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September 06, 2016  Indonesia environment team threatened with death investigating haze
September 06, 2016  Bayer raises offer to buy Monsanto
September 06, 2016  The Oceans Can't Protect Us Anymore---Here's Why
September 01, 2016  The Southern Ocean is getting less salty. Here's what that could mean for the rest of the world
September 01, 2016  Despite Major Melt, Arctic Sea Ice Will Miss Record Low
September 01, 2016  Poaching drives huge 30% decline in Africa's savannah elephants
September 01, 2016  A car made from tequila? Ford Motor Co says it's good for the planet
August 31, 2016  Nasa: Earth is warming at a pace 'unprecedented in 1,000 years'
August 31, 2016  The $8 Trillion Fight Over How to Rid America of Fossil Fuel
August 31, 2016  Thousands of Homes Keep Flooding, Yet They Keep Being Rebuilt Again
August 31, 2016  Critical Reefs Destroyed in Poachers' Quest for World's Biggest Clams
August 30, 2016  California has urged President Obama and Congress to tax carbon pollution
August 30, 2016  Why three-day weekends could help to save the world
August 30, 2016  Nuclear bombs transformed the planet and set off the Age of Humans, geologists say
August 30, 2016  Your Tattoo Might Have Printer Ink or Car Paint in It
August 29, 2016  TTIP has failed -- but no one is admitting it, says German Vice Chancellor.
August 29, 2016  A third of fish caught in the English Channel have microplastics in their guts.
August 29, 2016  The Slow Death of Diesel
August 29, 2016  The empty crib
August 25, 2016  Monsanto pulls new GM cotton seed from India in protest.
August 25, 2016  How air pollution is causing the world's 'Third Pole' to melt
August 25, 2016  The Fight to Save the World's Seas From China's Bloated Fishing Industry
August 25, 2016  Everything has water flowing through it.
August 24, 2016  Hillary Clinton: Floridians deserve clean water
August 24, 2016  TEPCO's 'ice wall' failing at Fukushima nuclear plant
August 24, 2016  Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across the Earth
August 17, 2016  Malaria Might Help Some People Survive Ebola
August 17, 2016  The deep ocean: plunging to new depths to discover the largest migration on Earth
August 17, 2016  People would buy green products -- if only e-commerce showed them how
August 17, 2016  Save the Animals, Save the Planet?
August 16, 2016  Melting Glaciers Pose Threat Beyond Water Scarcity: Floods
August 16, 2016  World War Mentality Needed to Beat Climate Change
August 16, 2016  Is the US doing enough to fight Zika?
August 16, 2016  Hard times in Venezuela breed malaria as desperate flock to mines.
August 15, 2016  Trump won't make America green again
August 15, 2016  Japan reactor restarts, despite protests, boosting Tokyo's nuclear push
August 15, 2016  An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming's hellish curtain-raiser
August 15, 2016  Challenge to presidential candidates: Debate about science
August 11, 2016  With new water generators, Carrollton startup can unlock the ocean above your head
August 11, 2016  Central banks are printing money as though the global economy is in freefall
August 11, 2016  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Environment, the Election, and a "Dangerous" Donald Trump
August 11, 2016  China halts work on $15 billion nuclear waste project after protests
August 10, 2016  Cyclones set to get fiercer as world warms
August 10, 2016  The Social Network in Your Gut
August 10, 2016  War on climate terror: Deserts bury two thirds of African lands.
August 10, 2016  What chemicals are in your tattoo?
August 10, 2016  Green really is the new black as Big Oil gets a taste for renewables
August 09, 2016  Customers Could Pay $2.5 Billion for Nuclear Plants That Never Get Built
August 09, 2016  What Trump gets wrong about energy in America
August 09, 2016  US Court Rules in Favor of Chevron in Ecuador Pollution Case
August 09, 2016  Nagasaki mayor tells world: Visit to see how nukes affect humans
August 08, 2016  Britain is hastening the extinction of the African elephant
August 08, 2016  Let them eat bugs: US startup sees future of sustainable food in creepy crawlies
August 08, 2016  In UK, people to get cash payments from fracking.
August 08, 2016  Melting Greenland ice sheet will soon unearth waste from long-forgotten Cold War-era military base.
August 04, 2016  Why is Rio de Janeiro finding it so hard to clear up its waste?
August 04, 2016  An oil boom made it the most expensive city in the world. Now it's in crisis.
August 04, 2016  Latest Climate Report: Heat, More Heat and Signs of Worse to Come
August 04, 2016  The Sticky Truth about Economic Growth and Climate Change
August 03, 2016  Trump: Wind power 'kills all your birds.'
August 03, 2016  Can the Environmental Movement Rally Around Hillary Clinton?
August 03, 2016  Could Nanotechnology End Hunger?
August 03, 2016  The booming coal city that turned into a ghost town
August 02, 2016  Suncor proposes leaving oil sands in ground to cut greenhouse gas emission intensity
August 02, 2016  Where are the world's most water-stressed cities?
