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June 17, 2015  Protect more bee species to safeguard crops, say scientists
June 17, 2015  Earth's largest groundwater aquifers are past 'sustainability tipping points'
June 16, 2015  Dozens of US companies are betting over $1 billion on a nuclear power revolution
June 16, 2015  Environmentalist blames Canada's Harper for revoking passport
June 16, 2015  Pope Francis warns of destruction of Earth's ecosystem in leaked encyclical
June 16, 2015  How many Earths do we need?
June 16, 2015  Army's eco-friendly quest breeds more deadly bullet
June 16, 2015  Alaska Natives, fishermen protest Navy training during fishing season
June 16, 2015  Growing oil train traffic is shrouded in secrecy
June 16, 2015  France bans sale of Monsanto herbicide Roundup
June 15, 2015  Stop using China as an excuse for inaction on climate change
June 15, 2015  The Silencing Of Science
June 15, 2015  IRENA Roadmap Breaks New Ground on Renewable Energy Storage
June 15, 2015  European power is slipping away from King Coal
June 15, 2015  Understanding the business response to climate change and resource scarcity
June 15, 2015  Climate Change -- What are the investment risks and opportunities?
June 15, 2015  Earth has warmed as usual, there is no slowdown of global warming
June 15, 2015  Over 100 Leading Scientists Call for a Moratorium on New Oil Sands Development
June 10, 2015  G7 Carbon Goal May Come Too Late, Scientists Say
June 10, 2015  Here's What You Need to Know About MERS
June 10, 2015  Water subsidies cost the world $456B in 2012, harm the world's poor
June 10, 2015  Why cigarette butts threaten to stub out marine life
June 10, 2015  Pollution from ships kills thousands each year
June 10, 2015  Food fights block EU--US trade deal
June 10, 2015  Cotton, cashmere, chemicals ... what really goes into making our clothes?
June 10, 2015  Ontario first in North America to curb bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides
June 09, 2015  Confidence in Carbon Market Confirm and Set to Continue Throughout 2015
June 09, 2015  British airline crews launch personal injury claims over Aerotoxic Syndrome.
June 09, 2015  Canada pledges to end fossil-fuel use by 2100, cut emissions by 2050.
June 09, 2015  China's electricity emissions may have already peaked
June 09, 2015  Researchers find sweet source for aviation biofuel
June 09, 2015  Norway's plan to divest massive $900B fund from coal could hit U.S. companies
June 09, 2015  Indians are spending millions on air purifiers---but do they really work?
June 09, 2015  Canada delays ruling on nuke waste site near Lake Huron
June 09, 2015  G7 leaders bid 'Auf Wiedersehen' to carbon fuels
June 08, 2015  South Korea MERS Cases Rise as Hong Kong Increases Alert Level
June 08, 2015  Bees are 'sick of humans' but man will feel the sting
June 08, 2015  Is Salmon Raised on Land the Future of Seafood?
June 08, 2015  Syngenta Unmoved by Monsanto Overtures Echoing Earlier Terms
June 08, 2015  How would a low carbon economy work?
June 08, 2015  Killing the Colorado: The 'Water Witch.'
June 08, 2015  OPEC, Keeping Quotas Intact, Adjusts to Oil's New Normal
June 08, 2015  World leaders urged to kick killer coal habit
June 04, 2015  El Nino to disrupt rains, cut Africa, E Asia harvests, scientists say
June 04, 2015  China's Hebei to force firms to buy emission permits from 2016
June 04, 2015  Air pollution is world's top environmental health risk, WHO says
June 04, 2015  The Great Transition -- Closing Coal Plants
June 04, 2015  China's investment in renewables soars
June 04, 2015  A month of extreme weather around the world -- something is stuck
June 04, 2015  Oil and Gas Majors call for Carbon Pricing
June 04, 2015  Do we need a new Apollo Mission to save the earth?
June 02, 2015  Ebola will return, warns scientist
June 02, 2015  Beijing bans smoking in public places
June 02, 2015  The 10 Billion Tons of Coal That Could Erase Obama's Progress on Climate Change
June 02, 2015  Obesity poised to overtake smoking as key cause of cancer
June 02, 2015  India reluctant to join global ban on toxic chemical
June 02, 2015  Unesco reconsidering Great Barrier Reef heritage status
June 02, 2015  Some plastic teething toys may have hormone-altering chemicals
June 02, 2015  Do our bodies safely break down BPA? Fat chance, study suggests.
May 28, 2015  New Liability Regime for Pipeline Companies
May 28, 2015  Waste Crime -- Addressing Gaps in the Global E-Waste System
May 28, 2015  Advanced Energy is a Nearly $1.3 Trillion Global Industry
May 28, 2015  What would it take to limit climate change to 1.5°C?
May 28, 2015  Why climate change demands the reform of our financial system
May 28, 2015  No Need to Choose Between a Carbon Price and the Oil Patch
May 28, 2015  Business leaders message to policymakers -- "Let's Make a Deal"
May 28, 2015  Doing nothing is not an option we can choose -- Suncor Energy on Climate Change
May 27, 2015  U.S., Mexico, Canada to Collaborate on Climate Adaptation
May 27, 2015  Should You Buy A Tesla Battery?
May 27, 2015  As Antibiotic Resistance Spreads, WHO Plans Strategy To Fight It
May 27, 2015  Laws protecting the Great Barrier Reef to be introduced next week
May 27, 2015  Inside the war on coal
May 27, 2015  China fines chemical company $12M for polluting, jails staff
May 27, 2015  Green-Glowing Minnows Turn Product-Safety Pawns in China
May 27, 2015  World Already Reaping Benefits From Ozone Treaty
May 26, 2015  Rising temperatures mean fewer but fiercer hurricanes
May 26, 2015  More than 500 people killed as heat wave bakes parts of India
May 26, 2015  Has the Last Human Trekked to the North Pole?
