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 May 25, 2009
Global Concentrating Solar Power Outlook 2009

 This is the 3rd joint report from Greenpeace International, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA) and IEA SolarPACES since 2003. With every edition we have increased the projected market volume significantly, and it finally turned over a billion dollars in 2008, this amount could double in 2009. While we highlighted in our first joint report the huge market potential, we were able to move to another message in 2005 when we launched the second report in Egypt: "CSP is ready for take off!".

We now are delighted to say "CSP has taken off", is about to step out of the shadow of other renewable technologies and can establish itself as the third biggest player in the sustainable power generation industry. CSP does not compete against other renewable energies; it is an additional one that is now economically viable.

Fighting climate change is paramount as such it is essential that the power generation sector becomes virtually CO2 free as soon as possible. Greenpeace and the European Renewable Industry Council developed a joint global vision - the Energy [R]evolution scenario - which provides a practical blueprint for rapidly cutting energy-related CO2 emissions in order to help ensure that greenhouse gas emissions peak and then fall by 2015. This can be achieved while ensuring economies in China, India and other developing nations have access to the energy that they need in order to develop. CSP plays an important role in this concept.

The Global CSP Outlook 2009 goes actually one step further. While the moderate CSP market scenario is in line with the Energy [R]evolution scenario, the advanced scenario shows that this technology has even more to offer. Globally, the CSP industry could employ as many as 2 million people by 2050 who will help save the climate and produce up to one quarter of the world’s electricity. This is a truly inspiring vision. Especially as this technology has developed it’s very own striking beauty - the stunning pictures in this report show that saving the climate look spectacular.

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Source: Greenpeace International