Market News

 June 09, 2010
Green investment 'becoming more mainstream'

 Green and ethical investments are becoming increasingly popular as more people address where their money is coming from.

Penny Shepherd, chief executive of UKSIF - the sustainable investment and finance association, said that nearly £10 billion has been invested in ethical and green funds, making the practice more "mainstream".

F&C's latest Question of the Month survey shows that nearly three-quarters of investors would consider using an ethical investment trust. However, more than half of these people said it would depend on the investment focus of the trust.

The comments, which came from respondents, indicated that much more priority would be placed on the money-making potential of an investment, rather than its green credentials.

Ms Shepherd said that she believes that green investment will increase in the future.

"Given this opportunity to combine financial with social and environmental goals, we fully expect demand for green and ethical investments to increase over the next few years."

She explained that many of the association's members had reported interest in green funds.