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Feasibility Studies

Turning Used Resources Into New Resources

Saying that you have a proven track record is one thing - proving it is another. We will gladly provide references for solutions provided by the "KLEAN TEAM", its partners and subsidiary companies.

We are industry experts when it comes to conducting project study and feasibility analysis. We use standardized guidelines with strict variances to ensure a reliable and detailed analysis of whatever project you may be interested in. Because we are leading professionals in our industry and focused on the development of projects, we can quickly filter out options that won't meet your company's required return on investment. We are therefore able to spend our time only on options that will offer an acceptable return.

Our typical project study involves analyzing a customer's current situation, brainstorming possible scenarios which will most benefit the customer, determining capital and operating costs, and performing a life-cycle analysis that will typically include financing costs, operating costs, depreciation and tax effects. We use this analysis to narrow the field and select the appropriate options that offer the customer the best return on investment. Then we typically refine our analysis of the selected options and their capital and operating costs, then run the life-cycle analysis again to ensure that the project is viable for funding.

If your plant situation has recently changed due to higher fuel or power costs, or if you are being mandated to comply with recent environmental regulations, Klean Industries can perform a low-cost engineering study to assist in the evaluation of your options and determining the best path forward.

If you would like additional information about an engineering study and feasibility analysis by Klean, please contact us - we would be more than willing to help you evaluate your potential recycling and resource recovery options >>>GO!

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If you require a more in-depth understanding of Klean Industries' services, solutions and project feasibility studies, just click on the links below or see the Challenges & Innovations section >>> GO!

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Our typical study and feasibility analysis includes the technical and economic evaluation of:
  • Reviews of New Advanced Thermal Treatment Recycling Systems
  • Biofuel Production Plants & Systems
  • New or existing Steam & Power Generation Systems
  • Biomass Dryers
  • Pyrolysis Plants
  • Gasification Reactors
  • Carbon Burnout Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Carbon Upgrading Technologies
  • New Resource Recovery Systems
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Environmental Compliance including NSPS, MACT
  • First-of-a-kind Systems (utilizing new technology & opportunity fuels)