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October 16, 2019  Higher temperatures driving 'alarming' levels of hunger
October 16, 2019  Greenland's melting ice may affect everyone's future
October 16, 2019  Using old cellphones to listen for illegal loggers
October 16, 2019  Urban humans
October 15, 2019  The revenge of John Bolton?
October 15, 2019  President Trump has made 13,435 false or misleading claims over 993 days
October 15, 2019  A hometown lawyer is suing the nation's largest drug companies over the opioid crisis
October 15, 2019  Donald Trump, corrupted absolutely
October 10, 2019  How climate fiction is helping people understand the planet's uncertain future
October 10, 2019  Philanthropy's critical nuclear moment
October 10, 2019  How Antarctic ice sheets are melting from above and below
October 10, 2019  How Elizabeth Warren would address environmental justice
October 09, 2019  Want to know what climate change feels like? Ask an Alaskan.
October 09, 2019  Nuclear called irrelevant in climate fight without lower costs
October 09, 2019  Trump's dam might be about to burst
October 09, 2019  For the first time in history, U.S. billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class last year
October 08, 2019  The sea is running out of fish, despite nations' pledges to stop
October 08, 2019  Open for business: The Trump revolution on America's public lands
October 08, 2019  Trump's defense: You can't impeach me. I impeach you.
October 08, 2019  The forgotten man
October 07, 2019  Can medical care exist without plastic?
October 07, 2019  U.S. disputes North Korean claim that nuclear talks have broken down
October 07, 2019  Trump's corruption is black and white
October 07, 2019  The loud American
October 03, 2019  Trump breaks with tradition by tapping only a Republican for key energy panel
October 03, 2019  Major investors to ask companies to be carbon neutral by 2050
October 03, 2019  'Circus Trump': What that White House news conference looked like to the Finns
October 03, 2019  With friends like these?
October 02, 2019  In Israel, questions are raised about a forest that rises from the desert
October 02, 2019  How Britain ended its coal addiction
October 02, 2019  Oilsands company developing project to wipe out its emissions
October 02, 2019  Amazon fires fall sharply in September
October 01, 2019  Trump administration pushes for Arctic drilling by arguing 'there is not a climate crisis'
October 01, 2019  An American president who doesn't understand the meaning of America
October 01, 2019  Are airplane seats getting dangerously small? The FAA is about to find out.
October 01, 2019  Curtain call
September 30, 2019  Arctic breakdown: what climate change in the far north means for the rest of us
September 30, 2019  False profits
September 30, 2019  Fellow Republicans, there's still time to save your souls
September 30, 2019  As Trump and GOP try to dismantle Affordable Care Act, evidence suggests law has made people healthier
September 26, 2019  Impeachment will define the 2020 election
September 26, 2019  Trump deflects and defies as Democrats speed up impeachment strategy
September 26, 2019  Judge in landmark opioid trial declines to step aside
September 26, 2019  EPA tells California it is 'failing to meet its obligations' to protect the environment
September 25, 2019  Speed is killing the planet. Time to focus on efficiency
September 25, 2019  Climate change will lead to extreme coastal flooding in some areas every year, new U.N. report finds
September 25, 2019  Transcript of Trump's call with Ukrainian president shows him offering U.S. assistance for Biden investigation
September 25, 2019  E-cigarette giant Juul announces staff shakeup, suspends advertising in the United States
September 24, 2019  Costa Rica is the United Nations 2019 Champion of the Earth
September 24, 2019  Samsung's $2,000 folding phone comes with a heck of a warning label
September 24, 2019  Trump isn't the only person responsible for the demise of American democracy
September 24, 2019  Sorry I ruined your Monday commute, but our planet is on a highway to hell
September 23, 2019  Tires: The plastic polluter you never thought about
September 23, 2019  Inside the Trump administration's chaotic dismantling of the federal land agency
September 23, 2019  Amazon and the all-electric future of fleet vehicles
September 23, 2019  The angry tide
September 19, 2019  Purdue Pharma's bankruptcy plan includes special protection for Sackler family fortune
September 18, 2019  Why baby boomers' grandchildren will hate them
September 18, 2019  This deadly fungal disease could use climate change to mobilize
September 18, 2019  Where does all the plastic go?
September 18, 2019  Will technology save the Amazon?
September 17, 2019  A rising tide: 'overtourism' and the curse of the cruise ships
September 17, 2019  What we lose when animals go extinct
September 17, 2019  Oil markets on edge amid Trump's dubious energy tweets
September 17, 2019  Why California is standing firm against Trump on auto emissions
September 16, 2019  Nearly 50,000 General Motors employees go on strike after union talks break down
September 16, 2019  Purdue Pharma, drugmaker accused of fueling the opioid epidemic, files for bankruptcy
September 16, 2019  The oil industry vs. the electric car
September 16, 2019  The biggest casualty of Trump's Dorian deceit? Our common bonds
September 12, 2019  House approves two bills to block Trump drilling
September 12, 2019  Ottawa's new Arctic policy has lofty goals, but few details on how to reach them
September 12, 2019  Why NOAA matters
September 12, 2019  Renewables are now cheaper than building new natural gas plants
September 11, 2019  China to remove tariffs on some U.S. products, but not pork or soybeans
September 11, 2019  Dangerous new hot zones are spreading around the world
September 10, 2019  How Vladimir Putin's regime uses the climate crisis to get rich
September 10, 2019  EPA chief says stricter mileage standards hurt new car sales and safety
September 10, 2019  The Trump administration's war on statistics is now threatening lives
September 10, 2019  Amazon employees will walk out over climate change inaction
September 09, 2019  Oil and gas companies undermining climate goals, says report
September 09, 2019  Justice Dept. investigates California emissions pact that embarrassed Trump
September 09, 2019  Pope says deforestation must be treated as a global threat
September 09, 2019  How companies are changing supply chains to save the rain forest
September 05, 2019  A tragic misperception about climate change
September 05, 2019  Global heating made Hurricane Dorian bigger, wetter -- and more deadly
September 05, 2019  Read the demands from the upcoming climate strike
September 05, 2019  Global renewable energy has quadrupled over past decade
September 04, 2019  How Cory Booker would combat climate change
September 04, 2019  How Julián Castro would address climate change
September 04, 2019  How Elizabeth Warren would address climate change
September 04, 2019  How Kamala Harris would address climate change
September 04, 2019  How Pete Buttigieg would tackle climate change
September 04, 2019  Will deforestation and warming push the Amazon to a tipping point?
September 03, 2019  Generation scorched
September 03, 2019  Climate change could cause global banana shortage
September 03, 2019  The country disappearing under rising tides
September 03, 2019  Will Antarctic ice doom us all?
August 29, 2019  Climate change melts billions of tons of ice in Greenland fifty years earlier than predicted
August 29, 2019  The frightening spread of toxic algae
August 29, 2019  Brazil and the world need to strike a balance to save the Amazon
August 29, 2019  Meat gets a makeover
August 27, 2019  Why we should worry about the Arctic burning
August 27, 2019  Facing uncertain future, puffins adapt to survive climate change
August 27, 2019  A Northwest Passage journey finds little ice and big changes
August 26, 2019  Bolsonaro 'most detested' leader as he neglects the Amazon
August 26, 2019  US companies tell Apple and Amazon to put planet before profits
August 26, 2019  GOP lobbyists helping US companies exploit the Amazon
August 26, 2019  Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S.
August 22, 2019  Amazon rainforest fires leave São Paulo in the dark
August 22, 2019  July was the hottest month ever on Earth.
August 20, 2019  Greenland: At the bottom of a glacier, scientists find troubling signs
August 20, 2019  Trump's rollback of auto pollution rules shows signs of disarray
August 20, 2019  Canada announces $175 million for new conservation projects
August 19, 2019  America's mega-emitters are starting to close
August 19, 2019  The colonizers have turned their eyes to Greenland
August 19, 2019  Global warming is already here. Denying it is unforgivable.
August 19, 2019  Could floating farms be the future?
August 14, 2019  Arctic permafrost is thawing fast. That affects us all.
August 14, 2019  Global warming is worsening China's pollution problems
August 14, 2019  Why tiny Belize is a world leader in protecting the ocean
August 14, 2019  21 states sue Trump administration over new coal rules
August 13, 2019  West Antarctica is melting---and human-caused climate change is to blame
August 13, 2019  Recycling is in crisis. Could these innovations be the answer?
August 13, 2019  Bolsonaro administration approves 290 new pesticide products for use
August 13, 2019  Trump weakens endangered species protections, making it harder to consider effects of climate change
August 12, 2019  Eco-Overload
August 12, 2019  EPA plans to rewrite Clean Water Act rules to fast-track pipelines
August 12, 2019  India's Ganges River is drying up
August 12, 2019  Trump Administration Weakens Protections for Endangered Species
August 08, 2019  Trump administration questions climate threat to coral reefs
August 08, 2019  Trump EPA appoints former oil executive to head its south-central region
August 08, 2019  Climate change threatens the world's food supply, United Nations warns
August 08, 2019  An ocean plastics field trip for corporate executives
August 07, 2019  How McConnell's coal guy is helping Trump remake federal energy policy
August 07, 2019  Now on the used car lot: Great electric vehicles for cheap
August 07, 2019  India's ghost villages: Food and water scarcity forcing many to leave
August 07, 2019  A quarter of humanity faces looming water crises
August 01, 2019  Well done, Prince Harry, for talking about population - but ditch the private Jets
August 01, 2019  Alberta can transition from oil and gas and have a strong economy. Here's how
August 01, 2019  This is the beginning of the end of the beef industry
August 01, 2019  These stars are serious about saving the environment
July 31, 2019  The White House blocked my report on climate change and national security
July 31, 2019  Climate change alters tree demography in northern forests
July 31, 2019  Putin orders troops to help fight Siberia wildfires
July 31, 2019  Greenland is melting in a heatwave. That's everyone's problem
July 31, 2019  Greenland is melting in a heatwave. That's everyone's problem
July 30, 2019  Global warming is pushing Pacific Salmon to the brink, federal scientists warn
July 30, 2019  Melting Arctic ice caps may speed up global warming
July 30, 2019  Climate change: why removing CO2 from the air won't be enough
July 30, 2019  Best way to fight climate change? clone 3,000-year old redwoods
July 29, 2019  The Arctic is the soul of Canada. We must protect it at all costs
July 29, 2019  Is AI the next big climate-change threat? We haven't a clue
July 29, 2019  Canada's forgotten rainforest
July 29, 2019  Global warming: gin made from peas can help fight climate change
July 25, 2019  New global warming study definitively proves climate deniers wrong
July 25, 2019  Could wooden buildings be a solution to climate change?
July 25, 2019  Scientists debunk claim that global warming is a natural phenomenon
July 25, 2019  A Canadian company's mine waste is threatening a pristine Alaskan valley
July 24, 2019  Greta Thunberg to French MPs - you can ignore children, not scientists
July 24, 2019  Toxic food, toxic water: What's killing B.C.'s killer whales?
July 24, 2019  India turns to electric vehicles to beat pollution
July 24, 2019  Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months
July 23, 2019  Bloom's mission to turn toxic algae into shoes
July 23, 2019  Arctic summer 2019: record-beating heat, dramatic ice loss and raging wildfires
July 23, 2019  Investors pressure concrete producers over CO2 emissions
July 23, 2019  Sawdust might be one answer to the world's plastic problem
July 22, 2019  From impeach to impair
July 11, 2019  New Orleans braces for a one-two weather punch
July 11, 2019  How GE missed the opportunity to be a clean energy giant
July 11, 2019  Alaska chokes on wildfires as heat waves dry out the Arctic
July 10, 2019  Device could bring both solar power and clean water to millions
July 10, 2019  Plastic has a big carbon footprint --- but that isn't the whole story
July 10, 2019  Food for thought
July 10, 2019  Microbes in the Tundras could blow the roof off global warming with their emissions
July 09, 2019  Health groups sue over Trump rollback of Obama-era emissions rule
July 09, 2019  US officials are actively censoring press statements on climate change
July 09, 2019  The Internet is drowning.
July 08, 2019  Bringing power to India's electricity deserts
July 08, 2019  Solar Foods is making edible protein from captured CO2
July 08, 2019  Largest seaweed bloom in the world discovered
July 08, 2019  In Bolsonaro's Brazil, a showdown over Amazon rainforest
July 04, 2019  Antarctic sea ice declining 'precipitously' since 2014, study finds
July 04, 2019  Dairy farming at sea
July 04, 2019  Brazil registers huge spike in Amazon deforestation
July 04, 2019  So long Clean Power Plan. It was nice knowing you.
July 03, 2019  'Clean' natural gas is actually the new coal, report says
July 03, 2019  The Terrifying Unknowns of an Exotic Invasive Tick
July 03, 2019  Nuclear power, once seen as impervious to climate change, threatened by heat waves
July 02, 2019  Was Mexico's freak summer hail storm due to global warming?
July 02, 2019  Officials blame climate change as Mumbai goes under again
July 02, 2019  Arctic countries step up nuclear accident preparedness
July 02, 2019  Floating Antarctic ice goes from record high to record lows
June 27, 2019  Carbon removal is not enough to save climate
June 27, 2019  Climate scientists leaving Canada due to lack of funding
June 27, 2019  Can smartphone apps help solve the world's food waste problem?
June 27, 2019  Inside the deadly world of India's sand mining mafia
June 26, 2019  Satellite data suggests deforestation on the rise in Brazil
June 26, 2019  Climate change is a 'health emergency'
June 25, 2019  Big Oil should pay the climate tab
June 25, 2019  Democrats will debate in a city under siege by climate change
June 25, 2019  Ex-EPA engineer says Wheeler is misleading Congress about car rule
June 25, 2019  The longest oil spill in history --- 14 years after the leak began
June 24, 2019  US lawmakers: Nord Stream 2 "a terrible mistake"
June 24, 2019  Why the polar bear is an indisputable image of climate change
June 24, 2019  The 2020 Democrats Are Running on an Outmoded Obama Climate Policy
June 20, 2019  Could Canada be a safe haven for climate refugees?
June 20, 2019  Climate change is having a devastating effect on vital organisms you can't see
June 20, 2019  Can Europe wean itself from fossil fuels?
June 19, 2019  Bitcoin mining: A report finds the network mostly runs on renewables
June 19, 2019  What we eat now and why it has to change
June 19, 2019  Oil company starts drilling on shores of great river Yenisey
June 19, 2019  These American cities will soon be under water
June 18, 2019  World's population could swell to 10.9 billion by 2100, UN report finds
June 18, 2019  How enough floating plastic could change the sea
June 18, 2019  Canadians are worried about climate change
June 18, 2019  The poisons released by melting Arctic ice
June 13, 2019  Two degrees: global warming up close and personal
June 13, 2019  Climate change is not causing wars -- yet
June 13, 2019  U.S. military emits more CO2 than most countries
June 13, 2019  Adrift in the Arctic
June 12, 2019  Worst invasion of locusts in 60 years hits Sardinia
June 12, 2019  Nearly a billion people facing high exposure to climate change effects
June 12, 2019  We asked insurance workers where they'd live in the US to avoid future natural disasters
June 12, 2019  Communities take a new look at storing water underground
June 11, 2019  Brazil guts environmental agencies, clears way for unchecked deforestation
June 11, 2019  The promise and problem of fake meat
June 11, 2019  The problem with billionaires fighting climate change is the billionaires
June 11, 2019  World leaders 'are lying about climate change'
June 10, 2019  'World leaders not doing enough to protect oceans'
June 10, 2019  500 million Indians are hit by drought
June 10, 2019  Activists board North Sea oil rig for new BP climate change protest
June 10, 2019  Three surprising solutions to climate change
June 06, 2019  Brazil's Congress reverses Bolsonaro
June 06, 2019  Climate change apocalypse could start by 2050 if we do nothing
June 06, 2019  In these U.S. cities, heat waves will kill hundreds more as temperatures rise
June 06, 2019  India air pollution kills 100,000 children every year
June 05, 2019  Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon surges to record high
June 05, 2019  You will have to make sacrifices to save the planet
June 05, 2019  Refusing to have kids, because of climate change
June 05, 2019  Competing for water on a thirsty planet
June 04, 2019  Parched India awaits monsoon rains as reservoirs begin to run dry
June 04, 2019  Maine law puts new focus on potential toll of sea level rise
June 04, 2019  Companies see $1 trillion in climate risk, but more in potential reward
June 03, 2019  The Southern Ocean may be less of a carbon sink than we thought
June 03, 2019  Climate change causes growth spurt among old trees
June 03, 2019  Climate change risk is chronic and acute.
June 03, 2019  From sky farms to lab-grown shrimp
May 30, 2019  British Columbia passes law to increase sales of zero emission vehicles
May 30, 2019  Fear and loathing of the Green New Deal
May 30, 2019  Is climate change fueling tornadoes?
May 29, 2019  This hedge fund superstar thinks climate change will impact all your investments---and soon
May 29, 2019  Amazon employees challenging Jeff Bezos on climate change
May 29, 2019  'Domino effect' ups extinction risk from climate change
May 29, 2019  Report identifies biggest fossil fuel bankers
May 28, 2019  Launch of icebreaker Ural will give boost to year-round Northern Sea Route shipping
May 28, 2019  Decline in nuclear power threatens global climate goals, IEA says
May 28, 2019  The Bank of Canada declared climate change a financial risk. Now what?
May 28, 2019  Southeast Alaska experiencing first recorded extreme drought
May 27, 2019  Carbon dioxide soars to record-breaking levels not seen in 800,000 years
May 27, 2019  South African carbon tax finally becomes law
May 27, 2019  What food and nutrition will look like in 50 years
May 23, 2019  Oil companies join blitz for carbon tax
May 23, 2019  Climate change can be reversed, DiCaprio's 'Ice on Fire' claims
May 23, 2019  An (even more) inconvenient truth
May 22, 2019  Corporate America is terrified of the Green New Deal
May 22, 2019  Climate change inaction poses US$1 trillion risk for investors
May 22, 2019  Sea level rise could displace nearly 200 million this century if we don't change course
May 22, 2019  Is the world really overpopulated?
May 21, 2019  'Resisting to exist': Indigenous women unite against Brazil's far-right president
May 21, 2019  Carbon pricing: how it could help tackle climate change
May 21, 2019  What changed my mind about climate change?
May 21, 2019  Sea level rise: rising oceans could swamp coastal cities worldwide
May 16, 2019  Vanishing Bering Sea ice threatens one of the richest U.S. seafood sources
May 16, 2019  The next 'South China Sea' is covered in ice
May 16, 2019  VW will make its own batteries to power an electric future
May 16, 2019  Reef restored: how Belize saved its beloved coral reefs
May 15, 2019  Clutching to fossil fuels, and losing, in the era of climate change
May 15, 2019  It was 84 degrees in Northern Russia this weekend
May 15, 2019  Climate change may make trees live fast and die young
May 15, 2019  From making it to managing it, plastic is a major contributor to climate change
May 14, 2019  On climate, does Trudeau's Canada play hero or villain?
