Market News

 May 13, 2020
Sin City --> Sun City

 The Trump administration yesterday gave its final approval for the $1 billion Gemini project, a planned massive solar power plant on public lands northeast of Las Vegas. When built, the Gemini project will be the biggest solar installation in the United States, and the eighth-largest in the world. It will provide enough energy to power all 225,000 of the homes in Sin City, with more to spare.

Analysts have expected the Interior Department to approve the project since January, pending a final 90-day public comment period. Trump generally doesn't show much love for renewables --- he's gone on bizarre tirades about the ostensible problems with wind turbines and has levied high tariffs on imported solar panels --- but his administration has generally approved of energy development on public lands, renewable or (more often) otherwise.

The coronavirus crisis has hit the clean energy industry hard --- according to one estimate, the sector lost 106,000 jobs in March alone. The Gemini project can't fix that problem, but it will be a start: The Interior Department has estimated that the plant will create 1,600 to 1,800 temporary positions during construction.