August 02, 2016  Philadelphia punditry
August 02, 2016  China's Relentless Campaign to Pave the Coast
July 28, 2016  There will be 1.8 billion Indians by 2050. GM crops are the only way to feed them all
July 28, 2016  World's largest carbon producers face landmark human rights case
July 28, 2016  Keep Your Mouth Closed: Aquatic Olympians Face a Toxic Stew in Rio
July 28, 2016  What It Takes to Clean the Ganges
July 27, 2016  Colombia Declares End to the Zika Epidemic
July 27, 2016  New Zealand vows to kill every weasel, rat and feral cat on its soil
July 27, 2016  No to shark fin: China's biggest shipping line Cosco pledges total ban on carrying product
July 27, 2016  What we're doing to the environment may be costing us our drinking water
July 26, 2016  Wildlife Dying En Masse as South American River Runs Dry
July 26, 2016  Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy
July 26, 2016  Eastern Hemisphere's All-Time Temperature Record: Kuwait Fries in 54°C (129.2°F) Heat
July 26, 2016  Plastic debris in oceans a growing hazard as toxins climb the food chain
July 21, 2016  Elon Musk's Tesla 'Master Plan' Involves Trucks, Buses and a Compact SUV
July 21, 2016  The GOP's policy on climate change is moving much more slowly than the thermometer
July 21, 2016  Greenpeace reports jump in radioactive contamination in Fukushima waterways
July 21, 2016  Cleveland Is Not The Place For Mocking Environmental Justice
July 20, 2016  Greenland lost a staggering 1 trillion tons of ice in just four years
July 20, 2016  The Future of Big Oil? At Shell, It's Not Oil
July 20, 2016  How to stop deforestation? Give indigenous people rights to land
July 20, 2016  How a new source of water is helping reduce conflict in the Middle East
July 19, 2016  Global warming set to cost the world economy £1.5 trillion by 2030 as it becomes too hot to work
July 19, 2016  The Long, Sad, Corrupted Devolution of the GOP, From Eisenhower to Donald Trump
July 19, 2016  Indian court orders older diesel vehicles off New Delhi's roads
July 19, 2016  My Venezuela nightmare: A 30-day hunt for food in a starving land.
July 18, 2016  BoE's Carney warns of $7 trillion green infrastructure need
July 18, 2016  The Ocean Could Be the New Gold Rush
July 18, 2016  What does climate change mean for America's $73 billion angling industry?
July 18, 2016  The diversity of life across much of Earth has plunged below 'safe' levels
July 14, 2016  Rio Olympics Unlikely to Spread Zika, CDC Says
July 14, 2016  TTIP proposal casts doubt on G20 climate pledge, leaked EU draft shows
July 14, 2016  New, Massive Earthquake Threat Could Lurk Under South Asia
July 14, 2016  Buddhist monks buy 600lbs of lobster to release them back into the ocean
July 11, 2016  China's debt: Coming clean
July 11, 2016  We just broke the record for hottest year, nine straight times
July 11, 2016  Dems debate 'fracking ban,' but what does that mean?
July 11, 2016  Allergic to life: the Arizona residents 'sensitive to the whole world'
July 07, 2016  Do You Really Need Antibiotics? This Test Can Tell
July 07, 2016  Environmental groups sue over federal permits for neonics
July 07, 2016  How capturing rain could save Mexico City from a water crisis
July 07, 2016  Dupont, Chemours Handed Another Loss in Teflon Chemical Case
July 06, 2016  Brazil says there is 'almost zero' risk of Zika during Olympics. Really?
July 06, 2016  5 Things Wrong With Your Deodorant
July 06, 2016  How Canada's pipeline watchdog secretly discusses "ticking time bombs" with industry
July 06, 2016  Canada declares microbeads toxic
July 05, 2016  The biggest body of warm water on Earth is getting even bigger
July 05, 2016  Norway bids to capture business by capturing carbon
July 05, 2016  Devouring 1,000 Mosquitoes an Hour, Bats Are Now Welcome Guests as Zika Fears Rise
July 05, 2016  Oil turns white boats to brown in Rio Olympic sailing venue
July 04, 2016  Fading fishermen: A historic industry faces a warming world
July 04, 2016  San Francisco Just Passed the Nation's Toughest Ban on Styrofoam
July 04, 2016  Zika in Florida: 10 new cases confirmed amid concern over US response
July 04, 2016  The toxic trail of e-waste that leads from the US to Hong Kong
July 01, 2016  Benchmarking Utility Clean Energy Deployment: 2016
June 30, 2016  Volkswagen goes silent on fraud in Canada. Owners left with lemons.
June 30, 2016  Murders, violence on rise as parched central India battles for water
June 30, 2016  Controversial chemical in Roundup weedkiller escapes immediate ban
June 30, 2016  China's smog knocks 2 years off life expectancy
June 29, 2016  Stressed Indus River threatens Pakistan's water supplies
June 29, 2016  New Studies Show Just How Tricky the Zika Virus Is
June 29, 2016  Proposed Amazon dam would fuel land speculation, deforestation, study says
June 29, 2016  Venezuelans are storming supermarkets and attacking trucks as food supplies dwindle.
June 28, 2016  U.S., Canada and Mexico vow to get half their electricity from clean power by 2025
June 28, 2016  Rains or not, India faces drinking water crisis
June 28, 2016  Stephen Hawking says pollution and 'stupidity' still biggest threats to mankind
June 28, 2016  A solution to the challenge of land-disposed sewage sludge.
June 27, 2016  Asbestos-related cancer costs Canadians billions
June 27, 2016  How the Caribbean's charred forests end up firing America's barbecues
June 27, 2016  VW to pay over $10 billion for U.S. emissions scandal
June 27, 2016  Cow Urine Kills Farm Pests in India's First Fully Organic State
June 23, 2016  Chinese authorities to tear up 'toxic' school running tracks | Toxic Scrap Tires
June 23, 2016  New warning lights for rising home prices | New Median Home Price Records
June 23, 2016  Cancer Is Contagious Among Clams. What About Us?
June 23, 2016  Clean water should be a basic human right. Why are we charging so much for it?
June 23, 2016  Pineapples could play key role in global superbug battle
June 23, 2016  The developing world is awash in pesticides. Does it have to be?
June 22, 2016  Asia's Rising Prosperity, Climate Change Taking Toll on Food Security
June 22, 2016  Climate change is bad for your kidneys
June 22, 2016  A Rush of Americans, Seeking Gold in Cuban Soil
June 22, 2016  Man-made pollutants found in Earth's deepest ocean trenches
June 21, 2016  Waste to Energy (WTE) finds the silver lining in challenging markets
June 21, 2016  Canada Moves to Strengthen Environmental Reviews of Pipelines
June 21, 2016  Scientists announce important Zika milestone: First vaccine ready for human trials
June 21, 2016  No Such Thing as a Healthy Smoker
June 21, 2016  10 Surprising Snacks That May Have BPA
June 20, 2016  Could we set aside half the Earth for nature?
