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December 31, 2014  Tesla Motors Model S gets some competition
December 31, 2014  The Top-Secret Food That Will Change the Way You Eat
December 31, 2014  China hands out record fine to six polluters
December 31, 2014  Norwegians Turn Ambivalent on Their Economic Bedrock
December 31, 2014  How Putin Forged a Pipeline Deal That Derailed
December 31, 2014  The Wreck of the Kulluk
December 31, 2014  25 Years After Exxon Valdez, U.S. Mandates Double-Hulled Oil Tankers
December 31, 2014  Can Houseplants Really Clean the World's Smoggiest City?
December 30, 2014  Methane is leaking from permafrost offshore Siberia
December 30, 2014  2014: The Year Climate Change Undeniably Arrived
December 30, 2014  The Pope Thinks Climate Change Is a Major Threat.
December 30, 2014  Will thirsty Californians swallow the Pacific Northwest's culture?
December 30, 2014  Environmental protection to become big business in China
December 30, 2014  Bat-filled tree may have been ground zero for the Ebola epidemic
December 30, 2014  In China, app aims to shame polluters by showing who is fouling air
December 30, 2014  Fukushima radiation: US West Coast will likely see peak by end of 2015
December 29, 2014  Malaria killing thousands more than Ebola in West Africa
December 29, 2014  127 more 'secret' interviews on Fukushima crisis disclosed
December 29, 2014  'Catastrophic' earthquake and tsunami brewing off B.C. coast
December 29, 2014  Once desert springs, now dry
December 29, 2014  High levels of antibiotics in China's rivers
December 29, 2014  Fast food consumption is out of control---and it could be blunting children's brains
December 29, 2014  Biggest Arctic Gas Project Seeks Route Around U.S. Sanctions
December 29, 2014  Constant oil spills devastate Russia
December 24, 2014  After hottest year on record, what's next?
December 24, 2014  Oil spill trial by the numbers: How much will BP pay?
December 24, 2014  COPD to become leading cause of deaths in Pakistan.
December 24, 2014  Build greener to tackle climate change, Arab cities urged
December 24, 2014  U.S. could see damage of at least $1.1T through 2100 from sea level rise, storm surge
December 24, 2014  Four 2015 Energy Ideas 'Back to the Future' Got (Almost) Right
December 24, 2014  Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change
December 24, 2014  China plans more closures of coal mines through 2016.
December 23, 2014  SPECIAL REPORT-In Jakarta, that sinking feeling is all too real
December 23, 2014  Nicaraguans block roads as Chinese-led mega canal project kicks off
December 23, 2014  Hebei looks to relocate its largest and most polluting industries abroad
December 23, 2014  Fuel Rods Are Removed From Damaged Fukushima Reactor
December 23, 2014  Warming world's rising seas wash away some of South Florida's glitz
December 23, 2014  Prison Time For 'Environmental Crimes' Has Doubled In 4 Years
December 23, 2014  Delhi's air 'hazardous', doctors sound caution.
December 23, 2014  EPA Coal Ash Standards a Setback for Environmental Groups
December 18, 2014  Tropical deforestation threatens global food production
December 18, 2014  Fukui nuclear reactors move big step toward restarts
December 18, 2014  Amazonian peatlands store mega carbon
December 18, 2014  Deadly Cholera Outbreaks Could Increase with Climate Change
December 18, 2014  China plans major slowdown of new coal-to-gas projects in bid to cut emissions
December 18, 2014  Arctic still heating up twice as fast as rest of planet
December 18, 2014  The debilitating outbreak sweeping the Americas
December 18, 2014  Airline pilots face sunbed levels of UV radiation in cockpits
December 17, 2014  Plummeting Oil Prices Are the Latest Argument Against the Keystone XL Pipeline
December 17, 2014  6 countries produce nearly 60% of world's CO2 emissions
December 17, 2014  B.C. government approves Site C dam
December 17, 2014  'It's like spiritual genocide'
December 17, 2014  Plastic waste taints the ocean floors
December 17, 2014  Hanford tanks still deteriorating
December 17, 2014  After Oil Spill in Bangladesh's Unique Mangrove Forest, Fears About Rare Animals
December 17, 2014  Drug-resistant malaria: the world's next big health crisis?
December 16, 2014  E-cigs surpass regular cigs in teen use
December 16, 2014  Canada feds leave $321-million unspent for green programs.
December 16, 2014  A Plan to Limit Cars in Paris Collides With French Politics
December 16, 2014  Gas might be greener
December 16, 2014  'Super bacteria' found in Rio's Olympic waters
December 16, 2014  Inside Beijing's airpocalypse -- a city made 'almost uninhabitable' by pollution
December 16, 2014  Could a simple stove save children's lives?
December 16, 2014  The world's scallops and oysters are mysteriously dying out
December 15, 2014  Paris climate summit faces tougher job after modest Lima deal
December 15, 2014  How the 'War on Coal' went global
December 15, 2014  Fish farming finding home in the Midwest
December 15, 2014  Earth faces sixth 'great extinction'.
December 15, 2014  Solving Hunger in Ethiopia by Turning to Native Crops
December 15, 2014  Great wall of trees keeps China's deserts at bay
December 15, 2014  It ain't easy being green in the world's most polluted city
December 15, 2014  Russia to cut up 'floating Chernobyl' but risks remain
December 09, 2014  Here's How Much Carbon The US -- China Climate Deal Will Actually Save
December 09, 2014  Jobs Trump Climate in Bromance of Canada and Australia
December 09, 2014  North Pole's Reindeer Population Plummets
December 09, 2014  China farmers washed away as Beijing taps water from south
December 09, 2014  North America's Explosive Oil-by-Rail Problem
December 09, 2014  BP's failed U.S. Supreme Court appeal sends clear signal
December 09, 2014  Excess bacteria found in barrels of drinking water
December 09, 2014  Garbage dumping sites pose big threat to Delhi
December 08, 2014  Vegetable Spawns Larceny and Luxury in Peru
December 08, 2014  Nuclear power in China: Promethean perils.
December 08, 2014  Kiribati: The world's next Atlantis?
December 08, 2014  The secret role that America's Henry Kissinger played in the Bhopal tragedy.
December 08, 2014  'But not a drop to drink ...'
December 08, 2014  Coal country pondering a future without it
December 08, 2014  Total safety an illusion for Japan's nuclear restart
December 08, 2014  A Decade After Asian Tsunami, New Forests Protect the Coast
December 04, 2014  Hillary Clinton's insulting silence on Keystone XL
December 04, 2014  Low oil prices are a good thing, right? Not always.
December 04, 2014  One in five 'super-spreaders' responsible for the majority of viral infections
December 04, 2014  These are the faces of the world's most wanted environmental fugitives
December 04, 2014  Shell pipeline leak spills thousands of barrels into Niger delta
December 04, 2014  Deforestation may be at root of Brazil drought
December 04, 2014  West Antarctic region sheds a Mount Everest-sized amount of ice every two years
December 04, 2014  Major deltas 'could be drowned'
December 03, 2014  U.S. Will Stick With Pledge to Cut Emissions up to 28 Percent
December 03, 2014  Overfishing is wiping out bluefin tuna
December 03, 2014  One Village's Story: How Ebola Began And How It Ends
December 03, 2014  Eat within 12-hour window to lose weight, say scientists
December 03, 2014  Bird flu kills thousands of birds on two Canadian farms
December 03, 2014  Nuclear reactors have defective components.
December 03, 2014  Ignoring indigenous rights in Amazon fuels global warming
December 03, 2014  Is Rubber Mulch a Safe Surface for Your Child's Playground?
December 02, 2014  Hillary Clinton to environmentalists: I'm one of you
December 02, 2014  Putin cancels new natural gas pipeline to Europe in a surprise move
December 02, 2014  OPEC Squeeze on Oil Spares Renewables From Energy Turmoil
December 02, 2014  NOAA: 2014 is shaping up as hottest year on record
December 02, 2014  Your Odds Of Surviving Cancer Depend Very Much On Where You Live
December 02, 2014  Heavy metal pollution in Hunan soil exceeds China's limits by 1,500 times
December 02, 2014  Milkweed touted as oil-spill super-sucker --- with butterfly benefits
December 02, 2014  Water-borne disease plagues IS-held city in Iraq
December 01, 2014  More Dangerous than Ebola
December 01, 2014  Climate change adaptation comes of age in U.N. talks
December 01, 2014  The maternal obesity hypothesis
December 01, 2014  Suez canal scheme 'threatens ecosystem and human activity in Mediterranean'
December 01, 2014  As climate talks open, human rights issues take the spotlight
December 01, 2014  She Sought Good Life in New Delhi, but Found Trash
December 01, 2014  A Pocketed Cellphone May Be Behind Your Infertility
December 01, 2014  Drought-hit Sao Paulo may 'get water from mud'
November 27, 2014  Deforestation drops 18% in Brazil's Amazon
November 27, 2014  The first new Ebola vaccine moves closer to real-world test
November 27, 2014  Taj Mahal (Golden Temple) to be under pollution scanner 24x7
November 27, 2014  Vultures could hold key to deadly bacteria
November 27, 2014  China's Growth Fuels Boom in World Shipping Traffic
November 27, 2014  Scientists find likely culprit behind mysterious sea star deaths
November 27, 2014  Obama Builds Environmental Legacy With 1970 Law
November 27, 2014  High-tech farming poised to change the way the world eats
November 26, 2014  Oil boom leaves Canada short of cowboys
November 26, 2014  Energy East is Canada's alternative to Keystone XL. And it's in trouble.
November 26, 2014  Chikungunya: Ebola pushes South American epidemic out of the spotlight
November 26, 2014  Statins: Widely used drugs may protect people from air pollution
November 26, 2014  Swedish Chardonnay, anyone? Warmer world means more Nordic wines
November 26, 2014  How America's Thanksgiving turkeys got so huge
November 26, 2014  Canadian protesters defy authorities over Trans Mountain pipeline
November 26, 2014  Ontario moves toward curbing pesticide blamed for bee deaths
November 25, 2014  China mulls tougher tobacco controls
November 25, 2014  China to top green list by 2030
November 25, 2014  Cold hard facts: Underwater robot measures Antarctic sea ice
November 25, 2014  As sea level rises, an Alaska village faces an existential dilemma
November 25, 2014  Invisible tailpipe.
November 25, 2014  In wake of China rejections, GMO seed makers limit U.S. launches
November 25, 2014  Bird flu is major threat to poultry along migration routes
November 25, 2014  Air pollution costs EU up to 189 billion euros
November 24, 2014  'Mumbai is on the verge of imploding'
November 24, 2014  Some climate change impacts unavoidable
November 24, 2014  Germany may shut down eight more coal power plants
November 24, 2014  Bodies of 500 sea lions found on Peruvian beach
November 24, 2014  US looking past Ebola to prepare for next outbreak
November 24, 2014  More Toxins in Clothes Than Previously Believed
November 24, 2014  Winter weather weirdness may be just beginning
November 24, 2014  Do you know how many toxic chemicals are in your shampoo, your lipstick, your toothpaste?
November 20, 2014  Cigarettes are more deadly than carrying extra pounds, doctors say
November 20, 2014  Would the Keystone Pipeline Speed Up Global Warming?
November 20, 2014  Green Climate Fund sees $9.3bn pledged at Berlin summit
November 20, 2014  Additive found in soap, toothpaste and shampoo is linked to cancer and liver disease
November 20, 2014  Japan's 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster still fracturing families
November 20, 2014  More than Ebola, other tropical diseases pose growing threat to the World.
November 20, 2014  Wasteland
November 20, 2014  Coal's black wind: Pregnant women in parts of India advised to stay away
November 19, 2014  Tepco unable to halt tainted water flowing into tunnels at Fukushima
November 19, 2014  Kenya moves to rein in solar cowboys
November 19, 2014  Poo powered bus takes to the streets of Bristol
November 19, 2014  Keystone left behind as Canadian oil pours into U.S.
November 19, 2014  Will the most common molecule in the universe be the fuel of the future?
November 19, 2014  Japan plans new Antarctic whale hunt
November 19, 2014  WHO braces for bird flu spread in European poultry, urges vigilance
November 19, 2014  Water is the biggest output of U.S. oil and gas wells
November 18, 2014  Toyota, Honda seek green success with hydrogen fuel cell cars
November 18, 2014  Can Big Data help feed 9 billion humans?
November 18, 2014  40% decline in polar bears in Alaska, western Canada heightens concern
November 18, 2014  Obesity Is Tied to Pollutants
November 18, 2014  Armyworm resistance to GMO crops seen in U.S.
November 18, 2014  Bird flu: EU urgent meeting after Netherlands outbreak.
