System Could Force Canada To Act
February 22, 2013  Nearing a Tipping Point on Melting Permafrost?
February 22, 2013  Your green idea could capture $10 million from Alberta's climate change fund
February 22, 2013  Louisiana coast facing grim reality.
February 22, 2013  Germany's Homemade Nuclear Waste Disaster
February 22, 2013  China turns to market approach to curb pollution.
February 21, 2013  Biofuels Are a Loser, Despite the Hope and Hype
February 21, 2013  Supporters Of Keystone XL Outspend Opponents 35 To 1
February 21, 2013  Could Europe Run on Renewable Energy Alone?
February 21, 2013  US oil production will soar in 2013. Can it last?
February 21, 2013  U.S. secretary of state Kerry calls for climate change action
February 21, 2013  How Beijing is shaping the Amazon
February 21, 2013  Last shift in the shaft: German coal companies refuse to pay mining victims.
February 21, 2013  Leaking Nuclear Sludge Could Threaten Columbia River
February 21, 2013  NASA Probes Show 'Alarming' Water Loss in Middle East
February 19, 2013  US President Obama Steps on the Green Energy Pedal
February 18, 2013  Climate Change - Strong snowstorms thrive on the ragged edge of temperature
February 18, 2013  UK Climate Change Secretary Slams Deniers As 'Dogmatic And Blinkered'
February 18, 2013  Flights cancelled as Beijing is blighted by smog yet again
February 18, 2013  Hydrogen-powered cars, The Future finally!
February 18, 2013  Canadian ambassador slams press coverage of Keystone XL pipeline battle
February 18, 2013  Are Honeybees Losing Their Way?
February 18, 2013  Fukushima radiation threatens to wreak woodland havoc
February 18, 2013  World Bank preparing a new, expanded approach to climate change
February 18, 2013  The New Oil Landscape
February 15, 2013  Boxer pushes carbon tax to ease global warming
February 15, 2013  Keystone XL moves to centre stage of Washington political drama
February 15, 2013  Meteor explodes over central Russia, over 500 hurt
February 15, 2013  Death by breathing: Air pollution killing 620,000 Indians, says report
February 15, 2013  Obama's climate change address should be wake-up call for Canada, U.S. ambassador says
February 15, 2013  Exxon Mobil grows Arctic reach in Russia
February 15, 2013  Two-thirds of Americans want Obama to act on climate change, says poll
February 15, 2013  Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear plant
February 13, 2013  Energy Theft Goes Global
February 13, 2013  Colourful 'solar glass' means entire buildings can generate clean power
February 13, 2013  Water Demand for Energy to Double by 2035
February 13, 2013  Obama's toolkit to tackle climate change
February 13, 2013  Shippers keen on TransCanada's natural gas line conversion to carry crude eastward
February 13, 2013  What Does Ocean Acidification Mean for Sea Life?
February 13, 2013  Report calls for huge expansion of experimental nuclear plants
February 13, 2013  Obama gives Congress a climate change ultimatum
February 12, 2013  Cleantech Firms Want a Shot at Fixing Oil Sands
February 12, 2013  Oil Sands: The Resources, The Technologies, The Consequences
February 12, 2013  The Case for More Chinese Investment In U.S. Clean Energy
February 12, 2013  Money Down the Pump: Where Does Our Gas Money Go?
February 12, 2013  In Australia, Wind Power Is Already Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels, And Solar Is Right Behind
February 12, 2013  Melting 'Permafrost' Releases Climate-Warming CO2 Even Faster Than We Thought
February 12, 2013  The cold truth of new media
February 11, 2013  Connie and Arnie team up to promote trail-blazing climate solutions
February 11, 2013  Damaged Shell drilling rigs to be shipped to Asia --- not Seattle --- for repairs
February 11, 2013  ARGO Network Senses Ocean Changes
February 11, 2013  Sen. Whitehouse's Climate Crusade Aims to Awaken Congress 'Sleepwalking Through History'
February 11, 2013  State of the Union 2013: On climate, which Obama will speak tonight?