June 20, 2016  On Tire Wastes in Playgrounds
June 20, 2016  Biggest US coal company funded dozens of groups questioning climate change
June 20, 2016  It's the economy that needs to be integrated into the environment - not the other way around
June 16, 2016  Canada fell "out of step" with planet in 2015 as clean tech investment plunged
June 16, 2016  Catholic orders take their lead from the pope and divest from fossil fuels
June 16, 2016  Canada lent billions to oil, gas and mining companies. Then it made a profit
June 16, 2016  Hundreds arrested in Venezuela after latest unrest over food
June 15, 2016  Can incineration and landfills save us from the recycling crisis?
June 15, 2016  World Health Organization Drops Coffee's Status as Possible Carcinogen
June 15, 2016  How Africans Are Saving Their Own Soil
June 15, 2016  The future of agriculture
June 14, 2016  Melting Arctic Could Supercharge Climate Feedback Loop
June 14, 2016  Can 'super coral' save the Great Barrier Reef?
June 14, 2016  The atmosphere has hit a grim milestone --- and scientists say we'll never go back 'within our lifetimes'
June 14, 2016  Malnutrition and Obesity Coexist in Many Countries, Report Finds
June 13, 2016  The coastal village, the mining giant and the battle for South Africa's soul
June 13, 2016  'Super bacteria' found in Rio's Olympic venues, top beaches
June 13, 2016  Scientists use climate, population changes to predict diseases
June 13, 2016  Air pollution linked to increased mental illness in children
June 09, 2016  How the world's most popular foods have traveled all over the planet
June 09, 2016  When Pigs Fly
June 09, 2016  Here's Why Scientists Are Not Afraid of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
June 09, 2016  How grassroots lobbying push blindsided Monsanto
June 08, 2016  Arctic Sea Ice Breaks May Record . . . By A Lot
June 08, 2016  WHO to consider new evidence on Zika, Olympics next week
June 08, 2016  China says important glacier is melting due to climate change
June 08, 2016  This is why the world can't stop wasting so much food
June 07, 2016  7 Charts Show How Renewables Broke Records Globally in 2015
June 07, 2016  Union Carbide Not Responsible for Bhopal Tragedy, Affirms Appeal Court
June 07, 2016  India will spend $3 billion to clean up one of the world's most polluted cities
June 07, 2016  Infamous water heist---and hubris---reaps toxic whirlwind.
June 07, 2016  Scientists say that 'nature,' untouched by humans, is now almost entirely gone
June 02, 2016  Canada Approves Genetically Modified Salmon for Consumption
June 02, 2016  Tanzania denies elephants could disappear from reserve within six years
June 02, 2016  Emissions detected from space reveal big polluters
June 02, 2016  The Surprising Importance of Stratospheric Life
June 01, 2016  The Temperature Spiral Has an Update. It's Not Pretty.
June 01, 2016  Reduced hypertension risk after moving to a high-walkability neighborhood.
June 01, 2016  The Surprising Thing Linked to High Blood Pressure
June 01, 2016  The secret under a Chinese pig farm
May 31, 2016  Scientists May Have Found a Way to Stop Nuclear Meltdowns
May 31, 2016  Searching for Superbugs: The Lab Looking for the Next Big Threat
May 31, 2016  Major environmental group backs Hillary Clinton in its first presidential endorsement
May 31, 2016  India plans to sell holy water from one of the world's dirtiest rivers---online
May 30, 2016  After Hiroshima, Obama needs to follow up with specific actions
May 30, 2016  Trump tells California 'there is no drought'
May 30, 2016  The Superbug Nightmare We Always Feared Is Upon Us
May 30, 2016  Construction of world's largest dam in DR Congo could begin within months
May 26, 2016  Oil hits $50 a barrel for first time this year
May 26, 2016  Cigarette Smoking by Adults Dropped in 2015, C.D.C. Survey Says
May 26, 2016  Major fishing deal offers protection to Arctic waters
May 26, 2016  He survived Ebola. Now he's fighting to keep it from spreading.
May 26, 2016  Oil sands found to be a leading source of air pollution in North America
May 25, 2016  Climate change takes center stage at Exxon, Chevron annual meetings
May 25, 2016  Firefighters protect Canada's oil sands battling 1,100 C flames
May 25, 2016  World War III will be fought over water
May 25, 2016  World could warm by massive 10C if all fossil fuels are burned
May 24, 2016  The number one thing we can do to protect Earth's oceans
May 24, 2016  Trump taps climate change skeptic as energy adviser, pushes back on taxes
May 24, 2016  Humans damaging the environment faster than it can recover, UN finds
May 24, 2016  Lake Mead declines to lowest level in history
May 12, 2016  It's not too late to avoid dangerous temperature rise.
May 12, 2016  Bees are in trouble, but can they be saved?
May 12, 2016  Air pollution rising at an 'alarming rate' in world's cities
May 12, 2016  Woman sets out to paddleboard length of England to highlight plastic pollution
May 12, 2016  Chaos & Volatility On The Rise ~ The systems that support us are breaking down
May 11, 2016  Dyson could become next Tesla with its electric car, says expert
May 11, 2016  World's carbon dioxide concentration teetering on the point of no return
May 11, 2016  Low-Tech Trap Might Help Fight Zika Virus Outbreaks, CDC says
May 11, 2016  Air pollution in India is so bad that it kills half a million people every year
May 10, 2016  Why this could finally be the election where climate change matters
May 10, 2016  Brazilian lawsuit over Samarco dam will struggle to match U.S. BP claim
May 10, 2016  People may be breathing in microplastics, health expert warns
May 10, 2016  How a giant air freshener could save our polluted cities
May 09, 2016  This is how serious India's drought has gotten
May 09, 2016  Could the oil sands catch fire?
