Market News

 May 08, 2012
Europe Struggles To Fulfill Green Fund Commitments After 2013

 EU nations have yet to come up with a plan on how to fill a multi-billion euro fund to help tackle climate change, even as the region's executive body hosts talks with countries likely to bear the brunt of extreme weather. [Reuters]

The effects of global warming are making it more difficult for reservoir managers to control floods and manage flows for irrigation, recreation and fisheries. [Idaho Statesman]

Disadvantaged kids not only breathe disproportionate amounts bad air, but they also can be more vulnerable to the ill effects of that bad air. [Huffington Post]

California Superior Court judge Elizabeth Allen White has dismissed most of Ben Stein's lawsuit that claimed the Japanese company Kyocera Mita backed out of a $300,000 deal to hire him to act in commercials for a line of computer printers when it found out about his controversial beliefs on global warming. [Hollywood Reporter]

Crude oil prices slid Monday to the lowest level since February as weak economic data and high prices dampened expectations for consumption just three weeks ahead of the summer driving season. [Washington Post]

The next great hurdle for selling electric cars could be to attract new customers from among those who live in apartment complexes. [USA Today]
Smart meters eventually will be ubiquitous globally over the next few decades, but, interestingly enough, installations of smart meters in the U.S. will actually sharply decline over the next two years, before they pick back up, according to Pike Research. [Earth2Tech]

The Asian Development Bank urged countries in the Asia-Pacific region to take immediate action to reduce the negative impact of climate change. [UPI]