May 26, 2015  Food & Drug Administration Seeks Data About Antibiotics Given To Cows, Pigs, And Poultry
May 26, 2015  Similac Advance Infant Formula to Be Offered G.M.O.-Free
May 26, 2015  Saving coffee from extinction
May 26, 2015  Hay fever misery to increase with global warming
May 26, 2015  China warned over 'insane' plans for new nuclear power plants
May 25, 2015  How the sun can make sea water drinkable
May 25, 2015  Tens of thousands march worldwide against Monsanto and GM crops
May 25, 2015  Women are suing Johnson & Johnson over talcum powder
May 25, 2015  From Kansas to Copenhagen: clean energy beacons around the world
May 25, 2015  Decade After Katrina, Pointing Finger More Firmly at Army Corps
May 25, 2015  Experts warn of eco-disaster caused by mounting pollution in waters off Far East.
May 25, 2015  Chief of Shell's Arctic drilling program searches for 'the prize'.
May 25, 2015  Pipeline that leaked wasn't equipped with auto shut-off
May 21, 2015  Pope's climate change aide urges business to favor planet over profit
May 21, 2015  A series of settlements in 2010 Gulf oil spill
May 21, 2015  Flame retardants may be coming off of furniture, but they're still in your TV sets
May 21, 2015  Climbing the Solar Energy Ladder -- New approach for energy-starved rural poor
May 21, 2015  Green investment crucial to sustainable growth in Asia Pacific
May 21, 2015  New environmental rules for polar shipping established
May 21, 2015  Is the low-carbon economy a business opportunity, moral mandate, or both?
May 21, 2015  Renewable Energy Employs 7.7 Million People Worldwide
May 20, 2015  White House makes bid to save honeybees but ignores toxic pesticides
May 20, 2015  Coal giant exploited Ebola crisis for corporate gain, say health experts
May 20, 2015  How an American With a Knack for Math Saved India From Famine
May 20, 2015  Coal, oil, gas subsidies higher than public health spending
May 20, 2015  Is nicotine all bad?
May 20, 2015  Ministry plans to end TEPCO compensation to 55,000 Fukushima evacuees in 2018
May 20, 2015  In unusual move, German scientists lobby for GM labeling
May 19, 2015  Why India's government is targeting Greenpeace
May 19, 2015  The real story behind Shell's climate change rhetoric
May 19, 2015  Obama wrong to approve Arctic drilling.
May 19, 2015  More Consensus on Coffee's Benefits Than You Might Think
May 19, 2015  Antarctica sea level rise: NASA study says Larsen B Ice Shelf collapse is imminent.
May 19, 2015  Study: Most car-related air pollution comes from only 25% of cars
May 19, 2015  US gives farmers approval to spray crops from drones
May 19, 2015  Drilling begins 3 miles from epicenter of BP oil spill
May 14, 2015  Obama full of hot air on emissions
May 14, 2015  Arctic dream or environmental nightmare?
May 14, 2015  Antarctica is melting from above and below
May 14, 2015  California town names and shamed as biggest water guzzler
May 14, 2015  New climate deal seen aiding GDP, lacking sanctions: U.N. chief
May 14, 2015  More than 40 percent of bee hives died in past year
May 14, 2015  Puerto Rico orders water-rationing measures amid dry spell
May 14, 2015  12 Years Later, a Mystery of Chemical Exposure in Iraq Clears Slightly
May 13, 2015  Extreme El Niño expected to wreak havoc on weather this year
May 13, 2015  Global warming and the "Green Rush."
May 13, 2015  WHO findings on weed killer will not speed up EU safety review
May 13, 2015  Will Colombia stop fighting coca by spraying glyphosate?
May 13, 2015  Oil prices and the New Climate Economy
May 13, 2015  3 Steps to Decarbonizing Development for a Zero-Carbon Future
May 13, 2015  The rising tide of ocean energy -- New ideas for renewable power
May 13, 2015  Canada's Other Energy Boom -- Energy infrastructure is on the move.
May 12, 2015  Taiwan committed to promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency
May 12, 2015  Revealed: FBI violated its own rules while spying on Keystone XL opponents
May 12, 2015  Blue whales, unused to dodging, at risk from ships
May 12, 2015  Walmart found to be sourcing bottled water from drought-stricken California
May 12, 2015  The brutal reality of life in China's most polluted cities.
May 12, 2015  Russian Polluters Evading Huge Environmental Fines
May 12, 2015  Fukushima Watch: Cesium-Absorbing Canola Project Triples in Size
May 12, 2015  Shell wins key federal approval for its Arctic oil drilling plans
May 11, 2015  What's killing off B.C.'s young salmon?
May 11, 2015  Tesla batteries a welcome challenge to energy market.
May 11, 2015  EPA's curbs on coal-burning will save thousands of lives
May 11, 2015  Nicaragua canal: A giant project with huge environmental costs.
May 11, 2015  The Story Behind Chipotle's Dubious Decision To Defy Scientists And Go GMO-Free
May 11, 2015  Syngenta Rises Amid Takeover Interest From Monsanto
May 11, 2015  Want to change the future? Pay attention to the past.
