Market News

 October 17, 2007
Energy Efficiency Good First Step for Businesses to Fight Climate Change

 California, USA - Energy efficiency is the most effective company-wide first steps CEOs can take to launch a climate change program, according to a team of environmental scientists and climate researchers.

The panel, which includes 54 fellows of the Switzer Foundation, an environmental non-profit, participated in a survey titled, "What the Scientists Know: How Business Leadership can Help Solve Climate Change." The survey was inspired by members of the Committee of 200, a group of women business leaders.

"The survey is designed to spark a dialogue between scientists and business leaders," said Jessica Switzer, Partner of Blue Practice Inc., which performed the survey. "We hoped to give a voice to leading U.S. scientists' concerns and create something useful that business leaders can use to develop solutions to a very large problem facing our world economy and social situation. We couldn't have a better audience to preview this than the Committee of 200."

To best leverage a CEOs leadership, the scientists top rankings included: improving energy efficiency of existing operations, converting to clean and renewable energy, engaging in climate change policy discussions, consideration of climate risk in asset management and buying carbon offsets.

Carbon offsets wasn't listed as a top priority for companies. The panel also pegged the purchase of renewable energy credits as the last corporate priority; the most popular write-in suggestion for top priority was reducing energy consumption.

Interface Inc., a modular carpet and upholstery fabric manufacturer was named as a company doing a good job of addressing greenhouse gas emissions.