May 09, 2016  U.S. oil industry bankruptcy wave nears size of telecom bust
May 09, 2016  New study says excesses of modern life is cause of cancer; disease is man-made
May 05, 2016  The science that will make you question everything about weight loss.
May 05, 2016  A third of antibiotic prescriptions are just wrong.
May 05, 2016  Millions of dead fish on Vietnam's shores raise industrial pollution fears
May 05, 2016  Global water shortages to deliver 'severe hit' to economies, World Bank warns
May 04, 2016  Ocean's Oxygen Starts Running Low
May 04, 2016  Entrepreneurs are selling Australia's fresh air in a can to China
May 04, 2016  How Paris is stepping up its drive against the car
May 04, 2016  Zika Virus Birth Defects May Be 'Tip of the Iceberg', Experts Say
May 04, 2016  Armed guards at India's dams as drought grips country
May 03, 2016  SunEdison is not Solyndra: Why 2016 Looks so Different from 2011
April 28, 2016  World's Biggest Windmills Now Make Jumbo Jets Look Tiny
April 28, 2016  Japanese Monks Recorded the Climate for 700 Years
April 28, 2016  Colorado struggles with marijuana's huge carbon footprint.
April 28, 2016  Does canned food cause cancer?
April 28, 2016  The story behind Prince's low-profile generosity to green causes
April 27, 2016  Goldfish or Asian carp? Why it matters in the Great Lakes.
April 27, 2016  Senate Nears Deal for at Least $1.1 Billion to Fight Zika Virus
April 27, 2016  BP Reports $583 Million Loss in First Quarter
April 27, 2016  Six years later, we're still learning how badly the BP spill damaged the environment
April 27, 2016  Pentagon aims to curb tobacco use by military
April 27, 2016  India's drought migrants head to cities in desperate search for water
April 26, 2016  Scientists discover coral reef near the mouth of the Amazon River
April 26, 2016  Volkswagen's Legal Endgame in Emissions Scandal
April 26, 2016  The Human Cost of Colombian Gold
April 26, 2016  Child obesity has grown unabated since 1999, study finds
April 26, 2016  Old TVs Create Toxic Problem for Recycling Programs
April 26, 2016  Ruined Chernobyl nuclear plant will remain a threat for 3,000 years
April 25, 2016  RBS pulls back fossil fuel investments as green deals grow
April 25, 2016  El Niño is Earth's rechargeable heat battery
April 25, 2016  As regions thaw, leaders face changing mandate
April 25, 2016  Biofuels, plastics and drugs: is this the future of our farms?
April 25, 2016  Leaders head to New York to sign Paris climate deal
April 25, 2016  How Indians are coping with a dangerously hot summer
April 21, 2016  Ten years after 'hug a husky', what is David Cameron's green legacy?
April 21, 2016  Germany asks Belgium to switch off nuclear reactors
April 21, 2016  Why Half a Degree Matters: Higher Seas, Longer Heat Waves, Dead Reefs
April 21, 2016  EU dropped climate policies after BP threat of oil industry 'exodus'
April 21, 2016  Scientists say 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef now bleached.
April 21, 2016  Stop aid to Honduras, says murdered campaigner's daughter
April 20, 2016  Justin Trudeau to lobby for quick approval of Paris climate deal
April 20, 2016  'Climate' Used to Be the C-Word in Republican Politics. Not Anymore
April 20, 2016  Life expectancy for white females in U.S. suffers rare decline
April 20, 2016  Japan's Mitsubishi Motors Finds Falsified Fuel Mileage Tests
April 20, 2016  As drought deepens, African nations struggle to get globe's attention
April 20, 2016  Cities that steal smart ideas from plants and animals
April 19, 2016  Can Oil Companies Save the World from Global Warming?
April 19, 2016  Hope for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
April 19, 2016  'Manhattan Project' for cancer aims to turn it into a chronic illness, not a death sentence
April 19, 2016  Stress and poverty may make you old before your time
April 19, 2016  Colombia resumes anti-coca spray dropped over cancer fears.
April 19, 2016  Who says bacon is bad?
April 12, 2016  Years of Living Dangerously - A series about the human impact of climate change
April 12, 2016  Forest growth accelerating in B.C. due to carbon dioxide 'fertilizer effect'
March 31, 2016  Have humans tilted the climate books out of balance?
March 31, 2016  Climate forecasts underestimate sea-rise impact of Antarctic thaw.
March 31, 2016  The Invisible catastrophe.
