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 May 02, 2009
Water and Wastewater Industry in Turkey


Turkey’s rapid urbanization, its plans to join the EU and its large tourism industry have led to increased demand for clean water and environmentally safe wastewater disposal. There is a strong market for water and wastewater technology products in the rapidly developing Turkish marketplace.   

Current Situation

Currently, only 55 percent of the Turkish population is connected to the sewerage system in municipalities and of these, only 11 percent have wastewater treatment services. These are usually in larger cities and towns. Other municipalities either do not have any treatment services, or only primary (physical) treatment. Seventy-five percent of the nation’s industrial wastewater is discharged without any treatment (mainly into oceans and rivers). Of the remainder. twenty percent is fully treated and the remaining 5 percent receives preliminary treatment only.  

Approximately half of the 190,000 industrial enterprises in Turkey are active in highly polluted industries, and of those only 1.4 percent are established in organized industrial zones with reliable and environmentally sound infrastructure.  

Much remains to be done to improve the sustainable management of water resources in Turkey. Specifically actions needs to be taken to increase the share of the population connected to sewage treatment services, which currently stands at only 12 percent.  

The price structure of water services also needs to be developed to cover the much needed investment and maintenance costs as well as to achieve the more rational use of water. Priority has been given by the government to expand investment in the water infrastructure in order to develop public-private cooperation for financing.  

Strategies for the management of water resources in water basins are also being developed, and relevant legislation is being enforced more stingently. Monitoring and measurement of water quality remains a problem and technologies are required to this end.   

Number of municipalities served by wastewater treatment plants

Number of wastewater treatment plants