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 May 18, 2010
Research universities 'important for low carbon economy'

 Research universities will form an integral part of the world's transition to a low carbon economy, one expert has claimed.

Speaking at a public lecture on the topic, Professor Ernie Moniz, director of the Energy Initiative and the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), suggested that technology would be the key driver in "accelerating" the response to climate change.

"We must accelerate the transformation of the energy marketplace significantly if we are to meet prudent climate change risk mitigation goals, energy demand and enhance energy security," Professor Moniz told an audience.

Abu Dhabi was hailed as an example of effective research and development combined with investment in low carbon businesses.

The Emirates' Masdar Institute and MIT in the US were said to be "critical" players in the increased innovation needed for the transition to a low carbon economy. The Masdar Institute forms part of a larger project from the government known as the Masdar Initiative.

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Increases in "efficiency, demand reduction, and very low carbon electricity" were said to be the "pillars" of Abu Dhabi's energy policy and the most important steps which need to be taken to reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

Noticeably the new UK government did not include any pledges on finance for research into energy-efficient technologies within its coalition document. Is this something that the country should be looking at?