May 14, 2019  Carbon dioxide hits a level not seen for 3 million years
May 14, 2019  Jeff Bezos is a post-Earth capitalist
May 14, 2019  A baby born today: The climate and their future
May 13, 2019  Stalling on climate change action may cost investors over $1 trillion
May 13, 2019  Forget the Anthropocene: We've entered the synthetic age
May 13, 2019  Ancient South American populations dipped due to an erratic climate
May 13, 2019  How soil carbon can help tackle climate change
May 09, 2019  New Zealand unveils plan to go carbon neutral by 2050
May 09, 2019  Three Mile Island nuclear plant to close
May 09, 2019  China's scientists are the new kids on the Arctic block
May 09, 2019  U.S. pressure bars Arctic climate change declaration
May 08, 2019  U.S. cold-shoulders Canada as superpowers square off over Arctic riches
May 08, 2019  Germany tests first eHighway autobahn
May 08, 2019  Iceland turning carbon emissions into solid rock
May 08, 2019  The planet is losing free-flowing rivers.
May 07, 2019  Once again, the U.S. embarrasses itself on climate change
May 07, 2019  China, EU, US trading with Brazilian firms fined for Amazon deforestation
May 07, 2019  Bengal tigers may not survive climate change
May 07, 2019  Humanity faces a biodiversity crisis. Climate change makes it worse.
May 06, 2019  The pressing need to save the Arctic
May 06, 2019  Pollution doesn't care about your politics. Here's how to stop this killer threat
May 06, 2019  A 'mass extinction event' is under way
May 06, 2019  The cost of the Green New Deal versus doing nothing
May 02, 2019  Chronicles of the rings: What trees tell us
May 02, 2019  As global shipping grows, prepare for a surge of invasive species
May 02, 2019  Bucking the reign of oil
May 02, 2019  U.K. zero carbon emissions plan see electric cars, less meat
May 01, 2019  Green New Deal isn't going away
May 01, 2019  EPA can't deny its own warnings on climate change
May 01, 2019  How does your love of wine contribute to climate change?
May 01, 2019  The world's largest ice shelf is melting at a ridiculously high rate
April 30, 2019  An unexpected current that's remaking American politics
April 30, 2019  Beto O'Rourke releases $5 trillion climate change proposal
April 30, 2019  Climate change elevates carbon-free nuclear power in 2020 election
April 30, 2019  Reinventing the tomato for survival in a changing world
April 10, 2019  The problem with putting a price on the end of the world
April 10, 2019  Tiny monsters in the sea
April 10, 2019  A Green New Deal for agriculture
April 10, 2019  When people downsize to tiny houses, they adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles
April 09, 2019  Earth's glaciers melting much faster than previously thought
April 09, 2019  Antarctica team to search world's oldest ice for climate change clues
April 09, 2019  Canadian coal-fired power plant transformed into solar farm
April 09, 2019  This is how human extinction could play out
April 08, 2019  BC's worst wildfire seasons were 2017 & 2018. What will happen in 2019?
April 08, 2019  Could a Green New Deal make us happier people?
April 08, 2019  White House will promote carbon capture technology in climate change fight
April 08, 2019  Global warming is twice as fast in Canada as rest of the world, report says
April 04, 2019  80 Percent of new arctic sea ice melts before leaving Russian coast
April 04, 2019  How the media launders fossil fuel propaganda
April 04, 2019  Climate change group scrapped by Trump reassembles to issue warning
April 03, 2019  Netflix's 'Our Planet' is beautiful but uncomfortable
April 03, 2019  How clean is your city? Just ask the bees
April 03, 2019  A key to the Arctic's oil riches lies hidden in Ohio
April 03, 2019  Canada failing in climate change fight
April 02, 2019  Saudi Aramco identifies climate change laws and lawsuits as risks
April 02, 2019  Growing corn is a major contributor to air pollution, study finds
April 02, 2019  Climate, conflicts set to plunge millions into food crisis
April 01, 2019  Trump's order to open arctic waters to oil drilling was unlawful, federal judge finds
April 01, 2019  Ocean heat sets a new sky high record
April 01, 2019  Study finds climate change could put billions at risk of mosquito-borne diseases
March 28, 2019  The David Bernhardt scandal tracker
March 28, 2019  Push for more coal power in China imperils climate
March 28, 2019  Senate Democrats form special committee on climate change
March 27, 2019  Carbon removal is not enough to save climate
March 27, 2019  U.N.: Environment is a worsening mess
March 27, 2019  Fed research: climate change could spur financial crisis
March 27, 2019  GOP's Green New Deal vote fails to divide Senate Democrats
March 26, 2019  Most styrofoam isn't recycled. Here's how 3 startups aim to fix that
March 26, 2019  Russia's forests threatened by illegal logging
March 26, 2019  'A double-edged sword': Mumbai pollution 'perfect' for flamingos
March 26, 2019  Senate rejection of Green New Deal won't slow Americans' desire for climate action
March 25, 2019  Petrowest numbered company awarded $10 million Site C dam contract on eve of bankruptcy
March 25, 2019  The planet's prodigious poo problem
March 25, 2019  What we know about fossil fuels 30 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill
March 25, 2019  Costa Rica's zero-carbon plan could be a model for the world
March 21, 2019  Trump mocks wind power
March 21, 2019  Antarctica: Is this what a climate catastrophe looks like in real time?
March 21, 2019  The seductive stupidity of Andrew Wheeler
March 21, 2019  The fight to tame a swelling river with dams outmatched by climate change
March 20, 2019  Mysterious Pacific Ocean 'blob' may have harmed Hawaii humpbacks
March 20, 2019  Banks pumped $1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since 2016
March 20, 2019  People now paying for sick world
March 20, 2019  Africa is running out of water as cities see populations boom
March 19, 2019  B.C. argues it cannot stop Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, but it can protect environment
March 19, 2019  Would the Green New Deal survive the Supreme Court?
March 19, 2019  Hot records falling twice as often as cold ones
March 19, 2019  The rapid decline of the natural world is a crisis even bigger than climate change
March 18, 2019  Have we hit 'peak beef'?
March 18, 2019  Mopping up Dieselgate: The boss transforming Volkswagen
March 18, 2019  The coal miner who bet everything on U.S. power markets and lost
March 18, 2019  Drought? Disease? Insects? Bitter cold? In Italy, it's olive the above
March 14, 2019  Will more pipelines stop oil trains and the growing risk of derailments?
March 14, 2019  Environmental groups take France to court over climate change inaction
March 14, 2019  GOP lawmaker: Green New Deal 'tantamount to genocide'
March 14, 2019  Climate change is this generation's Vietnam War
March 13, 2019  Greenpeace hits back at Trump tweet on climate change denial
March 13, 2019  Fresh iceberg ruptures in Chile's Patagonia raise alarm
March 13, 2019  Our future under climate change is not inevitable
March 13, 2019  Destruction from sea level rise in California could exceed worst wildfires and earthquakes
March 11, 2019  Is climate change causing extinction?
March 11, 2019  The bogus number at the center of the GOP's Green New Deal attacks
March 11, 2019  Norway's giant Oil Fund takes first step out of petroleum
March 11, 2019  Japans Tepco fights for return to nuclear power after Fukushima
March 07, 2019  Our planet just set a scary new carbon dioxide record
March 07, 2019  Peru opens military base to protect Amazon from deforestation
March 07, 2019  It's not cheap being a green consumer
March 07, 2019  Green New Deal: Mitch McConnell wants a vote.
March 06, 2019  Is This the End of Recycling?
March 06, 2019  Italy could be forced to import olive oil because of extreme weather
March 06, 2019  Obama warns climate change will make global politics more toxic
March 06, 2019  Time To Wake Up
March 05, 2019  The good news about a Green New Deal
March 05, 2019  The potency of Republicans' hamburger lie
March 05, 2019  Forecasting mosquitoes' global spread
March 05, 2019  China, India lead the way in making the world greener
March 04, 2019  On March 15, the climate kids are coming
March 04, 2019  Green New Deal vs. Carbon Tax
March 04, 2019  Plastic threatens our health from before production to long after it's thrown away
February 28, 2019  Our kids need us to act fast on climate change
February 28, 2019  'Blows others out of the park': High hopes for new type of battery
February 28, 2019  A growing divide on climate science: Trump vs. the rest of the world
February 28, 2019  Coastal flooding is erasing billions in property value as sea level rises.
February 27, 2019  Why Canada's boreal forest is gaining international attention
February 27, 2019  100% clean energy and cars in 20 years is viable (but unlikely)
February 27, 2019  Humans are frighteningly good at getting used to climate change
February 26, 2019  Warning: Smoking kills you --- and the planet
February 26, 2019  Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard'
February 26, 2019  It's time to talk about 'climate delayers'
February 26, 2019  America uses 322 billion gallons of water each day. Here's how
February 25, 2019  There's more bad news than you think
February 25, 2019  The ocean is running out of breath, scientists warn
February 25, 2019  Chernobyl's legacy imperils many thousands
February 25, 2019  Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth
February 21, 2019  Trump National Security Council may dispute Pentagon climate change threat findings
February 21, 2019  Bolsonaro government takes aim at Vatican over Amazon meeting
February 21, 2019  Why we stink at tackling climate change
February 21, 2019  Plastic threatens our health from before production to long after it's thrown away
February 20, 2019  How a 7th-grader's strike against climate change exploded into a movement
February 20, 2019  Arctic bogs hold another global warming risk that could spiral out of control
February 20, 2019  Brazil sees growing wave of anti-indigenous threats, reserve invasions
February 20, 2019  Study of sea-level rise finds land sinking along east coast
February 19, 2019  Is nature poised for a big comeback?
February 19, 2019  How Ontario's Proposed Carbon Price Is Not A Carbon Tax (Probably, Maybe)
February 19, 2019  Coal loses another battle, despite Trump
February 19, 2019  Fund more lab-grown meat to fight climate change, experts tell EU leaders
February 14, 2019  If not the Green New Deal, then what?
February 14, 2019  Love in the time of climate change - the Valentine's traditions under threat
February 14, 2019  How to cut U.S. emissions faster? Do what these countries are doing
February 13, 2019  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Captured the Horror of the State of the Union
February 13, 2019  The Story Behind the Instant Classic "Bezos Exposes Pecker" Headline
February 13, 2019  Mitch McConnell tests the Green New Deal
February 13, 2019  Global warming: By 2080, New York City will feel like Arkansas
February 12, 2019  The tiny Swiss company that thinks it can help stop climate change
February 12, 2019  Climate change concern rising, but plastics top of mind for Kiwis
February 12, 2019  How can Canada's North get off diesel?
February 12, 2019  Environment in multiple crises - report
February 11, 2019  Russia beefs up military in Arctic with little response from Canada
February 11, 2019  Global warming: temperatures to rise by 1.5 degrees celsius in 5 years; India to get knocked out
February 11, 2019  US demand for food dries out Mexico
February 11, 2019  Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'
February 07, 2019  Germany's Merkel signals support for 2038 coal exit deadline
February 07, 2019  Rwanda signs $400 million deal to produce methane gas from 'Killer Lake'
February 07, 2019  Climate change returns to limelight
February 06, 2019  Trump ditches coal when hyping 'revolution in American energy' in SOTU speech
February 06, 2019  Climate change could thaw the home Of humanity's doomsday vault
February 06, 2019  Could climate change make Australia uninsurable?
February 06, 2019  It's time to try fossil-fuel executives for crimes against humanity
February 05, 2019  Himalayan glaciers predicted to melt as global warming bakes Asia
February 05, 2019  The false choice between economic growth and combating climate change
February 05, 2019  Stop pigging out and save the planet, Chinese told ahead of Lunar New Year
February 05, 2019  The plastics issue we seem to ignore
February 04, 2019  Africa embraces an $8 billion solar market for going off-grid
February 04, 2019  Of whales and men
February 04, 2019  Desalination plants are on the rise---so is their salty, chemical waste
February 04, 2019  It is time to respect the planet's boundaries
January 31, 2019  U.S. Midwest freezes, Australia burns: This is the age of weather extremes
January 31, 2019  Tesla moves to build the Model Y after a gangbusters 2018
January 31, 2019  Amazon deforestation, already rising, may spike under Bolsonaro
January 31, 2019  How polar vortex blasts are tied to global warming
January 30, 2019  NOAA appears to dispute Trump tweet casting doubt on global warming
January 30, 2019  Samsung to compensate sick workers, but many will never recover
January 30, 2019  Arsenic and lead are in your fruit juice: What you need to know
January 30, 2019  What goes up: Are predictions of a population crisis wrong?
January 29, 2019  Can we ditch intensive farming - and still feed the world?
January 29, 2019  The Climate Kids Are Coming
January 29, 2019  Will Arizona's Saguaros survive climate change and drought?
January 29, 2019  The rosewood trade: the illicit trail from forest to furniture
January 29, 2019  US judge to allow controversial evidence in Roundup cancer trials
January 28, 2019  Explosive growth in Russia's Arctic seaports
January 28, 2019  People are becoming more suspicious of robots
January 28, 2019  Leonardo DiCaprio announces new plan to fight climate change
January 28, 2019  How Humans Get in the Way of Clean Water
January 24, 2019  Washington's bold plan to save its orcas
January 24, 2019  As climate warms, plants will absorb less CO2, study finds
January 24, 2019  Environmental Laws Won't Fix Climate Change Unless We Enforce Them
January 24, 2019  We need a circular, urban food system
January 23, 2019  Greenland's ice is melting faster than we thought. Here's why that's scary.
January 23, 2019  State says North Slope oil and gas activity is at its highest level in 20 years
January 23, 2019  Electric Truck Startup Steps In Where Other Automakers Left Off
January 23, 2019  How Are India's Plastic Waste Imports Increasing?
January 22, 2019  Nuclear fusion, a disruptive power source for crowded cities
January 22, 2019  Scientists warn of climate 'time bomb' for world's groundwater
January 22, 2019  Plastic found at the bottom of Belize's Great Blue Hole
January 22, 2019  Run faster, your gym's treadmills may soon be saving the planet
January 21, 2019  Climate-change denier Donald Trump has rolled back numerous environmental regulations during first two years in office
January 21, 2019  Scientists ID another possible threat to orcas: pink salmon
January 21, 2019  'A sad day': two more B.C. mountain caribou herds now locally extinct
January 21, 2019  Korean scientists dissolves CO2 in an aqueous solution to produce electricity
January 17, 2019  Glaciers are retreating. Millions rely on their water.
January 17, 2019  Coffee extinction: global warming threatens top coffee species
January 17, 2019  Anti-vaxxers: Not vaccinating children global health threat, says WHO
January 17, 2019  Big plastic trash plan is a drop in the polluted ocean
January 16, 2019  Permafrost is warming around the globe, study shows. That's a problem for climate change.
January 16, 2019  The Green New Deal's first test: what counts as clean energy?
January 16, 2019  The Next Likely EPA Chief Has Almost Completed His Former Coal Client's Wish List
January 16, 2019  2 Moms Sue EPA After Their Sons Died Of Exposure To Toxic Chemical
January 15, 2019  DowDuPont challenged to report plastic-pellet spills in oceans
January 15, 2019  City councillor calls for 'carbon budget' to help guide Vancouver's action on climate change
January 15, 2019  The West's great river hits its limits: Will the Colorado run dry?
January 15, 2019  A crusade in the Philippines takes on the big brands behind plastic waste
January 14, 2019  Defeated twice, a top climate change crusader has a wake-up call some Democrats won't want to hear
January 14, 2019  Canada, First Nations express concern over US Arctic drilling plans
January 14, 2019  Antarctica's largest ice shelf could be at risk of melting
January 14, 2019  New analysis raises questions about EPA's classification on glyphosate weed killer
January 10, 2019  Fiat Chrysler is expected to pay nearly $650 million in emissions case
January 10, 2019  Western U.S. Monarch butterfly population declined sharply in 2018
January 10, 2019  Climate is getting more extreme in every possible way
January 10, 2019  The new Iron Curtain: The pollution divide between Eastern and Western Europe
January 09, 2019  U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Block Exxon Climate Fraud Investigation
January 09, 2019  Bernie Sanders Calls Climate Change 'Biggest Crisis Of All' In Fiery Rebuke Of Trump Speech
January 09, 2019  The World Lost $160 Billion to Disasters Last Year, and Climate Change Played a Big Role
January 09, 2019  California's Car Population is Exploding
January 08, 2019  Pulling Back the Mask of Saudi Oil Power
January 08, 2019  China is most important battleground for carmakers
January 08, 2019  Pollution Got Worse in 2018 Thanks to Two Overlooked Sectors
January 08, 2019  Plausible magic bullets for the environment in 2019?
January 07, 2019  Device to clean up plastic garbage in the ocean hits a setback
January 07, 2019  A rift between Germany and Brazil stalls work on carbon market
January 07, 2019  "Innovation": the latest GOP smokescreen on climate-change policy
January 07, 2019  More coal plants have closed under Trump than in Obama's last term
January 03, 2019  Apple iPhone --- what is inside
January 03, 2019  Can Phoenix Remain Habitable?
January 03, 2019  New Congress members see climate solutions and jobs in a Green New Deal
January 03, 2019  Babies don't have a sweet tooth, so why is their food full of sugar?
January 03, 2019  How China's big overseas initiative threatens global climate progress
January 02, 2019  Bill McKibben Has A New Year's Message About Climate Change
January 02, 2019  What the Believers Are Denying
January 02, 2019  Recycling: Where is the plastic waste mountain?
January 02, 2019  China's Two-child Policy Fails to Click, New-borns Number Dips by 2 Million in 2018
December 27, 2018  We Need To Talk About Palm Oil
December 27, 2018  The deadly consequences of agrochemical farming in Argentina
December 27, 2018  President Trump's retreat on the environment is affecting communities across America
December 27, 2018  More foods found to contain Monsanto's Roundup
December 20, 2018  Green glove, iron fist
December 20, 2018  How Taiwan achieved one of the highest recycling rates in the world
December 20, 2018  Japan to withdraw from International Whaling Commission in bid to resume commercial whaling
December 20, 2018  Trump conservation pick triggers question of 'favoritism or connections'
December 19, 2018  BC Just Scrapped the Future of the Gas-Powered Car
December 19, 2018  Climate change action in China is "about science and not politics"
December 19, 2018  The U.S. just finalized the largest offshore wind sale in the nation's history
December 19, 2018  The disconnect over climate and coal
December 18, 2018  China's trade plan may cause lasting harm
December 18, 2018  Big Oil comes to icy Arctic bay
December 18, 2018  An Epidemic Is Killing Thousands Of Coal Miners. Regulators Could Have Stopped It
December 17, 2018  The massive CO2 emitter you may not know about
December 17, 2018  The hunt for new antibiotics grows harder as resistance builds
December 13, 2018  An upheaval at the ends of the world
December 13, 2018  Deep Water Seagrass Meadows Are Untapped Carbon Sinks
December 13, 2018  The oil industry's covert campaign to rewrite American car emissions rules
December 12, 2018  Arctic reindeer numbers crash by half
December 12, 2018  US accused of obstructing talks at UN climate change summit
December 12, 2018  Investors warn of severe financial crash if climate action isn't taken
December 11, 2018  East Antarctica is losing ice faster than anyone thought
December 11, 2018  A murder over a Monsanto chemical
December 11, 2018  EU talks to set CO2 emission limits for cars founder
December 10, 2018  Scientists say some British Columbia endangered species can't be saved
December 10, 2018  Why greens are turning away from a carbon tax
December 10, 2018  Vanishing nutrients
December 10, 2018  Trump's attack on Clean Water Act will fuel destructive pipeline boom
December 06, 2018  Global emissions climb to record highs, reversing three years of declines
December 06, 2018  The best technology for fighting climate change isn't a technology
December 06, 2018  Save millions of lives by tackling climate change, says WHO
December 06, 2018  US coal consumption drops to lowest level since 1979
December 05, 2018  Britain, Denmark seen as world leaders in climate change fight
December 05, 2018  The 'war' on climate. The climate 'fight.' Are we approaching the problem all wrong?