February 11, 2013  Air Pollution Causes More than 6 Million Deaths Worldwide
February 08, 2013  Fishing for plastic in a peaceful sea: a journey through the Pacific Ocean 'garbage patch'
February 08, 2013  Haida question Northern gateway experts on oil-spill impacts
February 08, 2013  Major nuclear accident would cost France $580 billion: study
February 08, 2013  Brazil Prepares to Surprise Drillers This Time With Gas
February 08, 2013  Can Obama pair Keystone, climate action?
February 08, 2013  The Scary Truth About How Much Climate Change is Costing You
February 08, 2013  Global warming may make the northernmost ocean less productive, not more so
February 08, 2013  The Bakken Shale Oil Boom Floods Rural Banks With Cash
February 07, 2013  German Renewable Succumb to Power Price Worries in an Election Year
February 07, 2013  Will Bold Steps Be Needed to Save Beleaguered Polar Bears?
February 07, 2013  Mich. OKs Replacement of Second Section of Enbridge Pipeline That Ruptured in 2010
February 07, 2013  Southeast B.C. coal mines draw the ire of U.S. environmental agency
February 07, 2013  Why Norway Is Paying A South American Country To Not Cut Down Its Trees
February 07, 2013  In Short Run, Obama Can Bypass Congress on Climate
February 07, 2013  'Give Me The Money Or I'll Shoot The Trees'
February 07, 2013  Eye-Stinging Beijing Air Risks Lifelong Harm to Babies
February 06, 2013  Tsunami Causes Deaths and Damages Homes on Solomon Islands
February 06, 2013  Major paper firm vows to end rainforest cutting
February 06, 2013  Lakes Michigan, Huron hit record low water levels
February 06, 2013  Beijing's record smog poses health nightmare as China plans 'green' energy future
February 06, 2013  Pentagon places big bet on vehicle-to-grid technology
February 06, 2013  Report: Climate change could devastate agriculture
February 06, 2013  Duke Reactor Shutdown Plan Shows Shale's Sway Over Power
February 06, 2013  Ottawa failing to protect Canadians from polution, report says
February 05, 2013  New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support For A Carbon Tax Over Spending Cuts For Deficit Reduction
February 05, 2013  Is the U.S. Missing the Boat on Clean Tech?
February 05, 2013  Plugged in: Oregon finishes I-5 quick-charge station corridor
February 05, 2013  Climate change creating a new world
February 05, 2013  Under Obama, coal country fights for its way of life
February 05, 2013  Alberta may offer more to smooth way for Keystone
February 05, 2013  Worse Than Poisoned Water: Dwindling Water, in China's North
February 04, 2013  John Kerry to 'stay in touch' with Canada on Keystone XL
February 04, 2013  Are Mini-Reactors The Future Of Nuclear Power?
February 04, 2013  Tsunami Debris On Alaska's Shores Like 'Standing In Landfill'
February 04, 2013  In rush to urbanize, China flattens 700 mountains
February 04, 2013  Politics of pollution: China's oil giants take a choke-hold on power
February 04, 2013  Texas mega-battery aims to green up the grid
February 04, 2013  Drought Causes Ripple Effect Along Mighty Mississippi River
February 04, 2013  North Dakota Went Boom
February 01, 2013  Georgia Power: No new plants on horizon
February 01, 2013  Japan Atomic Safety Rules May Keep Reactors Closed for Years
February 01, 2013  Tyre recycling plan gets go-ahead
February 01, 2013  Respected science journal urges Keystone approval, says oilsands not that dirty
February 01, 2013  Toronto grads invent world's most energy-efficient light bulb
February 01, 2013  $15B Enbridge pipeline network aims to move one million barrels of oil to market
February 01, 2013  Ozone Hole's Shifting Winds May Sap Major Carbon Sink
February 01, 2013  Alaska Natives try to flee climate change impacts but find little help
February 01, 2013  Uncertain future for US towns built on coal
February 01, 2013  Air pollution from China reaches Japan, other parts of Asia
January 31, 2013  Hong Kong's iconic harbour vanishes in smog
January 31, 2013  France Will Dim Its Lights to Conserve Energy
January 31, 2013  Why flying could produce less carbon than taking the bus
January 31, 2013  Palm oil plantations bad for climate
January 31, 2013  After a harsh lesson in crude economics, new pipelines now biggest issue for Canada
January 31, 2013  Nuclear expansion plan thwarted after Cumbria no vote to underground store
January 31, 2013  Water Demand for Energy to Double by 2035
January 31, 2013  Cars are the new bikes in China and the love affair is choking air in cities
January 30, 2013  Beijing orders shutdown of over 100 factories in smog battle
January 30, 2013  New Japan nuclear authority rules tough on tsunami, could delay reactor restarts.