November 18, 2014  Decline and fall of coal
November 18, 2014  In deep water: the first country in the world to surrender to global warming
November 17, 2014  Pressure mounting on OPEC nations to cut production
November 17, 2014  McDonald's won't buy Idaho company Simplot's GMO potato
November 17, 2014  Barack Obama tells G20 a global climate change deal is possible and vital
November 17, 2014  Smoggy skies replace 'Apec blue' in Beijing after pollution curbs end
November 17, 2014  Oil Dispute Takes a Page From Congo's Bloody Past
November 17, 2014  Thalidomide: how men who blighted lives of thousands evaded justice
November 17, 2014  Lung Cancer for Nonsmokers Still Stained by Stigma
November 17, 2014  Meltdown in Tibet
November 17, 2014  The Dark Stain on Bangladesh's $1 Billion Leather Export Industry
November 13, 2014  How the Republican-led Congress could kill the climate change deal
November 13, 2014  China Hunger for Clean Energy to Leave No Rooftop Behind
November 13, 2014  Obama clears the air on climate-change deal with China
November 13, 2014  Tucson scientists developing supplement to keep bees alive
November 13, 2014  Shell 'warned Nigeria pipeline could leak before spills'
November 13, 2014  Are mobile and cordless phones linked with brain cancer risk?
November 13, 2014  Can steak save the planet?
November 12, 2014  Breaking Analysis: US-China Climate Deal to Avoid 640 Billion Tons of Carbon Pollution
November 12, 2014  Lower Oil Prices Carry Geopolitical Consequences
November 12, 2014  Japan's nuclear cleanup stymied by water woes
November 12, 2014  Is it safe to microwave food in plastic?
November 12, 2014  Traces of radiation from Fukushima detected off California
November 12, 2014  31 species of migratory animals given UN protection
November 12, 2014  The real story of US coal: inside the world's biggest coalmine
November 12, 2014  Japan's dated, smoky cafes unfazed by Starbucks' success
November 12, 2014  Global meat demand plows up Brazil's 'underground forest'
November 11, 2014  Black Dog: Are Plunging Oil Prices a Positive or a Negative?
November 10, 2014  Capping warming at 2°C not enough to avert disaster, climate experts warn
November 10, 2014  Eelgrass could save the planet
November 10, 2014  Human-like fish that could be used to test China's water quality
November 10, 2014  Aging nuclear arsenal grows ever more costly
November 10, 2014  Chevron's one-man 'news' room.
November 10, 2014  Trading Oil for Coal
November 10, 2014  In Beijing, Clearer Views Hide Real Life
November 10, 2014  The Obama Whisperer
November 06, 2014  TEPCO Finishes Removing 400 Tonnes of Spent Fuel Rod From Fukushima Reactor 4
November 06, 2014  Solar latecomer France builds Europe's largest plant
November 06, 2014  Obama Seeks $6 Billion for Ebola Fight
November 06, 2014  A Mosquito-Borne Virus Sweeps the Caribbean
November 06, 2014  Republican wave unlikely to wash away Obama's major rules
November 06, 2014  Ozone-destroying chemical making comeback, scientists find
November 06, 2014  New shipping canal in Nicaragua faces questions and opposition.
November 06, 2014  Oil Prices Are Dropping. So What?
November 05, 2014  Midterm gains by Republicans endanger environmental progress
November 05, 2014  The new alchemy? Company makes jet fuel and plastic soda bottles out of farm wastes
November 05, 2014  670,000 smog-related deaths a year: the cost of China's reliance on coal
November 05, 2014  Keystone Approval Sought by Republicans Daring Obama Veto
November 05, 2014  Are there any pollution-free places left on Earth?
November 05, 2014  Kentucky's Whiskey Fungus Problem Is Out of Control
November 05, 2014  Beijing's smokescreen to hide pollution from visiting world leaders.
November 05, 2014  What Am I Entitled To When My Flight Goes Wrong?
November 04, 2014  Should you worry about GMO foods?
November 04, 2014  Olympics: Beijing 'confident' on 2022 Winter Games bid
November 04, 2014  New Delhi air pollution reaches alarming levels
November 04, 2014  G20 energy efficiency action plan appears to require little or no action
November 04, 2014  Can we stop runaway global warming? 'All we need is the will to change'
November 04, 2014  Ebola Crisis Offers Lessons, Warnings on Epidemics, Bill Gates Says
November 04, 2014  Ebola-carrying bats may be heroes as well as villains
November 04, 2014  Water everywhere for profit in Nejapa, but few drops for local people to drink
November 03, 2014  Lagging Behind: Australia and the Global Response to Climate Change
November 03, 2014  Oil sands crude reaching Europe, Asia
November 03, 2014  Denmark considers phasing out coal by 2025 in big green shift
November 03, 2014  New Oil Train Safety Rules Divide Rail Industry
November 03, 2014  Seabird losses from Deepwater Horizon oil spill estimated at hundreds of thousands
November 03, 2014  Election-year water crisis taking a toll on Brazil's economy
November 03, 2014  Ozone hole remains size of North America, Nasa data shows
November 03, 2014  Feds warn plastic bag makers over misleading biodegradable claim
November 03, 2014  A killer plague wouldn't save the planet from us
October 31, 2014  Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes during test flight
October 26, 2014  Rise of the machines! Musk warns of 'summoning the demon' with AI: Report
October 23, 2014  ACC study shows plastics to oil could be a $9 billion industry ~ Plastic Pyrolysis
October 22, 2014  Scathing report details Canada's environmental shortfalls
October 16, 2014  Global coal industry still in denial over prices, regulation
October 16, 2014  China to punish carmakers who fail to meet fuel targets in 2015
October 16, 2014  Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project
October 16, 2014  Obama tells CDC he wants Ebola 'SWAT team' ready to go anywhere
October 16, 2014  Ebola escalation could trigger major food crisis
October 16, 2014  Former workers, whistleblowers shed light on nuclear site safety setbacks
October 16, 2014  Colombian farmers sue BP in British court
October 16, 2014  The secret chemicals in perfume are about to be unbottled
October 15, 2014  Obama's war on coal
October 15, 2014  Site C dam will proceed despite environmental consequences
October 15, 2014  Italy pushes ahead with 'next generation' biofuels from waste
October 15, 2014  The humble coconut might hold the key to making hydrogen-powered cars viable
October 15, 2014  African penguins put researchers in a flap
October 15, 2014  Federal government says it could have done more on Ebola, steps up response
October 15, 2014  Funding woes delay new Chernobyl cover
October 15, 2014  Liquid nicotine exposures up sharply among kids
October 14, 2014  Beijing Given 10 Pct of Central Funds to Curb Air Pollution
October 14, 2014  Ebola threatens chocolate
October 14, 2014  Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change
October 14, 2014  A Heavy Issue
October 14, 2014  Venture Capitalists Return to Backing Science Start-Ups
October 14, 2014  The whale savers
October 14, 2014  Fukushima legacy... 25,000 who cannot go home again
October 14, 2014  Pollution in China Hits 20 Times Safe Limit
October 09, 2014  Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, NASA reports
October 09, 2014  Costa Rica promises to compensate sickened banana workers
October 09, 2014  Orange pollution alert raised as Beijing smog reaches 'hazardous' levels
October 09, 2014  Egypt's Expansion of the Suez Canal Could Ruin the Mediterranean Sea
October 09, 2014  Norway's radioactive reindeer
October 09, 2014  Decline of bees and other pollinators could worsen global malnutrition
October 09, 2014  Farmers Fight Coca-Cola as India's Groundwater Dries Up
October 09, 2014  Fighting the Islamic State --- how much will it cost?
October 08, 2014  Keystone Delay Won't Slow Canada Pipelines, Kenny Says
October 08, 2014  SolarCity loan deal could propel rooftop market
October 08, 2014  Scientists sound alarm over ocean acidification
October 08, 2014  Ebola Diagnosed in More Health Care Workers
October 08, 2014  Sea Level Rise Making Floods Routine for Coastal Cities
October 08, 2014  Hot rocks in Hawaii
October 08, 2014  The World's Biggest Land, Sea And Air Vehicles
October 08, 2014  How Nuclear Explosions Were Used to Save the Environment
October 07, 2014  Planet racing towards catastrophe and politics just looking on
October 07, 2014  Have we lost half the world's animals?
October 07, 2014  If China announces a limit on carbon emissions, could India follow?
October 07, 2014  Sweden's Greens Plan to Close Reactors
October 07, 2014  EU abandons 'dirty' label for tar sands oil
October 07, 2014  Spanish nurse becomes first to contract Ebola outside West Africa
October 07, 2014  Islamic State jihadists are using water as a weapon in Iraq
October 07, 2014  Clean Coal Era Begins
October 06, 2014  Chile to create one of world's largest marine parks around Easter Island
October 06, 2014  Petronas moves to change B.C. LNG plan for environmental approval
October 06, 2014  With the boom in oil and gas, pipelines proliferate.
October 06, 2014  Smelly, contaminated, full of disease: the world's open dumps are growing
October 06, 2014  From Guinea to Dallas: Tracing the Ebola threat
October 06, 2014  In the Age of Extinction, which species can we least afford to lose?
October 06, 2014  In Nobel Season, Laureates Fret for Sickly Earth
October 06, 2014  In the medical response to Ebola, Cuba is punching far above its weight
October 06, 2014  Drones And Everything After
October 02, 2014  Is 2 Degrees the Right Limit for Global Warming? Some Scientists Say No
October 02, 2014  Part of Aral Sea Dries Up: Biggest Environmental Disaster in Human History
October 02, 2014  Canada switches on world's first carbon capture power plant
October 02, 2014  U.S. nears solution for safe disposal of Ebola waste
October 02, 2014  Your nose knows death is imminent
October 02, 2014  Climate Change Could Alter the Human Male-Female Ratio
October 02, 2014  Massive Mongolian mine endangers nomads' water, way of life
October 02, 2014  How 'green' is your coffee? You probably don't know
October 01, 2014  We're on the road to destruction
October 01, 2014  Nigeria's Actions Seem to Contain Ebola Outbreak
October 01, 2014  China's 'strictest' air pollution laws introduced in city.
October 01, 2014  35,000 walrus come ashore in northwest Alaska
October 01, 2014  Oil in the Amazon: Who stands to win and lose?
October 01, 2014  California becomes first state to ban plastic bags
October 01, 2014  TransCanada plan to switch crude oil for gas in local pipeline
October 01, 2014  The Curious Case of the Chinese Chicken Import-Export Business
September 30, 2014  Big tobacco companies are putting big warning labels on their e-cigarettes
September 30, 2014  Volcanoes May Be Next Hurdle for Nuclear Restarts in Japan
September 30, 2014  Melting Antarctic Ice Is Causing an Actual Shift in Gravity
September 30, 2014  Can the world keep up with soaring global food demand?
September 30, 2014  Utilities Limit Access as Clean Energy Tests Japan's Grid
September 30, 2014  Solar power is growing so fast that older energy companies are trying to stop it
September 30, 2014  Global wildlife populations down by half since 1970: WWF
September 30, 2014  Bill Gates warns Ebola could spread beyond West Africa
September 29, 2014  U.S. river freight system near breaking point as huge harvest looms
September 29, 2014  Iran prays for rain amid acute water shortage
September 29, 2014  Keystone XL foes claim victory as Statoil delays oil sands plan
September 29, 2014  Crazy weather traced to Arctic's impact on jet stream
September 29, 2014  Water consumption: A canal too far
September 29, 2014  Who's afraid of bromine?
September 29, 2014  France announces world's toughest anti-smoking laws
September 29, 2014  The Health Effects of Leaving Religion
September 25, 2014  El Salvador says nearly 30,000 infected with mosquito-borne chikungunya
September 25, 2014  PSE&G Breaks Ground on 10-Megawatt Solar Farm, Its Largest Yet
September 25, 2014  We should pay more attention to what cities are doing about climate change
September 25, 2014  Ebola-hit nations may 'face collapse'
September 25, 2014  Obama to create world's largest protected marine reserve in Pacific Ocean
September 25, 2014  China says first-half results exceed target for cutting water pollution
September 25, 2014  Brazil warming to 'green' policies
September 25, 2014  Switch to Natural Gas Won't Reduce Carbon Emissions Much, Study Finds
September 24, 2014  America's New Oil Weapon
September 24, 2014  California, Quebec Seek Partners to Grow Carbon Market
September 24, 2014  Water: A Defining Issue for Post-2015
September 24, 2014  Mexico sees sign of hope for Monarch butterflies
September 24, 2014  Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million Within Four Months
September 24, 2014  On The Ground In China's Fight To Quit Coal
September 24, 2014  Obama at climate summit: 'We have to lead'
September 24, 2014  Lyme disease surges north, and Canada moves out of denial
September 23, 2014  Brazil says no to global forest plan.
