Market News

 January 10, 2012
Germany Installed a Record 7.5 GW of Solar Power in 2011

 December saw over 3 GW of added capacity, not 2 as stated above.

A couple of other info from the official press release at the Federal Network Agency, with some comment added:

The strongest month was December, with 3.0 GW added alone in that month. That very likely will lead to further massive reductions in the feed-in tariff at the maximum possible under current law, which would be another 15% from July 2012 on and on top of that another 24% from January 2013 on. The record of the last three months of 2011 will be taken into account for both decisions.

If this kind of pace is kept up, then the level of generation capacity projected to be reached in 2022 will be achieved seven years earlier, in 2015. Excellent news for the climate, as well as for further price reductions by even more mass production.

They also expect the next mini boom in June of this year, from people who want to secure the present levels before they go down again in July.

We saw conflicting reports on the amount installed, and went with the German Solar Industry Association's info. I don't see a press release from the agency mentioned above on this topic --- perhaps there is only one in German?