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We Produce Verifiable, High Quality Carbon Offsets - Get Your Offsets Now!

To solve climate change we must develop a completely new vision of we produce and how we use energy. That's why Klean Industries has invested into a portfolio of diverse clean energy technologies which are applied to clean energy projects and industrial energy retrofits both in new and existing infrastructure projects. We are often approach to build green energy projects using alternative feedstocks to produce greener more sustainable fuels - buy vertically integrating our entire supply chain we significantly reduce energy costs & emissions, in particular carbon dioxide and methane. We essentially count carbon throughout its lifecycle, a simple and effective process using commercial solutions.

We've also invested in prototypes of emergent technologies that produce energy from fuel cells (using water, carbon and magnesium), and by capturing waste heat, and kinetic energy for reuse. We seek to offset both our own emissions profile and our customer's with projects that are as regionally to our customers as possible, to create clean domestic energy, local green-collar jobs and reduced environmental pollution in our communities.

You can help finance and build new clean and renewable energy projects that help create sustainable economic benefits for everyone. These projects will displace electricity and energy products from conventional virgin fossil fuel sources and reduce other greenhouse gas emissions. We allow individuals and corporations to make up for the CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided by selling our emissions offsets on their behalf.

Klean supports an evolving portfolio of carbon reduction projects. Currently, all CO2e offsets purchased through our website support 100% fuel switching projects. We can customize offsets portfolios for large orders for businesses and or any organization in need of emissions reductions. Klean also has within it networks the ability to forward sell its offsets 10 years in advance of production at a discount to market. This allows our group, customers and project developers alike to free up cash flow for developing additional projects, thereby accelerating the project development pipeline.

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  • Emissions offset on your behalf
  • A digital certificate emailed to verify your purchase


We provide certified carbon offsets at the best prices on the market today - check out our prices, you won't find any better offsets for the price. Once you reached the secured shopping cart, enter the number of tonnes that you would like to have offset and we will neutralize those emissions on your behalf. Shortly after conformation of payment we will mail you certified 3rd party validated emissions offsets.

Visit our Klean Commodities website and e-procurement shop for high quality carbon offsets and more!

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