September 23, 2014  Why the UN Climate Summit will have a hard time doing anything
September 23, 2014  Oil Companies Quietly Prepare For a Future of Carbon Pricing
September 23, 2014  Larry Ellison Bought an Island in Hawaii. Now What?
September 23, 2014  Ebola virus in humans may be here to stay; fatality rate is 71%
September 23, 2014  As World's Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?
September 23, 2014  Google, GE and others contribute to climate-change deniers in Congress, report finds
September 23, 2014  What climate activists can learn from the fight against Big Tobacco
September 22, 2014  Bottom-Up Climate Fix
September 22, 2014  Mihama viewed as test case for Japan's aging nuclear reactors
September 22, 2014  6 Ways Climate Change is Making Us Sick
September 22, 2014  China Tops Europe for First Time in Per-Capita Pollution
September 22, 2014  All Eyes On Obama, World Leaders At Climate Change Summit
September 22, 2014  A new generation of GMOs.
September 22, 2014  Exxon Halts Oil Drilling in Waters of Russia
September 22, 2014  How Prozac Conquered America
September 11, 2014  Where your aluminum cans go, and 6 other recycling mysteries
September 11, 2014  Brazil confirms Amazon deforestation sped up in 2013
September 11, 2014  Fukushima nuclear disaster: three years on 120,000 evacuees remain uprooted
September 11, 2014  Oil demand growth slowing at 'remarkable' pace
September 11, 2014  Carbon markets gaining momentum in the U.S.
September 11, 2014  How climate change may disrupt the tranquility along the U.S.-Canada border
September 11, 2014  Brazil says rate of Amazon deforestation up for first time in years
September 11, 2014  Drowned tropical forests add to climate change
September 11, 2014  Three Years After Fukushima, Japan Approves a Nuclear Plant
September 10, 2014  Indian billionaire Ratan Tata leads calls for UN ocean treaty
September 10, 2014  Japan Takes Another Step Toward Restarting Nuclear Power Plants
September 10, 2014  Canada Chases Down an Arctic Mystery, and Some See a Political Strategy
September 10, 2014  China suggests cap on coal use
September 10, 2014  Californians' purchases of plug-in electric cars top 100,000
September 10, 2014  Ebola death toll rises to at least 2,296 : WHO
September 10, 2014  Bacteria-killing viruses seen as alternative to antibiotics
September 10, 2014  Quenching Beijing's thirst may stunt regional growth
September 09, 2014  Back in Sacramento, Arnold Schwarzenegger touts climate change record
September 09, 2014  Power Plants Heading Out to Sea in Post-Fukushima Japan
September 09, 2014  Mosquito-Borne Viruses Hit Japan and the U.S.
September 09, 2014  How deadly is Ebola? Statistical challenges may be inflating survival rate
September 09, 2014  Canadian Beekeepers Sue Neonicotinoid Makers Bayer, Syngenta for C$450 Million
September 09, 2014  India-Pakistan flood disaster prompts frantic rescue bid
September 09, 2014  Secrecy and doubt shroud Nicaragua's huge canal plans
September 09, 2014  Half of North American bird species threatened by climate change
September 08, 2014  China producing more electric cars
September 08, 2014  U.S. military to provide equipment, resources to battle Ebola epidemic in Africa
September 08, 2014  Middle East wars could put world's food security at risk
September 08, 2014  Two trillion becquerels of radioactive material may have escaped No. 1
September 08, 2014  Water shortages lead to 'tanker mafia' in India
September 08, 2014  Where gadgets go to die
September 08, 2014  Animal Traffic
September 08, 2014  Oil Spill Penalty Will Hurt, but Not Cripple, BP
September 05, 2014  Ebola threatens global security
September 05, 2014  China Policy Spurs Rooftop Solar in World's Top Market
September 05, 2014  Tax breaks key as Tesla plans Gigafactory in Nevada
September 05, 2014  Guinea detects Ebola in new region as U.S. warns outbreak out of control
September 05, 2014  As Keystone awaits fate, other tar sands projects move forward
September 05, 2014  Hillary Clinton talks climate change, gas and exports to friendly energy crowd
September 05, 2014  Bill Gates's epic project transforms farming in Africa
September 05, 2014  Ruling against BP could mean $18 billion in fines.
September 04, 2014  In the Parching West, It's Beginning to Feel like 1159
September 04, 2014  TEPCO coating seafloor at Fukushima port with special cement mixture
September 04, 2014  Ban Ki-Moon's 'Last Chance Saloon'
September 04, 2014  Tesla selects Nevada for battery plant
September 04, 2014  One million Somalis starve as towns besieged and food prices quadruple
September 04, 2014  Ocean map points to garbage patch polluters
September 04, 2014  Group says world is losing battle against Ebola
September 04, 2014  90 million pill capsules laced with toxic metal are sold in China
September 03, 2014  Feather loss hits young Antarctic penguins, putting them at risk in frigid weather
September 03, 2014  Radioactive wild boar roaming the forests of Germany
September 03, 2014  Hydrogen highway inches closer
September 03, 2014  Experts clash on Fukushima radiation effects
September 03, 2014  UN: Ebola Disease Caseload Could Reach 20,000
September 03, 2014  Plastic waste may trigger water bombs in Himalayas
September 03, 2014  China faces looming health crisis, warn experts
September 03, 2014  E-cigarettes 'less harmful' than cigarettes
September 02, 2014  The Surprising Products We Get From Crude Oil
August 28, 2014  Is Canada a nation of science geeks?
August 28, 2014  Antarctic sea level rise could be more dramatic than earlier thought
August 28, 2014  What Global Warming Might Mean for Extreme Snowfalls
August 28, 2014  First Human Trials of Ebola Vaccine Start Next Week
August 28, 2014  Brazil dismantles 'biggest destroyer' of Amazon rainforest
August 28, 2014  Could Climate Change Cause Deadly Epidemics?
August 28, 2014  Nearly half of global trash is burned, creating more pollution than reported
August 28, 2014  Countries with the worst air pollution ranked by World Health Organisation
August 27, 2014  Fukushima nuclear crisis estimated to cost ¥11 trillion: study
August 27, 2014  Plastic rubbish greater threat than climate change
August 27, 2014  World Bank pledges to support Vietnam in battling climate change
August 27, 2014  Canada pulling Ebola lab team from Sierra Leone
August 27, 2014  World Health Organization Urges Stronger Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes
August 27, 2014  Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty
August 27, 2014  World's Largest Dam Removal Unleashes U.S. River After Century of Electric Production
August 27, 2014  China police seize 30,000 tons of tainted chicken feet
August 27, 2014  Endangered species protection sought for dwindling monarch butterflies
August 26, 2014  Napa Mops Up Wine and Tallies Its Losses After Quake
August 26, 2014  Fukushima Watch: Early Data on Thyroid Cancer Released
August 26, 2014  Could A 2-Year-Old Boy Be 'Patient Zero' For The Ebola Outbreak?
August 26, 2014  Here's how Brazil's new presidential candidate could help save the planet
August 26, 2014  Expert calls for nuke plant closure.
August 26, 2014  In a first, Japanese court rules that nuclear plant operator is liable for suicide
August 26, 2014  How the Golden State's 1 percenters are avoiding the drought.
August 26, 2014  Madagascar Pochard, world's rarest bird, needs new home
August 25, 2014  A second and different Ebola outbreak hits Congo, the fifth infected African country
August 25, 2014  Toxic alert as Hong Kong suffers highest number of red tides in 26 years
August 25, 2014  Fukushima Prefecture to accept intermediate storage facility for radioactive waste
August 25, 2014  Drought leaves California homes without water
August 25, 2014  Rethinking Eating
August 25, 2014  China pulls plug on genetically modified rice and corn
August 25, 2014  India court orders uranium company to study impacts.
August 25, 2014  Fukushima disaster: Inside the world's most dangerous room.
August 21, 2014  TEPCO plans to add sealant to ice walls to halt flow of radioactive water
August 21, 2014  China adds most nuclear for year with 3.2GW
August 21, 2014  Solar power poses lower risk to birds than cats or cars.
August 21, 2014  The Island Nation That Bought a Back-Up Property
August 21, 2014  Microbes thrive below Antarctic ice.
August 21, 2014  Liberian slums barricaded as Ebola sets new record
August 21, 2014  If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained
August 21, 2014  Toronto is smog free for the first summer in decades. But why?
August 20, 2014  As world's oceans heat up, Norway sizzles and Arkansas shivers
August 20, 2014  US sailors prepare for fresh legal challenge over Fukushima radiation
August 20, 2014  Why haven't China's cities learned from America's mistakes?
August 20, 2014  Mystery over Kazakh nuclear power plans
August 20, 2014  E-Bike Sales Are Surging in Europe
August 20, 2014  Bihar's first all-solar village flickers to life
August 20, 2014  Bad news for Big Coal: Oregon rejects proposed export terminal
August 20, 2014  Peru fights gold fever with fire and military force
August 19, 2014  Europe's Malaise: The New Normal?
August 19, 2014  Zero Waste World
August 19, 2014  Alert Level for Iceland Volcano Eruption Raised to Second-Highest
August 19, 2014  Tokyo Weighs Written Guarantee of Nuclear-Plant Safety
August 19, 2014  New Energy Projects Boost the Use of Undersea Power Cables
August 19, 2014  Scientists probe poorly understood linkage between melting Arctic and extreme weather
August 19, 2014  Promise of a 'clean coal' future far from reality
August 19, 2014  Survivors enlisted in Sierra Leone's Ebola battle
August 19, 2014  Having good neighbours can help cut heart attack risk, study shows
August 18, 2014  Save one dying lake, save the Middle East?
August 18, 2014  China's carbon plans: secrecy and oversupply darken outlook
August 18, 2014  A New Frontier for Fracking: Drilling Near the Arctic Circle
August 18, 2014  Hundreds of bioterror lab mishaps cloaked in secrecy
August 18, 2014  With Aid Doctors Gone, Ebola Fight Grows Harder
August 18, 2014  Extreme medicine: The search for new antibiotics
August 18, 2014  Wide, brown land becomes a home to carbon farming
August 18, 2014  The big billion-dollar stink over sewers in the Keys
August 18, 2014  Nicaragua's Canal Project Pushes Forward Despite Economic, Environmental Questions
August 18, 2014  The Great Chinese Exodus
August 14, 2014  Tibet's glaciers at their warmest in 2,000 years, report says
August 14, 2014  Canadian oil sands crude is the X factor in crude-by-rail rule
August 14, 2014  A $1billion bet on clean energy
August 14, 2014  How to Stop Tax Inversions With a Carbon Levy. Seriously
August 14, 2014  As Ebola's Toll Rises, Drug Makers Race to Test Medicines
August 14, 2014  Expanding waistlines will cause 3,500 more cancers each year, study finds
August 14, 2014  'Street view' goes undersea to map reefs, wonders
August 14, 2014  New York Suburbs Get Entire Summer's Worth of Rain
August 14, 2014  Apple bans use of 2 chemicals in iPhone assembly
August 13, 2014  Australia warns of poor outlook for Great Barrier Reef
August 13, 2014  Cold War Looms Between Canada and Russia Over Arctic Borders
August 13, 2014  No One Likes Power Plants, But They Get Better When You Put A Ski Slope On Them
August 13, 2014  Chile earthquake triggered icequakes in Antarctica
August 13, 2014  Using a Tactic Unseen in a Century, Countries Cordon Off Ebola-Racked Areas
August 13, 2014  Decision could boost use of popular weed killer
August 13, 2014  Black and Hispanic Kids Have a 50 Percent Chance of Developing Diabetes
August 13, 2014  India uranium mining fuels health crisis
August 12, 2014  Hawaii's big lesson from hurricane weekend: Stay prepared
August 12, 2014  When Did Republicans Start Hating the Environment?
August 12, 2014  Glaxo to start clinical trials for Ebola vaccine
August 12, 2014  Africa's vultures threatened by an assault on all fronts.
August 12, 2014  California may waive environmental rules for Tesla battery factory
August 12, 2014  As coal struggles, the blame game begins
August 12, 2014  California Drought Transforms Global Food Market
August 12, 2014  Rapid rise in Arctic temperatures to blame for world's extreme weather.
August 12, 2014  Canada on mission to map Arctic, lay claim to broader boundaries
August 11, 2014  Why Should You Care Where Your Laptop Goes To Die?
August 11, 2014  Codfish numbers at key fishery hits all-time low
August 11, 2014  Ebola outbreak: Nigeria declares national emergency.
August 11, 2014  For Canada, Tar Sands Are Bigger Than Keystone XL
August 11, 2014  Cotton trade: where does your T-shirt grow?
