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Business Activities

Financing & Funding

Triple Bottom Line Technologies with Attractive Financing Options

Klean Industries will work with its customers to assist them in obtaining financing for any of the Klean products in its portfolio. We will provide contract quotes to facilitate our customers' financing needs and work with our customers' lenders to expedite the fulfilment of capital requirements.

Over the years, several projects have been completed using third-party financing services. Third-party financing is usually requested by a customer who either has a shortage of capital at a particular time or wishes to perform an off-balance-sheet capital project.

Klean has developed a working relationship with several companies to provide third-party financing services. Klean's selection of the financing company for a particular project will
depend upon the customer's specific project needs and third-party finance structure.

Some examples of financial support are listed below:


Elevate Trade Finance Inc. was created to support Canadian exporters by offering financing to credit-worthy buyers of eligible Canadian goods and services. Elevate brings together the export strengths of the Government of Canada through Export Development Canada (EDC) and Western Economic Diversification, the provincial government of British Columbia and the private sector through BMO Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC Bank Canada, National Bank of Canada, and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.


The Government of Canada, through the Export Development Corporation (EDC), will finance up to 85% of a foreign customer's total system purchase on O.A.C. The EDC is a financial institution that provides Canadian exporters with insurance, financing and bonding services. For more information on the EDC's financial solutions >>> GO!