December 05, 2018  Can we grow more food on less land? We'll have to, a new study finds
December 05, 2018  Waiting for two shoes to drop
December 04, 2018  China's import ban on plastic waste pushes Japan and other rich nations to rethink trash options
December 04, 2018  China is both the best and worst hope for clean energy
December 04, 2018  Climate change could mean collapse of civilization
December 04, 2018  The riddle of the roaming plastics
December 03, 2018  A first test of a last-ditch option to stall global warming
December 03, 2018  World Bank to invest $200bn to combat climate change
December 03, 2018  A Coal Mine Is Devouring a 12,000-Year-Old Forest
December 03, 2018  New tick species capable of transmitting deadly disease is spreading in the U.S.
November 30, 2018  Goldman Predicts Commodities Will Soar in 2019
November 29, 2018  Brazil Backs Out of Hosting 2019 Climate Change Meeting
November 29, 2018  Want someone to care about climate change? Make it personal
November 29, 2018  Global warming will increase heat-related death and disease
November 28, 2018  The climate report the Trump administration didn't want you to see
November 28, 2018  The Game-Changing Promise of a Green New Deal
November 28, 2018  22 dead in blast outside northern China chemical plant
November 27, 2018  Clues sought for decline in Hawaii humpback whale sightings
November 27, 2018  It's time for industry to embrace fixing climate change
November 27, 2018  Trump rejects his government's warning of climate change costs
November 27, 2018  US already affected by climate change
November 26, 2018  The world needs to quit coal. Why is it so hard?
November 26, 2018  Trans Mountain: The billion-dollar oil pipeline Canadians own and can't build
November 26, 2018  Trump's dire climate report hands ammunition to Democrats
November 26, 2018  The hunt for sky's "detergent" begins in Antarctica
November 15, 2018  The plastic backlash: what's behind our sudden rage -- and will it make a difference?
November 15, 2018  Republic of Congo names new national park, home to gorillas, elephants
November 15, 2018  Climate change is making hurricanes even more destructive, research finds
November 15, 2018  Nearly 400,000 U.S. homes will experience chronic flooding by 2050
November 15, 2018  Climate solutions: is it possible to remove enough CO2 from the air?
November 14, 2018  The climate is basically doomed if we build the fossil fuel infrastructure that's already in the pipeline
November 14, 2018  Lyme disease is thriving thanks to climate change
November 14, 2018  EPA changes under Trump hurt environment
November 14, 2018  Polio-like disease may be caused by several viruses, CDC says
November 13, 2018  Canada's salmon hold the key to saving its killer whales
November 13, 2018  The last trees of the Amazon
November 13, 2018  Bayer reassures investors on Monsanto, vows to back Roundup
November 13, 2018  Two of America's wealthiest philanthropists are teaming up to protect the oceans
November 08, 2018  China's medicinal tiger bones and rhino horns: tradition or travesty?
November 08, 2018  Delhi chokes on hazardous pollution the day after Diwali
November 08, 2018  With Democratic majority, climate change is back on U.S. House agenda
November 08, 2018  Auto firms find Trump plan to ease fuel rules too much of a good thing
November 07, 2018  Russia slackens ice-class demands for Arctic shipping
November 07, 2018  Northern white rhino: New hopes for IVF rescue
November 07, 2018  Big Oil beats carbon tax, Big Soda shields itself from sugary beverage tax
November 07, 2018  Superbugs to "kill millions" by 2050 unless countries act, warn experts
November 06, 2018  Washington Initiative 1631 could reshape US climate politics
November 06, 2018  Is warming bringing a wave of new diseases to Arctic wildlife?
November 06, 2018  Their soybeans piling up, farmers hope trade war ends before beans rot
November 06, 2018  How Bill Gates Aims to Save $233 Billion by Reinventing the Toilet
November 05, 2018  Trump hotel threatens to suck Bali dry
November 05, 2018  Indian capital under cloud of smog as pollution level jumps
November 05, 2018  Oceans Are Warming Up Much Faster Than Previously Thought
November 05, 2018  Koch Industries and BP are trying to kill state climate initiatives
November 02, 2018  Fears for Amazon as Bolsonaro plans to merge environment and agriculture ministries
November 02, 2018  Is it possible for Shell to help fight climate change?
November 02, 2018  Dyson electric car: vacuum cleaner maker to build plant in Singapore
November 02, 2018  Europe's move on antibiotic use in livestock leaves US in the dust again
October 31, 2018  The Climate Is Doomed Without Brazil
October 31, 2018  E-cigarettes: The new hazardous waste
October 31, 2018  Indigenous Mexican farmers fight giant gas pipeline
October 31, 2018  Ocean Shock: The climate crisis beneath the waves.
October 30, 2018  Ray Dalio and Michael Bloomberg Commit $185 Million To Protect The Oceans
October 30, 2018  Nuclear Plant Continues To Invest In Alternative Energy
October 30, 2018  Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds
October 29, 2018  Big brands pledge to turn tide on global plastic waste
October 29, 2018  Guess what? Everyone was wrong about Tesla.
October 29, 2018  These voters could approve the first U.S. carbon fee. Big Oil is spending millions to defeat it.
October 29, 2018  90% of world's children are breathing toxic air, WHO study finds
October 25, 2018  Swamped with plastic waste: Malaysia struggles as global scrap piles up
October 25, 2018  Lead could be fueling America's high blood pressure epidemic
October 25, 2018  The Trudeau government is right to impose carbon pricing
October 25, 2018  How CO2 removal can help clean up the climate mess
October 24, 2018  With vaccine in hand, Ebola response teams are struggling to track those who need it
October 24, 2018  Climate change, rising sea levels a threat to farmers in Bangladesh
October 24, 2018  Why Brazil's Bolsonaro is giving environmentalists jitters
October 24, 2018  Hurricane Willa breaks an eastern and central Pacific storm season record
October 23, 2018  Judge upholds Monsanto verdict, cuts award to $78 million
October 23, 2018  A sea change: how one small island showed us how to save our oceans
October 23, 2018  A Record Number of Scientists Are Running for Congress, and They Get Climate Change
October 23, 2018  Young People Are Suing the Trump Administration Over Climate Change. She's Their Lawyer.
October 22, 2018  A 14-year-long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico verges on becoming one of the worst in U.S. history
October 22, 2018  How much Trudeau's carbon tax will cost you
October 22, 2018  We put a man on the moon; we can solve climate change
October 22, 2018  A device that can pull drinking water from the air just won the latest XPrize
October 22, 2018  Zero-waste stores pop up in the US, targeting shoppers tired of all the waste
October 18, 2018  Exposed by Michael: Climate Threat to Warplanes at Coastal Bases
October 18, 2018  Turkey's plastic waste imports from the UK are booming -- but at what cost?
October 18, 2018  Harvard researchers say they may have solved mystery of Beijing's air pollution woes
October 18, 2018  Trump administration asks high court to halt climate change case
October 17, 2018  Japan plans to flush Fukushima water 'containing radioactive material
October 17, 2018  Global warming could bring back the plague, diseases
October 17, 2018  Sidelined children's health official says EPA inaction means "kids are disposable"
October 17, 2018  Doubling down on the biofuel boondoggle
October 16, 2018  Monsanto case: Jurors urge judge not to overturn $289 million award
October 16, 2018  It Will Take Millions of Years for Mammals to Recover From Us
October 16, 2018  Invasion of the 'frankenbees': The danger of building a better bee
October 16, 2018  Food wasted by rich nations could end world hunger - U.N.
October 15, 2018  Tyre Recycler Jailed but Dump Remains in Australia - Scrap Tire Pyrolysis Solution
October 15, 2018  Scientist: EPA changes are an effort to 'gut rules' that protect public
October 15, 2018  Donald Trump: climate change no hoax, but ay 'change back'
October 15, 2018  Can stripping the air of its moisture quench the world's thirst?
October 15, 2018  In Pakistan, an ambitious effort to plant 10 billion trees takes root
October 12, 2018  BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee: Science must be Prevail in Recycled Rubber Infill Debate
October 10, 2018  Trump quiet as the UN warns of climate change catastrophe
October 10, 2018  Coal is killing the planet. Trump loves it.
October 10, 2018  The U.N.'s climate report has something to piss everyone off
October 10, 2018  Can Africa make plastic recycling pay?
October 09, 2018  Kenya: Indigenous Ogiek face eviction from their ancestral forest... again
October 09, 2018  The next flu pandemic will be thoroughly modern
October 09, 2018  'The world is against them': new era of cancer lawsuits threaten Monsanto
October 09, 2018  Dire Climate Warning Lands With a Thud on Trump's Desk
October 08, 2018  New Zealand Seems Incapable of Handling ELT (End-of-Life Tires)
October 04, 2018  Trump nominates coal, nuclear bailout supporter to U.S. power agency
October 04, 2018  'This drought is different': it's drier and hotter -- and getting worse
October 04, 2018  Our fertilizer is killing us. Here's a fix.
October 04, 2018  China's funding for coal draws scrutiny as climate concern grows
October 03, 2018  California Governor Blocks Tyre Management Bill
October 02, 2018  The environmental consequences of a Justice Brett Kavanaugh
October 02, 2018  Greta Thunberg, the fifteen-year-old climate activist who is demanding a new kind of politics
October 02, 2018  Carmakers brace for shocks as electrified future looms
October 02, 2018  Old age, neglect and a changing climate are rendering US dams dangerous
October 01, 2018  Over half of the world's killer whale population is under threat
October 01, 2018  Climeworks has opened a third plant capturing carbon dioxide from the air
October 01, 2018  Bob Inglis, a Republican believer in climate change, is out to convert his party
October 01, 2018  The Gulf of St. Lawrence is losing oxygen faster than anywhere else
September 13, 2018  Blockchain is Revolutionizing Your Ability to Make Environmentally Friendly Purchases
September 13, 2018  US 'likely' has taken over as the world's top oil producer
September 13, 2018  Hurricane Florence Is a Formidable Test for FEMA and Trump
September 12, 2018  Europeans live longer but smoke too much: WHO
September 12, 2018  Is fall disappearing?
September 12, 2018  Who's ready for climate change? You can Google that...
September 12, 2018  Tiny bits of plastic permeate our world
September 11, 2018  Kavanaugh's views on EPA's climate authority are dangerous and wrong
September 11, 2018  Wait, So How Much of the Ocean Is Actually Fished?
September 11, 2018  More than 1.5 million ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Florence threatens Carolinas
September 11, 2018  Five Ways Global Warming Changed the World Since the Paris Accord
September 10, 2018  With green power load on board, Chinese ships choose a route through Arctic ice
September 10, 2018  A climate summit that bypasses a do-nothing president
September 10, 2018  The uselessness of climate-change defeatism
September 10, 2018  Mumbai second most populated city in world
September 06, 2018  Pacific Islands call on U.S. to recommit to the Paris Agreement on climate change
September 06, 2018  California is poised to go carbon-free by 2045
September 06, 2018  Two leading Norwegian officials on nuclear safety halted on their way out of Russia
September 06, 2018  In 1972, a computer model predicted the end of the world --- and we're on track
September 05, 2018  China ministry names and shames 30 car firms for not making enough green vehicles
September 05, 2018  Cancer, Schmancer. In California, Coffee Is King
September 05, 2018  Japan's bid to resume commercial whaling sets stage for fierce debate
September 05, 2018  Sperm Count Zero
September 04, 2018  Is recycled plastic safe for food packaging? EU seems to think so
September 04, 2018  Brazil court overturns ban on weed-killer glyphosate
September 04, 2018  Ebola Attacked Congo Again. But Now Congo Seems to Be Winning
September 04, 2018  Climate Change Will Drastically Alter Earth's Vegetation
August 30, 2018  Warm water under Arctic ice a 'ticking time bomb,' researcher says
August 30, 2018  Aging populations challenge China, India, Iran and Japan
August 30, 2018  In the Melting Arctic, a Harrowing Account from a Stranded Ship
August 30, 2018  A dirty plan that would kill Americans
August 29, 2018  Trump Will Have to Answer for the Real Puerto Rican Death Toll
August 29, 2018  Saving the orcas starts with a cleaner Puget Sound
August 29, 2018  Can This 24-Year-Old Clean Up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
August 29, 2018  Russians and Americans set out on an expedition to a land of great change
August 28, 2018  'Apocalyptic threat': dire climate report raises fears for California's future
August 28, 2018  In India's Largest City, A Ban on Plastics Faces Big Obstacles
August 28, 2018  Europe Now Has One Million Electric Vehicles on the Road
August 28, 2018  Brazil's pesticide poisoning problem poses global dilemma
August 27, 2018  John McCain's Climate Change Legacy
August 27, 2018  Plastic straw ban? Cigarette butts are the single greatest source of ocean trash
August 27, 2018  Trump's Dirty Power Plan is much worse for kids' health than for climate change
August 27, 2018  Putting Elon Musk's Tesla into climate change perspective
August 23, 2018  Bayer Has a $289 Million Roundup Headache
August 23, 2018  World's Largest Shipping Company Heads Into Arctic As Global Warming Opens The Way
August 23, 2018  Trump's New Power Plan Comes With A Deadly Price
August 23, 2018  We Know the Wrong Way to Deal with E-waste. But What Should We Do Instead?
August 22, 2018  Portable freshwater harvester could draw up to 10 gallons per hour from the air
August 22, 2018  Cattle Herds Risk 'Liquidation' as Canada Hay Costs Double
August 22, 2018  States greet Trump's new coal rules with lawsuit threats
August 22, 2018  Courage and bolt-cutters: meet the next generation of climate activists
August 21, 2018  Arctic's strongest sea ice breaks up for first time on record
August 21, 2018  Trump administration's rewrite of Clean Power Plan will be a boon to the coal industry
August 21, 2018  The most dangerous mosquito-borne diseases
August 21, 2018  It's easier to breathe in Beijing these days
August 21, 2018  Why not wreck the planet? It might get you elected
August 20, 2018  Fighting the vanilla thieves of Madagascar
August 20, 2018  Trump's Power-Plant Proposal May Increase U.S. Carbon Pollution
August 20, 2018  Two years after promises began, where are coal jobs?
August 20, 2018  Tons of plastic trash enter the Great Lakes every year -- where does it go?
August 16, 2018  Elephants Have a Secret Weapon Against Cancer
August 16, 2018  In setback for TransCanada, judge orders Keystone XL pipeline review
August 16, 2018  Illegal fishing and Amazon deforestation operations linked with offshore tax havens
August 16, 2018  Trump keeps trying to kill agency that investigates chemical plant disasters
August 15, 2018  A New Golden Age for Trophy Hunters
August 15, 2018  Worst flood in a century kills 43 in India's Kerala, more rain due
August 15, 2018  Exceptionally hot weather predicted until 2022 according to new study
August 15, 2018  With half the planet saved for nature, will we have enough to eat?
August 14, 2018  Halfway to boiling: the city at 50C
August 14, 2018  Toxic 'red tide' algae bloom is killing Florida wildlife and menacing tourism
August 14, 2018  The year global warming turned model into menace
August 14, 2018  Will cutting back on plastic straws really make a difference?
August 08, 2018  Millennials Choose to Rent Instead of Buy
August 08, 2018  Tesla suspends share-trading after Elon Musk tweets he wants to take the carmaker private
August 08, 2018  Palm oil: Too much of a good thing?
August 08, 2018  We live in an age of anxiety -- and we can't blame it all on Trump
August 07, 2018  A giant floating trash collector heads for Pacific garbage patch
August 07, 2018  Caribbean states beg Trump to grasp climate change threat: 'War has come to us'
August 07, 2018  Designing the Death of a Plastic
August 07, 2018  Australia's population hit 25 million, newest resident likely to be young, female and Chinese
August 02, 2018  Trump's wildlife protection council is mostly trophy hunters and donors
August 02, 2018  Bitcoin May Accelerate Greenhouse Gas Problem
August 02, 2018  Trump administration's rollback on auto emissions triggers state backlash
August 02, 2018  The New York Times and the super-wicked problem of climate change
August 01, 2018  Charles Koch's Bipartisan Delusion
August 01, 2018  $10 Gas? The Obscure Maritime Rule That Could Make it a Reality
August 01, 2018  What is Earth Overshoot Day and why is it coming earlier each year?
July 31, 2018  America spends over $20bn per year on fossil fuel subsidies. Abolish them
July 31, 2018  Canada, U.S. governments watching, but not intervening, in coal mine pollution controversy
July 31, 2018  All fresh chicken should be sold with a warning, researcher says
July 31, 2018  Climate Change: We're Not Literally Doomed, but...
July 30, 2018  Loading of nuclear fuel has started at floating power plant in Murmansk
July 30, 2018  This may be the most overlooked threat of climate change
July 30, 2018  Our scorched Earth needs voters to put more heat on their politicians
July 30, 2018  Pandemic virus simulation from Johns Hopkins shows our vulnerability
July 26, 2018  Biodiversity collapse imminent in world's tropics, study says
July 26, 2018  Drilling rigs are on their way to Russian icy waters
July 26, 2018  How vulnerable is the grid to cyberattacks, really?
July 26, 2018  The sinking state
July 25, 2018  Inside Alaska's battles over land, sea and life
July 25, 2018  Nuclear wasteland is home to world's unlikeliest green energy experiment
July 25, 2018  Russian hackers infiltrated utility control rooms, DHS says
July 25, 2018  US border wall would wreak environmental havoc
July 24, 2018  Climate change: 'Fake news,' real fallout
July 24, 2018  How deforestation is affecting global water cycles
July 24, 2018  Fighting climate change is not going to cost you anything
July 24, 2018  Ryan Zinke's War on the Interior
July 23, 2018  Scientists detect a human fingerprint in the atmosphere's seasonal cycles
July 23, 2018  Federal Judge Dismisses NYC Climate Change Law Suit
July 23, 2018  How James Bond's Legacy Is Saving Jamaica
July 19, 2018  Site C dam secrecy 'extraordinary', international hydro construction expert tells court proceeding
July 19, 2018  Brussels moves goalposts on glyphosate
July 19, 2018  Climate Change is Coming For The Internet
July 18, 2018  Hundreds of Arctic glaciers shrinking, disappearing into 'city of icebergs,' study says
July 18, 2018  Our phones and gadgets are now endangering the planet
July 18, 2018  The unacceptable logic of the markets
July 18, 2018  Clean water for all is still centuries away, aid group warns
July 17, 2018  Can Carbon Farming Reverse Climate Change?
July 17, 2018  Expanding 'dead zone' in Arabian Sea raises climate change fears
July 17, 2018  China's Cooling Economy Spells Trouble Ahead for Global Growth
July 17, 2018  A Billion-Dollar Solar Project May Help Power Las Vegas
July 16, 2018  Over a billion people struggle to stay cool as Earth warms
July 16, 2018  The Great Lakes contain as much plastic as the oceans
July 16, 2018  Turning Trump's Trade War Into a Tool to Fight Climate Change
July 12, 2018  Trump asked OPEC for more oil. His allies say that's weird
July 12, 2018  Swedes choose to put health of people and environment first
July 12, 2018  Combatting climate change could create 24 million jobs by 2030
July 12, 2018  A global heatwave
July 10, 2018  Russia Is Building $320 Million Icebreakers to Carve New Arctic Routes
July 10, 2018  Can you really be a conscious carnivore?