August 11, 2014  Plants have unexpected response to climate change
August 11, 2014  Pacific Command not waiting on politics to plan for climate change challenges.
August 11, 2014  GMO or no? Should labels be required on food with genetically modified ingredients?
July 31, 2014  Are You Gonna Eat That?
July 31, 2014  House clears way for lawsuit against Obama
July 31, 2014  Panasonic, Tesla to build big US battery plant
July 31, 2014  Ebola epidemic 'out of control' says Doctors Without Borders.
July 31, 2014  Drug-Defying Malaria Cases Found in Southeast Asia
July 31, 2014  Oil companies forfeit Arctic drilling rights
July 31, 2014  Century-old pipe break points to Global problem
July 31, 2014  Dam removals: Rivers on the run
July 30, 2014  Volvo and Renault lead way as electric car sales double in EU
July 30, 2014  Sixteen-foot swells reported in once-frozen region of Arctic Ocean
July 30, 2014  Canada's boreal forests are burning -- and releasing loads of carbon
July 30, 2014  Refrigerators are running in China
July 30, 2014  Fears grow of Ebola spreading to Europe
July 30, 2014  Footprint of Deepwater Horizon Spill Is Bigger Than We Thought
July 30, 2014  Activists in Brazil are fighting to protect the environment --- and their lives
July 30, 2014  Report: World faces water crises by 2040
July 29, 2014  Hong Kong-based inventor's breakthrough robotic boat aims to clean-up oceans
July 29, 2014  Has Meat Met Its Match?
July 29, 2014  Brazil farmers say GMO corn no longer resistant to pests
July 29, 2014  Emails show secrecy on federal oilsands probe
July 29, 2014  As Ebola, Mers and HIV/Aids make headlines, what are the biggest risks to the world's health?
July 29, 2014  Big Mac banished in Shanghai as meat scare prompts probe.
July 29, 2014  Mining caused Antarctica lead pollution, scientists reveal
July 29, 2014  Not in my backyard: US sending dirty coal abroad
July 28, 2014  Two Americans Stricken With Deadly Ebola Virus in Liberia
July 28, 2014  What Do Chinese Dumplings Have to Do With Global Warming?
July 28, 2014  Pope Francis renews attack on mafia in Italian region scarred by toxic waste
July 28, 2014  Russia Sues McDonald's, Questioning Quality of the Food
July 28, 2014  Japanese monkeys' abnormal blood linked to Fukushima disaster:
July 28, 2014  China's Plan to Limit Coal Use Could Spur Consumption for Years
July 28, 2014  Colorado River Basin drying up faster than previously thought
July 28, 2014  India's Uranium Boss Says Deformed Children May Be 'Imported'
July 24, 2014  Cuba looks to mangroves to fend off rising seas
July 24, 2014  China's coal industry says times are hard, outlook worse
July 24, 2014  Canada's Record Rains Cut Wheat Acreage to Three-Year Low
July 24, 2014  Blue whales being struck by ships
July 24, 2014  Chikungunya virus hits the US and Europe
July 24, 2014  What happened with nuclear waste leak in New Mexico?
July 24, 2014  Can You Trust That Organic Label On Imported Food?
July 24, 2014  US Department of Transportation proposes stricter oil train safety rules.
July 23, 2014  In 'Fukushima Building,' TVA tests a new age of nuclear construction
July 23, 2014  Canada's envoy to U.S. pushes Keystone plan at B.C. summit
July 23, 2014  Arctic Ice Melt Seen Freeing Way for South Korean Oil Hub
July 23, 2014  MERS may be airborne, scientists say
July 23, 2014  Smallpox and Anthrax Scandals Cap History of Fumbling Dangerous Materials
July 23, 2014  Using a nicotine patch during pregnancy tied to higher ADHD risk
July 23, 2014  Town in Northwest China Sealed After Man Dies of Plague
July 23, 2014  Amazon oil spill has killed tons of fish, sickened native people
July 22, 2014  B.C. Gets Reality Check on LNG Export-Sector Plans
July 22, 2014  Florida smoker's widow: $23B damages is a message to Big Tobacco
July 22, 2014  Probiotic Logic vs. Gut Feelings
July 22, 2014  China warns against "blind" rush to build coal-to-gas plants
July 22, 2014  MERS virus detected in air samples from Saudi camel barn
July 22, 2014  Ebola Is A Deadly Virus --- But Doctors Say It Can Be Beaten
July 22, 2014  Is this U.S. coal giant funding violent union intimidation in Colombia?
July 22, 2014  Massive raid to help Yurok tribe combat illegal pot grows
July 22, 2014  US pork producers' use of drug may derail European trade deal
July 21, 2014  Late monsoon starts Indian farmer's 'journey to hell'
July 21, 2014  Missed targets: when companies fail to keep their key sustainability promises
July 21, 2014  Armed bandits demand water in dry northern India
July 21, 2014  Pathogen Mishaps Rise as Regulators Stay Clear
July 21, 2014  Obama opens Eastern Seaboard to oil exploration, upsetting environmentalists
July 21, 2014  Chikungunya fever finally makes it to the United States
July 21, 2014  'Empty and lonely' Fukushima towns struggle in catastrophe's wake
July 21, 2014  Thousands Of Containers Fall Off Ships Every Year. What Happens To Them?
July 17, 2014  Tesla's shocking new strategy
July 17, 2014  Want to test ride Harley Davidson's electric motorbike? Here's how
July 17, 2014  'Green' trucks? Yup, they're getting their own award
July 17, 2014  Looking to Fund a Clean Energy Project? You Need a Green Bank.
July 17, 2014  Pollution in China: Precious art from toxic waste
July 17, 2014  Germany's fear of 'chlorine chicken' complicates U.S. trade talks
July 17, 2014  Australia Becomes First Developed Nation to Repeal Carbon Tax
July 17, 2014  Is organic food healthier? Many scientists are still skeptical.
July 16, 2014  Our Bees, Ourselves
July 16, 2014  Germany sets example, pledges $1 billion to U.N. climate fund
July 16, 2014  Huge Mystery Crater Found in Siberia's 'End of the World'
July 16, 2014  Japan gives green light to restart pair of nuclear reactors
July 16, 2014  Though Scorned by Colleagues, a Climate-Change Skeptic Is Unbowed
July 16, 2014  Brain-Eating Amoeba Lurks in Warm Summer Water
July 16, 2014  The biggest environmental controversy few have heard of.
July 16, 2014  Chinese town trades lead poison test results for milk
July 15, 2014  Steyer: How climate change changed me.
July 15, 2014  World's oceans are in deep trouble
July 15, 2014  Ebola crisis in West Africa deepens; 500+ dead
July 15, 2014  We Are Our Bacteria
July 15, 2014  LA Smog: the battle against air pollution
July 15, 2014  Nuclear waste plan unsafe, panel hears
July 15, 2014  Stuck on land? Polar bears find ways to grab dinner
July 15, 2014  The Soil Pollution Crisis in China
July 14, 2014  Will Obama's final, radical climate push be enough?
July 14, 2014  Pakistan's urban air pollution off the charts
July 14, 2014  TEPCO's rubble removal at Fukushima plant likely spread cesium to rice paddies
July 14, 2014  Climate change signals the end of Australian shiraz as we know it
July 14, 2014  As Ebola stalks West Africa, medics fight mistrust, hostility
July 14, 2014  Toxic cargo ahead
July 14, 2014  China girds for 'war on pollution'
July 14, 2014  India's 'Plastic Man' Turns Litter Into Paved Roads
July 10, 2014  Why so many kids can't sit still in school today
July 10, 2014  Uncontacted tribe in Brazil ends its isolation
July 10, 2014  Tepco Says It Has Turned Corner on Fukushima Nuclear Clean-Up
July 10, 2014  Census reveals extinction threat
July 10, 2014  A reason millions of bees are dying
July 10, 2014  Fukushima farmer takes on nuclear plant operator over wife's suicide
July 10, 2014  Agent Orange Ingredient Could Soon Be Used to Kill Superweeds
July 10, 2014  Last U.S. Coal-Fired Steamship Sails On, Aiming for a Cleaner Wake
July 09, 2014  Report Sees Trillions Going to Clean Energy as Offshore Wind Gets Boost
July 09, 2014  Tesla Sued by Businesseman Claiming China Trademark Right
July 09, 2014  How the Obama Administration Is Keeping Big Coal Alive
July 09, 2014  Ebola outbreak: 25 more deaths confirmed in West Africa
July 09, 2014  Want to limit global warming? Bring cash
July 09, 2014  Waves for Worry? Scientists weigh-in on status of radioactive waters from Fukushima
July 09, 2014  What's killing the Yukon's salmon?
July 09, 2014  In China's Heartland, A Toxic Trail Leads from Factories to Fields to Food
July 09, 2014  What's Killing the Children in Jadugora, India?
July 08, 2014  Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete
July 08, 2014  Hillary Clinton hints at climate, energy choices
July 08, 2014  Global warming threatens Antarctica's emperor penguins
July 08, 2014  Super typhoon Neoguri takes aim at Japan
July 08, 2014  Trade talks on $1 trillion in environmental goods
July 08, 2014  Canada Struggles with Melting Permafrost as Climate Warms
July 08, 2014  Debate Continues on Hazards of Electromagnetic Waves
July 08, 2014  A California Oil Field Yields Another Prized Commodity
July 07, 2014  Methane's Role In Climate Change
July 07, 2014  IBM signs up to help fight China's war on smog
July 07, 2014  9 things that make air pollution bearable
July 07, 2014  Aims of Donor Are Shadowed by Past in Coal
July 07, 2014  The long shadow of Chernobyl
July 07, 2014  A year later, the lessons learned in the ashes of Lac-Megantic
July 07, 2014  Food experts warn it could be farewell to the land of plenty
July 07, 2014  How green cities are better for us physically and psychologically
July 04, 2014  Obama pleas to China, India to forgo use of coal falls on deaf ears
July 04, 2014  Water ATMs aim to bring relief to thirsty India.
July 04, 2014  Rupture-Prone Oil Trains Keep Rolling After Quebec Crash
July 04, 2014  US laboratory admits violating nuke-waste permit
July 04, 2014  Costly new longevity drugs could help the wealthy live 120 years or more
July 04, 2014  Choking Smog Puts Chinese Driver in Natural Gas Fast Lane
July 04, 2014  Fear and ignorance as ebola 'out of control' in parts of west Africa
July 04, 2014  Water supply key to outcome of conflicts in Iraq and Syria, experts warn
July 03, 2014  Drop the eco-pessimism -- you can make a greener world
July 03, 2014  Insect farms: Investors see big profits in thinking small
July 03, 2014  Climate change satellite launched
July 03, 2014  Caribbean coral reefs could be gone in 20 years
July 03, 2014  Costa Rica Enforces Green Justice
July 03, 2014  Electronic Devices Waste $80 Billion of Power a Year, IEA Says
July 03, 2014  Chikun-What? A New Mosquito-Borne Virus Lands In The U.S.
July 03, 2014  Fear, cash shortages hinder fight against Ebola outbreak
July 02, 2014  Brazil Made Big Environmental Promises for Its Rio Olympics. Here's Why It Won't Keep Them.
July 02, 2014  Wild creatures of the tropics are being lost before they're found
July 02, 2014  The Disaster We've Wrought on the World's Oceans May Be Irrevocable
July 02, 2014  Self-Destructing Mosquitoes to Help Brazil Fight Deadly Dengue
July 02, 2014  Starfish are 'just melting': Disease killing 80 percent of them
July 02, 2014  Evacuation plans stir fresh doubts over Japan nuclear restarts
July 02, 2014  The race to stop Las Vegas from running dry
July 02, 2014  China's Dirty Pollution Secret: The Boom Poisoned Its Soil and Crops
July 02, 2014  Ninety-nine percent of the ocean's plastic is missing
June 27, 2014  Brazil's 'silent army' sorts the World Cup's trash, five tons at a time
June 27, 2014  Oil train dangers extend past Bakken
June 27, 2014  El Nino Likely to Trigger Extreme Climate Events
June 27, 2014  Germany's New Coal Plants Push Power Glut to 4-Year High
June 27, 2014  Big jump in Mers cases reported
June 27, 2014  Ebola and ethics: Is animal welfare killing wild apes?
June 27, 2014  Coastal Communities Challenge Information 'Black Hole' On Fukushima Radiation
June 27, 2014  Landmark Supreme Court ruling grants land title to B.C. First Nation
June 26, 2014  Earth just experienced the hottest May on record
June 26, 2014  Liberia's Poor and the Rising Sea
June 26, 2014  Nova Scotia fungus breathes new life into battle against superbugs
June 26, 2014  Hawaii at center of battle over aquarium fish
June 26, 2014  Ruling could help U.S. become a major oil exporter
June 26, 2014  Brave new food.