January 30, 2013  John Kerry's confirmation as secretary of state delights climate campaigners
January 30, 2013  Climate change blamed for Australia's extreme weather
January 30, 2013  China's coal use rivals rest of world combined - EIA report.
January 30, 2013  What are long term threats of plastic in our seas?
January 29, 2013  New Arctic Death Spiral Feedback: Melt Ponds Cause Sea Ice To Melt More Rapidly
January 29, 2013  Major climate threats to global supply chains identified
January 29, 2013  "Bitumin Bubble" Means a hard reckoning for Alberta, Redford warns!
January 29, 2013  Tallinn makes public transport free to cut pollution
January 29, 2013  Is There a Green Side to the Super Bowl?
January 29, 2013  World's megacities may influence global weather
January 29, 2013  BP guilty plea for Gulf oil spill to be considered by federal judge on Tuesday
January 29, 2013  Beijingers call for Clean Air Act
January 28, 2013  New Brunswick pushed cross-country pipeline as "Game Changer"
January 28, 2013  Canada's Flaherty less optimistic on Keystone prospects
January 28, 2013  Dirty blizzard buried Deepwater Horizon oil
January 28, 2013  Oil supplies surging, but so is the price
January 28, 2013  Why Greenland's Melting Could Be the Biggest Climate Disaster of All
January 28, 2013  Major climate changes looming
January 28, 2013  State waters might see more oil-tanker traffic
January 28, 2013  Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel
January 25, 2013  Environment becomes a priority
January 25, 2013  Hydrogen Fuel On Demand With Silicon Nanoparticles
January 25, 2013  Ireland to build 'giant' wind turbines to power UK homes
January 25, 2013  Deforestation appears to rise again in Brazil's Amazon
January 25, 2013  Greenland's Ice Sheet More Stable Than Once Believed
January 25, 2013  Kerry Dodges Keystone Pipeline Question
January 25, 2013  One-third of fish caught in Channel have plastic contamination, study shows
January 25, 2013  Russia explores old nuclear waste dumps in Arctic
January 24, 2013  Keystone XL or the Climate -- a False Choice?
January 24, 2013  Japan faces nuclear shutdown for second time since Fukushima
January 24, 2013  Massive melting of Andes glaciers
January 24, 2013  10 Ways Obama Could Fight Climate Change
January 24, 2013  Can Huge Shale Oil Discovery Solve Australia's Energy Needs?
January 24, 2013  Jeter, in Davos, says he's seen proof of global warming
January 24, 2013  Why India's Waste-to-Energy Industry Won't Catch Fire
January 24, 2013  How Much Will Tar Sands Oil Add to Global Warming?
January 23, 2013  How Greenland will prop up the world economy
January 23, 2013  An Early Nuclear Warning: Was It for Naught?
January 23, 2013  Foul-Smelling Cloud Drifts Over France, Alarming Residents
January 23, 2013  Canada dropping behind in clean tech sector.
January 23, 2013  New National Climate Assessment is scary, say experts. But that won't change climate deniers
January 23, 2013  How Obama Can Tackle Climate Change Without Congress
January 23, 2013  Mineral dust sprinkled in oceans could absorb vast amounts of carbon
January 23, 2013  Nebraska governor approves Keystone XL route; Obama's move.
January 22, 2013  Public Funding Can Meet Climate Challenge, Says New Report
January 22, 2013  Beijing vows to tackle 'excessive' growth in car ownership
January 22, 2013  'Carbon Bomb' projects threaten explosion in global emissions
January 22, 2013  Curbing climate change will cost $700 billion a year
January 22, 2013  Big second-term test: Meeting President Obama's climate vows
January 21, 2013  CEO Of Masdar: "Water Is More Important Than Oil"
January 21, 2013  Beijing plans industrial shutdown rules as smog crisis continues
January 21, 2013  Obama: 'We will respond to the threat of climate change'
January 21, 2013  Will the shale-oil revolution sink Shell's Arctic ambitions?