March 31, 2016  Mexico City temporarily restricts all cars after smog alert
March 31, 2016  Junk Food Is Bad For Plants, Too
March 31, 2016  'High risk' of severe water stresses in Asia by 2050
March 30, 2016  Japan Regulators OK Costly Ice Wall at Fukushima Plant
March 30, 2016  Technology to Make Clean Energy From Coal Is Stumbling in Practice
March 30, 2016  Exercise Makes Our Muscles Work Better With Age
March 30, 2016  Link between fossil fuels and Great Barrier Reef bleaching clear and incontrovertible
March 30, 2016  Endangered Puget Sound orcas to get personal health records
March 30, 2016  The antibiotics dilemma: Why we're running out of drugs to treat the superbugs
March 29, 2016  Why Saudi Arabia bought 14,000 acres of US farm land
March 29, 2016  Alaska volcano erupts with massive ash cloud, diverting flights
March 29, 2016  What Florida's ancient past tells us about sea-level rise today
March 29, 2016  A new Titanic? US and Canada prepare for worst as luxury Arctic cruise sets sail
March 29, 2016  Arctic sea ice extent breaks record low for winter
March 29, 2016  Environmentalists fear Americans will ruin Cuba's biodiversity
March 28, 2016  Precious commodity sparks fear, feuds and lawsuits
March 28, 2016  Wall Street's Retreat From King Coal
March 28, 2016  China's cancer rates exploding, more than 4 million people diagnosed in 2015, study says
March 28, 2016  When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job
March 28, 2016  Tycoon behind Syngenta bid China's most aggressive dealmaker
March 28, 2016  For Latin American environmentalists, death is a constant companion
March 23, 2016  How Tesla's Model 3 Could Conquer Low-End Luxury
March 23, 2016  Panama canal evaporation forces waterway authority to restrict ships passing through
March 23, 2016  Liberals unveil spending as 'champion of clean growth'
March 23, 2016  Pakistan unveils plan to tackle looming water crisis
March 23, 2016  Global Warming's Terrifying New Chemistry
March 23, 2016  The World's Largest Whale Sharks Are Disappearing
March 22, 2016  Trump says nuclear weapons are the riskiest kind of climate change
March 22, 2016  China Is Building World's Biggest Trash Incinerator
March 22, 2016  In Uganda's Zika Forest, global health scare seems a world away
March 22, 2016  No water, no jobs: How water shortages threaten jobs and growth
March 22, 2016  Climate guru James Hansen warns of much worse than expected sea level rise
March 22, 2016  Eating less meat could save up to $31 trillion (and many lives).
March 21, 2016  By rejecting $1bn for a pipeline, a First Nation has put Trudeau's climate plan on trial
March 21, 2016  Is Cuba Ready for Change?
March 21, 2016  Is It Game Over for Coal?
March 21, 2016  Why more than 200 new dams will be a disaster for the Amazon
March 21, 2016  They told me to take money and run, says pipeline whistleblower
March 21, 2016  'Never seen it so bad': violence and impunity in Brazil's Amazon
March 18, 2016  The Challenges Low Oil Prices Bring to the Waste and Recycling Industry
March 17, 2016  The One Thing No One Tells Women About Seafood
March 17, 2016  Trees Deal With Climate Change Better Than Expected
March 17, 2016  Doubling renewables by 2030 could save $4.2 trillion/year
March 17, 2016  The economy is growing, but carbon emissions aren't. That's a really big deal
March 17, 2016  Scientists expose vaccine volunteers to dengue virus and find 100 percent were protected
March 17, 2016  Mexico City bans many cars in first smog alert in 11 years
March 16, 2016  Germany's top court starts hearing on nuclear shutdown
March 16, 2016  $2 Billion Loss for Generators as a Million Get Solar Panels
March 16, 2016  Why graduates of a top Canadian university are returning their diplomas
March 16, 2016  As climate change heats up, Arctic residents struggle to keep their homes
March 16, 2016  Human toll of pollution: WHO estimates 12.6 million die from unhealthy environments each year.
March 16, 2016  Why Obama changed his mind --- and won't allow oil drilling in the Atlantic after all
March 15, 2016  5 years after Fukushima disaster, its lessons still speak to U.S. industry
March 15, 2016  Antarctica's ice is being carved up from below
March 15, 2016  5 implications of February's astounding global temperature record
March 15, 2016  13 million along US coast could see homes swamped by 2100, study finds
March 15, 2016  How antibiotic resistance could wreak havoc on health, food and travel
March 15, 2016  Infrastructure inequality is catalyst for Brazil's Zika epidemic
March 14, 2016  Grand Canyon threatened despite win against developers, conservationists say
March 14, 2016  Coal miners protest in northeastern China, claiming unpaid wages
March 14, 2016  Mosquitoes' rapid spread poses threat beyond Zika
March 14, 2016  NASA confirms February 2016's shocking global warming temperature record.
March 14, 2016  Why is styrofoam still a thing?
March 14, 2016  Chernobyl 30 Years On: Residents In Affected Areas Still Eating Radiation-Tainted Food
March 11, 2016  12 Points that Explain the State of the WTE Market in the United States
March 10, 2016  Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought
March 10, 2016  Obama and Justin Trudeau of Canada Unveil Efforts to Fight Climate Change
March 10, 2016  Will We Soon Be Riding on Solar Roads? The Idea Gains Traction
March 10, 2016  Antibiotic Assistants
March 10, 2016  What's wrong with the North American diet?
March 10, 2016  Five years after tsunami, Japanese town tries to recover, with few jobs --- or people
March 09, 2016  Cargill says to cut antibiotic use in cattle by 20 percent
March 09, 2016  Global warming already driving increases in rainfall extremes
March 09, 2016  A Year After China's 'Iron Hand' Hit Polluters, Air Still Chokes
March 09, 2016  Amazonian tribe in Peru takes hostages after oil spill
March 09, 2016  Life with plastic, not fantastic
March 09, 2016  EU to defer decision on safety of weed-killer ingredient
March 07, 2016  Cold light shines on Paris climate pledges
March 07, 2016  Republican candidates' calls to scrap EPA met with skepticism by experts
March 07, 2016  Mosul dam engineers warn it could fail at any time, killing 1m people
March 07, 2016  Revamped Satellite Data Shows No Pause in Global Warming
March 07, 2016  China ratchets up anti-pollution effort
March 07, 2016  Fukushima: Tokyo was on the brink of nuclear catastrophe
March 03, 2016  Trudeau: 'We Need Both Pipelines and Wind Turbines'
March 03, 2016  How Climate Change May Affect Your Diet
March 03, 2016  The Arctic just set an ominous new record
March 03, 2016  Rising Seas Pull Fort Lauderdale, Florida's Building Boomtown, Toward a Bust
March 03, 2016  Satellite data suggests forest loss is accelerating
March 03, 2016  VW CEO was told about emissions crisis a year before admitting to cheat scandal
March 03, 2016  Does a Carbon Tax Work? Ask British Columbia
March 03, 2016  Canada delays new climate plan as provinces rebel
March 03, 2016  This Scion Of Standard Oil Is Ditching Her ExxonMobil Stock
March 03, 2016  Court upholds federal plan to protect vast polar bear habitat in Alaska
March 03, 2016  Florida drops bill to open fracking in the Everglades after public outcry
March 03, 2016  Next few weeks critical as Great Barrier Reef suffers 'tragic' coral bleaching event
March 01, 2016  Coal Use Falls Further as China Plans Massive Layoffs
March 01, 2016  Preparing for the Inevitable Sea-Level Rise
March 01, 2016  India introduces car sales tax to combat pollution
March 01, 2016  What scientists are discovering about the air you breathe indoors
March 01, 2016  How will Brazil come through on its Olympic promises?