May 11, 2015  World's Worst Air Spurs Modi's $25 Billion Utility Clean-Up Push
May 08, 2015  Here's how less than one percent of Sweden's waste ends up in landfills
May 07, 2015  Beijing snuffs out suburban BBQs in pre-Olympic smog fight
May 07, 2015  Global carbon dioxide levels reach new monthly record
May 07, 2015  Sustainable Packaging is Simply a Smart Choice
May 07, 2015  Global warming slowdown offers only fleeting relief
May 07, 2015  Carbon Pricing -- The Momentum is Growing
May 07, 2015  My Secret Weapon For Assessing a Business
May 07, 2015  Climate change and the financial risk of stranded assets
May 07, 2015  Clean-energy innovation essential to meeting climate goals -- IEA Report
May 06, 2015  Costa Rica's Energy Nearly 100 Percent Clean
May 06, 2015  Arctic ice melting faster and earlier as scientists demand action
May 06, 2015  China to expand coal ban to suburbs
May 06, 2015  Greenpeace India could close within a month due to government crackdown
May 06, 2015  U.S. Hispanics are healthier than whites, CDC says
May 06, 2015  Emergency 25% cut in California cities' water use approved
May 06, 2015  U.S. Ranks Worst Developed Country for Maternal Health
May 06, 2015  Lead poisoning lawsuit tests China's resolve over pollution
May 05, 2015  Trash Trucks Go Electric With Help From Tesla Co-Founder
May 05, 2015  The Empty River of Life
May 05, 2015  EPA delays prompt $13.7 billion shortfall in biofuels investment
May 05, 2015  Russia: the unsustainable superpower
May 05, 2015  Climate change sparks tension in India's tea gardens
May 05, 2015  Flood risk to nuclear sites raises meltdown fears.
May 05, 2015  Brazil struggles with drought and pollution as Olympics loom large
May 05, 2015  Cutting carbon dioxide saves 3,500 US lives a year
May 04, 2015  Drenched in oil: Nigerians demand Shell spill clean-up
May 04, 2015  State, growers scrap pesticide permit for oyster beds after outcry
May 04, 2015  Scientists call for global limits on stain- and water-proofing chemicals.
May 04, 2015  New Oil Train Rules Are Hit From All Sides
May 04, 2015  Major changes are in store for electricity industry
May 04, 2015  Canadian hydropower could help U.S. achieve carbon-cutting goals
May 04, 2015  Canadians support carbon pricing -- but doubt its effectiveness
May 04, 2015  Will Climate Change become the Next Holy War
April 30, 2015  How British Columbia Gained By Putting a Price on Carbon
April 30, 2015  The Arctic and Antarctic May Have a Linked Climate Change Oscillation of 200 Years
April 30, 2015  China solar expansion needs billions from wary investors
April 30, 2015  Amazon: 1% of tree species store 50% of region's carbon
April 30, 2015  Drought-Parched Lake Mead Could Leave Seven States High and Dry
April 30, 2015  Will Huge Batteries Save Us From Power Blackouts?
April 30, 2015  Jury awards woman $13M for exposure to asbestos in talcum
April 30, 2015  McDonald's fries supplier fined in China for water pollution
April 29, 2015  Hundreds of millions of acres of world's forest could be lost by 2030, say WWF
April 29, 2015  Cars That Run on Air and Water? Audi Rolls Out E-Diesel
April 29, 2015  Gov. Jerry Brown seeks fines of up to $10,000 a day for water wasters
April 29, 2015  Pope Francis and climate change: why Catholic skeptics are so alarmed
April 29, 2015  Air pollution costs Europe $1.6tn a year in early deaths and disease, say WHO
April 29, 2015  Forest fire threatens Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear zone
April 29, 2015  4 in 10 Americans breathing unhealthy, polluted air.
April 29, 2015  Study says pollution may have reduced birth weights in Beijing
April 28, 2015  Japan Sees Clean Energy Edging Out Nuclear Power in 2030
April 28, 2015  Women Put an Average of 168 Chemicals on Their Bodies Each Day, Consumer Group Says
April 28, 2015  Getting Oil Out Of Water Is A Lot Easier When You've Got Nano-Coated Mesh
April 28, 2015  China Needs 2 Trillion Yuan Annually to Combat Pollution
April 28, 2015  Drought blamed for upsurge in dengue fever in Brazil
April 28, 2015  Australian mine may push rare bird to extinction.
April 28, 2015  New Mexico leaders push for high-level nuclear waste
April 28, 2015  Plastics Choking Animals Targeted in G-7 Clean-Ocean Push
April 27, 2015  What California can learn from Saudi Arabia's water mystery
April 27, 2015  Can This Oil Baron's Company Withstand Another Quake?
April 27, 2015  Cracking Hillary Clinton's Energy Code
April 27, 2015  Lake Mead On Track For Record Low Water Level Amid Drought
April 27, 2015  What Do We Really Know About Roundup Weed Killer?
April 27, 2015  Pope Francis forces the issue on climate change
April 27, 2015  Arctic Oil Spills In Canada Likely To Spread Across Borders: Study
April 27, 2015  Nepal earthquake: experts knew disaster was coming.
April 23, 2015  Recycling Peanuts and Cracker Jack
April 23, 2015  Blob of warm Pacific water threatens ecosystem, may intensify drought
April 23, 2015  Oceans are world's seventh largest economy worth $24tn, says WWF report
April 23, 2015  Obama Tells Us What's to Come on Climate, Drought
April 23, 2015  Wolves Shot From Choppers Shows Oil Harm Beyond Pollution
April 23, 2015  The biggest threat to the Earth?
April 23, 2015  Latest Dr Oz accusations have more to do with GMOs than diet
April 23, 2015  Bees may become addicted to nicotine-like pesticides, study finds
April 22, 2015  As climate talks belch hot air, activists are putting their lives on the line
April 22, 2015  Posh Beverly Hills considers empty pools, $1,000 fines amid drought
April 22, 2015  Scientists say temperatures could rise by 6C by 2100
April 22, 2015  Actor William Shatner proposes pipeline to solve California drought
April 22, 2015  Obama administration sets agenda to modernize energy infrastructure
April 22, 2015  Smog-hit China aims for environmental stimulus as growth wanes
April 22, 2015  Beyond capitalism and socialism: could a new economic approach save the planet?
