Market News

 October 14, 2009
Schwarzenegger signs bill to clean up scrap tires along border

 SACRAMENTO --- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law a bill to use some of the state's scrap tire recycling funds to pay for scrap tire abatement and recycling projects on the Mexico side of the California-Mexico border.

To see how Klean Industries is providing environmentally friendly, cost effective tire disposal systems of all sizes please click here. The California Tire Recycling Act imposes a $1 fee on all new tires sold in California and requires the California Integrated Waste Management Board to establish goals and priorities for waste tire programs. The new law amends the Tire Recycling Act to include funding of projects in Mexico to prevent the flow of scrap tires from Mexico to California. Such projects could include education, infrastructure, mitigation, cleanup, reuse and recycling. Wildcoast, a non-profit environmental organization devoted to protecting the coastlines of California and Baja California, sponsored the bill in the California legislature. "The passage of this bill represents a significant step in increasing the ability of California to work with Mexico to address shared environmental and health challenges," Wildcoast said on its Web site.