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 November 20, 2006
New Program to Help Fleet Vehicles Go Green

 Vancouver,B.C. - Canadian private and public sector fleet managers looking to reduce costs, reduce their impact on the environment, adopt new technologies, and benchmark their operation against others will have new tools thanks to a new program that includes the first green rating system for vehicle fleets in North America.

Fraser Basin Council (FBC) and program partners Western Economic Diversification Canada and BC Ministry of the Environment announced the E3 Fleet program in Vancouver. Designed by fleet managers for fleet managers, the program provides managers with services and resources to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, manage expenses, incorporate new technologies and use alternative fuels.

The E3 Fleet system has four components: a Green Rating Guide, a points system for determining just how green fleet is, a third party audit of fleets and the ultimate rating at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level.

"One of the best parts of this innovative program is that we're showing managers of trucking, utility, urban delivery, courier, and government fleets that operating in a more environmentally sustainable way can also help their bottom line," said Dr. Charles Jago, Chair, FBC. As part of their membership in the E3 Fleet, managers will have access to software-based services that will provide comprehensive reports on fleet performance including:
  • Emissions and fuel performance
  • Vehicle utilization and availability
  • Capital asset profile
  • Operational profile
  • Exception reports identifying vehicles that have below average fuel economy, excessive emissions, excessive downtime or are underutilized
  • Average age of fleet, and analysis of vehicle replacement with "best in class vehicles"
"The B.C. government is pleased to take a leading role in the greening of fleets across the province," said Barry Penner, BC Minister of Environment. "We encourage fleet operators around BC to get involved in the E3 Fleet program and help us reduce energy consumption and pollution."

Among the E3 Fleet's charter members are Auto-Gas Propane, University of BC, BC Hydro, District of Maple Ridge, Enbridge, Township of Langley, the cities of City of Kelowna, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Whistler, Williams Lake and Hamilton, Novex Courier as well as the BC Ministry of Environment. Theses charter members operate more than 15,000 vehicles.

"We recognize that Canadian fleets face challenges," said Mark Warawa, MP for the Langley constituency and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment. "The E3Fleet program is a great opportunity for Canadians to showcase our leadership in developing and adopting sustainability best practices."

The rating of fleets will be on a points-based system related to: fleet action plan, training and awareness, idling reduction, vehicle purchasing, fuel data management, operations and maintenance, trip and route planning, utilization management, fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas performance.

As one of the charter members of the program, the City of North Vancouver has already seen significant improvements in fleet performance.

"The City of North Vancouver is an eager participant in The Fraser Basin Council's E3 Fleet Rating System," says Mayor Darrell Mussatto. "This partnership demonstrates the City's commitment to sustainability and highlights our achievements in green performance and our efforts in progressive environmental standards for City fleet vehicles. This program will assist the City in finding even more innovative ways to improve the efficiency of our fleet vehicles."