April 22, 2015  Legacy of Agent Orange.
April 21, 2015  Costs for Germany's nuclear exit could rise to $75 billion
April 21, 2015  Bill Would Give F.D.A. More Muscle on Cosmetics
April 21, 2015  Desert oasis collides with drought
April 21, 2015  Turning Ethiopia's desert green
April 21, 2015  Stench of dead fish in Rio lake won't spoil Olympic Games, officials hope
April 21, 2015  Environmentalist flees Russia, citing fears for children.
April 21, 2015  A remote tribe's antibiotic resistance worries experts
April 21, 2015  Adidas to use marine plastic waste in products from 2016
April 20, 2015  Israeli port city closes 5 factories over cancer fears
April 20, 2015  Shrinking Antarctic has us skating on thin ice
April 20, 2015  Polar bears hit by twin threats of pollution and climate change
April 20, 2015  How The World Bank Broke Its Promise To Protect The Poor
April 20, 2015  How Severe Is California's Drought Really?
April 20, 2015  45 Years of Earth Day: How Environmentalism Has Evolved
April 20, 2015  Breathing poison in the world's most polluted city
April 20, 2015  U.S., China top dumping of electronic waste; little recycled
April 16, 2015  Mexico: 500,000 left without drinking water after oil spill
April 16, 2015  China to ban water-polluting paper mills, oil refineries
April 16, 2015  Sewer Water Beer Wins Oregon Regulators' Approval
April 16, 2015  India Tobacco Giant Tries Short Cigarettes as Taxes Hit Demand
April 16, 2015  Concerns raised about uranium mine being able to afford clean-up in Kakadu
April 16, 2015  Vancouver oil spill in English Bay spawns likely lawsuits
April 16, 2015  India builds first 'smart' city as urban population swells
April 16, 2015  Is Gulf Oil Spill's Damage Over or Still Unfolding?
April 15, 2015  Pesticides are polluting our waters --- and we often don't know it
April 15, 2015  Can saltwater quench our growing thirst?
April 15, 2015  Economies that go 100% renewable could save $520 Billion a year
April 15, 2015  The changing face of electricity generation -- jobs in the coal industry plummet
April 15, 2015  Energy Transition Fast Forward: Scouting the Solutions for the Renewable Economy
April 15, 2015  GE to Sell Most GE Capital Assets, Embrace its Industrial Core
April 15, 2015  Closing the $70 Billion Climate Finance Gap -- End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
April 15, 2015  British Columbia begins work on Climate Action Plan 2.0
April 14, 2015  U.S Homeowners on Clean Energy: A National Survey 2015
April 14, 2015  It Turns Out That You Can't Divide Americans Over Renewable Energy
April 14, 2015  Fukushima robot stranded after stalling inside reactor
April 14, 2015  Shale Oil Boom Could End in May After Price Collapse
April 14, 2015  The $5 Billion Race to Build a Better Battery
April 14, 2015  U.S. Carbon Emissions Falling to Two-Decade Low in Coal Shift
April 14, 2015  Why Environmentalists Are Anxious About a Hillary Clinton 2016 Run
April 14, 2015  Cancer surge in China prompts rise of special patient hotels
April 14, 2015  Black spots on Taj, House panel cracks whip on ASI
April 14, 2015  The billionaire behind the canal
April 14, 2015  Fears over Roundup herbicide residues prompt private testing
April 09, 2015  Is 'Game of Thrones' aiding the global debate on climate change?
April 09, 2015  Taiwan launches water rationing to fight drought
April 09, 2015  14,000 residents resettled as China chemical plant fire spreads to fourth oil tank
April 09, 2015  Trial begins in Kauai residents' suit over GMO farm dust
April 09, 2015  Pesticides Linked to Honeybee Deaths Pose More Risks, European Group Says
April 09, 2015  Canal 'will destroy we'
April 09, 2015  The Great Leaks: Water Use and Scarcity in Canada
April 09, 2015  One Million Green Jobs by 2030 -- Is that the best we can do?
April 08, 2015  8.8 Million Tons of Plastic Pollute Oceans Every Year
April 08, 2015  Greenpeace Activists Board Arctic Offshore Rig
April 08, 2015  Climatologists to physicists: your planet needs you
April 08, 2015  Canada needs to get ready for climate-change refugees, and soon
April 08, 2015  TransCanada applies Keystone's lessons to Energy East pipeline
April 08, 2015  Could Coca Cola save the PLANET?
April 08, 2015  Half of India's rivers are polluted, says government report
April 08, 2015  One reported dead after pollution protest in northern China
April 07, 2015  Forest Fires Threaten New Fallout From Chernobyl
April 07, 2015  Radiation from 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan detected on B.C. coast
April 07, 2015  Half of owners of Fukushima land for site to store radioactive soil are unknown
April 07, 2015  Leonardo DiCaprio Builds an Eco-Resort
April 07, 2015  Thai environmentalists pay for activism with their lives
April 07, 2015  With Roundup classified as 'probable' carcinogen, what's next?