June 26, 2014  Despite decade of protection, resident orcas still in trouble
June 26, 2014  Samsung is Korea's greatest success. But some workers say it's making them sick.
June 25, 2014  South Korea gains right to mine Indian Ocean.
June 25, 2014  Petrol-diesel hybrid may be key to cleaner driving
June 25, 2014  Oil train info shows heavy traffic
June 25, 2014  Ebola outbreak in West Africa is deadliest ever
June 25, 2014  White House weakened draft of FDA's proposed tobacco regulations
June 25, 2014  How Climate Change Will Choke Our Cities With Smog
June 25, 2014  Companies Urged to Disclose "Plastic Footprint"
June 25, 2014  Organic farm in Benin, an example for Africa
June 24, 2014  As Tesla Motors continues online selling, auto dealers fight back
June 24, 2014  Rooftop Solar Leases Scaring Buyers When Homeowners Sell
June 24, 2014  Pesticides linked to mass bee deaths also affect other friendly organisms including birds and fish
June 24, 2014  'Superweeds' choke farms
June 24, 2014  Jenny McCarthy e-cigs ads disappear
June 24, 2014  Ebola Outbreak 'Tip of the Iceberg,' Experts Say
June 24, 2014  Air quality to suffer with global warming
June 24, 2014  How Rupert Murdoch created the world's newest climate change villain
June 23, 2014  Millions to die from choking smog, warn scientists
June 23, 2014  A relationship cut short in B.C. with one fell swoop by Enbridge
June 23, 2014  Megacities: Perils of the concrete jungle.
June 23, 2014  Oil from BP spill slowing one of ocean's fastest fish
June 23, 2014  Japanese satellites enter orbit to monitor Fukushima, Chernobyl
June 23, 2014  Economy trumps environment for India's rivers
June 23, 2014  The Next Breadbasket
June 23, 2014  Untreatable virus spreading in the Caribbean now afflicts 4,600
June 13, 2014  Tesla Motors says: Take our patents, please
June 13, 2014  As 'football fever' kicks off in Brazil, can it keep the lights on and mosquitoes out?
June 13, 2014  Mysterious kidney disease plagues Central America
June 13, 2014  Pakistan surges into coal-fired power plants to meet energy demand
June 13, 2014  Chile's Patagonia Celebrates Decision Against Wilderness Dams
June 13, 2014  Deep Sea Fishing Threatens to Wipe Out a $150 Billion Carbon Sink
June 13, 2014  China's deserts are expanding at an alarming rate.
June 13, 2014  America's dirty secret
June 10, 2014  BP loses bid to freeze Gulf of Mexico spill payouts
June 10, 2014  Why Japan's prime minister wants to hunt whales
June 10, 2014  LNG plans in danger if Northern Gateway approved
June 10, 2014  Not a drop to drink: Syrian shortages feed black market for water
June 10, 2014  How dust in the wind may be quickening Greenland's ice melt
June 10, 2014  Buffett Ready to Double $15 Billion Solar, Wind Bet
June 10, 2014  Mobile phone risk to fertility of men who keep devices in their trouser pocket
June 10, 2014  Banned in Europe, Safe in the U.S.
June 09, 2014  Growing Ebola Outbreak Threatens to Overwhelm Volunteers
June 09, 2014  How dangerous is coal ash? Well, that depends
June 09, 2014  Global auto component makers gear up for China's tougher emission rules
June 09, 2014  Debate continues over how much race cars pollute environment
June 09, 2014  Is your home gym making you sick?
June 09, 2014  A new bug killer
June 09, 2014  White House: Climate Change Is Ruining Our Health
June 09, 2014  Breaking Bad: A Nuclear Waste Disaster
June 04, 2014  Kerry calls for ocean protection
June 04, 2014  Obama orders pollution cuts _ but timing uncertain
June 04, 2014  China plans absolute CO2 cap for first time:
June 04, 2014  Keystone, times a few hundred: U.S. shakes up climate debate with new plan
June 04, 2014  Ticking Time Bomb?
June 04, 2014  Compound blocks MERS from spreading
June 04, 2014  Risk Factors for Internal Radiation Exposures after Fukushima
June 04, 2014  Do mobile phones cause brain tumours?
June 03, 2014  First tar sands shipment to Europe sparks protests
June 03, 2014  Pint-size nuclear plants get a boost from Obama administration
June 03, 2014  Study finds pot farms draining streams dry in Northern California
June 03, 2014  Canada lags in protecting oceans
June 03, 2014  Our waste, their lives
June 03, 2014  How Companies Hide The Threat Of Black Lung From Watchdogs And Workers
June 03, 2014  Arctic Shipping: Good For Invasive Species, Bad For the Rest of Nature
June 03, 2014  New Delhi Locals Cry Foul Against Incinerator's Exhaust
June 02, 2014  Is the conversion of municipal solid waste to biofuels sustainable and economic?
May 28, 2014  Fukushima ice wall construction gets nuclear regulator's blessing.
May 28, 2014  Russian firm studying world's largest coal-fired plant to supply China
May 28, 2014  How oceans can solve our freshwater crisis
May 28, 2014  China to scrap millions of cars in anti-pollution push
May 28, 2014  Six legs tasty: First edible insect farm opens in US
May 28, 2014  Can U.S. eliminate invasive species by eating them?
May 28, 2014  Saudi Arabia takes heat for spread of MERS virus
May 28, 2014  Giving the Amazon rainforest back to the Awa tribe
May 22, 2014  US Navy Lab Turns Seawater Into Fuel
May 22, 2014  In Peru's Amazon, cash to indigenous communities aims to protect forests
May 22, 2014  West Antarctic ice collapse 'could drown Middle East and Asia crops'
May 22, 2014  El Niño 2014: Which crops it will help, and which it will hurt
May 22, 2014  This Is How Far Ahead of the U.S. China Is on Green Energy
May 22, 2014  China launches scores of projects to try to end dire water shortages
May 22, 2014  Green billionaire prepares to attack 'anti-science' Republicans
May 22, 2014  Japan court rules against nuclear restart in rare ruling
May 21, 2014  90% of TEPCO workers defied orders, fled Fukushima plant in 2011
May 21, 2014  How worried should you be about Antarctica's 'collapsing' ice sheet?
May 21, 2014  The Balkans' flooding is linked to climate change. And here's how
May 21, 2014  TEPCO begins releasing groundwater diverted at Fukushima plant into sea
May 21, 2014  Rio 2016 Olympics: Sailors warned over sewage, and more in Guanabara Bay.
May 21, 2014  Pressure mounts to save Africa's Eden from drillers
May 21, 2014  New Mexico says 57 nuke containers could be threat
May 21, 2014  Kawasaki Disease Wafts to Japan on the Wind
May 20, 2014  Tesla Edges Out Toyota as California's Top Auto Employer
May 20, 2014  MERS virus spread in U.S., health officials say
May 19, 2014  Climate change could increase volcanic eruptions
May 19, 2014  How Decades of Gas Flaring Is Harming Nigerians
May 19, 2014  Scientists find alarming levels of antibiotics in China's rivers and lakes
May 19, 2014  Work on frozen soil walls at Fukushima plant hits glitch
May 19, 2014  China's coal solution has carbon downside across globe
May 19, 2014  Tiny plastic timebomb - the pollutants in our cosmetics
May 16, 2014  Beyond Keystone XL, more pipelines with more problems
May 16, 2014  Balkans hit by worst flooding in a century
May 16, 2014  It Doesn't Matter Whether You Call It "Global Warming" or "Climate Change"
May 16, 2014  Xbox One, PlayStation 4 are big energy users
May 16, 2014  100 Percent of California Now in Highest Stages of Drought
May 16, 2014  Big mammals vs. big oil: New pipeline puts humpback whales at risk
May 16, 2014  Carnage on China Roads Shows Dark Side of Electric Bikes
May 16, 2014  UK's oil, coal and gas 'gone in five years'
May 15, 2014  Scientists to study Amazon rainforest fate if CO2 levels rise
May 15, 2014  Canada: Pipeline firms will pick up spill costs
May 15, 2014  Elon Musk sees nearly unlimited demand for energy storage
May 15, 2014  Tesla Model S is like a rocket to the future
May 15, 2014  Will MERS Become a Pandemic?
May 15, 2014  Hurricanes Are Shifting, Putting New Areas in Danger, Study Says
May 15, 2014  Scientists ask just how sick is the Baltic Sea
May 15, 2014  Bee Deaths Prompt Calls for U.S. to Follow EU Pesticides Ban
May 14, 2014  Custom-built robot to probe Fukushima leaks
May 14, 2014  Blame Climate Change for Your Terrible Seasonal Allergies
May 14, 2014  Champagne may be in trouble, but climate change has sparkling wine from England on the rise
May 14, 2014  Four inventions to energize your world
May 14, 2014  WHO holds emergency meeting on deadly Saudi MERS virus
May 14, 2014  Humans threaten most Chilean ecosystems
May 14, 2014  Kitty litter eyed as possible culprit in New Mexico radiation leak
May 14, 2014  Questions arise about wisdom of huge China water project
May 13, 2014  Stopping Climate Change 'Almost Impossible' If China Can't Quit Coal
May 13, 2014  Seas to Rise up to 10 Feet From 'Unstoppable' Glacier Melt
May 13, 2014  Solar-powered roads: Coming to a highway near you?
May 13, 2014  After surviving 200m years, fish faces peril
May 13, 2014  2nd US case of MERS reported
May 13, 2014  Trove Of Toxic Mercury Lurks In Arctic Sea Ice
May 13, 2014  China wakes up to its water crisis
May 13, 2014  Cocaine use in UK so widespread it can be found in drinking water.
May 12, 2014  Delhi as polluted as Beijing, admits India
May 12, 2014  Radioactive cesium-137 released from Fukushima 1.5 times Tepco estimate
May 12, 2014  Here's Why Obama Picked Wal-Mart for Clean-Energy Hullabaloo
May 12, 2014  Saudi Arabia warns of MERS risk from camels as cases rise
May 12, 2014  Nuclear startups reimagine atomic energy
May 12, 2014  No Fukushima radiation found in West Coast kelp
May 12, 2014  El Niño probability raised to 78 percent for next winter
May 12, 2014  Tom Steyer carries a $100 million sledgehammer into the battle over climate change
May 08, 2014  Can Senate Force Approval of Keystone Pipeline?
May 08, 2014  Global warming will stress Hawaii's fresh water
May 08, 2014  Myanmar Wakes Up to Climate Change
May 08, 2014  Climate change effects magnified in Alaska, says federal report
May 08, 2014  Melting East Antarctica Ice Could Mean Thousands Of Years Of Unstoppable Sea Level Rises
May 08, 2014  Venezuela's mosquitoes bite back as malaria returns after half a century
May 08, 2014  In China, 64 percent say they are environmentalists
May 08, 2014  These Reefs Are Beautiful---But Most of the Coral Is Dead
May 06, 2014  e-cigarette store offers 'alternative to smoking'
May 06, 2014  Here comes El Niño
May 06, 2014  B.C. wants industry-funded oil cleanup agency for pipeline spills
May 06, 2014  Specter of SARS weighs on CDC as MERS virus lands in U.S.
May 06, 2014  East Antarctica more at risk than thought to long-term thaw
May 06, 2014  Powerade drops controversial ingredient
May 06, 2014  Alaska Natives and First Nations Unite to Fight Mining Threat to Salmon Habitat
May 06, 2014  Dam It: Feds Say U.S. Can Double Hydropower
April 30, 2014  Cleantech Trends that will Change Our Future
April 30, 2014  Obama scores rare environmental victory at Supreme Court
April 30, 2014  April Becomes 1st Month With CO2 Levels Above 400 PPM
April 30, 2014  Drug-Resistant Bugs a Global Threat, WHO Says
April 30, 2014  Avoid camels to escape MERS, warns Saudi minister
April 30, 2014  Study finds Fukushima radioactivity in tuna off Oregon, Washington
April 30, 2014  David vs. Goliath: A tiny tribe takes on big energy
April 30, 2014  Good news/bad news for U.S. air quality
April 29, 2014  What's behind the rising opposition to Canada's big oil pipelines
April 29, 2014  Exxon's $900 Billion Arctic Prize at Risk After Ukraine
April 29, 2014  Scientists find MERS virus antibodies that may lead to treatments
April 29, 2014  Will Global Warming Produce More Tornadoes?