March 01, 2016  Is nuclear power our energy future --- or a dinosaur in a death spiral?
February 29, 2016  World awaiting Canada decision on nuclear waste.
February 29, 2016  Electric vehicles could be as cheap as gas-guzzlers soon
February 29, 2016  Charges near for former TEPCO executives over Fukushima nuclear disaster
February 29, 2016  Canadian oil production growth could come to 'complete standstill,' IEA warns
February 29, 2016  WTO swats down India's massive solar initiative
February 29, 2016  Japan Lost Nearly a Million People in 5 Years, Census Says
February 25, 2016  Drugs found in Puget Sound salmon from tainted wastewater
February 25, 2016  European commission plans to relicense controversial weedkiller
February 25, 2016  Will the Great Salt Lake be reduced to dust?
February 24, 2016  Scientists calculate our debt to the Earth
February 24, 2016  How Exercise May Lower Cancer Risk
February 24, 2016  No radiation from Japan's Fukushima disaster found in B.C. fish
February 24, 2016  West Australian scientists discover commonly used antibiotic could be the basis of a new herbicide
February 24, 2016  South Africa to ease some GM crop rules to avert food crisis
February 24, 2016  How Forest Loss Is Leading To a Rise in Human Disease
February 23, 2016  Rainforests May Store Less Carbon As Climate Changes
February 23, 2016  Peru pipeline leaks in Amazon; two rivers polluted, agency says
February 23, 2016  India's pollution levels beat China's
February 23, 2016  How different are wild salmon from farm salmon? A lot, DNA shows.
February 23, 2016  Will there be more fish or plastic in the sea in 2050?
February 23, 2016  Donald & Ted's Excellent Climate Adventure
February 22, 2016  IEA warns consumers of spike in oil prices
February 15, 2016  EPA survey shows $271 billion needed for nation's wastewater infrastructure
February 03, 2016  Border tensions rumble over ageing Belgian nuclear reactors
February 03, 2016  Exxon Mobil's Profits Fall and BP Cites Low Oil Prices in $3.3 Billion Loss
February 03, 2016  The stinky truth: Deodorant can change your body's bacteria
February 03, 2016  Climate activists target Pepsi ahead of Super Bowl halftime show
February 03, 2016  Dallas reports case of Zika spread through sex; CDC urges condom use
February 03, 2016  China's 1.4 Billion Mouths Behind ChemChina's Syngenta Pursuit
February 02, 2016  EasyJet plans to cut carbon emissions with hydrogen fuel-cell trial
February 02, 2016  Here is the weather forecast for the next five years: even hotter
February 02, 2016  As Zika spreads, Brazil deploys everything from local workers to troops
February 02, 2016  Historic deal to protect Canada rainforest from logging
February 02, 2016  Japanese firm to open world's first robot-run farm
February 02, 2016  Healthy Ground, Healthy Atmosphere: Recarbonizing the Earth's Soils
February 01, 2016  California Public Utilities Commission Approves Successor Net Energy Metering Tariff
February 01, 2016  Bernie Sanders's Radical Environmental Proposal
February 01, 2016  Is "Fragrance" Making Us Sick?
February 01, 2016  Zika fever: panic won't help us.
February 01, 2016  Republicans might as well deny climate change if they don't plan to address it
February 01, 2016  US east coast snowstorms linked to slowdown of Atlantic current
February 01, 2016  Addicted to oil---The first 10 years
February 01, 2016  All the Ways Humans Try to Kill Mosquitos---and Why We're Still Losing
January 28, 2016  Saudi Arabia Keeps Pumping Oil, Despite Financial and Political Risks
January 28, 2016  Japan begins work on 'world's largest' floating solar farm
January 28, 2016  After Paris climate talks, investors wrestle with how to pay for clean energy transition.
January 28, 2016  Smog Could Smother Fireworks at Shanghai's New Disney Theme Park
January 28, 2016  In coal-powered China, electric car surge fuels fear of worsening smog
January 28, 2016  Zika virus: US scientists say vaccine '10 years away'
January 27, 2016  Rethinking the Calorie
January 27, 2016  Top Canada watchdog worried about pesticide linked to bee deaths
January 27, 2016  Ex-Sailing CEO: I Was Fired for Trying to Move Rio Event
January 27, 2016  California gas leak spotlights shoddy regulation of aging storage wells
January 27, 2016  El Niño parches Asia Pacific, destroying crops and drying up water sources
January 27, 2016  If You Want Clean Water, Don't Be Black in America
January 26, 2016  Exxon sees a world with less carbon but higher-cost emissions
January 26, 2016  Italy police find illegal rubbish dump in ancient ruins
January 26, 2016  El Salvador's Advice on Zika Virus: Don't Have Babies
January 26, 2016  Deadly Zika virus to spread throughout the Americas, WHO warns
January 26, 2016  The Opportunity in the Stock Market Downturn (and It Differs by Gender)
January 26, 2016  How low oil prices went from blessing to curse
January 25, 2016  Why the rains failed -- and why they may return
January 25, 2016  Matt Damon Brings Call for Clean Water for All to Sundance
January 25, 2016  So You Want To Eat Snow. Is It Safe? We Asked Scientists
January 25, 2016  China Reaffirms Record Pollution Penalty
January 25, 2016  Plastic now pollutes every corner of Earth
January 25, 2016  As Washington state decides on stronger toxics law, residents are breathing flame retardants
January 21, 2016  Leonardo DiCaprio savages corporate greed of big oil: 'Enough is enough'
January 21, 2016  Slump in oil prices drives green energy takeup in top exporting nations
January 21, 2016  Ted Cruz misstates science of climate change.