January 21, 2013  Nuclear power Back on the front burner
January 21, 2013  Can oil save the rainforest?
January 21, 2013  Severe droughts in Amazon linked to climate change
January 18, 2013  How Climate Change Is Damaging The Great Lakes, Environmental Implications & The Economy
January 18, 2013  Foreign suitors including China eye only U.S. rare earth operator
January 18, 2013  US urged to back trillion dollar clean energy opportunity
January 18, 2013  As drought persists, many scramble to save every drop of water
January 18, 2013  As State Department nears completion of Keystone XL review, both sides dig in
January 17, 2013  By The Numbers: Breaking Down America's Hottest Year On Record
January 17, 2013  The World Wastes As Much As Half Its Food, New Study Finds
January 17, 2013  An Open Letter To President Obama: The Time On The Doomsday Clock Is Five Minutes To Midnight
January 17, 2013  Black Carbon Larger Cause Of Climate Change Than Previously Assessed
January 17, 2013  Solar Could Meet All The World's Electricity Needs Using Under 1% Of World's Land
January 17, 2013  Pressure mounts on China to tackle smog crisis
January 17, 2013  Green energy makes up half of new US capacity in 2012
January 17, 2013  Earliest Blooms Recorded in U.S. Due to Global Warming
January 16, 2013  Remote Alaska fishing town braces for Arctic oil development
January 16, 2013  Black carbon ranks as second-biggest human cause of global warming
January 15, 2013  Clean Tech and the Big Turnaround - Clean Edge
January 15, 2013  World's first electrically powered car ferry
January 15, 2013  A solar-powered electric hybrid coming to commuters soon
January 15, 2013  Lack of global deal is no excuse for climate inaction
January 15, 2013  A New Algorithm for Fast Carbon Footprinting
January 15, 2013  Plan 'B' For Reducing Carbon Emissions
January 15, 2013  Watered down truth
January 14, 2013  New water lows for Great Lakes could drain local economies
January 14, 2013  In Kulluk's Wake, Deeper Debate Roils on Arctic Drilling
January 14, 2013  Major report warns climate change could raise temperatures by 10 degrees
January 09, 2013  Big Oil Lobby Claims The Industry 'Gets No Subsidies, Zero, Nothing'
January 09, 2013  China snubs Western complaints, restricts rare earth exports again
January 09, 2013  BP cuts ribbon on giant US wind farms
January 09, 2013  Yingli stakes claim for title of world's largest solar firm
January 08, 2013  'Horrible' sea level rise of more than 3 feet plausible by 2100, experts say
January 08, 2013  Not Even Close: 2012 Was Hottest Ever in U.S.
January 08, 2013  Interior Dept. Expedites Review of Arctic Drilling After Accidents
January 03, 2013  NOAA Confirms High Methane Leakage Rate Up To 9% From Gas Fields, Gutting Climate Benefit
January 03, 2013  Film Review: Matt Damon Takes On Fracking In Promised Land
January 03, 2013  Chevron CEO: Governments - Not Oil Companies - Are Responsible For Finding A Solution To Climate
January 03, 2013  Carbon traders deliver record activity during 2012, but market value plummets
January 03, 2013  Engineers call for technical fix to tackle rising rainfall
January 03, 2013  Salvage experts board grounded Shell drilling rig
January 02, 2013  What Does The Fiscal Cliff Debacle Say About Our Chances To Avoid The Climate Cliff?
January 02, 2013  Shell Runs Its Arctic Drilling Rig Aground; Coast Guard Prepares For 'Possible Spill-Response'
January 02, 2013  Congress In Contempt, Part 1: The Fiscal Cliff Is Only One Example Of Congressional Failure
January 02, 2013  Amidst Drilling Boom, Average Price For U.S. Gasoline Hit Record High In 2012
January 02, 2013  Renewables Roadmap reveals path to a greener energy mix
January 02, 2013  ExxonMobil's Outlook Forecasts Shift in Global Energy

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