April 07, 2015  Green and sustainable will not stop rising sea levels
April 07, 2015  We must do a better job at managing our water -- UN Report
April 01, 2015  Oil: Shocking how vital it still is
March 31, 2015  US outlines how it will cut 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025
March 19, 2015  Deadliest Country For Kids
March 19, 2015  Prince Charles's Newest Cause: Combating Ocean Trash
March 19, 2015  Fossil fuels are way more expensive than you think
March 19, 2015  Climate: Amazon forest losing carbon-storing capacity
March 19, 2015  Fishermen lament Rio's dirty Olympic bay
March 19, 2015  Global population growth threatens to outstrip fresh water supply: study
March 19, 2015  Eiffel Tower shrouded in smog as Paris pollution spikes
March 19, 2015  Foul stench in rebel-held east Ukraine as war hits water treatment
March 18, 2015  Japan utilities set to scrap five aging nuclear reactors
March 18, 2015  'We lost our house in Hurricane Katrina' -- climate scientists speak out
March 18, 2015  Feeling ignored by government, Canadian academics offer their own climate policy
March 18, 2015  Media Coverage On Fukushima Disaster Minimised Presence Of Risks, New Analysis Says
March 18, 2015  Japanese tsunami debris still washing on North American shores
March 18, 2015  The incredibly stupid way that Americans waste 1 trillion gallons of water each year
March 18, 2015  Kraft recalls more than 6 million boxes of macaroni and cheese
March 18, 2015  Lawsuit launched over US EPA's approval of a new insecticide.
March 17, 2015  Australia spells out plans to protect Great Barrier Reef
March 17, 2015  Drought-stricken California only has one year of water left, Nasa scientist warns
March 17, 2015  IEA says energy emissions held steady last year as the global economy grew
March 17, 2015  Influential Role Seen for Pope Francis at 2015 Climate Negotiations in Paris
March 17, 2015  Your Cellphone Might Be Making You Fat
March 17, 2015  DOT quietly floats overhaul for aging U.S. oil pipeline network
March 17, 2015  The New Optimism of Al Gore
March 17, 2015  World needs early warning of climate-linked disasters
March 16, 2015  Fukushima battles food fear factor
March 16, 2015  Toxic Delhi: Earth's most polluted city has no plan to cut emissions
March 16, 2015  Your cell phone could be making you fat -- but probably not in the way you think
March 16, 2015  Vaccines Face Same Mistrust That Fed Ebola
March 16, 2015  A new theory for why the bees are vanishing
March 16, 2015  The most brazen rip-off ever
March 16, 2015  Big Sugar's deceitful past
March 16, 2015  Chinese Premier Vows Tougher Regulation on Air Pollution
March 12, 2015  Can we build power plants that actually take carbon dioxide out of the air?
March 12, 2015  As Palm Oil Farms Expand, It's A Race To Save Indonesia's Orangutans
March 12, 2015  H7N9 bird flu has the makings of a pandemic virus, scientists warn
March 12, 2015  Fukushima disaster: Radiation levels posing cancer risks on fourth anniversary of earthquake.
March 12, 2015  Under pressure ahead of Olympics, Rio turns to Dutch researchers to collect garbage in bay
March 12, 2015  Eating a Burger or Driving a Car: Which Harms Planet More?
March 12, 2015  KFC faces pressure after McDonald's says no antibiotics in chicken
March 12, 2015  Plastic runs in my family, and in yours too.
March 11, 2015  Disaster damage expected to hit $300 billion yearly as events intensify
March 11, 2015  Florida isn't the only state trying to shut down discussion of climate change
March 11, 2015  Nicaragua's Renewable Energy Revolution Picks Up Steam
March 11, 2015  Homeowners Try to Assess Risks From Chemical in Floors
March 11, 2015  Tyson continues effort to cut antibiotics from chicken production
March 11, 2015  Fukushima Water: the fictitious energy drink goes on sale
March 11, 2015  Japan fisherman in post-tsunami town sees hope in 'dream oysters'
March 11, 2015  Four years after tsunami, Japanese coastal town near nuclear plant remains deserted
March 10, 2015  Mad Cow Research Hints At Ways To Halt Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
March 10, 2015  China arrests anti-smog campaigners
March 10, 2015  Planned Canadian mega-resort seen as threat to U.S. grizzlies
March 10, 2015  Lawmakers move to halt New Jersey's $225M Exxon settlement
March 10, 2015  Chile's Water Shortage Threatens Wines and Mines
March 10, 2015  Waste-to-energy revolution boosted by biobattery idea
March 10, 2015  The Power of Water
March 10, 2015  Global Sustainable Investing Pegged at US$21 Trillion
March 10, 2015  The Road to Paris -- Poorest nations seek US-EU lead on climate deal
March 09, 2015  Chicken growers set to pay price for no-antibiotic McNugget
March 09, 2015  Wildlife pushed back as city encroaches on Nairobi national park
March 09, 2015  Crash site still ablaze after train derails in northern Ontario.
March 09, 2015  China takes environmental documentary that went viral off the web
March 09, 2015  Will we ever eat genetically modified meat?
March 09, 2015  More needs to be done to help Fukushima evacuees return home
March 09, 2015  Campaigners against Daylight Saving Time cite increased risk of heart attack
March 09, 2015  India's 'Airpocalypse'
March 05, 2015  Senate fails to override Obama's veto of Keystone XL pipeline
March 05, 2015  Disasters have same human impact as tuberculosis
March 05, 2015  McDonald's antibiotic-free move could prompt U.S. chicken squeeze
March 05, 2015  Antibiotic Resistance Could Kill Us All
March 05, 2015  Doubling down on doubt.
March 05, 2015  Chemical exposure linked to billions in health care costs.
March 05, 2015  Ebola's lasting legacy.
March 05, 2015  Beijing residents gasp for fresh air in the city of smog
March 04, 2015  China's 'Inconvenient Truth' Yields Environment Billionaires
March 04, 2015  Germany tries electric car-sharing schemes to boost sales and curb emissions
March 04, 2015  How volcanoes could help power the planet
March 04, 2015  The big smoke.
March 04, 2015  Royal Dutch Shell Wants to Look for Oil in the Most Dangerous Drilling Environment in the World
March 04, 2015  The water czar who reshaped Colorado River politics
March 04, 2015  Dermatologists warn: Don't touch 'contaminated' sand of Rio beaches
March 04, 2015  Mount Everest risks contamination by a growing mountain of human waste
March 03, 2015  Why we distrust science.