April 29, 2014  Toxic trail shadows US-Philippine bases deal
April 29, 2014  Long-struggling California condor may soar again
April 29, 2014  Officials 'turn blind eye to polluters'
April 29, 2014  Construction halted at Taiwan nuclear plant after protests
April 28, 2014  The ripple effect of pollution
April 28, 2014  Doubts raised over 'world's strictest' claim for new nuclear safety standards
April 28, 2014  India's rain woes grow bigger, scientists worried
April 28, 2014  Indigenous protesters occupy Peru's biggest Amazon oil field
April 28, 2014  Once a nuclear weapons plant, the Fernald Preserve now bursts with life
April 28, 2014  China strengthens environmental laws
April 28, 2014  Water in Brazil: Nor any drop to drink.
April 28, 2014  Al Gore Is Not Giving Up
April 24, 2014  What Happens When Oil Spills in the Arctic?
April 24, 2014  Massive Iceberg Six Times The Size Of Manhattan Breaks Off Antarctica
April 24, 2014  Storm Surge Could Flood NYC 1 in Every 4 Years
April 24, 2014  Lead Didn't Bring Down Ancient Rome---But It's Still a Modern Menace
April 24, 2014  Dirty Money: A Microbial Jungle Thrives In Your Wallet
April 24, 2014  Transport Canada orders 5,000 tanker cars off the rail system
April 24, 2014  China says more than half of its groundwater is polluted
April 23, 2014  Advanced Energy is a $1.1 Trillion Global Industry
April 23, 2014  Brazil's World Cup Will Kick the Environment in the Teeth
April 23, 2014  Two degrees: How the world failed on climate change.
April 23, 2014  Beijing officials defend plans to source drinking water from polluted Bohai Gulf
April 23, 2014  Canada aims to ease whale protection as pipeline decision looms
April 23, 2014  Want to Stop Climate Change? Take the Fossil Fuel Industry to Court
April 23, 2014  Brushing Teeth With Sewer Water Next Step as Texas Faces Drought
April 23, 2014  U.S. Urged to Tackle Lead in Aviation Gasoline
April 22, 2014  Japan will conduct Pacific whale hunt in wake of court ruling
April 22, 2014  Earth Day And The Arctic, Where Climate Change Is Up Close And Personal
April 22, 2014  What the Latest Keystone XL Delay Really Means
April 22, 2014  Officials in Turkey have nutty plan to heat buildings
April 22, 2014  UK nuclear dump 'virtually certain' to be eroded by rising sea levels.
April 22, 2014  Harper's vision of Canada as energy superpower thwarted by opposition to pipelines
April 22, 2014  Corn biofuels worse than gasoline on global warming in short term
April 22, 2014  2 Charts That Put the Chinese Pollution Crisis in Perspective
April 21, 2014  Suzuki joins fuel efficiency race with simplified hybrid system
April 21, 2014  Ukraine Seeks Renewable-Energy Boost to Counter Russia
April 21, 2014  Keystone XL delay won't quell political wrangling
April 21, 2014  Saving Caribbean Tourism from the Sea
April 21, 2014  Largest US solar farm on Superfund site now online
April 21, 2014  Nile dam study fails to stem the tide of Egyptian indignation towards Ethiopia
April 21, 2014  Eco-cities in China?
April 21, 2014  Breaking Down the Myths and Misconceptions About the Gulf Oil Spill
April 18, 2014  Europe Faces Energy Capacity and Cost Challenges in 2014 ~ Europe Needs Power
April 17, 2014  Race To Create Pyrolysis Biofuels Gets Hot
April 17, 2014  In green car race, Toyota adds muscle with fuel-cell launch
April 17, 2014  Tiny power plants hold promise for nuclear energy
April 17, 2014  Households invest billions in solar as utilities stall on big projects
April 17, 2014  Canadian government scolds Jimmy Carter over position on Keystone XL pipeline
April 17, 2014  Clean energy: Is a boom coming in 2014?
April 17, 2014  Ebola virus in Africa outbreak is a new strain
April 17, 2014  Honeybees in East Africa Resist Deadly Pathogens
April 17, 2014  China's babies at risk from soot, smog
April 16, 2014  The green case against Keystone
April 16, 2014  Africa and Brazil ahead of Arctic in oil exploration
April 16, 2014  India Signs Power Contracts for 700 Megawatts Solar
April 16, 2014  The Tax Breaks That Are Killing the Planet
April 16, 2014  Masses of Mercedes Thicken Hong Kong Air-Pollution Mess
April 16, 2014  Here's What Fracking Can Do to Your Health
April 16, 2014  BP, Coast Guard end spill cleanup on Gulf shoreline
April 16, 2014  Uranium workers dying after time at Namibia mine, report warns
April 15, 2014  Radioactive water floods Fukushima plant basements after wrong pumps switched on
April 15, 2014  Huge Hole in Earth's 'Detergent' Layer Found Over Pacific
April 15, 2014  Canada's Climate Warms to Corn as Grain Belt Shifts North
April 15, 2014  March Was 4th Warmest on Record Globally
April 15, 2014  Canadian cities top climate resiliency ranking
April 15, 2014  Why It's a Big Deal That Half of the Great Lakes Are Still Covered in Ice
April 15, 2014  Pollution From Asia Makes Pacific Storms Stronger
April 15, 2014  Deforestation, drought push Amazon toward destruction by fire
April 14, 2014  Kerry: Climate report a wake-up call
April 14, 2014  Coal gasification: The clean energy of the future?
April 14, 2014  China's 'eco-cities': empty of hospitals, shopping centres and people
April 14, 2014  World must end 'dirty' fuel use
April 14, 2014  Post-Fukushima Japan Chooses Coal Over Renewable Energy
April 14, 2014  Planned nuclear waste facility raises fears for Great Lakes
April 14, 2014  UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster
April 14, 2014  China and India face huge cancer burden
April 11, 2014  Automotive Sector Fuelling Growth in Carbon Black Demand in Asia Pacific Region
March 28, 2014  Latin America's Largest Solar Power Plant Goes Online In Mexico
March 28, 2014  A recipe for disaster
March 28, 2014  Butterfly count in Mexico reveals bleak winter for monarchs
March 28, 2014  No Reason to Pandemic
March 28, 2014  US autism estimate rises to 1 in 68 children
March 28, 2014  Oil Theft Dilemma Stymies Nigeria's Niger Delta
March 28, 2014  Hunger, malnutrition in Canada's Arctic nears crisis
March 28, 2014  BP more than doubles estimate of Lake Michigan oil spill
March 27, 2014  Pollution is the world's biggest killer
March 27, 2014  China loses trade dispute over rare earth exports
March 27, 2014  How British Columbia Enacted the Most Effective Carbon Tax in North America
March 27, 2014  India declared polio-free, but global risks persist
March 27, 2014  Chernobyl Trees Barely Decomposed, Study Finds
March 27, 2014  Wrong radiation exposure readings found for 142 Fukushima workers
March 27, 2014  Growers of thirsty pot are under fire in drought-struck California
March 27, 2014  Disposable chopsticks hazardous to health
March 26, 2014  Thoughts from the Frontline: China's Minsky Moment?
March 26, 2014  Clean Energy Trends Report 2014
March 26, 2014  Tesla Takes a Hit From NJ Direct-Sale Ban
March 26, 2014  A New Killer Virus in China?
March 26, 2014  China Cracks Down on Illegal Wastewater Discharges
March 26, 2014  Obama warns of energy sanctions if Russia escalates Ukraine crisis
March 26, 2014  World unprepared for climate damage to food security
March 26, 2014  Is the rise in preventable diseases tied to the anti-vaccination movement?
March 26, 2014  BP confirms oil spill into Lake Michigan
March 25, 2014  Project to move water to China's thirsty north plagued by pollution concerns.
March 25, 2014  Fukushima fishermen approve plan to release groundwater from plant
March 25, 2014  U.S. Navy shuts Arctic submarine ice camp after cracks appear
March 25, 2014  2013 Is 6th Warmest Year
March 25, 2014  Oil spill puts wildlife in harm's way
March 25, 2014  Drought-ravaged California turns to tech for help
March 25, 2014  WHO: Pollution kills 7 million people every year
March 25, 2014  Little evidence of high cancer rates in oilsands community
March 25, 2014  Hidden in old paintings, a clue to past climate
March 24, 2014  What Happens if the Keystone XL Pipeline Isn't Built?
March 24, 2014  March Madness: Ohio's Buckeye Could Lose to Climate Change
March 24, 2014  Could a toilet reinvention help save $260 billion worldwide?
March 24, 2014  Global warming to hit Asia hardest, warns new report on climate change
March 24, 2014  Nuclear waste buildup relentless
March 24, 2014  Indonesia's forest fires feed 'brown cloud' of pollution choking Asia's cities
March 24, 2014  Plane search hampered by ocean garbage problem
March 24, 2014  Exxon Valdez oil spill, 25 years later, offers lessons
March 21, 2014  Vancouver City Council Comes Out Against Oil Terminal
March 21, 2014  Global energy thirst threatens to worsen water woes
March 21, 2014  First Solar focuses on rooftops as utility mega-projects shrink
March 21, 2014  World Bank Clears Congo's Controversial Dam Project
March 21, 2014  The fight over frac sand mining.
March 21, 2014  Dirty for decades, diesel tractors, bulldozers get cleaned up
March 21, 2014  China working on uranium-free nuclear plants in attempt to combat smog
March 21, 2014  Choking to Death in Tehran
March 19, 2014  Cleantech Trends that will Change Our Future
March 19, 2014  CO2 on Path to Cross 400 ppm Threshold for a Month
March 19, 2014  New Hyundai Car Runs On The Poop Of California Residents
March 19, 2014  Sunoco oil pipeline leaks in Ohio nature preserve
March 19, 2014  Silent killer taking toll
March 19, 2014  Tourists offered compensation for bad air days
March 19, 2014  Exxon Valdez taught lesson that prevention is key
March 19, 2014  China deploys drones to spy on polluting industries
March 18, 2014  The World's Most Polluted Cities
March 18, 2014  Climate change is putting world at risk of irreversible changes
March 18, 2014  SolarCity accuses utilities of slowing home-battery project
March 18, 2014  Bumpy road for Chinese renewable energy
March 18, 2014  Scientists warn that newly discovered Greenland melting could accelerate sea-level rise
March 18, 2014  Warmest winter on record worsens California drought.
March 18, 2014  Nanotechnology so good you can eat it
March 18, 2014  Can Coal Ever Be Clean?
March 17, 2014  A plunge in U.S. preschool obesity? Not so fast, experts say
March 17, 2014  Nigeria Navy destroys 260 illegal oil refineries
March 17, 2014  New Greenland Ice Melt Fuels Sea Level Rise Concerns
March 17, 2014  Vanishing ice warning for 'Africa's Alps'
March 17, 2014  The only thing scarier than bio-warfare is the antidote.
March 17, 2014  World's most pristine waters are polluted by US Navy human waste.
March 17, 2014  Dangerous smog battles the economy in China
March 14, 2014  Scientists Baffled over Fukushima Radiation Found in Park in B.C., Canada
March 14, 2014  Majority of Japan's nuclear reactors face bleak future
March 14, 2014  How Climate Change Spurred a 10,000-Year Ice Age Journey
March 14, 2014  How do oceans absorb carbon dioxide?
March 14, 2014  South Korea culls over 6 percent of poultry to curb bird flu
March 14, 2014  Tesla Batteries' Graphite Adding to China Pollution
March 14, 2014  America's dirtiest secret
March 14, 2014  Forests Around Chernobyl Aren't Decaying Properly
March 13, 2014  Fukushima: Is fear of radiation the real killer?
March 13, 2014  China sticks with coal gasification to curb smog despite potentially big rise in CO2 emissions
March 13, 2014  Christie's opposition to Tesla spurs cries of hypocrisy.
March 13, 2014  East Harlem Explosion Highlights Risk of Natural Gas Leaks
March 13, 2014  Women bear the brunt of India's erosion disaster
March 13, 2014  Tom Steyer: An Inconvenient Billionaire
March 13, 2014  Earth has a secret reservoir of water, scientists say
March 13, 2014  Bad Apple? Groups protest chemicals used in iPhones
March 12, 2014  Japan's Quake Survivors Still in Temporary Homes 3 Years On
March 12, 2014  Tesla Motors vs. Chris Christie
March 12, 2014  Africa to spew half world's particle pollution by 2030
March 12, 2014  California Drought Dries Up Hydro, But Power Stays On
March 12, 2014  Only Two Electric-Cab Drivers On the Road in NYC
March 12, 2014  India's Diesel Fumes Impacting Glacier Melt in Himalayas
March 12, 2014  Nickel Pioneer Shut Out as China Cuts Back Smokestacks
March 12, 2014  Nuclear radiation found in B.C. may pose health concerns
March 11, 2014  Texas files lawsuit against tire recycling firm ~ Dangerous Chinese pyrolysis plants
March 11, 2014  Fukushima operator may have to dump contaminated water into Pacific
March 11, 2014  Can rooftop solar change political power in Australia?