July 10, 2018  A look at Brett Kavanaugh's opinions on guns, abortion and the environment
July 10, 2018  Monsanto 'bullied scientists' and hid weedkiller cancer risk, lawyer tells court
July 09, 2018  Take climate change seriously, or earth will be nothing but 'rubble' and 'refuse'
July 09, 2018  Skipper describes horror at seeing 'endless' ocean of plastic on Pacific research expedition
July 09, 2018  Why bitcoin uses so much energy
July 05, 2018  China no longer participating in start of aviation emissions deal
July 05, 2018  A Frightening New Reason to Worry About Air Pollution
July 05, 2018  The last (plastic) straw: travel and its environmental responsibilities
July 05, 2018  Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week
July 04, 2018  'It's just devastating': Searching for tree-eating bugs and other signs of life in B.C.'s charred forests
July 04, 2018  The unlit side of India's rural electrification
July 04, 2018  Does the moon hold the key to the earth's energy needs?
July 04, 2018  Bill Gates: Everyone should know these 3 facts
July 03, 2018  Arctic whales threatened by collisions and noise pollution as ships begin crossing melting sea ice
July 03, 2018  Poor countries face $168 billion interest bill due to climate change
July 03, 2018  The biggest source of ocean plastic may not be what you think
July 03, 2018  EPA's Pruitt kept secret calendar to hide meetings
June 28, 2018  Tokyo passes strict anti-smoking laws ahead of 2020 Olympics
June 28, 2018  US allows Nestle to keep taking water from California forest
June 28, 2018  Our Planet Lost 40 Football Fields of Tree Cover Every Single Minute in 2017
June 28, 2018  Scientists Just Made a Disturbing Discovery at the Bottom of the Mariana Trench
June 27, 2018  The world is losing vital forests quicker than ever
June 27, 2018  How Increasingly Severe El Niños Are Threatening Tropical Forests Around the World
June 27, 2018  Scientists Discover 'Uplifting' Natural Phenomenon That Could Prevent Any More Catastrophic Ice Loss
June 27, 2018  Monsanto's ghostwriting and strong-arming threaten sound science---and society
June 25, 2018  Monsoon effect: Pollution level in Mumbai drops to all-time low
June 25, 2018  Researchers discover volcanic heat source under major Antarctic glacier
June 25, 2018  US--Chinese trade war puts scientists in the cross hairs
June 25, 2018  Rising sea levels may create "tipping points" for seaside towns
June 21, 2018  China Just Handed the World a 111-Million-Ton Trash Problem
June 21, 2018  How the Carmakers Trumped Themselves
June 21, 2018  The Refugees The World Barely Pays Attention To
June 21, 2018  What's the best solution to plastic pollution?
June 20, 2018  How Melting Arctic Ice Could Cook the Tropics
June 20, 2018  Despite Trump, Wall Street is breaking up with fossil fuels
June 20, 2018  Our clothes are contaminating our planet with tiny plastic threads
June 20, 2018  Enviros love to hate Scott Pruitt
June 19, 2018  Hawaii Just Made a Brilliant End Run Around Scott Pruitt's EPA
June 19, 2018  Climate Change Is Making Plants Behave Like Costco Shoppers
June 19, 2018  Why a minor change to how EPA makes rules could radically reduce environmental protection
June 19, 2018  We'll be cleaning up Trump's mess for generations
June 18, 2018  Orca death brings southern resident whale population to lowest level in 34 years
June 18, 2018  The Mysterious Demise of Africa's Oldest Trees
June 18, 2018  New Study Finds 40,000 Georgia Homes Worth $13 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
June 18, 2018  Even Scott Pruitt's Friends Have Given Up on Him
June 14, 2018  Sen. Warren blasts FEMA for doing nothing about Puerto Rico's hurricane death count
June 14, 2018  Gulf of Mexico 2018 dead zone forecast
June 14, 2018  Antarctic ice loss triples in decade sparking fears of serious trouble
June 14, 2018  Trump's EPA to Roll Back Regulation to Prevent Methane Leaks
June 13, 2018  Tom Steyer -- Can he grow grass roots campaign to impeach Trump?
June 13, 2018  Will the Bayer-Monsanto Merger Further Harm Bees?
June 13, 2018  Climate Change Could Lead to Major Crop Failures in World's Biggest Corn Regions
June 13, 2018  The bittersweet cost of Madagascar's vanilla boom
June 12, 2018  Ukrainian villages still suffering legacy of Chernobyl more than 30 years on
June 12, 2018  If Global Warming Continues At Same Rate, We May Be Left With No Vegetables To Eat
June 12, 2018  Solar Has Overtaken Gas and Wind as Biggest Source of New U.S. Power
June 12, 2018  Toxic waste sits buried at sea. Will it be rattled by Trump's planned seismic testing?
June 11, 2018  Six of the G7 Commit to Climate Action. Trump Wouldn't Even Join Conversation.
June 11, 2018  He Built Qatar's First-Ever Vegan Cafe --- and They Came | Rising Stars
June 11, 2018  Antarctic Ocean Discovery Warns of Faster Global Warming
June 11, 2018  Why India's air pollution is so horrendous
June 07, 2018  Suncor CEO slams climate change deniers, politicians who cater to them
June 07, 2018  America's 2018 Hurricane season to be most destructive ever with super-powered winds
June 07, 2018  Bob Murray drafted 6 orders on coal, climate for Trump
June 07, 2018  Plastic waste in Antarctica reveals scale of global pollution
June 06, 2018  The White House Apparently Forgot to Tell NOAA Not to Mention Climate Change
June 06, 2018  The Mysterious Decline of Iceland's American Invader
June 06, 2018  Judge to EPA: you are legally required to turn over Pruitt's documentary evidence for climate denial
June 06, 2018  India will abolish all single-use plastic by 2022, vows Narendra Modi
June 05, 2018  "Stranded" fossil fuel assets may prompt $4 trillion crisis
June 05, 2018  How land under solar panels can contribute to food securit
June 05, 2018  The planet is on edge of a global plastic calamity
June 05, 2018  Pope Francis to Discuss Climate Change With Oil Company CEOs
June 04, 2018  Trump orders Perry to stop coal, nuclear retirements
June 04, 2018  Unlikely trio wage war on plastic as India set to host World Environment Day
June 04, 2018  Limiting global warming to 2 degrees now 'aspirational': scientists
June 04, 2018  This Refuge May Be the Most Contested Land in the U.S.
May 31, 2018  Pruitt's Defense Fund Draws Ethics Complaint: Critics Call It His 'Tip Jar'
May 31, 2018  Pakistan's 'shocking' spring heat drives up water use, health risks
May 31, 2018  US economy risks China's climate impact
May 31, 2018  Europe is building more wind and solar --- without any subsidies
May 30, 2018  Keeping Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees Could Spare Millions Pain of Dengue Fever
May 30, 2018  Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not
May 30, 2018  Coke has promised 'less sugar', but less is still too much
May 30, 2018  Alphabet Startup Heats Your Home From a Hole in the Ground
May 29, 2018  People are furious about the destruction of old growth giants. And you won't believe who's doing it.
May 29, 2018  Kinder Morgan abandons a permit application as Ottawa ponders Trans Mountain takeover
May 29, 2018  A federal judge in a climate change lawsuit is forcing oil companies to cough up internal documents
May 29, 2018  What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out
May 28, 2018  In a Warming West, the Rio Grande Is Drying Up
May 28, 2018  How ships bring agonising death to last Greek whales
May 28, 2018  Schwarzenegger: Pruitt is the worst EPA head 'we have ever had'
May 28, 2018  The Coming Wave of Climate Displacement
May 27, 2018  Midnight sun could keep predatory fish out of Arctic
May 24, 2018  Hitting toughest climate target will save world $30tn in damages, analysis shows
May 24, 2018  How India's Fishermen Turn Ocean Plastic Into Roads
May 24, 2018  Why New Antibiotics Are So Hard to Find
May 24, 2018  Climate Change Warriors' Latest Weapon of Choice Is Litigation
May 23, 2018  Russia's 1st sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in the Arctic
May 23, 2018  A Warming Climate May Produce More Drug-Resistant Infections
May 23, 2018  EPA boots reporters from summit on toxic chemicals
May 23, 2018  Landmark lawsuit claims Monsanto hid cancer danger of weedkiller for decades
May 22, 2018  Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals
May 22, 2018  Humans are giving many other species cancer
May 22, 2018  Denmark uses far fewer plastic bags than the U.S.---here's how
May 22, 2018  'Climate Change Is Real,' Carmakers Tell White House in Letter
May 17, 2018  Schwarzenegger to Pruitt: Drink contaminated water 'until you tap out or resign'
May 17, 2018  'This is an eye-opener': Changes in global water supply hint at future conflicts and crises
May 17, 2018  Someone, somewhere, is making a banned chemical that destroys the ozone layer, scientists suspect
May 17, 2018  New Data: Hurricanes Will Get Worse
May 16, 2018  Transport Canada won't identify mystery safety gap in Trans Mountain pipeline project
May 16, 2018  With world's worst air, Indian city struggles to track pollution
May 16, 2018  South Koreans more worried about air pollution than Kim's nukes
May 16, 2018  5 Things That Sound, Move, or Smell Like a Nuclear Explosion
May 15, 2018  Investors urge fossil fuel firms to shun Trump's Arctic drilling plans
May 15, 2018  This could be the biggest advance in aluminum production in 130 years
May 15, 2018  Imagine a city lit by glowing trees instead of streetlights
May 15, 2018  What Scott Pruitt's been doing while you weren't looking
May 14, 2018  Plastics mines? Europe struggles as pollution piles up
May 14, 2018  World's largest 'dead zone' discovered, and it's not in the Gulf of Mexico
May 14, 2018  Looking for plastic-free fish? Here's one to put on the menu
May 14, 2018  Climate hallucinations
May 10, 2018  U.S. and U.K. political climates are driving scholars to Canada
May 10, 2018  U.S. senators ask billionaire Icahn for refinery waiver details
May 10, 2018  "No follow up" from Trump over staying in climate pact-UN
May 10, 2018  Neighboring Seas Are Flowing into a Warming Arctic Ocean
May 09, 2018  Because of climate change, hurricanes are raining harder and may be growing stronger more quickly
May 09, 2018  Despite Trump, more Republicans grasp that climate change is our fault
May 09, 2018  Renewable Energy Now Employs 10.3 Million People Globally
May 09, 2018  How to Make Millions While Saving a Forest
May 08, 2018  Romaine Riddle: Why the E. Coli Outbreak Eludes Food Investigators
May 08, 2018  Sheep could save our bacon someday: Why farmers are banking on rare breeds
May 08, 2018  Hawaii's silent danger: Volcanic smog, otherwise known as 'vog'
May 08, 2018  Weedkiller products more toxic than their active ingredient, tests show
May 07, 2018  Oil Companies Ask Judge to Kill NYC's Global Warming Lawsuit
May 07, 2018  Dwindling desert dust spells danger for the Amazon
May 07, 2018  Aging flood-control systems can't protect South Florida from sea-level rise
May 07, 2018  Why baby powder could be a threat to women
May 03, 2018  B.C. Grants Cermaq Permit to Apply 2.3 Million Litres of Pesticide to Clayoquot Sound Salmon Farms
May 03, 2018  Mosquito-and Tick-Borne Diseases Are Rising in North America
May 03, 2018  Powerful Investors Push Big Companies to Plan for Climate Change
May 03, 2018  EPA chief Scott Pruitt is an ethical train wreck. He should depart.
May 02, 2018  How to live longer, according to science
May 02, 2018  The War on Coal Is Making the World's Top Mine Owners a Lot Richer
May 02, 2018  The Bering Sea's ice has never melted this early before
May 02, 2018  With 250 babies born each minute, how many people can the Earth sustain?
May 01, 2018  When Mountains Fall into the Sea
May 01, 2018  Brazil's lawmakers renew push to weaken environmental rules
May 01, 2018  Your Air Isn't Getting as Clean as the EPA Said It Is
May 01, 2018  This plastic can be recycled over and over and over again
April 30, 2018  Russia: Floating nuclear plant towed to sea for fueling trip
April 30, 2018  Batteries and energy storage can actually increase carbon emissions
April 30, 2018  Why plastic pollution is not just an ocean problem
April 30, 2018  Scott Pruitt offers up another gift to polluters. You know, the people he's supposed to monitor
April 12, 2018  Tesla's world's largest solar battery is about to get beaten --- badly
April 12, 2018  Colombia takes 'unprecedented' step to stop farms gobbling forests
April 12, 2018  This Could Be a Very Big Moment in Canadian History
April 12, 2018  The Brazilian villagers turning plastic pollution into profit
April 11, 2018  FactCheck: Pruitt's tall tale on toxic cleanups
April 11, 2018  The rise of wooden skyscrapers
April 11, 2018  A Drop in the Ocean?
April 11, 2018  India leads increasing antibiotic consumption
April 10, 2018  Apple Now Runs On 100% Green Energy, And Here's How It Got There
April 10, 2018  In Letter to E.P.A., Top Ethics Officer Questions Pruitt's Actions
April 10, 2018  Judge says Elizabeth May and other pipeline protesters should face criminal charges
April 10, 2018  Your Future Home Might Be Powered By Car Batteries
April 09, 2018  The worrying retreat of the ice
April 09, 2018  Greener shipping can help fight climate change
April 09, 2018  Kinder Morgan slams brakes on spending for Trans Mountain pipeline expansion
April 09, 2018  The CDC seeks to contain antibiotic-resistant 'nightmare bacteria'
April 05, 2018  Scott Pruitt Was Always an Ethical Nightmare
April 05, 2018  Britain offers millions in cash to bury its radioactive waste
April 05, 2018  The Puerto Rican town left to stew in toxic waste
April 05, 2018  Solar soars: Renewable energy, by the numbers
April 04, 2018  Pakistan's 114 degrees is just one of many all-time March records toppled in Asia
April 04, 2018  'Nightmare bacteria' are trying to spread in the U.S., CDC says
April 04, 2018  Why Antarctica's Prehistoric Forests Might Foreshadow Its Future
April 04, 2018  Are we on track to create a sustainable world by 2050?
April 03, 2018  As whales fade, movement they spawned tries to keep up hope
April 03, 2018  How Lyme disease became the first epidemic of climate change
April 03, 2018  EPA to roll back car emissions standards, handing automakers a big win
April 03, 2018  Lake Urmia, Iran's tarnished gem
April 02, 2018  Coal Generator That Trump Tried to Save Files for Bankruptcy
April 02, 2018  Putin's Imperial Rule Spurs Trash Protests in Moscow Suburbs
April 02, 2018  Two degrees no longer seen as global warming guardrail
April 02, 2018  The Oil Market Problem No One Is Talking About -- Yet
March 29, 2018  Hong Kong's skyline farms harvest more happiness than food
March 29, 2018  Puerto Rico hurricane migrants may be wild card in U.S. elections
March 29, 2018  New Science Shows Bee-Killing Pesticides Are Unnecessary on Most Farms
March 29, 2018  The plastics crisis is more urgent than you know. Recycling bottles won't fix it
March 28, 2018  The Impermanence of Permafrost
March 28, 2018  Can Evolution Outpace Climate Change?
March 28, 2018  Canada's Governments Don't Have Real Plans to Fight or Adapt to Climate Change
March 28, 2018  Aging Wind Farms Are Repowering with Longer Blades, More Efficient Turbines
March 27, 2018  Hydrogen-powered transport key to climate targets, says Shell
March 27, 2018  11,000 years ago, our ancestors survived abrupt climate change
March 27, 2018  Trump's elephant, lion trophy hunting policy hit with double lawsuits
March 27, 2018  Scott Pruitt's Dirty Politics
March 26, 2018  Drug resistance spreads to humans at 'shocking' rate
March 26, 2018  Europe's $38 Billion Carbon Market Is Finally Doing Its Job
March 26, 2018  U.S. tax incentives expected to drive growth of CO2 capture, sequestration projects
March 26, 2018  Threatened blue carbon ecosystems store carbon 40 times faster than forests
March 22, 2018  Brazilian lawmakers funded by donors guilty of environmental crimes
March 22, 2018  When antibiotics turn toxic
March 22, 2018  How an Indian Guru Cleans the World's Most Polluted Rivers
March 22, 2018  Collapse of civilization is a near certainty within decades.
March 21, 2018  There's So Much Plastic in the Oceans That Scientists Want to Study It From Space
March 21, 2018  Can climate litigation save the world?
March 21, 2018  Global carmakers race to lock in lithium for electric vehicles | Financial Times
March 21, 2018  Why are we so fat despite our best efforts?
March 20, 2018  India most vulnerable country to climate change
March 20, 2018  Bomb Cyclones, Nor'easters, and the Messy Relationship Between Weather and Climate
March 20, 2018  How many people is too many people?
March 20, 2018  Water shortages could affect 5 billion people by 2050, UN report warns
March 19, 2018  Pruitt huddled with coal exec who raised over $1M for Trump
March 19, 2018  Solar-Panel Makers Have Just Hours Left to Avoid Trump's Tariffs
March 19, 2018  Billion-dollar polar engineering 'needed to slow melting glaciers'
March 19, 2018  Pollen counts likely to double by 2040 due to climate change
March 15, 2018  As Alaskan Waters Warm, Market Squid Extend Their Reach Northward
March 15, 2018  Russia's Arctic nuclear dump may become promising fishing area
March 15, 2018  Donald Trump is silencing those who might restrain him
March 15, 2018  Bottled water: You could be drinking tiny bits of plastic
March 14, 2018  World's Happiest Country Also Has No Carbon Emissions
March 14, 2018  Climate Change Threatens Thousands of Species in Our Lifetime
March 14, 2018  Kinder Morgan wants money from anyone who gets in the way of Trans Mountain expansion
March 14, 2018  Monsanto's Cancer Fight Judge Pictures Weed Killer Showers
March 13, 2018  Oil palm, rubber could trigger 'storm' of deforestation in the Congo Basin
March 13, 2018  A "New Ocean" Is Emerging at the Top of the World
March 13, 2018  Microplastic pollution in oceans is far worse than feared, say scientists
March 13, 2018  Four Years After Declaring War on Pollution, China Is Winning
March 12, 2018  Radiation Is Put to Good Use for Once in Chernobyl
March 12, 2018  In Iceland, global warming no longer a joke
March 12, 2018  Smarter ideas for feeding more people and helping the environment
March 12, 2018  Clearing the Radioactive Rubble Heap That Was Fukushima
March 08, 2018  The Trump administration just failed to stop a climate lawsuit brought by 21 kids
March 08, 2018  Sea Level Rise in the San Fran Cisco Bay Area Just Got a Lot More Dire
March 08, 2018  Blue economy: Not just for the fish
March 08, 2018  Can humans be more like woolly mammoths?
