Market News

 February 03, 2016
Climate activists target Pepsi ahead of Super Bowl halftime show

 Climate protesters are taking aim at PepsiCo. ahead of the Super Bowl halftime show that the company is sponsoring.

The Rainforest Action Network is protesting Pepsi's "link to rainforest destruction, climate pollution and human rights abuses" this week in San Francisco, the site of Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.

At issue is Pepsi's use of so-called conflict palm oil in its supply chain to which the environmentalists object. They say the development of palm oil not only leads to deforestation but also worker exploitation.

Even though Pepsi has taken steps to discourage the use of palm oil by suppliers, the company has not done enough to eliminate it from its products, the environmentalists argue.

The Rainforest Action Network is hoping to "hijack Pepsi's halftime show" with a viral video they hope will steer the online conversation away from the soda manufacturer.

"The video exposes the connection between Doritos, a Pepsi product, and rainforest destruction from palm oil production," the group noted.

They will also protest Monday outside of Pepsi's building in San Francisco.

This past week, the activists targeted Pepsi with images of deforestation that were projected onto San Francisco buildings along with the company's logo.