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Business Activities

Supply Chains

End-to-End Supply Chain Management - More Profits - Less Pollution!

Klean provides end-to-end sourcing, flow management and fulfillment services for various feedstocks such as biomass fuel pellets, tires, plastics, municipal solid waste, solid recovered fuels (SRF), residual solid fuels (RSF), refuse-derived fuels (RDF) and similar waste-derived fuels (WDF). We work collaboratively with landowners, pellet producers, waste management companies, waste haulers and utilities to design build and operate supply chains that minimize the logistics costs of reliably supplying specified biofuels and waste derived fuels to power plants and other industrial end users. To deliver on these goals, we provide a variety of strategic, tactical and operational support:

Strategic Sourcing

A predictable flow of on-spec feedstocks is critical to supplying base-load fuel requirements. Klean locates, qualifies, and contracts with biomass growers and waste producers around the globe and have identified and contracted large volumes of suitable feedstock for myriad of applications. Our network enables quick due diligence and allows for quantifiable volumes for bank financing of your projects. When it come to biomass, to maintain sustainable, environmentally compliant sources, Klean will continue to work with landowners and operators to select, and cultivate appropriate high-yield biomass species. We continue our support to growers with educational materials and if desired will arrange outsourced management of cultivation, harvest, transport and replanting of biomass feedstocks. Our commitment to long-term, reliable supply is embedded in our partnering perspective on feedstock supply relationships.

Supply Chain Design, Engineering and Site Selection

Logistics network design establishes the baseline for future supply-chain economics. By visualizing and analyzing the entire supply network, Klean is determining the best combinations of feedstock supply regions and converting sites to support specific demands. This rigor will lay down the foundations for competitive advantage for our feedstock, manufacturing and utility partners. We have completed initial modeling of flows and sites and are currently dialoguing with specific regional development agencies to clarify site availability, feasibility and economics.

Supply Chain Operations Management

Our team has managed the day to day scheduling of pick up, transportation and delivery of feedstocks to manufacturing sites, and fuel pellets to power plants. We coordinate resource requirements across the supply chain to meet the critical service requirements of utility power producers while addressing the operating challenges of growers, converters and transportation service providers. Our services incorporate a comprehensive set of collaborative planning, execution and control capabilities.

Collaborative Planning Communication & Control

We believe reliability is dependent on two primary processes: Plan the Work; Work the Plan. To achieve this across a multi-level supply chain, with mission-critical service standards requires integrated planning, synchronized execution and disciplined controls. Klean offers frameworks for communicating the requirements and constraints of each participant across the supply chain to achieve the highest possible level of success.


Feedstock hauling and pellet delivery require a broad, yet specific set of transportation capabilities - multiple modes of transport, requiring task-specific equipment and services. Klean is contracting with a number of qualified transportation service providers to establish the comprehensive range of transportation capabilities needed to move biomass and waste in various forms from the source to the boiler.


Our goal is to implement solutions that offer scalability and enable flexibility, reliability and mission evolution. Our philosophy is anchored in goal achievement, not technical sophistication. By minimizing complexity, we pursue systems solutions that can evolve with business needs.