March 07, 2018  Puerto Ricans still stranded in hotels 6 months after storm
March 07, 2018  What Westerners take for granted
March 07, 2018  China tests giant air cleaner to combat smog
March 07, 2018  Ticks Creep Into Canada, Bringing Lyme Disease With Them
March 06, 2018  2018 is the year of scientists running for Congress
March 06, 2018  US has caused serious damage to Paris climate efforts
March 06, 2018  Judge delves into science behind Roundup cancer claim
March 06, 2018  World's largest deposit of mercury is in permafrost, study suggests
March 01, 2018  De Niro, a climate hero, to build a resort on wrecked island
March 01, 2018  Why don't you see people-sized salmon anymore?
March 01, 2018  Scientists Want to Completely Rethink How They Make the Flu Vaccine
March 01, 2018  World's first plastic-free aisle opens in Netherlands supermarket
February 28, 2018  The Sky Is Falling
February 28, 2018  Asian Ticks (Mysteriously) Turned Up On A New Jersey Sheep
February 28, 2018  In Africa, War Over Water Looms As Ethiopia Nears Completion Of Nile River Dam
February 28, 2018  Women at the front can help defeat global warming
February 26, 2018  The White House's attack on scientists could manipulate public opinion
February 26, 2018  Can a tourist ban save DiCaprio's coral paradise from destruction?
February 26, 2018  Man-Made Snow to Be Used in Beijing and Beyond
February 26, 2018  It will be warmer at the North Pole next week than much of Europe
February 22, 2018  Will and Jaden Smith create eco-friendly water company: Just
February 22, 2018  How China's crackdown on pollution is paying off
February 22, 2018  First-class flights are the least of Scott Pruitt's sins
February 22, 2018  Why Conservatives really ought to love carbon taxes
February 21, 2018  World's use of water outstripping population
February 20, 2018  An unfrozen North
February 20, 2018  Without city jobs, tech-savvy Kenyan youth head back to the farm
February 20, 2018  How Climate Change is Altering Air Travel
February 20, 2018  Are we poisoning our children with plastic?
February 19, 2018  First ship crosses Arctic in winter without an icebreaker
February 19, 2018  Canada must strengthen its key environmental protection law
February 19, 2018  The secret on the ocean floor
February 19, 2018  Climate change spells turbulent times ahead for air travel
February 15, 2018  How Iceland became the bitcoin miners' paradise
February 15, 2018  Germany considering free public transportation to take on air pollution
February 15, 2018  Canada, UK brace for war on marine plastics pollution
February 15, 2018  Enriched Uranium Particle Appears Over Alaska --- and No One Knows Why
February 13, 2018  Solar power push lights up options for India's rural women
February 13, 2018  Venezuela's economy is so bad, parents are leaving their children at orphanages
February 13, 2018  Coastal First Nations affirm support for oil tanker ban on North Coast
February 13, 2018  EPA Settles Syngenta Pesticide Claim For Pennies On The Dollar
February 08, 2018  No such thing as clean coal
February 08, 2018  UK Space Agency to help detect illegal jungle gold miners
February 08, 2018  The Last Drop of Water in Broken Hill
February 08, 2018  EPA's Scott Pruitt asks whether global warming 'necessarily is a bad thing'
February 07, 2018  FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Ricans. 50,000 Were Delivered.
February 07, 2018  Ozone layer declining over populated zones
February 07, 2018  If we talk about hurting 'our' planet, who exactly is the 'we'?
February 07, 2018  Lawmakers should push forward on carbon-tax plan
February 06, 2018  Keeping the world below 2°C of warming needs tech we don't have
February 06, 2018  Chemical in plastic that wreaks Havoc with hormones may be impossible to avoid
February 06, 2018  The Arctic is full of toxic mercury, and climate change is going to release it
February 06, 2018  No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering It
February 05, 2018  Troubled by Trump's Climate Denial, Scientists Aim to Set the Record Straight
February 05, 2018  Ten good things about Cape Town's drought
February 05, 2018  European Parliament Calls for a Moratorium on Deep-Sea Mining
February 05, 2018  Whale and shark species at increasing risk from microplastic pollution
February 01, 2018  Bernie Sanders: Trump's 'days are numbered' for ignoring climate change
February 01, 2018  Surfers Against Sewage urge MPs to make parliament plastic-free
February 01, 2018  Greens sue over Interior plans to build road through Alaska refuge
February 01, 2018  From Cape Town to Kabul: taps run dry in crisis cities
January 31, 2018  Qantas uses mustard seeds in first ever biofuel flight between Australia and US
January 31, 2018  Coal firms plead to courts for West Coast export terminals
January 31, 2018  Trump glorifies coal, shuts eyes to climate risks
January 31, 2018  Tech Support for an Ailing Planet
January 30, 2018  Trump's view that ice caps 'setting records' baffles scientists
January 30, 2018  The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer's
January 30, 2018  50 percent of US military bases report climate extremes, new Pentagon study says
January 30, 2018  Air Pollution Affects 47 Million Children In India
January 29, 2018  California governor pushes for 5 million zero-emission cars
January 29, 2018  Natural gas killed coal -- now renewables and batteries are taking over
January 29, 2018  2017 Was the Hottest Year Yet In the World's Ocean
January 29, 2018  Science-loving government cuts funding for science
January 25, 2018  Deep sea mining: Charting the risks of a new frontier
January 25, 2018  Are There Zombie Viruses In The Thawing Permafrost?
January 25, 2018  Raising Kids in Delhi's Worsening Air
January 24, 2018  Indian PM Narendra Modi warns of three major global threats
January 24, 2018  Can planet Earth feed 10 billion people?
January 24, 2018  Researchers Find Pollution Is the Biggest Global Threat to Human Health
January 24, 2018  How climate change and population growth threaten Egypt's ancient treasures
January 23, 2018  Tesla's Elon Musk May Have Boldest Pay Plan in Corporate History
January 23, 2018  Here come the megacities
January 23, 2018  Apocalypse not now but the fate of civilization is in our hands
January 23, 2018  How China Plans to Feed 1.4 Billion Growing Appetites
January 18, 2018  Inventors search for 'missing link' in renewable energy
January 18, 2018  A long-simmering factor in Iran protests: climate change
January 18, 2018  Old Age and Societal Decline
January 18, 2018  The End of Plastic Has Officially Arrived
January 17, 2018  Ferrari Has Plans to Make an Electric Supercar
January 17, 2018  EU sets 2030 target for recyclable plastic packaging
January 17, 2018  Disaster just destroyed your special place. Now what?
January 17, 2018  African battery recycling plants poison communities with lead
January 16, 2018  IN DEPTH: EU's First Map of Valuable Resources from E-Waste, ELVs & Mining Waste
January 16, 2018  SWANA Disappointed as Chinese Government Finalises Waste Import Restrictions
January 16, 2018  The Parasite on the Playground
January 16, 2018  Sustainable Energy Critical for Achieving Overall Goals of Paris Climate Agreement
January 16, 2018  We Can't Wait Any Longer To Redefine Our Relationship With Plastic
January 16, 2018  Synthetic species made to shun sex with wild organisms
January 15, 2018  In a fast-warming world, scientists say recent cold wave was exceptionally weird
January 15, 2018  The Perfect Storm Behind This Year's Nasty Flu Season
January 15, 2018  Here's why some cats don't chase rats
January 15, 2018  How dirt could save us from antibiotic-resistant superbugs
January 11, 2018  Global warming will expose millions more to floods
January 11, 2018  Amazon dams are disrupting ecologically vital flood pulses
January 11, 2018  New York City Sues Oil Companies Over Climate Change, Says It Plans to Divest
January 11, 2018  Denied land, Indian women stake claims in collectives
January 10, 2018  Interactive Map -- World's Most Wasteful Countries
January 10, 2018  Paradise Under Pressure
January 10, 2018  In Colombia, a cease-fire saves lives---and oil
January 10, 2018  It's not the heat, it's the humidity --- really
January 10, 2018  Climate scientists unlock secrets of 'blue carbon'
January 09, 2018  Antarctica is Melting from Below --- And it's Getting Worse!!!
January 09, 2018  The Private Company Selling Off America's Public Lands
January 09, 2018  US regulators reject Trump's 'multi-billion-dollar bailout' for coal plants
January 09, 2018  As Britain bans microbeads, lawmakers urge more action on plastic
January 08, 2018  How Many Hipsters Does It Take to Change the Lightbulb?
January 08, 2018  How Hot Was It in Australia? Hot Enough to Melt Asphalt
January 08, 2018  China restricts imports of plastic trash
January 08, 2018  The Rockefellers vs. Exxon
January 04, 2018  A Chinese Megacity Bus Fleet Goes Fully Electric
January 04, 2018  How France became a global leader in curbing food waste
January 04, 2018  As millions go hungry, India eyes ways to stop wasting $14 billion of food a year
January 04, 2018  Brazil announces end to Amazon mega-dam building policy
January 03, 2018  The Dutch plan to build an artificial island to support the world's largest wind farm
January 03, 2018  China, Moving to Cut Emissions, Halts Production of 500 Car Models
January 03, 2018  Obesity Is the Main Contributor to Diabetes in Blacks and Whites
January 03, 2018  Earth Will Start Becoming a Desert by 2050 if Global Warming Isn't Stopped!
January 02, 2018  Pope Francis Hated 2017 Too, Calling it a 'Wasted' Year of Death and Lies
January 02, 2018  The Coal Dependent Netherlands Searches For Alternatives
January 02, 2018  Researchers take to water and sky in major effort to save endangered killer whales
January 02, 2018  It's Not Too Late: A Climate Change New Year's Resolution
December 21, 2017  Understanding those deadly mosquitoes
December 21, 2017  Drilling in Arctic Refuge Gets a Green Light. What's Next?
December 21, 2017  Major journal sounds alarm over global mass poisoning
December 21, 2017  Noise Is The Next Great Public Health Crisis
December 20, 2017  Canada Needs to Clean Up its Carbon Act
December 20, 2017  Arctic wildlife's last habitat will be ice strip
December 20, 2017  Arctic wildlife's last habitat will be ice strip
December 20, 2017  UPS orders 125 Tesla big-rig electric trucks
December 20, 2017  2017 will be one of Earth's hottest years on record
December 19, 2017  Get Ready For A Meatless Meat Explosion, As Big Food Gets On Board
December 19, 2017  China Unveils an Ambitious Plan to Curb Climate Change Emissions
December 19, 2017  Parched for a price: Karachi's water crisis
December 19, 2017  Arctic under attack: Why the world must 'act now'
December 18, 2017  Animals that could disappear because of us
December 18, 2017  As Venezuela collapses, children are dying of hunger
December 18, 2017  How Craft Brewers Are Embracing New Water Technologies
December 18, 2017  How Does the Flu Actually Kill People?
December 14, 2017  We may be in for far higher amounts of sea level rise than ever thought before
December 14, 2017  India produced 2 million tonnes of e-waste in 2016
December 14, 2017  After years of toxic oil spills, indigenous Peruvians use tech to fight back
December 14, 2017  Fluoride in the Water: Too Much of a Good Thing?
December 13, 2017  Warming of the Arctic is 'unprecedented over the last 1,500 years,' scientists say
December 13, 2017  Indigenous groups unite to make Chevron pay
December 13, 2017  World Bank won't back oil and gas projects after 2019
December 13, 2017  Toyota Deepens Panasonic Battery Ties in Electric-Car Rush
December 12, 2017  World leaders, high security at Paris climate summit
December 12, 2017  What's that burning? $58 billion for Beijing's clean air
December 12, 2017  The diet that helps fight climate change
December 12, 2017  The sad, ugly fate of our plastic trash in the ocean
December 11, 2017  The Dirty Secret of The World's Plan to Avert Climate Disaster
December 11, 2017  Second La Niña Winter Could Extend Drought Across the West
December 11, 2017  How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe
December 11, 2017  Call for more hospital beds to cope with winter breathing difficulties
November 16, 2017  Manage climate risks or face much more hunger by 2050 -- U.N.
November 16, 2017  Keystone XL opponents make last-gasp effort in Nebraska
November 16, 2017  A Radioactive Cloud Wafts Over Europe, With Russia as Chief Suspect
November 16, 2017  Britain, Canada ally to boost support for global coal phase-out
November 15, 2017  You May Not Want to Eat Snow, Yellow or Not
November 15, 2017  Why Pollution May Increase Lightning Strikes
November 15, 2017  "Farmers of the Sea" Say Livelihood Dying from Midwest Ag Pollution
November 15, 2017  What Tesla's Big Rig Must Do to Seduce Truckers
November 14, 2017  World Commodity Prices to Rise says World Bank -- Coal and Oil will cost more!
November 14, 2017  The Cost of Pollution -- It's killing us -- literally!
November 14, 2017  Evaporation could offer new source of renewable energy
November 14, 2017  Thousands of scientists issue bleak 'second notice' to humanity
November 13, 2017  Are international pledges bold enough to stop global warming?
November 13, 2017  Canada's push to eliminate coal power takes on U.S. clean coal in Bonn
November 13, 2017  Let's stop debating climate change and start combating it
November 13, 2017  America's wildest place is open for business
November 09, 2017  The 'Horrifying' Consequence of Lead Poisoning
November 09, 2017  Mapping how to feed 9 billion humans, while avoiding environmental calamity
November 09, 2017  Behind the nuclear curtain: Fukushima explored six years on
November 09, 2017  Confronting the environmental cost of marijuana
November 08, 2017  Why the Post-Paris Climate Challenge Is Even Harder Than We Thought
November 08, 2017  Wind and Solar Power Advance, but Carbon Refuses to Retreat
November 08, 2017  The killer responsible for more yearly deaths than AIDS, malaria and TB combined
November 08, 2017  A big defeat for Big Oil on proposed Columbia River terminal
November 07, 2017  Forget rice, dish up Aztec pigweed to help feed the world
November 07, 2017  The Zombie Diseases of Climate Change
November 07, 2017  New Delhi pollution hits dangerous level, putting runners at risk
November 07, 2017  US government approves 'killer' mosquitoes to fight disease
November 06, 2017  Alaska's plan to pay for climate change: drill for more oil
November 06, 2017  Gas Stations Get Ready for the Electric Future
November 06, 2017  More than two dozen groups join call for fracking inquiry in B.C.
November 06, 2017  How India's battle with climate change could determine all of our fates
November 02, 2017  Forests can bring 1.5°C Paris target closer
November 02, 2017  Climate change 'will create world's biggest refugee crisis'
November 02, 2017  An Alaska Senator Wants to Fight Climate Change and Drill for Oil, Too
November 02, 2017  Now it's oilmen who say fracking could harm groundwater
November 01, 2017  A new wave of environmentally friendly pesticides will come from spider venom
November 01, 2017  Where Do 50 Million Tons a Year of Toxic E-Waste Go?
November 01, 2017  There's a Shady Puerto Rico Contract You didn't Hear About
November 01, 2017  Sea Change
October 31, 2017  Prepare for a world 3°C warmer in 80 years
October 31, 2017  Plastic bottles, toothbrushes, chip bags make up huge floating garbage site in Caribbean
October 31, 2017  Trump's Gang of Climate Deniers Has Grown Into an Army
October 31, 2017  Climate Change Is Bad for Your Health
October 30, 2017  In bizarre twist, coal may become a scarce commodity
October 30, 2017  Russia Uses Its Oil Giant, Rosneft, as a Foreign Policy Tool
October 30, 2017  No salmon return to Canadian river, bringing New England fears
October 30, 2017  Glyphosate exposure trends demand a public health driven response
October 26, 2017  The oceans were colder than we thought
October 26, 2017  Among 'green' energy, hydropower is the most dangerous
October 26, 2017  China shut down up to 40% of its factories in an unprecedented stand against pollution.
October 26, 2017  Monsanto Attacks Scientists After Studies Show Trouble For Its New Weedkiller
October 25, 2017  Global economy improving, but more needed to ensure sustainable growth
October 25, 2017  Rising Seas Are Flooding Virginia's Naval Base
October 25, 2017  Some Puerto Rico Schools Reopen, Making Do Without Power
October 25, 2017  Tesla reportedly reaches agreement to build car factory in Shanghai
October 23, 2017  Climate warms the Earth, not chance
October 23, 2017  Carbon Pricing and Climate Change
October 23, 2017  Pollution responsible for 16 percent of early deaths globally
October 23, 2017  How a 9.0 Cascadia earthquake could play out
October 19, 2017  Fiji to sell world's first climate-change 'green' bonds
October 19, 2017  'If it's going to kill us, OK, we'll die'
October 19, 2017  World's deepest lake undergoing crisis
October 19, 2017  Warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after dramatic plunge in insect numbers
October 18, 2017  A Small Firm in Germany Has Big Ambitions in Green Energy
October 18, 2017  Republican Tactic Aims to Open Eastern Gulf, Arctic to Oil Rigs
October 18, 2017  Munduruku standoff against Amazon dam builders potentially explosive
October 18, 2017  The U.K. Just Installed Its First "Seabin" to Clean Plastic-Polluted Waters
October 17, 2017  Return of 'ocean chimney' the size of Tasmania puzzles Antarctic scientists
October 17, 2017  Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Portraying Environmental Activism as Illegal Racket
October 17, 2017  Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars
October 17, 2017  Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill May Be Largest Since 2010 BP Disaster
October 16, 2017  David Attenborough urges action on plastics after filming Blue Planet II
October 16, 2017  China is winning the future. Here's how.
October 16, 2017  Why we must talk about population
October 16, 2017  Courts Thwart Administration's Effort to Rescind Obama-Era Environmental Regulations
October 12, 2017  Oil giant Chevron needs no costs protection from 'poor' Ecuadorians, court told
October 12, 2017  Record Amazon fires stun scientists; sign of sick, degraded forests
October 12, 2017  How the United States plans to trap its biggest stash of nuclear-weapons waste in glass
October 12, 2017  Weed killer for breakfast.
October 03, 2017  When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, 'everything collapsed simultaneously'
October 03, 2017  Trump Has a Plan to Save Coal and Hobble Clean Energy
October 03, 2017  General Electric Motors is Going All Electric
October 03, 2017  Canada review of Trans Mountain pipeline flawed, lawyers argue
October 02, 2017  Egypt's Nile River in jeopardy from dam in Ethiopia.
October 02, 2017  Coca-Cola increased its production of plastic bottles by a billion last year, says Greenpeace
October 02, 2017  Macron takes risky bet with tough talk on weedkiller
October 02, 2017  National park ban saved 2m plastic bottles -- and still Trump reversed it
September 28, 2017  India taps solar, storage to ensure all homes have power in 2018.
September 28, 2017  How diamonds and a bitter feud led to the destruction of an Amazon reserve.
September 28, 2017  Drowning in grain: How Big Ag sowed seeds of a profit-slashing glut
September 28, 2017  The Codfather gets 46 months in prison
September 27, 2017  David Suzuki: Australia's 'sickening' threat to marine reserves undermines global protection
September 27, 2017  Puerto Ricans still waiting for aid a week after Maria's devastation
September 27, 2017  Ireland Tops U.S. as the Country Best Able to Feed Its People
September 27, 2017  How a Dam Building Boom Is Transforming the Brazilian Amazon
September 26, 2017  Brazil scraps bid to mine Amazon natural reserve
September 26, 2017  In Battered Puerto Rico, Governor Warns of a Humanitarian Crisis
September 26, 2017  Sixth mass extinction of wildlife also threatens global food supplies
September 26, 2017  The Post-Antibiotic Era is Here, Now What?