March 03, 2015  What Are The Financial Risks Of Climate Change?
March 03, 2015  The real Iowa kingmaker
March 03, 2015  Pakistan arrests parents for refusing children's polio vaccinations
March 03, 2015  Alaska environmental officials investigating oil line leak
March 03, 2015  Water loss: seven things you need to know about an invisible global problem
March 03, 2015  Europe sounds alarm over freshwater pollution
March 03, 2015  Seeds of war
March 02, 2015  China's bursting coal bubble raises fear of stranded assets
March 02, 2015  What Is Apple Really Doing About Climate Change?
March 02, 2015  Nearly Halted in Sierra Leone, Ebola Makes Comeback by Sea
March 02, 2015  Slick idea proposed to stretch water supplies
March 02, 2015  China orders two local governments to punish polluting steel mills
March 02, 2015  Fukushima data show rise and fall in food radioactivity
March 02, 2015  Rio Ruckus: IOC, Olympics targeted by environmental protest
March 02, 2015  How Emulsifiers Are Messing with Our Guts (and Making Us Fat)
February 26, 2015  Planet Earth is a sick patient due to climate change, says Prince Charles
February 26, 2015  U.S.-Canada relations at historic 'cool,' veteran diplomat Allan Gotlieb says
February 26, 2015  The Warming World: Is Capitalism Destroying Our Planet?
February 26, 2015  Baddest Bug: C. Diff Hits Half a Million
February 26, 2015  Fukushima fishermen blast TEPCO over failure to disclose radioactive water flow
February 26, 2015  Green groups divided on Hillary Clinton's oil interest ties
February 26, 2015  Making the most of Public-Private Partnerships: what the world can learn from Canada
February 26, 2015  The True North, Strong and Ice-Free
February 25, 2015  Kill Keystone XL once and for all: Opposing view
February 25, 2015  WHO calls for more measles vaccination in Europe as large outbreaks persist
February 25, 2015  BP challenges ruling over size of 2010 oil spill
February 25, 2015  The Toxin Hiding In Your Breakfast Cereal
February 25, 2015  Radioactive Fukushima Water Leak Was Unreported for Months: Official
February 25, 2015  UK will need to import over half of its food within a generation, farmers warn
February 25, 2015  Corals face 'slow starvation' from ingesting plastics pollution, experts find
February 25, 2015  President Obama vetoes Keystone bill; GOP plans override vote
February 24, 2015  Two Reasons Why Obama's Keystone Veto Won't Decide Pipeline
February 24, 2015  Giant craters in Siberia spark fears of Arctic natural disaster.
February 24, 2015  EU wants Paris climate deal to cut carbon emissions 60% by 2050
February 24, 2015  'This Is Really Extreme Science': Adrift in the Arctic Ice With a Shipload of Norwegians
February 24, 2015  Big U.S. majority favors mandatory vaccinations
February 24, 2015  Is Bolivia going to frack 'Mother Earth'?
February 24, 2015  California lawmaker seeks to ban chewing tobacco in baseball
February 24, 2015  Rio's dirty water again an issue ahead of IOC meeting
February 23, 2015  Carbon Pricing Pays the Way for Cleaner Energy
February 23, 2015  Fed predicts up to 10 derailments a year of fuel-hauling trains
February 23, 2015  Pollution shortening lives of 660 million Indians.
February 23, 2015  Everything you wanted to know about the bee die-off
February 23, 2015  Breastfeeding may protect babies from arsenic exposure
February 23, 2015  Fresh nuclear leak detected at Fukushima plant in Japan
February 23, 2015  Federal judge rejects BP bid to lower $13.7 billion oil spill fine
February 23, 2015  Regulators: Treat, release Fukushima water to sea
February 19, 2015  Citibank to invest $100 billion in climate change projects
February 19, 2015  Making rain: can technology drought-proof the Caribbean?
February 19, 2015  Deadly Asbestos Still Costing Lives
February 19, 2015  Delhi chokes as pollution rises again
February 19, 2015  What are we doing to our children's brains?
February 19, 2015  Plastics report for children's toy rule is flawed, scientists say
February 19, 2015  Toxic 'Tet' kumquats highlight Vietnam's pesticide problem
February 19, 2015  How Does the Recent Oil Slump Compare?
February 18, 2015  Could a failed Keystone XL amendment upend the Paris climate talks?
February 18, 2015  Rising Sea Levels and Temperatures Ahead for NYC
February 18, 2015  New map of human genetics contains clues for Alzheimer's and cancer
February 18, 2015  Fukushima decommissioning made 'significant progress': IAEA
February 18, 2015  As China gets richer, the world gets dirtier
February 18, 2015  Opponents of Leaded Aviation Fuel Could Be In For Long Wait
February 18, 2015  Tsetse fly: can castration end one of Africa's oldest development problems?
February 18, 2015  Bodies into food and sewage into beer: you are the hot new thing in recycling
February 17, 2015  Hard Evidence: will climate change affect the spread of tropical diseases?
February 17, 2015  Pope's visit to Hill could make naysayers squirm
February 17, 2015  Can the CIA weaponise the weather?
February 17, 2015  The White House Walks Away from Clean Coal
February 17, 2015  Taps Start to Run Dry in Brazil's Largest City
February 17, 2015  Plain tobacco packs likely to deter smoking, studies show
February 17, 2015  Visiting My Friend in Putin's Prison Camp
February 17, 2015  Scientists alarmed at short-term ozone-eroding gases
February 16, 2015  More infectious diseases emerging because of climate change
February 16, 2015  No relief from constant nuclear headache
February 16, 2015  Oil Slump Not Necessarily Bad News for Climate
February 16, 2015  Fossil fuel industry must take stranded assets seriously
February 16, 2015  Here's Why You Shouldn't Drink Coffee Before 9:30 in the Morning
February 16, 2015  Is clean coal a dead end or bridge to future?