January 21, 2016  VW Admits Cheating in the U.S., but Not in Europe
January 21, 2016  The woman who loves garbage: Veena Sahajwalla on making the best of waste
January 21, 2016  Disappearance of Bolivia's No. 2 lake a harbinger
January 20, 2016  Brazil's fighting its biggest epidemics with weaponized mosquitoes
January 20, 2016  Overfishing causing global catches to fall three times faster than estimated
January 20, 2016  Indian government criticised after scores of bodies surface in Ganges
January 20, 2016  Israel spraying toxins over Palestinian crops in Gaza
January 20, 2016  Emissions scandal: 95pc of diesel cars break official limits when driven on the road
January 20, 2016  Eating Fish---Even Tuna---During Pregnancy Linked To Better Brain Health
January 19, 2016  Water security a Canadian issue, not just a developing world issue
January 19, 2016  The Problem With Rooftop Solar That Nobody Is Talking About
January 19, 2016  Pakistan turns to coal to keep factories running
January 19, 2016  Denmark broke world record for wind power in 2015
January 19, 2016  Oceans trapping heat at accelerating rate
January 19, 2016  U.N. food agency says 14 million face hunger in southern Africa
January 18, 2016  An organic way to beat the drought.
January 18, 2016  Power to the poop: one Colorado city is using human waste to run its vehicles
January 18, 2016  SpaceX launches satellite to monitor sea level, global warming
January 18, 2016  What Does It Mean When Animals Suffer a Vast Die-Off?
January 18, 2016  False emissions reporting undermines China's pollution fight
January 18, 2016  Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution
January 14, 2016  Health panel: Pump new billions into disease outbreaks---or else
January 14, 2016  Dead fish wash up on shores of Rio bay near Olympic venue
January 14, 2016  Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts
January 14, 2016  Scientists say climate change is threatening the lifeblood of Canada's native people
January 14, 2016  Look at the oil spilled in the world's 2nd 'Best Place for Wildlife'
January 14, 2016  As diseases proliferate, mosquitoes becoming Public Enemy No. 1
January 13, 2016  Azeri oil disaster an open wound for survivors
January 13, 2016  California Rejects VW's Diesel Recall Plan
January 13, 2016  Greenland ice sheet melts up to a third faster under cloudy skies
January 13, 2016  Solar Job Boom Continues As Prices Spur Demand
January 13, 2016  Obama's cancer cure 'moonshot'
January 13, 2016  Waterless toilet uses nanotechnology to treat waste, banish smells
January 12, 2016  Billionaire activist urges Obama to focus State of the Union on climate change
January 12, 2016  Antarctic icebergs have surprise role in slowing warming
January 12, 2016  After Ebola, two other tropical diseases pose new threats
January 12, 2016  Court allows Delhi's drastic effort to clean air, but some question if it's working
January 12, 2016  Starvation Suspected in Massive Die-off of Alaska Seabirds
January 12, 2016  China's craze for 'aquatic cocaine' is pushing two species into oblivion
January 11, 2016  Rising Sea Levels -- The New Reality
January 11, 2016  Virtual reality to be used to help decommission Fukushima plant
January 11, 2016  NASA To Take On The Seas With Plans To Save Coral Reefs
January 11, 2016  'The coal industry is far from doomed'
January 11, 2016  Startling new finding: 600 million years ago, a biological mishap changed everything
January 11, 2016  Will trade trump climate pact?
January 07, 2016  Zimbabwe plans to sell elephants and lions to China to fund conservation
January 07, 2016  Science says soda taxes work.
January 07, 2016  Scandal-hit VW to press on with diesel offensive in US.
January 07, 2016  Rio planned Olympic-scale sewerage project. But citizens say no thanks.
January 07, 2016  People are starving in East Africa---again---as the world looks away.
January 07, 2016  Transcanada files suit over Keystone XL oil pipeline denial.
January 06, 2016  El Niño-strengthened storm brings rain, floods to California
January 06, 2016  Earth is Experiencing a Global Warming Spurt
January 06, 2016  Canadian scientists find superbug gene in three cases
January 06, 2016  Lake Erie Asian carp: How great a threat to Great Lakes?
January 06, 2016  Supreme Court upholds ban on sale of large diesel vehicles in Delhi
January 06, 2016  Chinese farmers are illegally growing GMO corn:
January 05, 2016  Bernie Sanders mocks Donald Trump's contention that the Chinese created climate change
January 05, 2016  Insurers paid out $27bn for natural disaster claims in 2015
January 05, 2016  Is Toronto ready for a radiation emergency?
January 05, 2016  Waste not, want not: why French diners are learning to love their leftovers
January 05, 2016  A little-known, untreatable virus is quickly spreading across the Americas
January 05, 2016  Not Your Dad's Farm Job: Millennials Look to High-Tech Farms For Careers
January 04, 2016  How one man plans to make billions selling Mojave desert water
January 04, 2016  Delhi's farcical pollution war.
January 04, 2016  BP boss: The Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a 'near-death experience' for us
January 04, 2016  Zika virus reported in Puerto Rico
January 04, 2016  Big Oil braced for global warming while it fought regulations.