September 25, 2017  Without the Ozone Treaty You'd Get Sunburned in 5 Minutes
September 25, 2017  A Battle to Save the World's Favorite Treat: Chocolate
September 25, 2017  How did that get there? Plastic chunks on Arctic ice show how far pollution has spread
September 25, 2017  Silent killer: Sweltering planet braces for deadly heat shocks
September 21, 2017  Theresa May speaks out against Trump climate change stance at UN
September 21, 2017  San Francisco, Oakland Sue Oil Giants Over Climate Change
September 21, 2017  The world is running out of antibiotics, WHO says
September 21, 2017  Trump hires campaign workers instead of farm experts at USDA
September 20, 2017  10 Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles, Sending Auto Industry a Message
September 20, 2017  Japanese people live longer than the rest of us -- so what's their secret?
September 20, 2017  There Could Soon Be A Cure for Flesh-Eating Bacteria That Almost Killer A Man in Texas
September 20, 2017  Pollution kills one person in Medellin, Colombia, every 3 hours
September 19, 2017  Quiet energy revolution underway in Japan as dozens of towns go off the grid
September 19, 2017  Polluters must pick up tab for damage to planet
September 19, 2017  Bill and Melinda Gates Grade the World's Health
September 19, 2017  Activists vow not to give up fight against evictions as India's biggest dam opened
September 18, 2017  Irma's damage a reminder of Florida economy's vulnerability
September 18, 2017  Rex Tillerson Says U.S. Could Stay In Paris Climate Accord
September 18, 2017  World Hunger on the Rise Again
September 18, 2017  In a Stunning Turnaround, Britain Moves to End the Burning of Coal
September 14, 2017  Curiosity saves the cat: Tourism helps reinvent the jaguar
September 14, 2017  Why Worry About Ticks? This One Almost Killed Me
September 14, 2017  Canada's threatened species declining despite federal protection.
September 14, 2017  Asia's glaciers to shrink by a third by 2100, threatening water supply of millions
September 13, 2017  With 'worm juice,' Kenya's farmers boost their soil - and harvests
September 13, 2017  German Carmakers Push for Electrics While Clinging to Diesel
September 13, 2017  Amazonian locals key to saving 'lungs of the planet' says study
September 13, 2017  Alert: Nature, on the Verge of Bankruptcy
September 13, 2017  The great nutrient collapse
September 12, 2017  VW to Build Electric Versions of All 300 Models by 2030
September 12, 2017  What Could We Lose if a NASA Mission Goes Dark?
September 12, 2017  Airline staff fume over toxic air on planes
September 12, 2017  Sea change of heart for the Secretary?
September 11, 2017  North Sea warming twice as fast as world's oceans
September 11, 2017  Pope blasts climate change doubters: cites moral duty to act
September 11, 2017  What Lies Beneath
September 11, 2017  This is how your world could end
September 07, 2017  Eight low-lying Pacific islands swallowed whole by rising seas
September 07, 2017  Twin megastorms have scientists fearing this may be the new normal
September 07, 2017  Melting permafrost in the Arctic is unlocking diseases and warping the landscape
September 07, 2017  Deadly Fish Virus May Take Pacific Salmon Off the Menu
September 06, 2017  Carbon Pricing Alone Can't Meet Canada's GHG Emission Reduction Targets
September 06, 2017  France plans to end oil and gas production by 2040
September 06, 2017  Hurricane Irma slams Caribbean islands as Category 5 storm
September 06, 2017  Thousands hit by malaria, dengue as South Asia's worst floods in a decade recede
September 06, 2017  Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals
September 05, 2017  Trump's Nominee To Be USDA's Chief Scientist Is Not A Scientist
September 05, 2017  Catastrophic Hurricane Irma --- now a Cat 5 --- is on a collision course with Florida
September 05, 2017  Here's how corn makes America go round.
September 05, 2017  Carl Icahn's Failed Raid on Washington
August 31, 2017  Volcanic eruptions triggered global warming 56m years ago, study reveals
August 31, 2017  Katrina. Sandy. Harvey. The debate over climate and hurricanes is getting louder and louder.
August 31, 2017  Brazilian court blocks abolition of vast Amazon reserve
August 31, 2017  Canadian Town, Isolated After Losing Rail Link, 'Feels Held Hostage'
August 30, 2017  Protecting Africa's Drylands Key to the Continent's Future
August 30, 2017  Arctic sea ice outlook at worst point in 125,000 years
August 30, 2017  Ancient trees reveal relationship between climate change, wildfires
August 30, 2017  Canadian oil pipeline protesters launch new battle from the water
August 29, 2017  Brazil to redo Amazon mining decree after criticism
August 29, 2017  Hong Kong tech startup plans up to $150 million token sale for environmental credit market.
August 29, 2017  Hurricane Harvey: Why Is It So Extreme?
August 29, 2017  Sea Shepherd says it will abandon pursuit of Japanese whalers
August 28, 2017  A New Way to Fight Heart Disease May Also Tackle Cancer
August 28, 2017  Kenya imposes world's toughest law against plastic bags
August 28, 2017  China Plants Billions of Trees in the Desert
August 28, 2017  Alaska's permafrost Is thawing.
August 23, 2017  Scientists Hope To Farm The Biofuel Of The Future In The Pacific Ocean
August 23, 2017  Solar panel capacity to overtake nuclear energy next year in historic landmark
August 23, 2017  Harvard scientists took Exxon's challenge; found it using the tobacco playbook
August 23, 2017  These Infections Are Likely to Get Worse as the Climate Changes
August 22, 2017  Will the U.S. ever build another big coal plant?
August 22, 2017  Sailing to the Pacific Ocean's Trash Vortex
August 22, 2017  UK condemned over 'shocking' export of deadly weedkiller to poorer countries
August 22, 2017  An end to secondhand smoke: Can Southeast Asia finally breathe a sigh of relief?
August 17, 2017  After electric cars, what more will it take for batteries to change the face of energy?
August 17, 2017  Miami, battling sea level rise, turns to voters to pay for new infrastructure.
August 17, 2017  Beer Is the Greenest Beverage
August 17, 2017  Inside the oil spill that followed Trudeau to China.
August 16, 2017  Cause of Atlantic coastline's sea level rise hot spots now revealed
August 16, 2017  Can We Feed The World With Farmed Fish?
August 16, 2017  Nature under attack in Brazil
August 16, 2017  Why fish can't help but eat our plastic garbage
August 15, 2017  Where is everybody? The implications of cosmic silence
August 15, 2017  Can Some Nebraska Farmers Kill the Keystone XL Pipeline?
August 15, 2017  China is about to have the world's biggest carbon market
August 15, 2017  Three Billion People Cook Over Open Fires - With Deadly Consequences
August 14, 2017  Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet
August 14, 2017  Coal Plants Might Be Even More Toxic Than We Thought
August 14, 2017  The reality of post-Olympic Rio.
August 14, 2017  Scott Pruitt Is Carrying Out His E.P.A. Agenda in Secret, Critics Say
August 10, 2017  The Global War on Smoking Is Really Heating Up
August 10, 2017  India's new coastal law threatens Mumbai's ancient fishing villages
August 10, 2017  Modern Life Means Less Gut Bacteria, More Chronic Disease
August 10, 2017  Pipeline fight returns to where it started: Water
August 03, 2017  Tesla Finishes First Solar Roofs---Including Elon's House
August 03, 2017  Is it fair to blame Coca-Cola and big corporations for our waste crisis?
August 03, 2017  Climate change to cause humid heatwaves that will kill even healthy people
August 03, 2017  New treatment takes controversial chemical out of water.
August 02, 2017  Bees Are Bouncing Back From Colony Collapse Disorder
August 02, 2017  The Killing Fields
August 02, 2017  Canada's long-awaited 'world-class' Arctic research station is nearly complete
August 02, 2017  Heading to Venice? Don't forget your pollution mask
August 01, 2017  Ivory Coast seizes record haul of pangolin scales
August 01, 2017  How India and China Have Come to the Brink Over a Remote Mountain Pass
August 01, 2017  No more fish? We'll farm seaweed instead
August 01, 2017  Plastic garbage patch bigger than Mexico found in Pacific.
July 20, 2017  Swimming robot probes Fukushima reactor to find melted fuel
July 20, 2017  Trump's Honeymoon With China Comes to an End
July 20, 2017  Indian Poultry Farms Are Breeding Drug-Resistant Superbugs
July 20, 2017  World's Plastic Waste Could Bury Manhattan 2 Miles Deep
July 19, 2017  Money runs short for nuclear energy's survival
July 19, 2017  Diet drinks are associated with weight gain, new research suggests
July 19, 2017  China says it won't take any more foreign garbage
July 19, 2017  Court tosses petition to force U.S. to ban pesticide
July 18, 2017  Solar Plants Aim to Keep Lights on at Night
July 18, 2017  Resurrecting Ancient Wines That Can Survive Climate Change
July 18, 2017  Dengue kills 21 in Indian tourist hotspot, crisis looms
July 18, 2017  After Decades of War, Colombian Farmers Face a New Test: Peace
July 17, 2017  Sweden blazes trail to electric cars
July 17, 2017  Saudis Seek Bids for First Utility-Scale Plant for Wind Power
July 17, 2017  4 Bacteria Capable Of Reversing Climate Change By Eating Pollution
July 17, 2017  Inside Philip Morris campaign to subvert the global anti-smoking treaty
July 13, 2017  'Catastrophic collapse' of West Antarctic ice sheet could raise global sea levels by three meters, warns scientist
July 13, 2017  Climate Change Dilemma for Coastal America: How Much Flooding Is Too Much?
July 13, 2017  Could house dust make us fat?
July 13, 2017  Sewage Rehab
July 12, 2017  In about-face, Perry calls threat to U.S. reactors 'real'
July 12, 2017  You don't need a scientist to know what's causing the sixth mass extinction.
July 12, 2017  Tesla loses $12 billion in market value as Model 3 leaves assembly line
July 12, 2017  All fossil-fuel vehicles will vanish in 8 years
July 11, 2017  To Save the Planet, Eat More Bugs?
July 11, 2017  It's a mistake to focus just on animal extinctions.
July 11, 2017  25 Fossil Fuel Producers Responsible for Half Global Emissions in Past 3 Decades
July 11, 2017  25 Fossil Fuel Producers Responsible for Half Global Emissions in Past 3 Decades
July 11, 2017  Dying "Mother Ganga": India's holy river succumbs to pollution
July 06, 2017  A trillion-ton iceberg the size of Delaware is about to break off Antarctica
July 06, 2017  G20 draft text fuses U.S. climate isolation with deal on innovation
July 06, 2017  Volvo, Betting on Electric, Moves to Phase Out Conventional Engines
July 06, 2017  Third of seabirds found dead on NZ and Australian shores had eaten plastic
July 05, 2017  Climate change causes killer heatwaves
July 05, 2017  Solar power can save lives and money
July 05, 2017  The California Drought Isn't Over, It Just Went Underground
July 05, 2017  Which is the world's most biodiverse city?
July 04, 2017  Stephen Hawking says Donald Trump could turn Earth into planet like Venus with 250C
July 04, 2017  Russia begins cleaning up the Soviets' top-secret nuclear waste dump
July 04, 2017  As anti-G20 protests begin, Merkel says growth must be inclusive
July 04, 2017  Amazon's billion dollar gold rush leaves trail of toxins
July 04, 2017  Are printable solar panels the future of solar power?
June 29, 2017  Chinese Province Larger Than Texas Just Ran For An Entire Week On Only Renewable Energy
June 28, 2017  China's informal army of recyclers keep plastic bottles out of landfill
June 28, 2017  'It's so bad for the environment, and it's our future'
June 28, 2017  Plague Is Found in New Mexico. Again.
June 28, 2017  Transgenic Fish are Ready for US Markets, are we ready for them?
June 27, 2017  To Save Chilean Wine, Producers Head South
June 27, 2017  Sea level rise is accelerating due to Greenland ice melt.
June 27, 2017  'It's up to us': why business needs to take a stand on palm oil
June 27, 2017  California to list herbicide as cancer-causing; Monsanto vows fight
June 26, 2017  The truth teller.
June 26, 2017  Sea of sarin: North Korea's chemical deterrent
June 26, 2017  Xi Jinping Is Set for a Big Gamble With China's Carbon Trading Market
June 26, 2017  The Green Revolution Is 'Unstoppable'.
June 22, 2017  Russia to build controversial artificial islands in arctic for gas industry
June 22, 2017  First-of-Its-Kind Clean Coal Plant May Not Burn Coal at All
June 22, 2017  The UK wants to lead world in driverless and electric vehicles.
June 22, 2017  NZ Govt plans to burn millions of waste tyres every year
June 21, 2017  Norway's Statkraft to make biofuel from wood chips and other waste
June 21, 2017  Brazil's president announces plan to protect forest -- after plea from Gisele.
June 21, 2017  Exxon, BP and Shell back carbon tax proposal to curb emissions
June 21, 2017  U.S. Courts Aren't Interested in Chevron's Pollution Case, But Other Nations May Be
June 20, 2017  This river kills thousands of wildebeests --- then gives life to everything else.
June 20, 2017  U.S. top court hands Chevron victory in Ecuador pollution case
June 20, 2017  Deadly Heat Waves Could Endanger 74% of Mankind by 2100, Study Says
June 20, 2017  Why the World's Rivers Are Losing Sediment and Why It Matters
June 19, 2017  How Al Gore keeps his cool over climate change.
June 19, 2017  Why you need to know about mice, ticks, warm temperatures and Lyme disease
June 19, 2017  A near-disaster at a federal nuclear weapons laboratory takes a hidden toll on America's arsenal
June 19, 2017  More Doctors Are Warning Patients to Eat Less Meat
June 15, 2017  'If we stopped poaching tomorrow, elephants would still be in big trouble'
June 15, 2017  Does Having Kids Make Mothers Age Faster?
June 15, 2017  Diesel was supposed to be the future.
June 15, 2017  UN Announces 23 New Nature Reserves While United States Removes 17
June 14, 2017  Canadian oil hike puts Trudeau climate action in doubt
June 14, 2017  Apple issues $1 billion green bond after Trump's Paris climate exit
June 14, 2017  Hong Kong wastes away as rival Asian cities clean up
June 14, 2017  Multi-million dollar upgrade planned to secure 'failsafe' Arctic seed vault
June 13, 2017  Justin Trudeau deploys the politics of hype. Jeremy Corbyn offers politics of hope
June 13, 2017  The Electric, Driverless Revolution Is About to Hit the High Seas
June 13, 2017  A group of Canadian teachers could decide the future of Chile's water supply
June 13, 2017  The Whole World Is Getting Fatter, Study Finds
June 12, 2017  When Women Have Land Rights, the Tide Begins to Turn
June 12, 2017  Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead
June 12, 2017  Air pollution more harmful to children in cars than outside, warns top scientist
June 12, 2017  Intact mangroves worth twice as much as rice paddies
June 08, 2017  Rare US floods to become the norm if emissions aren't cut, study warns
June 08, 2017  In Search of the Lost
June 08, 2017  Drought-hit Cape Town braces for gales, flash floods, mudslides
June 08, 2017  The circular economy enters the world stage, with Finland leading the way
June 06, 2017  Renewable Energy Employs 9.8 million People Worldwide
June 06, 2017  Marijuana producer details source of banned pesticide problem
June 06, 2017  Report card finds Canada needs improvement on climate action
June 06, 2017  Are Pets the New Probiotic?
June 05, 2017  South Korea plans energy U-turn away from coal, nuclear
June 05, 2017  'Pink Slime' case against ABC a challenge to press in era of 'fake news.'
June 05, 2017  Is deep sea mining vital for a greener future -- even if it destroys ecosystems?
June 05, 2017  Plastics are poisoning us. We need change, now.
June 01, 2017  A huge crack across one of Antarctica's largest ice shelves is nearing its breaking point
June 01, 2017  Trees talk to each other, have sex and look after their young
June 01, 2017  20 million starving to death: inside the worst famine since World War II
June 01, 2017  The Womb Is No Protection From Toxic Chemicals
May 31, 2017  Environmentalists urge Brazil's president not to rollback Amazon protection
May 31, 2017  Here's what could go wrong for oil if OPEC is wrong about its future.
May 31, 2017  Lyme Isn't the Only Disease Ticks Are Spreading This Summer
May 31, 2017  'Energy, finance and the end of growth.'
May 30, 2017  Wild Amazon faces destruction as Brazil's farmers and loggers target national park
May 30, 2017  The World is Running out of Sand
May 30, 2017  Food Shortages At The Heart Of Venezuelan Economic And Political Crisis
May 30, 2017  A Warming Planet Jolts the Iconic Creatures of the Galápagos
May 25, 2017  Nuclear weapons flourish while 'crazy' climate spending ends
May 25, 2017  Mexico urges wealthy nations to help poorer states cut disaster risk
May 25, 2017  Where Nestlé Guzzles Water, Michigan Neighbors Take Exception
May 24, 2017  How Do You Save the Statue of Liberty From Drowning?
May 24, 2017  Old Coal Mines Have a Place in the Future of Clean Energy
May 24, 2017  Too fast, too soon: how China's growth led to the Tianjin disaster
May 24, 2017  Just one alcoholic drink a day increases risk of breast cancer, study says
May 23, 2017  Scientists skeptical over quick fix to ocean plastics problem
May 23, 2017  Farming the World: China's Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis
May 23, 2017  The economics of 7.5 billion people on one planet
May 23, 2017  G20 health ministers agree to tackle antibiotics resistance
May 09, 2017  Wild Weather and Climate Change: Scientists Are Unraveling the Links
May 09, 2017  Where Street Vendors Run Pharmacies Out of Buckets
May 09, 2017  Amazon's Indians and rainforest under attack
May 09, 2017  As US, EU step back, climate talks could signal geopolitical shift
April 20, 2017  Last stand: Nebraska farmers could derail Keystone XL pipeline
April 20, 2017  Terrorists could wipe out 30 million people by weaponising a disease such as smallpox
April 20, 2017  As China Pushes Waste-to-Energy Incinerators, Protests Are Mounting
April 20, 2017  Trillions of Plastic Bits, Swept Up by Current, Are Littering Arctic Waters
April 19, 2017  Climate Activists Plot How to Turn Anti-Trump Rage Into Anti-Trump Votes
April 19, 2017  Justin Trudeau finally got something wrong, and it took a climate activist to call him out.
April 19, 2017  A resurgence of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
April 19, 2017  When Rising Seas Transform Risk Into Certainty
April 18, 2017  Trump advisers to meet Tuesday to discuss Paris climate agreement
April 18, 2017  Receding glacier causes immense Canadian river to vanish in four days
April 18, 2017  Battle over landmark law already raging out of public eye
April 18, 2017  The great dairy trade war that will test President Trump
April 17, 2017  More coal is rolling out of the pro-Trump Western Slope, but is it adding up to any jobs?
April 17, 2017  'Like a slow death': families fear pesticide poisoning after Trump reverses ban
April 17, 2017  Exodus From Canada's Oil Sands Continues as Energy Giants Shed Assets
April 17, 2017  China Plans to Build New City to Deal With Overpopulation
April 12, 2017  Trump's climate demands roil U.S. allies
April 12, 2017  Loss of coral reefs caused by rising sea temperatures could cost $1 trillion globally.
April 12, 2017  20 million people are at risk of starving to death. Here's how it got so bad.