February 16, 2015  The World Has Reached Peak Chicken, Peak Rice, And Peak Milk
February 16, 2015  Delhi Wakes Up to an Air Pollution Problem It Cannot Ignore
February 13, 2015  Your Toothpaste Is Destroying Asia's Rainforests
February 13, 2015  Peru planning highway through most bio diverse place on earth
February 13, 2015  Today's drought in the West is nothing compared to what may be coming.
February 13, 2015  German highway traffic exceeds EU air pollution threshold
February 13, 2015  Toxic orange cloud spreads over Catalonia after chemical blast
February 13, 2015  Study Finds Rising Levels of Plastics in Oceans
February 12, 2015  Tesla Motors Met Its Output Goal, but Showed a 4th-Quarter Loss
February 12, 2015  House Passes Keystone Bill Despite Obama's Opposition
February 12, 2015  Shell calls on big oil peers to speak up on climate change.
February 12, 2015  Is Solar:The Next Shale?
February 12, 2015  Business-as-unusual outlook for oil in the medium term
February 12, 2015  Brazilians hoard water, prepare for possible drastic rationing
February 12, 2015  Tests planned on mysterious 'milky rain' in U.S. Pacific Northwest
February 12, 2015  Smoking's Toll on Health Is Even Worse Than Previously Thought, a Study Finds
February 11, 2015  Lurching Start for Tesla in China
February 11, 2015  Fighting Over Herring---the Little Fish That Feeds Multitudes
February 11, 2015  Conservationists call for UK to create world's largest marine reserve
February 11, 2015  Fed Report: Time to Examine Purposely Cooling Planet Idea
February 11, 2015  Fire Ravages Rayong Tyre Recycling Plant Owned By LLIT Thailand Co (Ling Long)
February 11, 2015  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets a New Name
February 11, 2015  Phthalates are everywhere, and the health risks are worrying. How bad are they really?
February 11, 2015  Man-made air pollution reduces Central America rainfall
February 11, 2015  Australia's extinction rate higher than most other continents
February 10, 2015  Government to spend $3.2 million to help monarch butterfly recover after 90 percent decline
February 10, 2015  Zimbabwe's Famed Forests Could Soon Be Desert
February 10, 2015  Skeptical Fukushima residents monitoring radiation levels in their communities
February 10, 2015  Pollution Kills Far More People Than Malaria Or Ebola In The Developing World
February 10, 2015  A 50th anniversary few remember: LBJ's warning on carbon dioxide
February 10, 2015  Patch of California emerges from drought, experts say
February 10, 2015  Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?
February 10, 2015  US Navy Sailors Search for Justice after Fukushima Mission
February 05, 2015  Richard Branson leads call to free global economy from carbon emissions
February 05, 2015  U.S. No. 2 to China in Clean Energy Investments in 2014
February 05, 2015  Secrets in the Ice
February 05, 2015  Land secured in Fukushima opens door for 1st shipment of radioactive waste
February 05, 2015  Berlin Memorandum calls on G7 to end 'hunger scandal'
February 05, 2015  $16 billion to be spent on anti-pollution projects in China.
February 05, 2015  Scientists may have finally solved the mystery of the missing BP oil
February 05, 2015  Rio 2016: Sailing water pollution a concern but golf 'on course'
February 04, 2015  US to destroy its largest remaining chemical weapons cache
February 04, 2015  Car makers face 'real world' emissions tests in EU pollution clampdown
February 04, 2015  EPA Keystone Review Links Oil Sands to Carbon Emission Jump
February 04, 2015  Farming Now Worse For Climate Than Deforestation
February 04, 2015  Researchers' data show climate change is accelerating the melting of Siberia
February 04, 2015  Energizer debuts recycled AA and AAA batteries
February 04, 2015  250,000 Could Die Early From Breathing in China's Cities
February 04, 2015  World Cancer Day: Cancer deaths worldwide to rise to over 11 million in 2030.
February 03, 2015  Earth's Dashboard Is Flashing Red---Are Enough People Listening?
February 03, 2015  World has not woken up to water crisis caused by climate change
February 03, 2015  Warming Arctic will let Atlantic and Pacific fish mix
February 03, 2015  14 of the 15 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, UN says
February 03, 2015  Measles Outbreak Proves Delicate Issue to G.O.P. Field
February 03, 2015  Genetically modified coral could help save reefs
February 03, 2015  Can Sun and Wind Make More Salt Water Drinkable?
February 03, 2015  Marine Plastic Pollution and Seafood Safety
February 02, 2015  Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Can't Stop Renewables Now
February 02, 2015  Climate Change's Bottom Line
February 02, 2015  Climate change, melting glaciers make Iceland spring upward like a trampoline
February 02, 2015  China says 90 pct of cities failed to meet air standards in 2014
February 02, 2015  Muscovites Advised to Stay Indoors as 'Chemical Stench' Reported in City
February 02, 2015  Monsanto's Newest GM Crops May Create More Problems Than They Solve
February 02, 2015  Officials resume lives in radiation-hit town in hope of paving way for mass return
February 02, 2015  Florida Looks to Recycling, Desalination As it Faces Increasing Water Supply Crunch
January 29, 2015  Prince Charles: business must stop blocking action on climate change
January 29, 2015  Low oil prices won't hurt renewable energy
January 29, 2015  Hate wind farms? Eat chicken, not beef
January 29, 2015  China 2014 coal output seen down 2.5 pct, first drop in a decade
January 29, 2015  Norway finds first case of mad cow disease, says food safe
January 29, 2015  The coming food disaster
January 29, 2015  Movement to Take Down Thousands of Dams Goes Mainstream
January 29, 2015  Paris mayor calls for ban on polluting coaches and trucks
January 28, 2015  Global warming doubles risk of extreme La Niña event, research shows
January 28, 2015  No relief from constant nuclear headache
January 28, 2015  Renewable power costs continue to fall
January 28, 2015  Beijing smog makes city unliveable, says mayor
January 28, 2015  What's Behind U.S. Plan to Open Atlantic to Offshore Drilling?