March 11, 2014  Gruesome Global Pandemic Looming?
March 11, 2014  Asia-Pacific failing to save forests, grassland loss
March 11, 2014  Richard Branson: Global warming deniers 'get out of our way.'
March 11, 2014  H7N9 bird flu comes home to roost in China
March 11, 2014  Senate Dems keep the lights lit in climate change talkathon
March 11, 2014  US nuclear agency hid concerns, hailed safety record as Fukushima melted.
March 10, 2014  Greeks protest against Syria chemical weapon destruction at sea
March 10, 2014  As Dow seeks growth, new Enlist crop/chemicals seen as key
March 10, 2014  Tokyo Radiation Less Than Paris's Three Years After Meltdown
March 10, 2014  New ozone-depleting gases found in atmosphere
March 10, 2014  Fukushima's children at centre of debate over rates of thyroid cancer
March 10, 2014  Illegal nuclear dumping in Shiga raises alarms
March 10, 2014  Chevron's U.S. win in Ecuador case looms over cases elsewhere
March 10, 2014  China to fight pollution with drones
March 07, 2014  Tepco haunted by mismanagement
March 07, 2014  Get Ready for Next Climate Phenomenon: El Nino
March 07, 2014  Untimely Rains Hit Cuban Tobacco Harvest
March 07, 2014  China Calls on Rich Nations to Give $490 Billion for Climate
March 07, 2014  Years Needed for LNG Exports to Blunt Russia Energy Sales
March 07, 2014  Korea's Premier Poultry Research Center Decimated
March 07, 2014  Radioactive waste piles up in Tokyo area with no place to go
March 07, 2014  Two giant oil pipelines proposed to speed "doubling" of tar sands
March 06, 2014  Keystone XL-inspired clash begins over Enbridge's $7B expansion plan
March 06, 2014  The rechargeable revolution: A better battery
March 06, 2014  Snow, ice cover will boost Great Lakes levels
March 06, 2014  Obama Seeks to Boost Resilience to Climate-Driven Drought, Fires
March 06, 2014  Rail carries Canadian crude while Keystone pipeline decision simmers
March 06, 2014  Trailblazing power plant is first to bury its carbon
March 06, 2014  It's war on smog! China pledges pollution battle 'for the nation's future'
March 06, 2014  Aging nuclear power plants in Europe pose increased risk.
March 06, 2014  World food security at risk as variety of crops shrinks
March 05, 2014  Judge sides with Chevron in Ecuador pollution case
March 05, 2014  Climate change-linked coffee disease destroys crops, jobs and wages in Central America
March 05, 2014  Sydney Opera House and Statue of Liberty 'will be lost to sea level rise'
March 05, 2014  Ukraine Seen Building Support for U.S. Natural Gas Export
March 05, 2014  Japan caught up in energy dilemma
March 05, 2014  High-Protein Diet Raises Cancer Risk As Much As Smoking
March 05, 2014  Obama budget boosts funds to fight 'nightmare bacteria'
March 04, 2014  BP must live with spill settlement terms, court rules
March 04, 2014  How will Tesla's 'gigafactory' affect the grid?
March 04, 2014  Buffett regrets $2B bet on Texas utility
March 04, 2014  Keystone XL Opponents Turn Attention To U.S. Crude Oil Export Ban
March 04, 2014  Penguins monitored after diesel spill
March 04, 2014  Sunken Great Lakes oil pipeline raises spill fears
March 04, 2014  Ancient "Giant Virus" Revived From Siberian Permafrost
March 04, 2014  China Tropical Island Lures Wealthy Homebuyers Fleeing Pollution
March 03, 2014  Leading LNG proponent files B.C. application for $11-billion project
March 03, 2014  For Russia, a weaker energy hand to play in Ukraine
March 03, 2014  When cities run out of air
March 03, 2014  Mount Everest litter targeted by Nepalese authorities
March 03, 2014  EPA will reduce sulfur in gasoline
March 03, 2014  Cheap and fresh
March 03, 2014  Would Keystone pipeline unload "carbon bomb" or job boom?
March 03, 2014  Forgotten' victims of U.S. H-bomb testing dying in despair
February 28, 2014  How do 55 people share $19 billion?
February 28, 2014  U.S. Navy eyes greater presence in Arctic from 2025
February 28, 2014  Tesla sees electric future outside the automobile
February 28, 2014  3D Maps Reveal a Lead-Laced Ocean
February 28, 2014  Canada agrees to work to prevent fishing in High Arctic
February 28, 2014  60 years after nuclear tests, Marshall Islanders still waiting to return home
February 28, 2014  Australians advised to flee town near burning mine
February 28, 2014  India's Diesel Subsidy Spurs Pollution Worse Than Beijing
February 27, 2014  China to build 'world's largest' smog chamber to solve pollution puzzle
February 27, 2014  Nowhere to hide from extreme weather
February 27, 2014  Scientists More Certain Than Ever on Climate Change
February 27, 2014  Vietnam on high alert over flu risk
February 27, 2014  Rail cars used to ship oil called 'unacceptable'
February 27, 2014  As glaciers retreat in North India, rivers shrink and floods grow
February 27, 2014  China's toxic air pollution resembles nuclear winter, say scientists
February 27, 2014  Hydrogen Fuel Set to Take Off, But Safety Concerns Remain
February 25, 2014  GE will increase energy spending to aid drilling boom, Immelt says
February 25, 2014  Electric-Car Flops Spur BASF Investments in Batteries
February 25, 2014  Why Is Great Lakes Ice Nearing a Record High, While Arctic Ice Hits a Record Low?
February 25, 2014  Obama hints at quick Keystone decision
February 25, 2014  Camels in Saudi Arabia teeming with MERS virus
February 25, 2014  Fukushima radiation could reach Pacific coast by April
February 25, 2014  Chinese man becomes first to sue government over severe smog
February 25, 2014  Canada's whale whisperer
February 24, 2014  Tesla to reveal details of battery 'Gigafactory'
February 24, 2014  Rutgers study questions presence of PCBs in yellow dye
February 24, 2014  Silencing China's zombie steel mills no solution for smog
February 24, 2014  Volcanoes contributing to hiatus in global warming
February 24, 2014  Fake food: Criminal gangs move from drugs to a new 'underground economy'
February 24, 2014  The air to the throne: Buckingham Palace has highest levels of air pollution in the country
February 24, 2014  Water: The drying of the West.
February 24, 2014  Delhi's worst-ever pollution levels affect children.
February 21, 2014  100 tons of radioactive water spills at Fukushima plant after workers ignore alarm
February 21, 2014  Tesla's Musk Accelerating Vehicle Output Through 2014
February 21, 2014  Big Antarctic glacier to keep raising seas, even without warming
February 21, 2014  Acid trap
February 21, 2014  Life on Mekong faces threats as major dams begin to rise.
February 21, 2014  U.S. Backing First Nuclear Reactors in 30 Years
February 21, 2014  Did go-slow approach on Keystone XL pipeline just get slower?
February 21, 2014  Auditors find continuing mismanagement at nuclear fuel plant
February 20, 2014  Anti-tobacco acts can save 13 mn deaths in China
February 20, 2014  Obama defends lengthy vetting process for Keystone XL
February 20, 2014  Flurry of Coal Power Plant Shutdowns Expected by 2016
February 20, 2014  Wild Bees Catch Honeybee Disease
February 20, 2014  Levi Strauss tests 100% recycled water in parts of its jeans production
February 20, 2014  A canal across Nicaragua: is this for real?
February 20, 2014  Energy-starved Pakistan sets sights on coal
February 20, 2014  Mexico's drug cartels are standing in the way of a fracking bonanza
February 19, 2014  Tesla shares hit new high as Apple rumor swirls
February 19, 2014  Will Canada's forests fuel China's energy needs?
February 19, 2014  Obama Heads to Mexico Amigos Meeting Strained by Keystone
February 19, 2014  Climate billionaire aims to set stage for 2016
February 19, 2014  How the spreading symptoms of climate change can be deadly
February 19, 2014  How Calico Cats Could Help Cure Obesity
February 19, 2014  Why Latin America is a fertile ground for green tech industries
February 19, 2014  After fracking blast, Chevron offers pizza
February 18, 2014  Kerry Calls Climate Change a National Security Threat
February 18, 2014  Pakistan opens the tap on hydropower projects
February 18, 2014  Enbridge pipeline joins Keystone XL in wait for U.S. permit
February 18, 2014  The Search For New Antibiotics
February 18, 2014  As Arctic Melts, Marine Mammals Become Sentinels for Disease
February 18, 2014  China to spend $330 billion to fight water pollution
February 18, 2014  Climate change not part of Kinder Morgan hearing
February 18, 2014  Obama to order tougher fuel standards for heavy trucks
February 17, 2014  Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2013
February 17, 2014  Why more electric cars won't save the world from climate change
February 17, 2014  Candy Flavors Put E-Cigarettes On Kids' Menu
February 17, 2014  Think you can't live without plastic bags? Consider this: Rwanda did it
February 17, 2014  Concerns over trash-to-energy plant coming to a head in North Las Vegas.
February 17, 2014  Illegal, Remote Pot Farms In California Poisoning Rare Wildlife
February 17, 2014  Nepal slashes mountaineering fees for Everest
February 17, 2014  Keystone XL Pipeline: 4 Animals and 3 Habitats in Its Path
February 14, 2014  Microsoft buys carbon credits from Madagascar rainforest
February 14, 2014  Britain hammered by ocean surges and 'most exceptional rainfall in 248 years'
February 14, 2014  Brazil's bad weather riddle
February 14, 2014  Threat of global disease outbreaks spawns 27-nation pact
February 14, 2014  Chinese villagers attack polluting factory, police
February 14, 2014  Tepco took months to release record strontium readings at Fukushima
February 14, 2014  Icy blast heats up coal debate
February 14, 2014  Warming winter sends no love to Olympic bid cities
February 13, 2014  Japan's nuclear regulator raps Fukushima operator over radiation readings
February 13, 2014  Israel Desalination Shows California Not to Fear Drought
February 13, 2014  The climate change threat isn't questioned, but the solutions are
February 13, 2014  Coal Burns Brighter as Utilities Switch From Natural Gas
February 13, 2014  Nuclear waste gets expensive
February 13, 2014  China's Plan to Clean Up Air in Cities Will Doom the Climate, Scientists Say
February 13, 2014  Large Washington state coal terminal set for environmental review.
February 13, 2014  Brazil's coffee belt grapples with rare threat: dry heat
February 12, 2014  World's largest solar park may face environmental hurdle
February 12, 2014  Better batteries are key to climate change
February 12, 2014  Is Shipping Oil by Rail As Dangerous As the Keystone Pipeline?
February 12, 2014  Defeated Donald Trump turns his back on Scotland
February 12, 2014  How Philips Altered The Future Of Light
February 12, 2014  Smoking ban in cars carrying children 'by 2015'
February 12, 2014  Flood waters 'could last for months'
February 12, 2014  Polar plight: Flame retardant in Antarctic comparable to urban rivers
February 11, 2014  In Olympics ad, Cadillac goes for smug - and green
February 11, 2014  Should baby boomers worry about the health hazards they grew up with?
February 11, 2014  Iron Hell in Brazil's Amazon Region
February 11, 2014  Delhi's Air Has Become a Lethal Hazard and Nobody Seems to Know What to Do About It
February 11, 2014  China considers new powers for pollution watchdog as part of govt shakeup
February 11, 2014  Group wants Lac-Mégantic contamination records made public
February 11, 2014  Why global water shortages pose threat of terror and war
February 11, 2014  Cancer: A global threat
February 10, 2014  Massive Savannah Georgia rubber blaze is contained but still burning
February 07, 2014  Oregon offshore wind farm will be first on West Coast.
February 07, 2014  In California drought, a message to consumers: Water is power
February 07, 2014  Are we prepared for a catastrophe in the Arctic?
February 07, 2014  Nuclear giants urge market changes to thwart closures
February 07, 2014  New Avian Flu Virus Ravages Poultry in Korea
February 07, 2014  WHO: Annual Cancer Cases to Hit 22 Million in 20 Years
February 07, 2014  Egypt's Generals Face a Watery Battle
February 07, 2014  Antibiotics: Too much of a good thing.
February 06, 2014  European Parliament Backs Binding Targets for Climate & Energy
February 06, 2014  Korean president dismisses ocean minister over oil spill.
February 06, 2014  Greenland glacier hits record speed
February 06, 2014  Corporate travel vexes carbon-cutting goals.