April 12, 2017  The March for Science is Getting Organized
April 10, 2017  Lifting Fukushima evacuation orders
April 10, 2017  Vital groundwater depleted faster than ever
April 10, 2017  Vaccines and the Trump Administration
April 10, 2017  At Trump's EPA, Less Science and More Industry
April 06, 2017  Donald Trump's First 100 Days in Office Have Been a Disaster.
April 06, 2017  Just How Much Is a Medical Miracle Worth?
April 06, 2017  EU Utilities Vow End to Coal After 2020, as Trump Promises Revival
April 06, 2017  Drought in Kenya brings a surprise: More girls in school
April 05, 2017  Angkor Wat's Collapse From Climate Change Has Lessons for Today
April 05, 2017  U.S. coal companies ask Trump to stick with Paris climate deal
April 05, 2017  Carbon Footprint of Canada's Oil Sands Is Larger Than Thought
April 05, 2017  Dell, unlikely protector of the oceans
April 04, 2017  Trump pledged to undo Obama's work: How successful has he been?
April 04, 2017  Made in America: Trump embracing offshore wind?
April 04, 2017  Air pollution might be invisible -- but it can strip the skin from your face.
April 04, 2017  This Small Island Nation Makes a Big Case For Protecting Our Oceans
April 03, 2017  How Fast Food Cornered the Urban Market
April 03, 2017  Business is booming in nuclear doomsday bunkers, thanks to Trump.
April 03, 2017  This is China's strongest statement yet on climate action
April 03, 2017  Jane Goodall Wants You To Stand Up To Those Who Belittle Science
March 31, 2017  President Trump Issues Executive Order on Climate Change
March 30, 2017  Carbon Taxes Can Cut Emissions and Grow the Economy
March 30, 2017  Humans may learn to survive climate change
March 30, 2017  China, EU reaffirm climate pledges after Trump backs away
March 30, 2017  Late-night TV roasts Trump on climate: he 'surrendered Florida to the ocean'
March 29, 2017  Trump's reversal of Obama climate-change policies could actually hurt oil & gas companies
March 29, 2017  Japan court rules in favor of restart of Kansai Elec's Takahama reactors
March 29, 2017  Canada's Climate Change Policies Keep Its Paris Commitments Out of Reach
March 29, 2017  The dark legacy of China's drive for global resources.
March 29, 2017  Trump has launched a blitzkrieg in the wars on science and Earth's climate
March 28, 2017  Cook Inlet: Oil Platforms Powered by Leaking Alaska Pipeline Forced to Shut Down
March 28, 2017  Hit by drought and debt, Indian farmers protest with human skulls and rats
March 28, 2017  A nuclear ghost town in Japan welcomes back residents this week
March 28, 2017  Trump Takes Aim At A Centerpiece Of Obama's Environmental Legacy
March 27, 2017  Tesla Will Take Orders for Its Solar Roof in April
March 27, 2017  Water Grabbing --- Nasty Business
March 27, 2017  Somaliland drought "a kind of nightmare" -- and a security threat
March 27, 2017  World reaching turning point on carbon emissions as coal fades
March 25, 2017  EU declared Monsanto weedkiller safe after intervention from controversial US official
March 23, 2017  Will China's children solve its crippling water shortage problem?
March 23, 2017  Indonesia finds extensive reef damage after cruise ship runs aground
March 23, 2017  Arctic ice falls to record winter low after polar 'heatwaves'
March 23, 2017  Aid Officials Beg Congress to Help Yemen, While Trump Sends More Bombs
March 22, 2017  Chinese supermarkets pull Brazil meat from shelves as food safety fears grow
March 22, 2017  Oil theft 'provides billions for terrorists and drug cartels'
March 22, 2017  Climate Change is on Pace to Kill an Ice Age Remnant
March 22, 2017  Record-breaking climate change pushes world into 'uncharted territory'
March 21, 2017  Republican green groups seek to temper Trump on climate change
March 21, 2017  Trump Repeal of Climate Rules Means U.S. Paris Target Now Out of Reach
March 21, 2017  India gives Ganges, Yamuna rivers same rights as a human
March 21, 2017  Malawi deploys military to protect its fast-dwindling forests
March 20, 2017  Elon Musk, meet Port Augusta: four renewable energy projects ready to go
March 20, 2017  The climate change battle dividing Trump's America
March 20, 2017  Japan court rules government liable over Fukushima
March 20, 2017  Tensions rising as Chinese no longer willing to hold their breath on pollution problems
March 16, 2017  As Trump eyes reprieve for gas guzzlers, Canada looks to China
March 16, 2017  Our Cataclysmic Planet
March 16, 2017  Delhi's Residents Choke On The Air They Breath as pollution Levels Reach All-time Highs
March 16, 2017  Trump takes steps toward undoing Obama's auto emissions limits
March 15, 2017  Cities Shop for $10 Billion of Electric Cars to Defy Trump
March 15, 2017  Trump's Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge
March 15, 2017  Pesticide-laden medical marijuana spurs third Canadian lawsuit
March 15, 2017  Research for drought-resistant crops gets boost as U.S. joins seeds treaty
March 14, 2017  Tillerson Used 'Alias' Email for Climate Messages, Schneiderman Says
March 14, 2017  Amazon jungle faces death spiral of drought and deforestation, warn scientists
March 14, 2017  Scientists are conspicuously missing from Trump's government
March 14, 2017  The west's throwaway culture has spread waste worldwide
March 13, 2017  Diesel emissions: the clues were there
March 13, 2017  Scientists race to prevent wipeout of world's coral reefs
March 13, 2017  Trump's Order May Foul U.S. Drinking Water Supply
March 13, 2017  Chief Environmental Justice Official at EPA Resigns
March 09, 2017  Trump adviser Icahn accused of breaching lobbying rules
March 09, 2017  This biodegradable paper donut could let us reforest the planet.
March 09, 2017  De-extinction probably isn't worth it
March 09, 2017  Dying robots and failing hope: Fukushima clean-up falters six years after tsunami
March 08, 2017  'Parched' Chinese city plans to pump water from Russian lake via 1,000km pipeline
March 08, 2017  Trump urged not to play 'Russian roulette' with Great Lakes
March 08, 2017  Six years after Fukushima nuclear disaster, residents trickle back to deserted towns
March 08, 2017  Hungry Somali families face agonizing choice: which child to feed
March 07, 2017  Arctic sea ice may vanish even if world achieves climate goal
March 07, 2017  Saudi Aramco's Green Energy Push Seen Widening Appeal of IPO
March 07, 2017  The White House was on the same page as ExxonMobil on Monday. Literally.
March 07, 2017  Medical marijuana companies face proposed class-action suits over pesticide use
March 06, 2017  Can we hit the snooze button on aging?
March 06, 2017  Keystone pipeline won't use US steel despite Trump pledge
March 06, 2017  White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency
March 06, 2017  How disappearing sea ice has put Arctic ecosystem under threat
March 02, 2017  Trump's green assault off to fast start
March 02, 2017  Antarctic ice has set an unexpected record, and scientists are struggling to figure out why
March 02, 2017  It's not just corals --- sharks and other big reef predators are also vanishing
March 02, 2017  China orders aluminum, steel cuts in war on smog
March 01, 2017  China's Carbon Emissions Falling, While Trump Points U.S. in Opposite Direction
March 01, 2017  Human cases of H7N9 bird flu are surging, officials say.
March 01, 2017  Find of the century
March 01, 2017  How to Steal a River
February 28, 2017  Antarctic Ice Lowest Ever -- Asia at High Risk -- Africa Drying Up
February 28, 2017  How will Alaskans talk climate change with the Trump administration?
February 28, 2017  6 Words That Could Go Extinct Because of Climate Change
February 28, 2017  Biologists say half of all species could be extinct by end of century
February 27, 2017  Wet winter has improved Colorado River basin's water forecast, but the drought endures
February 27, 2017  Farmer brings water to wild animals in drought-stricken Kenya
February 27, 2017  United Nations announces new global campaign to clear plastic from oceans
February 27, 2017  Aggressive cuts to Obama-era green rules to start soon
February 22, 2017  VW looks to east Germany in switch to electric cars
February 22, 2017  Mosquito Spit Vaccine Would Fight Malaria, Zika, West Nile, Too
February 22, 2017  Should we mine the deep ocean?
February 22, 2017  'Alarming' superbugs a risk to people, animals and food, EU warns
February 21, 2017  Saudis Kick Off $50 Billion Renewable Energy Plan to Cut Oil Use
February 21, 2017  No place is safe for Africa's hunted forest elephants
February 21, 2017  Pope says indigenous people must have final say about their land
February 21, 2017  Bill Gates warns tens of millions could be killed by bio-terrorism
February 20, 2017  When Their Food Ran Out, These Reindeer Kept Digging
February 20, 2017  US scientists fear America under Donald Trump will become like a totalitarian regime
February 20, 2017  China Suspends All Coal Imports From North Korea
February 20, 2017  Financial Backers of EPS, Scott Pruitt Have Faced Hundreds of Pollution Actions
February 16, 2017  New bird flu test in Hong Kong markets as human infections soar in mainland China
February 16, 2017  When Climate Change Starts Wars
February 16, 2017  A Downside of Gluten Free
February 16, 2017  The Wisdom of Garbage
February 15, 2017  From sea to plate: how plastic got into our fish
February 15, 2017  Scientists discover pollution 10,000 meters below the ocean's surface in the Mariana Trench
February 15, 2017  Asia's hunger for meat could stoke diseases if unregulated, warns U.N.
February 15, 2017  Welcome to Onitsha: the city with the world's worst air
February 13, 2017  Waste to Energy Goes Carbon Negative in Norway
February 10, 2017  Nearly half of US Adults Do Not Have Information on Recycling Available to them
February 10, 2017  Waste Incineration in Europe | Pyrolysis & Gasification Consulting Services
February 10, 2017  Great Repeal Bill to include environmental regs
February 10, 2017  Waste: boost recycling, cut landfilling and curb food waste, say MEPs
February 10, 2017  Recycling Crucial To Growing Economy in The UK
February 10, 2017  Masdar and Bee'ah Confirm 30MW Waste to Energy Project for Sharjah, UAE
February 10, 2017  CEWEP: Commission's Waste to Energy Communication a 'Mouse'
February 10, 2017  Delhi: Waste-to-energy plants face opposition from people in vicinity
February 10, 2017  Dubai building facility for waste-to-energy generation
February 10, 2017  District Energy Systems Improve Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Emissions
February 09, 2017  (WTE) Waste to Energy Market size over $33 Billion by 2023
February 09, 2017  Good Luck Killing the EPA
February 09, 2017  You're Scaring Off Valuable Minds, Scientists Tell Donald Trump
February 09, 2017  Controversial Dakota pipeline to go ahead after Army approval
February 09, 2017  California water: Return to sender.
February 02, 2017  Canadian scientists were followed, threatened and censored. They warn that Trump could do the same.
February 02, 2017  World's most endangered marine mammal down to 30 individuals
February 02, 2017  E-cigarette smoking linked to heart disease risk
February 02, 2017  Burgers Aren't the Only Fast-Food Products That Could Harm You
February 01, 2017  Renewables can't deliver Paris climate goals
February 01, 2017  The Dramatic Impact of Illegal Amber Mining in Ukraine's Wild West
February 01, 2017  Bigger land holdings key to preventing farmer suicides in India
February 01, 2017  Tepco spots possible nuclear fuel debris at Japan's Fukushima reactor
January 31, 2017  The West's largest coal plant may close.
January 31, 2017  It is now two and a half minutes to midnight
January 31, 2017  Trump sparks fears of war on science
January 30, 2017  Saudi Aramco Said to Weigh Up to $5 Billion of Renewable Deals
January 30, 2017  Tesla Gives the California Power Grid a Battery Boost
January 30, 2017  'You can't live in a museum': the battle for Greenland's uranium
January 30, 2017  Koch network could serve as potent resistance in Trump era
January 29, 2017  Whirlpool introduces at-home food waste recycler
January 26, 2017  Electric cars will not stem global demand for oil
January 26, 2017  Shampoo bottle made from ocean plastics hailed as 'technological breakthrough'
January 26, 2017  4 Key Impacts of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines
January 26, 2017  Are scientists going to march on Washington?
January 25, 2017  Elon Musk suggests that Donald Trump administration may be good for climate change
January 25, 2017  Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website
January 25, 2017  How to boost rural incomes in Africa?
January 25, 2017  Trump sends an unmistakable signal on pipelines: Big oil is back
January 24, 2017  In six months, L.A. went from high and dry to wet and wild. Here's how it happened
January 24, 2017  Paris rolls out color-code stickers for cars to curb pollution
January 24, 2017  Prices soar, families use river water as Islamic State besieges Syrian city
January 24, 2017  Political Suppression of Science: Lessons from Canada
January 23, 2017  What can China do to counter Trump's move to axe US climate change efforts?
January 23, 2017  Big Oil May Finally Get to Drill in the Arctic, But Is It Worth It?
January 23, 2017  First days of Trump era signal America's deepening political divide
January 23, 2017  G20 farm ministers seek to protect precious water supplies
January 19, 2017  Ocean current sends out chilling warning
January 19, 2017  Global sea level could rise by as much as 8 feet by 2100
January 19, 2017  Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year
January 19, 2017  Over half of world's wild primate species face extinction, report reveals
January 18, 2017  Thousands of Fukushima evacuees face hardship as subsidies to be slashed
January 18, 2017  China's war on coal continues --- the country just canceled 104 new coal plants
January 18, 2017  Interior Nominee Zinke Doubles Down on Coal
January 18, 2017  The twilight of Tokyo's legendary fish market
January 17, 2017  Saudi to launch $30-50 billion renewable energy program
January 17, 2017  China's booming middle class drives Asia's toxic e-waste mountains
January 17, 2017  Big businesses vow to tackle plastics problem
January 17, 2017  Beijing's smog: A tale of two cities
January 16, 2017  Trudeau's oil sands 'phase-out' comments spark anger in Alberta
January 16, 2017  'The last five years have not been great at Greenpeace'
January 16, 2017  Wyoming Bill Would All But Outlaw Clean Energy
January 16, 2017  Ecuador has begun drilling for oil in the world's richest rainforest
January 15, 2017  Report: Global Biogas Market to Reach $50 billion by 2026
January 12, 2017  China detains 720, imposes $21.8 million of fines in pollution crackdown
January 12, 2017  Extraordinary storms blitz West with 10-plus feet of snow, flooding rains
January 12, 2017  British Columbia approves Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion
January 12, 2017  Why Most Planets Will Either Be Lush or Dead
January 11, 2017  An Oil Crisis Is Looming; Welcome to Trump-Putin World
January 11, 2017  'Clean coal' project is a personal endeavour not linked to lobby groups
January 11, 2017  Texas $1 billion carbon project to curb emissions, up oil recovery
January 11, 2017  Thai floods cause 200-kilometer traffic tailback; death toll up to 25
January 11, 2017  Smoking costs the world economy $1 trillion per year
January 10, 2017  Russia considers banning sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 2015
January 10, 2017  From Antarctica to Iceland, Chinese Seek 'Lung-Cleansing' Trips
January 10, 2017  Peña Nieto Faces Unrest in Mexico as Gas Prices Climb and Trump Ascends
January 10, 2017  World chemical outlook 2017
January 09, 2017  China finally takes a step to stop the slaughter of elephants
January 09, 2017  Looks are deceiving in Chinese town that was US e-waste dumping site
January 09, 2017  The Congressional Attack on Science
January 09, 2017  EPA head's top regret: failing to connect with rural America
January 05, 2017  Exxon's $180 Million Deal With Trump's Pick for State
January 05, 2017  China to plow $361 billion into renewable fuel by 2020
January 05, 2017  Lawsuit in U.S. says Coca-Cola downplays risks of sugary drinks
January 05, 2017  Nomads no more: why Mongolian herders are moving to the city
January 04, 2017  Fossil fuel subsidies undermine carbon pricing in Canada
January 04, 2017  Investor waves goodbye to palm oil
January 04, 2017  Solar Could Beat Coal to Become the Cheapest Power on Earth
January 04, 2017  Company stands by plan to bury nuke waste near Lake Huron
January 03, 2017  Cap and trade today for a better tomorrow
January 03, 2017  China's war on smog sends shivers across commodities sector
January 03, 2017  Antibiotic resistance: The story that won't go away
December 22, 2016  2016: A year of transition from talk to action on climate change
December 22, 2016  Canada's Trudeau says Trump very supportive of Keystone XL pipeline
December 22, 2016  Lake Chad most neglected crisis in 2016 despite hunger on "epic scale"
December 22, 2016  Smog refugees flee Chinese cities as 'airpocalypse' blights half a billion
December 21, 2016  Earth's temperature to dip but still sizzle in 2017
December 21, 2016  North Pole to warm to near melting point this week
December 21, 2016  Battered By Climate Change, Nile Farmers Forge New Course
December 21, 2016  Fukushima's $70 Billion Cleanup Leaves Foreign Firms in Cold
December 20, 2016  Why China Is Dominating the Solar Industry
December 20, 2016  Coal Is Dying---Coal Country Doesn't Have To!
December 20, 2016  Many cities continue to choke as smog gets worse
December 20, 2016  Obama Said to Use 1953 Law to Restrict Offshore Drilling
December 19, 2016  Obama Sets Up Water Clash With Mining Rule Trump Opposes
December 19, 2016  Beware: Winter Is Coming
December 19, 2016  Highways shut, flights grounded as smog blankets China's Tianjin
December 19, 2016  Japan PM says TPP trade pact meaningless without U.S.
December 16, 2016  Global solid waste management market size was valued at more than USD 180 billion in 2015
December 15, 2016  The argument for implementing a carbon tax
December 15, 2016  How to make a profit from defeating climate change
December 15, 2016  Breathe less ... or ban cars: cities have radically different responses to pollution
December 15, 2016  Smokers chased in Beijing as China considers national law
December 14, 2016  Where You Live Determines What Kills You
December 14, 2016  The Arctic just received its annual report card, and it's not good
December 14, 2016  Rex Tillerson's view of climate change: It's just an 'engineering problem'
December 14, 2016  Climate change, meet your apocalyptic twin: oceans poisoned by plastic
December 13, 2016  Jane Fonda targets Trump over climate and inequality: 'A boy in the bully pulpit'
December 13, 2016  With Oil Sands Ambitions on a Collision Course With Climate Change, Exxon Still Stepping on the Gas
December 13, 2016  Fossil Fuel Divestments Now Represent $5.2 Trillion
December 13, 2016  China riot police seal off city centre after smog protesters put masks on statues
December 12, 2016  Canada agrees on national carbon price, but tensions remain
December 12, 2016  Bee's knees: a new $4m effort aims to stop the death spiral of honeybees
December 12, 2016  Canada's $7 Billion Dam Tests the Limits of State Power
December 12, 2016  Senators Balk at Tillerson Over Putin Before He's Nominated
December 08, 2016  Canada set to agree carbon price, marking climate split with Trump
December 08, 2016  Giraffes suffer 'silent extinction' in Africa
December 08, 2016  Will Viruses Save Us From Superbugs?
