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 May 26, 2009
State of the Voluntary Carbon Market 2009

 The Business Case for Offsetting" -- a new report from New Carbon Finance

Although considerable attention is paid to the size of the voluntary carbon market and carbon offset prices, less is known about why organisations voluntarily spend money on carbon offsets and the benefits they realize from this expenditure.

The report is based on in-depth interviews undertaken by New Carbon Finance with over 40 organisations from around the world that have offset carbon emissions. The research also draws on an extensive review of academic studies on the commercial value of discretionary environmental and social expenditure.

The report comes at a crucial time, when all areas of discretionary spend are under close scrutiny. With the insights contained in the report, developers, retailers and buyers of carbon offsets are in a better position to use their money wisely.

Now its third year the annual State of the Voluntary Carbon Market report provides the world's most comprehensive analysis of the voluntary carbon market. Based on transaction data from more than 150 organizations, including project developers, wholesalers, brokers, retailers and exchanges the report provides detailed information on the current market size, pricing trends by project type, location and standard, and future market projections.

Through the help of our sponsors the report is again made freely available. Please click here if you would like to download this free report. For the press release click here.