February 06, 2014  Bloomberg vows to boost cities' efforts to curb climate change
February 06, 2014  The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference
February 06, 2014  Delhi morning walkers inhale killer benzene and carbon monoxide
February 06, 2014  Coca-Cola's new formula for water stewardship: government partnership
February 06, 2014  Winter Olympics: Downhill forecast
February 05, 2014  Nissan Leaf sales slip on icy weather
February 05, 2014  Hungry Polar Bears Turn to Seabird Eggs
February 05, 2014  Obama administration to announce 'climate hubs'
February 05, 2014  Kiribati: Tiny island's struggle with overpopulation
February 05, 2014  Saudi Arabia plans solar panel factory
February 05, 2014  New China bird flu a reminder of mutant virus risk
February 05, 2014  Rivers run dry as claims of illegality surround Romania's hydropower boom
February 05, 2014  CVS calls it quits: No more tobacco products
February 04, 2014  Only Obama Can Block the Keystone Pipeline Now
February 04, 2014  'Tidal wave of cancer' threatens world
February 04, 2014  Sugar tied to fatal heart woes; soda's a culprit
February 04, 2014  Is "Peecycling" the Next Wave in Sustainable Living?
February 04, 2014  Mexico monarch butterfly decline fans fears in California
February 04, 2014  Why Delhi is losing its clean air war
February 04, 2014  Pipeline rupture report raises questions about TransCanada inspections
February 04, 2014  Environment loses out in Russia's race to Sochi
February 03, 2014  Canadian miner Teck reports spill at Columbia River smelter
February 03, 2014  Without Keystone, oil trains may cause six deaths per year
February 03, 2014  Obama won't rush Keystone decision, White House says
February 03, 2014  Sorry, Buying A Prius or a Tesla Won't Help With Climate Change!
February 03, 2014  South Korea completing sea cleanup 164,000 liters oil leak:
February 03, 2014  Beijing smog contains witches' brew of microbes
February 03, 2014  Prince rebukes 'headless chicken' climate change deniers
February 03, 2014  Michael Bloomberg tapped to be UN envoy for cities and climate change
January 31, 2014  Embrace the Purple Tomato
January 31, 2014  Keystone pipeline review looming, likely to show little climate risk
January 31, 2014  Colombia to track coffee's carbon footprint
January 31, 2014  Bird Flu Isn't Just China's Problem Anymore
January 31, 2014  H7N9 Bird Flu Claims Third Victim in Hong Kong
January 31, 2014  Northwest Starfish Experiments Give Scientists Clues To Mysterious Mass Die-offs
January 31, 2014  Water scarcity heightens caste tensions in India
January 31, 2014  Oil drilling on US Arctic coast put on ice
January 30, 2014  Oil shipments disrupting Amtrak trains
January 30, 2014  Britain needs more nuclear not fracking, says IEA
January 30, 2014  Norway has fallen in love with electric cars
January 30, 2014  Could bubonic plague strike again?
January 30, 2014  Study finds why some supplements might be risky
January 30, 2014  Key to the future is plastics, but maybe not the kind you imagine
January 30, 2014  India's air worst in the world
January 30, 2014  Monarch butterflies drop, migration may disappear
January 29, 2014  Coast to coast in a Tesla Model S, using only free Superchargers
January 29, 2014  New NASA satellite to observe rainfall over entire globe
January 29, 2014  Has Obama Kept Promises on Climate Since Last State of the Union?
January 29, 2014  South Korea approves $7 bln reactor plans in boost for nuclear power
January 29, 2014  Efficient new jets have airlines in buying frenzy
January 29, 2014  Deadly MERS virus could hold the key to its own cure
January 29, 2014  'Zombie' bees identified in Vt., 1st in Eastern US
January 29, 2014  Keystone: Why the wait?
January 28, 2014  US ship heads out to destroy Syrian chemical weapons
January 28, 2014  El Nino May Return as Models Signal Warming of Pacific Ocean
January 28, 2014  Keystone XL pressure mounts before State of the Union
January 28, 2014  Big Dam Turnaround
January 28, 2014  Hong Kong chicken slaughter begins after H7N9 found
January 28, 2014  Ice Cover Affects Lake Levels in Surprising Ways
January 28, 2014  Ski Resorts Seen as Buyout Targets Amid U.S. West Drought
January 28, 2014  Ex-Marlboro Man Dies From Smoking-Related Disease
January 27, 2014  China Gets Creative With Pollution Clean-Up
January 27, 2014  Climate change: Rainforest absorption of CO2 becoming erratic
January 27, 2014  'Nothing Is Fixed': Recovery Is Slow In Typhoon-Hit Philippine City
January 27, 2014  China reports second case of new bird flu strain
January 27, 2014  Super Bowl will be coldest, could also be greenest
January 27, 2014  Record 829 Manatee Deaths in 2013 Puzzle Scientists
January 27, 2014  Smog-hit China's switch to high-grade raw materials to boost big miners
January 27, 2014  The cigarette industry: Running out of puff.
January 23, 2014  Ambitious climate change goals too costly for EU
January 23, 2014  EU Proposes 2030 GHG Emissions, Renewables Mandates Based on Economic Concerns
January 23, 2014  Earth Won't Die as Soon as Thought
January 23, 2014  Greens blast Obama as oil flows through southern Keystone leg
January 23, 2014  Auto boom foundering
January 23, 2014  Germany's energy revolution on verge of collapse
January 23, 2014  Deadly bird flu surges in China as millions travel
January 23, 2014  Natural gas locomotives may prove cheaper, cleaner
January 23, 2014  Pollution a reason to emigrate
January 23, 2014  EU May Scrap Green Fuel Law in Boon for Tar Sands Industry
January 22, 2014  China must spend $330 billion more to do fair share on climate
January 22, 2014  Expanding Arctic ocean to get its own shipping rules
January 22, 2014  Extreme El Niños Could Hit Twice As Often
January 22, 2014  NOAA: World in 2013 was 4th hottest on record
January 22, 2014  Air pollution boosts NW Pacific cyclones
January 22, 2014  Activists, CSX concerned about derailed oil trains
January 22, 2014  Greenland eyes mines as melting ice cap unlocks mineral riches
January 22, 2014  Leaked Records Reveal Offshore Holdings of China's Elite
January 21, 2014  Gas Group Warns EU Will Badly Miss 2050 Carbon Emissions Goals Under Current Policies
January 21, 2014  Japan says Kennedy dolphin tweet improper
January 21, 2014  Nissan Leaf sales hit the 100,000 mark
January 21, 2014  Climate-induced migration creates perils, possibilities
January 21, 2014  France and Germany contemplate an "Airbus" of solar
January 21, 2014  Tests confirm doctor who died infected with bird flu
January 21, 2014  Does Carnival's pollution tech signal big changes for the cruise industry?
January 21, 2014  Worried about radioactive 'Fukushima' fish in the US? Don't be, scientists say
January 21, 2014  More oil spilled from trains in 2013 than in previous 4 decades
January 20, 2014  6,000 litres of oil leaked from Hibernia offshore platform
January 20, 2014  Five myths about green cars and gas mileage
January 20, 2014  Buy Green. Sell Stranded.
January 20, 2014  Fukushima kids' teeth to be checked for strontium-90
January 20, 2014  A crumbling Sochi hides behind Olympic facades
January 20, 2014  A world without antibiotics? The risk is real
January 20, 2014  China starts televising the sunrise on giant TV screens
January 20, 2014  Hydropower Struggle: Dams Threaten Europe's Last Wild Rivers
January 17, 2014  Fukushima No. 1 engineer's warning to Taiwan: Nuclear power unstable
January 17, 2014  Schwarzenegger's latest foe: Global warming
January 17, 2014  Rainforest raiders foil the guardians of the Amazon
January 17, 2014  Only Arctic nations should shape the North, Harper tells The Globe
January 17, 2014  What is killing the wild Atlantic salmon?
January 17, 2014  Increasing H7N9 bird flu toll demands constant vigilance
January 17, 2014  Vertical farms sprouting all over the world
January 17, 2014  The Mafia's Deadly Garbage: Italy's Growing Toxic Waste Scandal
January 16, 2014  The seven deadly sinners driving global warming
January 16, 2014  Meet the Tiny Windmills That Could Charge Your Phone Someday
January 16, 2014  Why companies like Coca-Cola are making their own heat and power
January 16, 2014  Pine Island Glacier melting past 'the point of no return'
January 16, 2014  Al Gore says use of geo-engineering to head off climate disaster is insane
January 16, 2014  World may have to suck greenhouse gases from air to meet climate goals
January 16, 2014  Tornadoes, flood, drought cost US billions in 2013
January 15, 2014  Toyota executive calls out Musk as battle for green car future heats up
January 15, 2014  Tesla boosts sales despite safety issues
January 15, 2014  Canada's carbon emissions projected to soar by 2030
January 15, 2014  Why Google Paid Three Billion Dollars for a Thermostat Company
January 15, 2014  Live virus isolated from Alberta's fatal H5N1 case to be studied at national lab
January 15, 2014  Australian scientists microchip bees to map movements, halt diseases
January 15, 2014  China Industrial Plants Breach Emissions Standards, Study Finds
January 15, 2014  'Rock stars don't need oil,' Neil Young says
January 14, 2014  Inventive idea of the day: drones to save rhinos
January 14, 2014  Toronto's extreme cold not enough to freeze out invasive bugs
January 14, 2014  Northern Gateway overshadows Ottawa's marine-safety project
January 14, 2014  Keystone XL: Texas High Court Gives Hope to Landowners in Eminent Domain Fight
January 14, 2014  Trains Will Still Move Oil Despite Wrecks
January 14, 2014  In typhoon-slammed Philippines, controversy over unsanitary housing
January 14, 2014  Death Dust
January 14, 2014  The Lake Victoria Basin in Distress
January 13, 2014  Tesla, AT&T sign agreement to connect current and future vehicles
January 13, 2014  How Bill Gates Is Helping KFC Take Over Africa
January 13, 2014  Low-Cost Flow Batteries
January 13, 2014  China reports second H7N9 bird flu death in a week
January 13, 2014  U.S. Army tested biological weapons in Okinawa
January 13, 2014  China's water squeeze worsens as wetlands shrink 9 pct
January 13, 2014  Highly Irradiated Fish Caught Near Crippled Japan Nuclear Plant
January 13, 2014  Global climate change brings big public health challenges, CDC scientist says
January 12, 2014  Thoughts from the Frontline: Forecast 2014: The Killer D's
January 10, 2014  China vehicle sales surpass 20 million as smog chokes cities
January 10, 2014  Nissan's Ghosn Wants to Double U.S. Leaf Sales After 2013 Surge
January 10, 2014  U.S. Cold Snap Inspires Climate Change Denial, While Scientists See Little Room for Doubt
January 10, 2014  US oil gush redraws global map
January 10, 2014  Sugar is 'the new tobacco'
January 10, 2014  Latin American rivers among most polluted in the world, says new study
January 10, 2014  Keystone Pipeline Approval Snag Spurs Oil to Rail Tankers
January 10, 2014  Honeybee shortage threatens crop pollination in Europe
January 09, 2014  Gangsters and 'slaves': The people cleaning up Fukushima
January 09, 2014  China on world's 'biggest push' for wind power
January 09, 2014  Geoengineering could bring severe drought to the tropics, research shows
January 09, 2014  Polar freeze: It's weather, not climate
January 09, 2014  Showdown over the fuel of the future set for 2014
January 09, 2014  Higher insurance premiums in the forecast after months of wild weather
January 09, 2014  Manufacturers Must Pay $1.15 Billion in Lead Paint Suit
January 09, 2014  China approves massive new coal capacity despite pollution fears
January 08, 2014  Japanese whale hunt puts pressure on Australian minister
January 08, 2014  Munich Re says 2013 disaster losses declined.
January 08, 2014  Harper: Obama 'punted' Keystone XL decision, confident pipeline will be built
January 08, 2014  How a mega project snafu could snarl America's gas exports.
January 08, 2014  Toyota bumps up hydrogen-powered car in US to 2015
January 08, 2014  Polar Vortex in U.S. May be Example of Global Warming
January 08, 2014  Electric Formula One race car debuts on Las Vegas Strip
January 08, 2014  Quiet year for disasters in USA; not so in Europe
January 07, 2014  Electric Cars Hit Milestone With First Grand Prix Race Ahead
January 07, 2014  Plug-in electric sales nearly double in 2013
January 07, 2014  Greenland explores Arctic mineral riches amid fears for pristine region
January 07, 2014  Dirtiest Coal's Rebirth in Europe Flattens Medieval Towns
January 07, 2014  Prices to rise across China in bid to conserve water
January 07, 2014  Five environmental issues to watch in 2014
January 07, 2014  Bakken crude may be more flammable than previously thought
January 07, 2014  Fukushima ghost towns struggle to recover amid high radiation levels
January 01, 2014  IFC's Sustainability & Climate Business Opportunities

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