December 08, 2016  Trump names Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general suing EPA on climate change, to head the EPA
December 07, 2016  Toyota to expand hybrid system development to further cut emissions
December 07, 2016  This is not normal, people: Arctic and Antarctic hit record low sea ice
December 07, 2016  More terrifying than Trump? The booming conspiracy culture of climate science denial
December 07, 2016  Environment group takes De Beers Canada to court over mercury
December 06, 2016  Risk of oil tanker spill is 'close to zero,' experts say
December 06, 2016  China sets 2020 target for clean air in big cities
December 06, 2016  Rare Superbug Gene Discovered on U.S. Pig Farm
December 06, 2016  Radiation in fish off Fukushima tests below detectable level
December 05, 2016  Trump brings Koch network's anti-green-energy stance from the fringe to the center of power
December 05, 2016  Destruction of the Amazon is speeding up
December 05, 2016  How Big Banks Are Putting Rain Forests in Peril
December 05, 2016  Burning less coal isn't just making air cleaner. It's making your tuna safer.
December 01, 2016  China hikes tax on 'super cars' amid luxury crackdown
December 01, 2016  He created a beloved blog about the melting Arctic. But it got harder and harder to write
December 01, 2016  Deforestation Of The Amazon Up 29 Percent From Last Year
December 01, 2016  China could further ease childbirth curbs
November 30, 2016  Automakers fund European electric car charging sites to boost demand
November 30, 2016  Study says New Orleans will see one of the highest levels of sea level rise in the world
November 30, 2016  Giant Arch, a Feat of Engineering, Now Covers Chernobyl Site in Ukraine
November 30, 2016  For Trudeau and Trans Mountain, it's all over but the shouting
November 29, 2016  Canada to allow Saskatchewan to keep burning coal for power
November 29, 2016  South Pacific island ditches fossil fuels to run entirely on solar power
November 29, 2016  Pope urges world leaders not to hobble climate change pact
November 29, 2016  A Wrenching Choice for Alaska Towns in the Path of Climate Change
November 28, 2016  Canada plans new fuel rules, aims 30-megatonne emissions cut by 2030
November 28, 2016  China risks wasting $490 bn on coal plants
November 28, 2016  The Lasting Legacy of a Fighter for the Amazon
November 28, 2016  When oil is no longer in demand
November 24, 2016  Toyota to start mass production of electric cars as restrictions loom
November 24, 2016  Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on 'politicized science'
November 24, 2016  Here are 9 Obama Environmental Regulations in Trump's Crosshairs
November 24, 2016  Two Children, One Rich, One Poor, Gasping for Air in Delhi's Smog
November 23, 2016  Trump's coal delusions.
November 23, 2016  Donald Trump's first staff picks all deny the threat of climate change
November 23, 2016  China to burn, not bury, as it tackles trash challenge
November 23, 2016  King Tide flooding brings octopus into Miami Beach parking garage.
November 16, 2016  World could face oil shortage by end of decade, says IEA
November 03, 2016  The disturbing climate implications of this sailboat's Arctic voyage.
November 03, 2016  50 years later, vaccines have eliminated some diseases
November 03, 2016  The world is racing to stop climate change. But the math still doesn't add up
November 03, 2016  China's top polluter Hebei to adjust mills' production in winter
November 02, 2016  Record breaking growth forecast for renewable energy
November 02, 2016  Arctic warming gives US and Europe the chills
November 02, 2016  Norway is green -- but not green enough, say students
November 02, 2016  Rio's famous beaches take battering as scientists issue climate change warning
November 01, 2016  China criticizes Trump plan to exit climate change pact.
November 01, 2016  US approves 2 types of genetically engineered potatoes
November 01, 2016  Climate Change Is Already Forcing Americans to Move
November 01, 2016  Hollywood takes on climate change
October 31, 2016  Tajikistan starts building world's tallest dam for hydro plant
October 31, 2016  OPEC meets non-OPEC nations for oil talks, Russia still on board.
October 31, 2016  As Earth Warms, the Diseases That May Lie within Permafrost Become a Bigger Worry
October 31, 2016  Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops
October 27, 2016  Clinton, Trump energy advisers spar on Paris, coal and cows
October 27, 2016  China's hydropower plans in Tibet won't impact downstream water supply
October 27, 2016  These Common Chemicals Are Linked to Type-2 Diabetes
October 27, 2016  How fossil fuel use threatens kids' health
October 26, 2016  Fukushima nuclear clean-up may rise to several billion dollars a year: government
October 26, 2016  A world without waste: the rise of urban mining
October 26, 2016  Murder of Brazil official marks new low in war on Amazon environmentalists
October 26, 2016  More coal plants will deepen - not cut - poverty, researchers warn
October 24, 2016  Carbon Dioxide Passed Critical Threshold in 2015
October 24, 2016  Blowing up boats sets Indonesia's scarce fish swimming again
October 24, 2016  What caused the Black Death and could it strike again?
October 20, 2016  China's uncannily stable growth versus the price of reform
October 20, 2016  Alaska Communities Wary of Upstream Canadian Mine Projects
October 20, 2016  Hundreds of animal species 'being consumed to extinction'
October 20, 2016  In Push for G.M.O.s, China Battles Fears of 8-Legged Chickens
October 19, 2016  Beef Companies Failing in Effort to Slow Amazon Deforestation
October 19, 2016  After Lean Years, Big Oil May Emerge Stronger Than Ever
October 19, 2016  Extremist militias recruiting in fear of Clinton winning election, activists say
October 19, 2016  Trump's Views on Science Are Shockingly Ignorant
October 18, 2016  Sea Level Rise Upping Ante On 'Sunny Day' Floods
October 18, 2016  The Hillary Clinton Environmental Scorecard
October 18, 2016  In parched Sri Lanka, biggest shortage is of water policy
October 18, 2016  Greenland says Denmark is 'violating' indigenous rights by leaving U.S. toxic waste in its ice
October 17, 2016  China property boom spurs fear of bubble's burst.
October 17, 2016  The Next Zika
October 17, 2016  As Deadly Superbugs Rise, Big Pharma Presses Farm Antibiotics
October 13, 2016  Elon Musk hits back at coal baron who called him a 'fraud' over green subsidies
October 13, 2016  Republican Leaders Hesitate on Coal Miners' Pensions
October 13, 2016  Saudi Arabia, Where Even Milk Depends on Oil, Struggles to Remake Its Economy
October 13, 2016  'A famine unlike any we have ever seen.'
October 12, 2016  Clean coal: Firm claims world's first commercially viable, zero-carbon power plant is 'game changer.'
October 12, 2016  How Exercise May Turn White Fat Into Brown
October 12, 2016  China says 55 firms severely exceeded pollution limits in the second-quarter
October 12, 2016  Activists disrupt key Canada-U.S. oil pipelines
October 11, 2016  The rising environmental toll of China's offshore island grab.
October 11, 2016  Kenyan farmers sow resistance to drought, boosting seed demand
October 11, 2016  Environmental justice in Canada's Chemical Valley.
October 11, 2016  Invasive insects cause tens of billions in damage
October 06, 2016  Hurricanes will worsen as planet warms and sea levels rise, scientists warn
October 06, 2016  'Great Pacific garbage patch' far bigger than imagined
October 06, 2016  Why letting children play in the mud can make them healthier
October 06, 2016  The 'well from hell' -- my fight with BP to film Deepwater Horizon
October 04, 2016  Airline Low-Carbon Future Needs Fuel Nobody Makes in Volume
October 04, 2016  U.S.-Russian deal to dispose of tons of nuclear weapons fuel is officially torn up by Moscow
October 04, 2016  Trudeau Says Canada to Implement Carbon Tax
October 04, 2016  What's at Stake for the Climate in the 2016 Election? Everything
October 03, 2016  U.S. adds first bees to endangered species list
October 03, 2016  Could climate change help Clinton win millennials?
October 03, 2016  Man's Best Friend May Be the Flu's Worst Enemy
October 03, 2016  Russia plans to kill a quarter-million Siberian reindeer amid anthrax fears
September 29, 2016  Trudeau government on defensive after approving "carbon bomb"
September 29, 2016  Tattoo ink contains cancer-causing chemicals -- so why isn't it regulated?
September 29, 2016  Don't blame cocaine for South American forest loss, study says
September 29, 2016  US drives rainforest destruction by importing Amazon oil, study finds
September 28, 2016  Greenland's receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear project
September 28, 2016  Pence breaks with Trump, says humans affect climate change
September 28, 2016  Appeals court considers Obama's climate change plan
September 28, 2016  Peru's new president summoned to Amazon by indigenous protestors
September 27, 2016  Organic pot grower living the dream in Whistler
September 27, 2016  Trump picks top skeptic to lead EPA transition
September 27, 2016  Animal trafficking: the $23bn criminal industry policed by a toothless regulator
September 27, 2016  Health of more than 90% of world's population affected by air pollution 'emergency', WHO says
September 26, 2016  How a Small, Family Forest Can Help Save the Planet
September 26, 2016  Investors urge food companies to shift from meat to plants
September 26, 2016  How climate change is screwing up your favorite season
September 26, 2016  How the FDA Manipulates the Media
September 22, 2016  For the first time, Obama requires U.S. government to factor climate into national security policy
September 22, 2016  Saving silver: portable micro-factories could turn e-waste trash into treasure
September 22, 2016  For Kids, Learning Is Moving
September 22, 2016  In a Parched Corner of Xinjiang, Ancient Water Tunnels Are Running Dry
September 21, 2016  Burger King and KFC called out for lagging behind on antibiotic-free meat
September 21, 2016  Factory farms stealing African fish stocks to feed animals in the West.
September 21, 2016  More than 300 scientists warn over Trump's climate change stance
September 21, 2016  Enbridge, Canada Won't Appeal Court Ruling on Northern Gateway
September 20, 2016  How Much Cleaner Really Is a Tesla? Depends on Where You Are
September 20, 2016  Toyota is using sewage sludge to power its new electric car
September 20, 2016  China's five-star pig pens are latest weapon in the superbug war.
September 20, 2016  In Fukushima, A Bitter Legacy Of Radiation, Trauma and Fear
September 19, 2016  Trump's climate science denial clashes with reality of rising seas in Florida
September 19, 2016  Canada will impose nationwide carbon price
September 19, 2016  The Standoff Between Big Oil and Big Corn
September 19, 2016  Can mushrooms, bacteria and mealworms save the planet from pollution?
September 15, 2016  Thousands Work Daily at Japan Nuclear Plant Selling No Power
September 15, 2016  Bayer's $66bn takeover bid of Monsanto called a 'marriage made in hell'
September 15, 2016  In a hungry Venezuela, buying too much food can get you arrested
September 15, 2016  Look Outside North America for the World's Most Sustainable Cities
September 14, 2016  How can we better value water as global shortages start to threaten economies?
September 14, 2016  Could Ancient Remedies Hold the Answer to the Looming Antibiotics Crisis?
September 14, 2016  The true impact of the food crisis on people's lives has been masked
September 14, 2016  Hidden data: the new weapon that could beat hunger
September 13, 2016  Here's Why Ecuador's $9.5 Billion Judgment Against Chevron Is Headed to Canada
September 13, 2016  The battle between Tesla and your neighborhood car dealership
September 13, 2016  Humans have destroyed a tenth of Earth's wilderness in 25 years
September 13, 2016  Barack Obama is officially now a parasite
September 08, 2016  Elon Musk's Solar Vision, Up for a Dicey Vote
September 08, 2016  Saving Africa's elephants isn't just a 'white man's job'
September 08, 2016  Abe's Fukushima 'under control' pledge to secure Olympics was a lie: former PM
September 08, 2016  River in Russia Mysteriously Turns Blood Red
September 07, 2016  Brexit negotiators urged to examine tougher rules on farming antibiotics
September 07, 2016  EU hits energy reduction target six years early
September 07, 2016  Here's What China, U.S. Just Committed to on Climate
September 07, 2016  Can ExxonMobil Be Found Liable for Misleading the Public on Climate Change?
September 06, 2016  Soaring ocean temperature is 'greatest hidden challenge of our generation'
September 06, 2016  Indonesia environment team threatened with death investigating haze
September 06, 2016  Bayer raises offer to buy Monsanto
September 06, 2016  The Oceans Can't Protect Us Anymore---Here's Why
September 01, 2016  The Southern Ocean is getting less salty. Here's what that could mean for the rest of the world
September 01, 2016  Despite Major Melt, Arctic Sea Ice Will Miss Record Low
September 01, 2016  Poaching drives huge 30% decline in Africa's savannah elephants
September 01, 2016  A car made from tequila? Ford Motor Co says it's good for the planet
August 31, 2016  Nasa: Earth is warming at a pace 'unprecedented in 1,000 years'
August 31, 2016  The $8 Trillion Fight Over How to Rid America of Fossil Fuel
August 31, 2016  Thousands of Homes Keep Flooding, Yet They Keep Being Rebuilt Again
August 31, 2016  Critical Reefs Destroyed in Poachers' Quest for World's Biggest Clams
August 30, 2016  California has urged President Obama and Congress to tax carbon pollution
August 30, 2016  Why three-day weekends could help to save the world
August 30, 2016  Nuclear bombs transformed the planet and set off the Age of Humans, geologists say
August 30, 2016  Your Tattoo Might Have Printer Ink or Car Paint in It
August 29, 2016  TTIP has failed -- but no one is admitting it, says German Vice Chancellor.
August 29, 2016  A third of fish caught in the English Channel have microplastics in their guts.
August 29, 2016  The Slow Death of Diesel
August 29, 2016  The empty crib
August 25, 2016  Monsanto pulls new GM cotton seed from India in protest.
August 25, 2016  How air pollution is causing the world's 'Third Pole' to melt
August 25, 2016  The Fight to Save the World's Seas From China's Bloated Fishing Industry
August 25, 2016  Everything has water flowing through it.
August 24, 2016  Hillary Clinton: Floridians deserve clean water
August 24, 2016  TEPCO's 'ice wall' failing at Fukushima nuclear plant
August 24, 2016  Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across the Earth
August 17, 2016  Malaria Might Help Some People Survive Ebola
August 17, 2016  The deep ocean: plunging to new depths to discover the largest migration on Earth
August 17, 2016  People would buy green products -- if only e-commerce showed them how
August 17, 2016  Save the Animals, Save the Planet?
August 16, 2016  Melting Glaciers Pose Threat Beyond Water Scarcity: Floods
August 16, 2016  World War Mentality Needed to Beat Climate Change
August 16, 2016  Is the US doing enough to fight Zika?
August 16, 2016  Hard times in Venezuela breed malaria as desperate flock to mines.
August 15, 2016  Trump won't make America green again
August 15, 2016  Japan reactor restarts, despite protests, boosting Tokyo's nuclear push
August 15, 2016  An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming's hellish curtain-raiser
August 15, 2016  Challenge to presidential candidates: Debate about science
August 11, 2016  With new water generators, Carrollton startup can unlock the ocean above your head
August 11, 2016  Central banks are printing money as though the global economy is in freefall
August 11, 2016  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Environment, the Election, and a "Dangerous" Donald Trump
August 11, 2016  China halts work on $15 billion nuclear waste project after protests
August 10, 2016  Cyclones set to get fiercer as world warms
August 10, 2016  The Social Network in Your Gut
August 10, 2016  War on climate terror: Deserts bury two thirds of African lands.
August 10, 2016  What chemicals are in your tattoo?
August 10, 2016  Green really is the new black as Big Oil gets a taste for renewables
August 09, 2016  Customers Could Pay $2.5 Billion for Nuclear Plants That Never Get Built
August 09, 2016  What Trump gets wrong about energy in America
August 09, 2016  US Court Rules in Favor of Chevron in Ecuador Pollution Case
August 09, 2016  Nagasaki mayor tells world: Visit to see how nukes affect humans
August 08, 2016  Britain is hastening the extinction of the African elephant
August 08, 2016  Let them eat bugs: US startup sees future of sustainable food in creepy crawlies
August 08, 2016  In UK, people to get cash payments from fracking.
August 08, 2016  Melting Greenland ice sheet will soon unearth waste from long-forgotten Cold War-era military base.
August 04, 2016  Why is Rio de Janeiro finding it so hard to clear up its waste?
August 04, 2016  An oil boom made it the most expensive city in the world. Now it's in crisis.
August 04, 2016  Latest Climate Report: Heat, More Heat and Signs of Worse to Come
August 04, 2016  The Sticky Truth about Economic Growth and Climate Change
August 03, 2016  Trump: Wind power 'kills all your birds.'
August 03, 2016  Can the Environmental Movement Rally Around Hillary Clinton?
August 03, 2016  Could Nanotechnology End Hunger?
August 03, 2016  The booming coal city that turned into a ghost town
August 02, 2016  Suncor proposes leaving oil sands in ground to cut greenhouse gas emission intensity
August 02, 2016  Where are the world's most water-stressed cities?
August 02, 2016  Philadelphia punditry
August 02, 2016  China's Relentless Campaign to Pave the Coast
July 28, 2016  There will be 1.8 billion Indians by 2050. GM crops are the only way to feed them all
July 28, 2016  World's largest carbon producers face landmark human rights case
July 28, 2016  Keep Your Mouth Closed: Aquatic Olympians Face a Toxic Stew in Rio
July 28, 2016  What It Takes to Clean the Ganges
July 27, 2016  Colombia Declares End to the Zika Epidemic
July 27, 2016  New Zealand vows to kill every weasel, rat and feral cat on its soil
July 27, 2016  No to shark fin: China's biggest shipping line Cosco pledges total ban on carrying product
July 27, 2016  What we're doing to the environment may be costing us our drinking water
July 26, 2016  Wildlife Dying En Masse as South American River Runs Dry
July 26, 2016  Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy
July 26, 2016  Eastern Hemisphere's All-Time Temperature Record: Kuwait Fries in 54°C (129.2°F) Heat
July 26, 2016  Plastic debris in oceans a growing hazard as toxins climb the food chain
July 21, 2016  Elon Musk's Tesla 'Master Plan' Involves Trucks, Buses and a Compact SUV
July 21, 2016  The GOP's policy on climate change is moving much more slowly than the thermometer
July 21, 2016  Greenpeace reports jump in radioactive contamination in Fukushima waterways
July 21, 2016  Cleveland Is Not The Place For Mocking Environmental Justice
July 20, 2016  Greenland lost a staggering 1 trillion tons of ice in just four years
July 20, 2016  The Future of Big Oil? At Shell, It's Not Oil
July 20, 2016  How to stop deforestation? Give indigenous people rights to land
July 20, 2016  How a new source of water is helping reduce conflict in the Middle East
July 19, 2016  Global warming set to cost the world economy £1.5 trillion by 2030 as it becomes too hot to work
July 19, 2016  The Long, Sad, Corrupted Devolution of the GOP, From Eisenhower to Donald Trump
July 19, 2016  Indian court orders older diesel vehicles off New Delhi's roads
July 19, 2016  My Venezuela nightmare: A 30-day hunt for food in a starving land.
July 18, 2016  BoE's Carney warns of $7 trillion green infrastructure need
July 18, 2016  The Ocean Could Be the New Gold Rush
July 18, 2016  What does climate change mean for America's $73 billion angling industry?
July 18, 2016  The diversity of life across much of Earth has plunged below 'safe' levels
July 14, 2016  Rio Olympics Unlikely to Spread Zika, CDC Says
July 14, 2016  TTIP proposal casts doubt on G20 climate pledge, leaked EU draft shows
July 14, 2016  New, Massive Earthquake Threat Could Lurk Under South Asia
July 14, 2016  Buddhist monks buy 600lbs of lobster to release them back into the ocean
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