January 28, 2015  Monarch Butterflies Rebound in Mexico, Numbers Still Low
January 28, 2015  Sea turtles fall victim to 'alarming' flood of plastics entering Australian waters
January 28, 2015  Rio official says there's 'no plan B' for Olympic sailing
January 27, 2015  India nuke deals still thorny for US despite 'breakthrough'
January 27, 2015  Carbon pricing: a challenge for the future
January 27, 2015  Blizzard of Nor'Easters No Surprise, Thanks to Climate Change
January 27, 2015  Greece: Syriza juggles coal, pipelines and climate ambitions
January 27, 2015  We could end up with 'as much plastic in our oceans as fish'
January 27, 2015  Widely Used Chemicals Can't Be Included In New Use Rule, Manufacturers Tell EPA
January 27, 2015  Europe's food fight shifts after GM crop vote
January 27, 2015  Puberty Comes Earlier and Earlier for Girls
January 26, 2015  Insurance deal may unlock India-US atomic trade.
January 26, 2015  Baseball's toxic tradition of chewing tobacco
January 26, 2015  Where there's smoke
January 26, 2015  Know What's Killing More People in Nigeria Than Boko Haram? Lack of Drinking Water
January 26, 2015  Unmanned Drones Could Play Key Roles in Food Supply
January 26, 2015  New Proposal to Protect Alaskan Wilderness Most Sweeping in Decades
January 26, 2015  How Keystone Review Undercut Obama's Climate Policies
January 26, 2015  Drowning in plastic
January 22, 2015  US Senate refuses to accept humanity's role in global climate change, again...seriously!
January 22, 2015  Russia sounds alarm as Lake Baikal's water levels drop
January 22, 2015  Obama Strikes First in War of Words with Congress over Global Warming
January 22, 2015  Graft slows Cameroon, Malaysia fight against illegal logging
January 22, 2015  Key issues and updates on the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
January 22, 2015  Davos 2015: World Bank chief makes climate action plea
January 22, 2015  Obama's About to Get a Whiff of India's Air Pollution
January 22, 2015  China's smog provides cover for burglar in novel by environment official
January 22, 2015  Tanneries in Bangladesh Are Spewing Toxic Waste and Making Workers Sick
January 21, 2015  Oil price decline is an opportunity for change
January 21, 2015  Canal could turn Lake Nicaragua into 'dead zone'
January 21, 2015  Obama attacks Republican 'I am not a scientist' climate change denial in address
January 21, 2015  Behind Drop in Oil Prices, Washington's Hand
January 21, 2015  How concerned are CEOs about climate change? Not at all
January 21, 2015  Nuclear industry losing its glow.
January 21, 2015  New outbreak of avian flu found in Washington state
January 21, 2015  Tropical Forests Pay Price for Gold Rush
January 20, 2015  Food diversity under siege from global warming, U.N. says
January 20, 2015  Tesla co-founder electrified about trucks
January 20, 2015  Pope: Catholics don't have to breed "Like Rabbits"
January 20, 2015  The state of the climate movement
January 20, 2015  For the little auk, ice's retreat is a warning
January 20, 2015  It's Looking More Like a BP Settlement Over Gulf Disaster
January 20, 2015  New Sri Lankan health minister vows to help kidney patients
January 20, 2015  The Mediterranean's urban sprawl
January 19, 2015  Solar Panels Floating on Water Will Power Japan's Homes
January 19, 2015  India: Despite hard evidence government refuses to act against vehicular pollution
January 19, 2015  Mass Die-Offs Of Fishes, Birds And Mammals Increasing
January 19, 2015  Prosecuting the polluters in China.
January 19, 2015  GM crop vote was just the beginning of Europe's biotech battle
January 19, 2015  As Keystone vote looms, it's crunch time for federal agencies to weigh in
January 19, 2015  NASA study: Houseplants remove harmful substances from indoors
January 19, 2015  Mystery Kidney Killer Spreads Fear in Sri Lanka
January 14, 2015  Obama Is Planning New Rules on Oil and Gas Industry's Methane Emissions
January 14, 2015  Humans Are Damaging The High Seas --- Now The Oceans Are Doing Harm Back
January 14, 2015  How North America became addicted to road salt --- and why it's a problem
January 14, 2015  Far from rising seas, climate change plagues Kathmandu
January 14, 2015  Plan to save monarch butterflies backfires
January 14, 2015  Crustacean shells rival plastics for keeping food fresh
January 14, 2015  China sets 2020 "artificial weather" target to combat water shortages
January 14, 2015  GMO potatoes have arrived. But will anyone buy them?
January 13, 2015  Chevy Bolt electric car could be 'the first mass-market EV success'
January 13, 2015  2015 Begins With CO2 Above 400 PPM Mark
January 13, 2015  Kilimanjaro explorer: 'We were climbing ice that isn't going to be there next week.'
January 13, 2015  Replacement for BPA in plastics also suspect
January 13, 2015  Mosquito populations explode across Australia raising fears of disease
January 13, 2015  India bans burning cow dung near Taj Mahal
January 13, 2015  Canada's attempts to block NAFTA probe into oil sands "disheartening."
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