Market News

 October 12, 2006
Climate Change Guide for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

 Ottawa, Canada - The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Pollution Probe have partnered to produce a Guide to Climate Change for Small-to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The Guide helps Canadian businesses understand the potential impacts of climate change and establish measures and processes to manage the risks and opportunities posed by climate change.

The Guide is being made available to SMEs across Canada through local chambers of commerce in conjunction with Small Business Week, which starts on Monday, October 16, 2006.

The Guide is designed to help small-and medium-sized businesses in Canada understand the potential impacts of climate change on their operations, learn how to assess and manage the risks and opportunities posed by climate change, and decide how to take action to both reduce their contribution to climate change and lower their energy costs.

Business owners need to know which risks from climate change are most relevant to them so that they can respond appropriately. Those who understand the issues surrounding climate change will be better equipped to reduce any negative impacts and to identify new business opportunities to generate revenue.

SMEs can anticipate and adapt to the impacts of climate change on their businesses by assessing their exposure to climate change and taking action to address these impacts. They can, for example, locate away from flood plains and coastal areas, use improved wind-resistant building materials, and develop new products and services that help others adapt to climate change.

SMEs can help mitigate climate change by reducing both the production of greenhouse gases and the consumption of fossil fuel-based energy. For example, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by implementing energy conservation measures, such as energy efficient lighting and space heating, incorporating greater recycled content in products and selecting production processes that either emit or use less greenhouse gases.

The Guide provides suggestions on courses of action for SMEs, and real-world examples of companies that have successfully adapted to the risks and opportunities related to climate change.

The Guide to Climate Change is available online.