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 April 24, 2010
Creating Climate Wealth - Carbon War Room Conference

 Earth Week saw many events and many statements by corporations large and small on the importance of protecting the earth's environment. One of the most insightful events was the 'Creating Climate Wealth' Conference hosted by the Carbon War Room, an entity created by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

The event, which took place in Washington, D.C., brought together respected entrepreneurs, and leaders from Government, non-profits and the private sector to provide insights and expertise on how to clear barriers to emission reductions and how to promote the creation of 'green' jobs.

The Briefing Package prepared for this event is one of the most cogent summaries of the key economic and environmental issues facing business and government today related to the need for emission reductions. It provides supporting details for a series of facilitated workshops that took place during the event on such topics as: Distributed Generation, Grid Management, Energy Efficiency In The Built Environment, Next-Gen Biofuels & Aviation, Shipping & Freight, and Electric Vehicles.

Systems do not change themselves - the same stale, business-as-usual thinking that has driven us to our current state of emergency will continue to endanger our safety, our livelihoods, and our planet. We need new thinking, new leadership, and innovation to create a post-carbon economy. Our goal is not to undo industry, but to remake it into a force for sustainable wealth generation.

The Briefing Package also provides insightful background on the Carbon War Room and the War Room's approach in determining how and where to target operations.

It details the emphasis placed on market-driven solutions to climate change that can be applied to generate Gigaton-level carbon savings, develop and demonstrate those solutions, and then catalyze their rapid adoption worldwide.

The Carbon War Room's main targets include market failures, typically in the form of poor information and/or high transaction costs, which are preventing the marketplace from encouraging sustainable low-carbon wealth creation. It works to increase the capital flows needed for the marketplace to function, typically working alongside existing efforts to bring about the right policy environment and develop the appropriate technology. 

The Carbon War Room initiative focuses on the hard reality that our global industrial and energy systems are built on carbon-based technologies and unsustainable resource demands that threaten to destroy our society and our planet. Massive loss of wealth, expanding poverty and suffering, disastrous climate change, water scarcity, and deforestation are the end results of this broken system.

"Protecting natural resources and reducing carbon emissions are the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity in history"; "We can't rely on 'the end is nigh' language...it's not nigh if we all work together to scale up low-carbon solutions" Sir Richard Branson

As stated on the War Room's web site "This business-as-usual system represents the greatest threat to the security and prosperity of humanity - a threat that transcends race, ethnicity, national borders, and ideology."

The Creating Climate Wealth Breifing Package is well worth the read for those who are seeking a clear and facts-based assessment of key environmental and economic issues that are shaping our world.

It is available here:

Source: www.carbonwarroom.com