January 04, 2016  Scientist: Barrier islands could be unlivable in 50 years
January 03, 2016  Here Is the Worst Anti-Science BS of 2016
December 31, 2015  Freakish weather from the North Pole to South America
December 31, 2015  Will Bolivia's Lifeless Lake Poopo Ever Return?
December 31, 2015  Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point
December 31, 2015  Donald Trump laments loss of aerosol sprays to frame his hair.
December 31, 2015  Toxic air forces Delhi to sideline millions of cars
December 31, 2015  Hunger threatens millions as El Niño causes drought and floods
December 30, 2015  Should we solar panel the Sahara desert?
December 30, 2015  Guinea declared free of Ebola virus that killed over 2,500
December 30, 2015  New restrictions in Tehran after 18th day of bad air
December 30, 2015  2016: sustainable buildings go from being green to being good for you
December 30, 2015  Zika Virus, a Mosquito-Borne Infection, May Threaten Brazil's Newborns
December 30, 2015  China to Halt New Coal Mine Approvals Amid Pollution Fight
December 29, 2015  Tech giants spot opportunity in forecasting China's smog
December 29, 2015  End of Meat? Startups Seek Meat Alternatives for the Masses
December 29, 2015  Top trends conservationists should be paying attention to --- but aren't
December 29, 2015  2015: The Year the Environmental Movement Knocked Out Keystone XL
December 29, 2015  Shale's Running Out of Survival Tricks as OPEC Ramps Up Pressure
December 29, 2015  As China Hungers for Coal, 'Behemoth' Studies the Ravages at the Source
December 24, 2015  Negative Interest Rates How to Shock Proof Your Business
December 24, 2015  A 'Blind-eye' approach won't halt global warming
December 24, 2015  How to Trust Your Gut Instinct
December 24, 2015  A Fitting End for the Hottest Year on Record
December 24, 2015  Why saving the Amazon means saving more than just trees
December 24, 2015  Why Copenhagen Has Almost Perfect Water
December 23, 2015  Australia approves dredging for coal port near Barrier Reef
December 23, 2015  What Happened to the Polar Vortex?
December 23, 2015  A faster, cheaper water filter, thanks to sugar
December 23, 2015  Amid smog crisis, China vows more liveable cities
December 23, 2015  Scientists Just Made a Major Breakthrough in Understanding Autism
December 23, 2015  Italy: Town bans pizza-making over soaring pollution
December 22, 2015  Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels 'COOLS planet', says NASA
December 22, 2015  Real Coal for Christmas: No Longer Just a Child's Nightmare
December 22, 2015  Oil Prices Slump to 11-Year Lows in Asia and Europe
December 22, 2015  Exxon's Support of a Tax on Carbon: Rhetoric or Reality?
December 22, 2015  Fearing pollution, Chinese families build 'bubbles' at home
December 22, 2015  How a battery recycler contaminated L.A.-area homes for decades
December 21, 2015  The Only Way to Save Your Beloved Bananas Might Be Genetic Engineering
December 21, 2015  China's Notorious E-Waste Village Disappears Almost Overnight
December 21, 2015  Scientists just discovered a surprising new factor that's damaging tropical forests.
December 21, 2015  Fukushima chief says 'no textbook' for cleanup
December 21, 2015  India's nuclear explosive materials are vulnerable to theft, U.S. officials and experts say
December 21, 2015  As Brazil mine spill reaches ocean, its catastrophic extent becomes clear
December 17, 2015  Greenland has shed more than 9 trillion tons of ice since 1900
December 17, 2015  Internet has revelation that climate change action won't kill the economy after all
December 17, 2015  Will Global Warming Heat Us Beyond Our Physical Limits?
December 17, 2015  Drinking coffee tied to lower risk of death
December 17, 2015  No tangled web
December 17, 2015  To clear air, Supreme Court bans sales of big diesel cars in Delhi
December 16, 2015  Belgium angers Germany with nuclear reactor restart
December 16, 2015  This huge deal is the latest evidence that the battery revolution has arrived
December 16, 2015  Eating lettuce is three times worse for climate than bacon, say scientists
December 16, 2015  Record high Arctic temperatures in 2015 having 'profound effects' on region
December 16, 2015  A 19th-Century Glimpse of a Changing Climate
December 16, 2015  Hazardous smog hits Shanghai as China's bad air spreads
December 15, 2015  Can Canada's new PM stop mining abuses in Latin America?
December 15, 2015  Temporary Delhi diesel vehicle ban leaves automakers in dark, investors jittery
December 15, 2015  Melting glaciers blamed for subtle slowing of Earth's rotation
December 15, 2015  Beijing restaurant starts capitalising on pollution by charging customers for clean air
December 15, 2015  Can the Paris agreement protect poor farmers from climate change?
December 15, 2015  US agency rarely intervened in projects that could risk endangered species
December 14, 2015  John Kerry rejects leading climate scientist's claim Paris talks were 'fraud'
December 14, 2015  Big Oil, Make Way for Big Solar. The Winners and Losers in Paris
December 14, 2015  BP faces Mexican class action lawsuit over Deepwater Horizon oil spill
December 14, 2015  Dow, DuPont Agree on $130B Mega Merger Deal
December 14, 2015  Japan to consider ocean disposal of nuclear waste
December 14, 2015  With landmark climate accord, world marks turn from fossil fuels
December 11, 2015  Metro Vancouver halts incinerator plans, as waste plummets
December 11, 2015  Paris COP21: An Unexpected Move Toward Global Target of 1.5 Degrees
December 11, 2015  Toshiba seeks financial help with £8bn UK nuclear project
December 11, 2015  Clearing up dust's effect on climate
December 11, 2015  Can Pulling Carbon from Air Make a Difference on Climate?
December 11, 2015  The Polluters the Paris Treaty Ignores
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